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b=1033140 make speex_resampler declarations consistent with OUTSIDE_SPEEX implementation r=padenot Instead of defining OUTSIDE_SPEEX and RANDOM_PREFIX everywhere speex_resampler.h is included, it is easier to patch the header. Symbol names in gkmedias symbols.def are updated now that RANDOM_PREFIX is taking effect, and unused symbols are no longer exported.

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# vim: set filetype=python:
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DIRS += ['src']

    DIRS += ['sign', 'verify']
    TEST_DIRS += ['tests']
elif CONFIG['OS_ARCH'] == 'WINNT':
    # On Windows we don't verify with NSS and updater needs to link to it
    DIRS += ['verify']
elif CONFIG['OS_ARCH'] == 'Darwin':
    # On OSX we don't verify with NSS and updater needs to link to it.
    DIRS += ['verify']

# If we are building ./sign and ./verify then ./tool must come after it
DIRS += ['tool']