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Bug 1033560 - Follow-up: Fix missed rename. a=bustage DONTBUILD because the feature is not enabled on TBPL.


The dictionary en-US.dic is generated by merging the following dictionaries, in the dictionary-sources subdirectory, using the merge-dictionaries bash script which 
automatically patches, merges, sorts, and identifies duplicates.


  2008-12-05 Release, en_US Hunspell dictionary from http://wordlist.sourceforge.net/ 
  These dictionaries are created using the speller/make-hunspell-dict
  dictionary in SCOWL, SVN revision 74.

  Mozilla-specific additions to the upstream Hunspell dictionary. Some of
  these changes should be upstreamed, and others should probably just be removed
  (bug 499444).

  Chromium wordlist autogenerated by Google,
  svn - Revision 18580, 
  of http://src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/src/chrome/third_party/hunspell/dictionaries/en_US.dic_delta


  Patches Chromium wordlist, to remove junk and words that are redundant with the
  newer Hunspell dictionary we use.


  Mozilla-specific words, separated out from Hunspell and Chromium word lists.
  "Firefox" goes here. (See bug 237921)