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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

include protocol PBackgroundIDBFactory;
include protocol PBackgroundIndexedDBUtils;
include protocol PBackgroundSDBConnection;
include protocol PBackgroundLSDatabase;
include protocol PBackgroundLSObserver;
include protocol PBackgroundLSRequest;
include protocol PBackgroundLSSimpleRequest;
include protocol PBackgroundLocalStorageCache;
include protocol PBackgroundStorage;
include protocol PBackgroundTest;
include protocol PBroadcastChannel;
include protocol PCache;
include protocol PCacheStorage;
include protocol PCacheStreamControl;
include protocol PClientManager;
include protocol PEndpointForReport;
include protocol PFileDescriptorSet;
include protocol PFileSystemRequest;
include protocol PGamepadEventChannel;
include protocol PGamepadTestChannel;
include protocol PHttpBackgroundChannel;
include protocol PIPCBlobInputStream;
include protocol PMediaTransport;
include protocol PPendingIPCBlob;
include protocol PRemoteWorker;
include protocol PRemoteWorkerController;
include protocol PRemoteWorkerService;
include protocol PSharedWorker;
include protocol PTemporaryIPCBlob;
include protocol PFileCreator;
include protocol PMessagePort;
include protocol PCameras;
include protocol PMIDIManager;
include protocol PMIDIPort;
include protocol PQuota;
include protocol PChildToParentStream;
include protocol PParentToChildStream;
include protocol PServiceWorker;
include protocol PServiceWorkerContainer;
include protocol PServiceWorkerManager;
include protocol PServiceWorkerRegistration;
include protocol PWebAuthnTransaction;
include protocol PUDPSocket;
include protocol PVsync;

include DOMTypes;
include IPCBlob;
include IPCServiceWorkerDescriptor;
include IPCServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor;
include PBackgroundLSSharedTypes;
include PBackgroundSharedTypes;
include PBackgroundIDBSharedTypes;
include PFileSystemParams;
include ProtocolTypes;
include RemoteWorkerTypes;
include MIDITypes;

include "mozilla/dom/cache/IPCUtils.h";
include "mozilla/layers/LayersMessageUtils.h";

using mozilla::dom::cache::Namespace
  from "mozilla/dom/cache/Types.h";

namespace mozilla {
namespace ipc {

sync protocol PBackground
  manages PBackgroundIDBFactory;
  manages PBackgroundIndexedDBUtils;
  manages PBackgroundSDBConnection;
  manages PBackgroundLSDatabase;
  manages PBackgroundLSObserver;
  manages PBackgroundLSRequest;
  manages PBackgroundLSSimpleRequest;
  manages PBackgroundLocalStorageCache;
  manages PBackgroundStorage;
  manages PBackgroundTest;
  manages PBroadcastChannel;
  manages PCache;
  manages PCacheStorage;
  manages PCacheStreamControl;
  manages PClientManager;
  manages PEndpointForReport;
  manages PFileDescriptorSet;
  manages PFileSystemRequest;
  manages PGamepadEventChannel;
  manages PGamepadTestChannel;
  manages PHttpBackgroundChannel;
  manages PIPCBlobInputStream;
  manages PMediaTransport;
  manages PPendingIPCBlob;
  manages PRemoteWorker;
  manages PRemoteWorkerController;
  manages PRemoteWorkerService;
  manages PSharedWorker;
  manages PTemporaryIPCBlob;
  manages PFileCreator;
  manages PMessagePort;
  manages PCameras;
  manages PMIDIManager;
  manages PMIDIPort;
  manages PQuota;
  manages PChildToParentStream;
  manages PParentToChildStream;
  manages PServiceWorker;
  manages PServiceWorkerContainer;
  manages PServiceWorkerManager;
  manages PServiceWorkerRegistration;
  manages PWebAuthnTransaction;
  manages PUDPSocket;
  manages PVsync;

  // Only called at startup during mochitests to check the basic infrastructure.
  async PBackgroundTest(nsCString testArg);

  async PBackgroundIDBFactory(LoggingInfo loggingInfo);

  async PBackgroundIndexedDBUtils();

