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Bug 1204606 - Reformat of dom/media r=jya # skip-blame Differential Revision:

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#ifndef mozilla_VideoFrameUtil_h
#define mozilla_VideoFrameUtil_h

#include "mozilla/camera/PCameras.h"

namespace webrtc {
class VideoFrame;

namespace mozilla {
class ShmemBuffer;

// Util methods for working with webrtc::VideoFrame(s) and
// the IPC classes that are used to deliver their contents to the
// MediaEnginge

class VideoFrameUtils {
  // Returns the total number of bytes necessary to copy a VideoFrame's buffer
  // across all planes.
  static size_t TotalRequiredBufferSize(const webrtc::VideoFrame& frame);

  // Initializes a camera::VideoFrameProperties from a VideoFrameBuffer
  static void InitFrameBufferProperties(
      const webrtc::VideoFrame& aVideoFrame,
      camera::VideoFrameProperties& aDestProperties);

  // Copies the buffers out of a VideoFrameBuffer into a buffer.
  // Attempts to make as few memcopies as possible.
  static void CopyVideoFrameBuffers(uint8_t* aDestBuffer,
                                    const size_t aDestBufferSize,
                                    const webrtc::VideoFrame& aVideoFrame);

  // Copies the buffers in a VideoFrameBuffer into a Shmem
  // returns the eno from the underlying memcpy.
  static void CopyVideoFrameBuffers(ShmemBuffer& aDestShmem,
                                    const webrtc::VideoFrame& aVideoFrame);

} /* namespace mozilla */