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OggPlay: a library for playing Ogg multimedia


The current version of the plugin is still under development therefore
the setup requires manual installation of the plugin. For more information,
see also:


For the core library (liboggplay), you need

  * libogg, libvorbis, libtheora, optionally libspeex -- from

    svn co ogg
    svn co vorbis
    svn co theora

  * liboggz and libfishsound -- from

    svn co liboggz
    svn co libfishsound

Optionally, for Kate stream support, you need

  * libkate -- from

See the README files associated with these libraries for installation

To build src/examples/glut-player, you need:
  * The core liboggplay dependencies (listed above)
  * GLUT -- see

To build src/examples/dump-all-streams, you need:
  * The core liboggplay dependencies (listed above)
  * libsndfile -- from

To build src/tools/oggplay-dump-first-frame, you need:
  * The core liboggplay dependencies (listed above)
  * Imlib2 -- from your distribution or from 

On Debian, the required packages for all these additional libraries are:
  g++ libogg-dev libvorbis-dev libspeex-dev libtheora-dev libsndfile1-dev
  libimlib2-dev libglut-dev

Compile and Install liboggplay

make && make install