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bug 378463 - build time logic to extract debug symbols on OS X. r=mento. second try

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# This is a script to take a long list of Initial Developers on stdin and
# output a de-duped, munged list suitable for putting into about:licence or
# other similar place in order to comply with the MPL section 3.3

# Equivalence mappings; having these is easier than updating hundreds of files
# to make them all use the same variant of each name.
my %equivalents = (
  "ActiveState Tool Corporation" => "ActiveState Tool Corp",
  "Activestate Tool Corp" => "ActiveState Tool Corp",
  "ActiveState Tool Corp." => "ActiveState Tool Corp",

  "Crocodile Clips Ltd." => "Crocodile Clips Ltd",

  "IBM" => "IBM Corporation",
  "IBM Corp" => "IBM Corporation",
  "International Business Machines Corporation" => "IBM Corporation",

  "a contributor" => "Mozilla Foundation",
  "Mozilla" => "Mozilla Foundation",
  "" => "Mozilla Corporation",
  "The Mozilla Foundation" => "Mozilla Foundation",
  "the Mozilla Foundation" => "Mozilla Foundation",
  "" => "Mozilla Foundation",
  "the Mozilla Organization" => "Mozilla Foundation",
  "" => "Mozilla Foundation",

  "Netscape" => "Netscape Communications Corporation",
  "Netscape Corp" => "Netscape Communications Corporation",
  "Netscape Communications" => "Netscape Communications Corporation",
  "Netscape Communications, Inc" => "Netscape Communications Corporation",
  "Netscape Communications Corp" => "Netscape Communications Corporation",
  "Netscape Communications Corp." => "Netscape Communications Corporation",
  "Netscape Communications Corp, Inc" => "Netscape Communications Corporation",

  "Novell" => "Novell Inc",
  "Novell, Inc" => "Novell Inc",

  "Red Hat Software" => "Red Hat Inc",
  "Red Hat" => "Red Hat Inc",
  "Red Hat, Inc" => "Red Hat Inc",

  "RSA Security INC" => "RSA Security Inc",
  "RSA Security" => "RSA Security Inc",
  "RSA Security, Inc" => "RSA Security Inc",

  "Sun Microsystem" => "Sun Microsystems Inc",
  "Sun Microsystems" => "Sun Microsystems Inc",
  "Sun Microsystems, Inc." => "Sun Microsystems Inc",
  "Sun Microsystems, Inc" => "Sun Microsystems Inc",

  "bmlk\" => "Bernd Mielke",
  "davel\" => "Dave Liebreich",
  "Digital Creations 2" => "Digital Creations 2 Inc",
  "Douglas F. Turner II" => "Doug Turner",
  "Frank Schoenheit" => "Frank Schönheit",
  "HÃ¥kan Waara" => "Håkan Waara",
  "Kenneth Herron" => "Ken Herron",
  "sqlite3", "The sqlite Project",
  "The University Of Queensland" => "The University of Queensland",

# 'indevs' == "Initial Developers"
my %indevs;

while (<>)
  my @candidates = split(" and ", $_);
  foreach my $indev (@candidates)
    # Chop off email addresses and suchlike
    $indev =~ s/[<,\(].*$//;

    $indev =~ s/^\s*//;
    $indev =~ s/\s*$//;

    $indev = $equivalents{$indev} || $indev;
    $indevs{$indev} = 1;

# Print out the list in a form suitable for pasting into about:licence.
print join (",\n", sort {lc $a cmp lc $b} keys %indevs);