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bug 441778: don't update page zoom when a sub-document loads (f.e. in an iframe); r=gavin

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DEPTH		= ../../../..
topsrcdir	= @top_srcdir@
srcdir		= @srcdir@
VPATH		= @srcdir@
relativesrcdir  = browser/base/content/test

include $(DEPTH)/config/
include $(topsrcdir)/config/

_TEST_FILES =	test_feed_discovery.html \
		feed_discovery.html \
		test_bug395533.html \
		bug395533-data.txt \

# browser_bug423833.js disabled temporarily since it's unreliable: bug 428712
# browser_sanitize-download-history.js disabled temporarily since it's unreliable: bug 432425
_BROWSER_FILES = browser_bug321000.js \
                 browser_bug405137.js \
                 browser_bug409481.js \
                 browser_autodiscovery.js \
                 browser_bug420160.js \
                 browser_bug441778.js \
                 autodiscovery.html \
                 moz.png \
                 browser_getshortcutoruri.js \
                 browser_page_style_menu.js \
                 page_style_sample.html \
                 browser_ctrlTab.js \

ifneq (,$(filter mac cocoa,$(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT)))
_BROWSER_FILES += browser_customize.js \

# disable tests on linux for now..
ifneq ($(OS_ARCH),Linux)
                 browser_bug427559.js \

libs:: $(_TEST_FILES)
	$(INSTALL) $(foreach f,$^,"$f") $(DEPTH)/_tests/testing/mochitest/tests/$(relativesrcdir)

libs::	$(_BROWSER_FILES)
	$(INSTALL) $(foreach f,$^,"$f") $(DEPTH)/_tests/testing/mochitest/browser/$(relativesrcdir)