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Bug 547996 - Be able to tell when a click was generated by a tap on the screen, r=smaug,jimm, sr=jst

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#include "nsIDOMMouseEvent.idl"

 * The nsIDOMNSMouseEvent interface extends nsIDOMMouseEvent
 * by providing various information related to the mouse event.

[scriptable, uuid(f5dd5fbb-f4ff-4277-819c-f31aa1dafc32)]
interface nsIDOMNSMouseEvent : nsIDOMMouseEvent
  // Finger or touch pressure event value
  // ranges between 0.0 and 1.0
  readonly attribute float mozPressure;

  const unsigned short    MOZ_SOURCE_UNKNOWN    = 0;
  const unsigned short    MOZ_SOURCE_MOUSE      = 1;
  const unsigned short    MOZ_SOURCE_PEN        = 2;
  const unsigned short    MOZ_SOURCE_ERASER     = 3;
  const unsigned short    MOZ_SOURCE_CURSOR     = 4;
  const unsigned short    MOZ_SOURCE_TOUCH      = 5;
  const unsigned short    MOZ_SOURCE_KEYBOARD   = 6;

  readonly attribute unsigned short mozInputSource;

  void                initNSMouseEvent(in DOMString typeArg,
                                       in boolean canBubbleArg,
                                       in boolean cancelableArg,
                                       in nsIDOMAbstractView viewArg,
                                       in long detailArg,
                                       in long screenXArg,
                                       in long screenYArg,
                                       in long clientXArg,
                                       in long clientYArg,
                                       in boolean ctrlKeyArg,
                                       in boolean altKeyArg,
                                       in boolean shiftKeyArg,
                                       in boolean metaKeyArg,
                                       in unsigned short buttonArg,
                                       in nsIDOMEventTarget relatedTargetArg,
                                       in float pressure,
                                       in unsigned short inputSourceArg);