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Bug 1379925 - Part 2: Revise method |updateWith| based on spec change. r=baku MozReview-Commit-ID: FpTGFlMvl0S

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#ifndef nsXBLSerialize_h__
#define nsXBLSerialize_h__

#include "nsIObjectInputStream.h"
#include "nsIObjectOutputStream.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/NameSpaceConstants.h"
#include "js/TypeDecls.h"

typedef uint8_t XBLBindingSerializeDetails;

// A version number to ensure we don't load cached data in a different
// file format.
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Version 0x00000004

// Set for the first binding in a document
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_IsFirstBinding 1

// Set to indicate that nsXBLPrototypeBinding::mInheritStyle should be true
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_InheritStyle 2

// Set to indicate that nsXBLPrototypeBinding::mChromeOnlyContent should be true
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_ChromeOnlyContent 4

// Set to indicate that nsXBLPrototypeBinding::mBindToUntrustedContent should be true
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_BindToUntrustedContent 8

// Appears at the end of the serialized data to indicate that no more bindings
// are present for this document.
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_NoMoreBindings 0x80

// Implementation member types. The serialized value for each member contains one
// of these values, combined with the read-only flag XBLBinding_Serialize_ReadOnly.
// Use XBLBinding_Serialize_Mask to filter out the read-only flag and check for
// just the member type.
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_NoMoreItems 0 // appears at the end of the members list
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Field 1
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_GetterProperty 2
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_SetterProperty 3
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_GetterSetterProperty 4
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Method 5
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Constructor 6
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Destructor 7
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Handler 8
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Image 9
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Stylesheet 10
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Attribute 0xA
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_Mask 0x0F
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_ReadOnly 0x80

// Appears at the end of the list of insertion points to indicate that there
// are no more.
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_NoMoreInsertionPoints 0xFFFFFFFF

// When serializing content nodes, a single-byte namespace id is written out
// first. The special values below can appear in place of a namespace id.

// Indicates that this is not one of the built-in namespaces defined in
// nsNameSpaceManager.h. The string form will be serialized immediately
// following.
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_CustomNamespace 0xFE

// Flags to indicate a non-element node. Otherwise, it is an element.
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_TextNode 0xFB
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_CDATANode 0xFC
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_CommentNode 0xFD

// Indicates that there is no content to serialize/deserialize
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_NoContent 0xFF

// Appears at the end of the forwarded attributes list to indicate that there
// are no more attributes.
#define XBLBinding_Serialize_NoMoreAttributes 0xFF

static_assert(XBLBinding_Serialize_CustomNamespace >= kNameSpaceID_LastBuiltin,
              "The custom namespace should not be in use as a real namespace");

XBL_SerializeFunction(nsIObjectOutputStream* aStream,
                      JS::Handle<JSObject*> aFunctionObject);

XBL_DeserializeFunction(nsIObjectInputStream* aStream,
                        JS::MutableHandle<JSObject*> aFunctionObject);

#endif // nsXBLSerialize_h__