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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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include protocol PContent;
include protocol PHttpChannel;
include protocol PCookieService;
include protocol PBrowser;
include protocol PWyciwygChannel;
include protocol PFTPChannel;
include protocol PWebSocket;
include protocol PTCPSocket;
include protocol PTCPServerSocket;
include protocol PUDPSocket;
include protocol PRemoteOpenFile;
include protocol PDNSRequest;
include protocol PChannelDiverter;
include protocol PBlob; //FIXME: bug #792908
include protocol PFileDescriptorSet;

include protocol PRtspController;
include protocol PRtspChannel;
include URIParams;
include InputStreamParams;
include NeckoChannelParams;

using class IPC::SerializedLoadContext from "SerializedLoadContext.h";

namespace mozilla {
namespace net {

sync protocol PNecko
  manager PContent;
  manages PHttpChannel;
  manages PCookieService;
  manages PWyciwygChannel;
  manages PFTPChannel;
  manages PWebSocket;
  manages PTCPSocket;
  manages PTCPServerSocket;
  manages PUDPSocket;
  manages PDNSRequest;
  manages PRemoteOpenFile;
  manages PRtspController;
  manages PRtspChannel;
  manages PChannelDiverter;


  PHttpChannel(nullable PBrowser browser,
               SerializedLoadContext loadContext,
               HttpChannelCreationArgs args);
  PFTPChannel(PBrowser browser, SerializedLoadContext loadContext,
              FTPChannelCreationArgs args);

  PWebSocket(PBrowser browser, SerializedLoadContext loadContext);
  PTCPServerSocket(uint16_t localPort, uint16_t backlog, nsString binaryType);
  PUDPSocket(nsCString host, uint16_t port, nsCString filter);

  PDNSRequest(nsCString hostName, uint32_t flags);

  PRemoteOpenFile(SerializedLoadContext loadContext,
                  URIParams fileuri,
                  OptionalURIParams appuri);

  HTMLDNSPrefetch(nsString hostname, uint16_t flags);
  CancelHTMLDNSPrefetch(nsString hostname, uint16_t flags, nsresult reason);
  PRtspChannel(RtspChannelConnectArgs args);
  PChannelDiverter(ChannelDiverterArgs channel);


} // namespace net
} // namespace mozilla