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Wed, 02 Jul 2014 20:22:45 +1200
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b=1033140 make speex_resampler declarations consistent with OUTSIDE_SPEEX implementation r=padenot Instead of defining OUTSIDE_SPEEX and RANDOM_PREFIX everywhere speex_resampler.h is included, it is easier to patch the header. Symbol names in gkmedias symbols.def are updated now that RANDOM_PREFIX is taking effect, and unused symbols are no longer exported.

#! /usr/bin/sed -nf

s/^#define  *FREETYPE_MAJOR  *\([^ ][^ ]*\).*$/freetype_major="\1" ;/p
s/^#define  *FREETYPE_MINOR  *\([^ ][^ ]*\).*$/freetype_minor=".\1" ;/p
s/^#define  *FREETYPE_PATCH  *\([^ ][^ ]*\).*$/freetype_patch=".\1" ;/p