  // Use only for testing!
  async FlushPendingFileDeletions();

  async PBackgroundSDBConnection(PrincipalInfo principalInfo);

  async PBackgroundLSDatabase(PrincipalInfo principalInfo,
                              uint32_t privateBrowsingId,
                              uint64_t datastoreId);

  async PBackgroundLSObserver(uint64_t observerId);

   * Issue an asynchronous request that will be used in a synchronous fashion
   * through complex machinations described in `PBackgroundLSRequest.ipdl` and
   * `LSObject.h`.
  async PBackgroundLSRequest(LSRequestParams params);

   * Issues a simple, non-cancelable asynchronous request that's used in an
   * asynchronous fashion by callers.  (LSRequest is not simple because it used
   * in a synchronous fashion which leads to complexities regarding cancelation,
   * see `PBackgroundLSRequest.ipdl` for details.)
  async PBackgroundLSSimpleRequest(LSSimpleRequestParams params);

   * Asynchronously propagates the "last-pb-context-exited" observer
   * notification to LocalStorage NextGen implementation so it can clear
   * retained private-browsing in-memory Datastores.  Using a (same-process)
   * IPC message avoids the need for the main-thread nsIObserver to have a
   * reference to the PBackground thread and directly dispatch a runnable to it.
  async LSClearPrivateBrowsing();

  async PBackgroundLocalStorageCache(PrincipalInfo principalInfo,
                                     nsCString originKey,
                                     uint32_t privateBrowsingId);

  async PBackgroundStorage(nsString profilePath);

  async PVsync();

  async PCameras();

  async PUDPSocket(PrincipalInfo? pInfo, nsCString filter);
  async PBroadcastChannel(PrincipalInfo pInfo, nsCString origin, nsString channel);

  async PServiceWorkerManager();

  async ShutdownServiceWorkerRegistrar();

  async PCacheStorage(Namespace aNamespace, PrincipalInfo aPrincipalInfo);

  async PMessagePort(nsID uuid, nsID destinationUuid, uint32_t sequenceId);

  async PChildToParentStream();

  async MessagePortForceClose(nsID uuid, nsID destinationUuid, uint32_t sequenceId);

  async PQuota();

  async ShutdownQuotaManager();

  async PFileSystemRequest(FileSystemParams params);

  async PGamepadEventChannel();

  async PGamepadTestChannel();

  async PHttpBackgroundChannel(uint64_t channelId);

  async PWebAuthnTransaction();

  async PSharedWorker(RemoteWorkerData data,
                      uint64_t windowID,
                      MessagePortIdentifier portIdentifier);

  async PTemporaryIPCBlob();

  async PFileCreator(nsString aFullPath, nsString aType, nsString aName,
                     int64_t? lastModified, bool aExistenceCheck,
                     bool aIsFromNsIFile);

  async PClientManager();

  async PMIDIManager();
  async PMIDIPort(MIDIPortInfo portInfo, bool sysexEnabled);

  // This method is used to propagate storage activities from the child actor
  // to the parent actor. See StorageActivityService.
  async StorageActivity(PrincipalInfo principalInfo);

  async PServiceWorker(IPCServiceWorkerDescriptor aDescriptor);

  async PRemoteWorkerController(RemoteWorkerData aData);

  async PRemoteWorkerService();

  async PServiceWorkerContainer();

  async PServiceWorkerRegistration(IPCServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor aDescriptor);

  async PEndpointForReport(nsString aGroupName, PrincipalInfo aPrincipalInfo);

  async RemoveEndpoint(nsString aGroupName, nsCString aEndpointURL,
                       PrincipalInfo aPrincipalInfo);

  async PMediaTransport();

  async PCache();
  async PCacheStreamControl();

  async PParentToChildStream();

  async PPendingIPCBlob(IPCBlob blob);

  async PRemoteWorker(RemoteWorkerData data);

  // PIPCBlobInputStream is created on the parent side only if the child starts
  // a migration.
  async PIPCBlobInputStream(nsID aID, uint64_t aSize);

  async PFileDescriptorSet(FileDescriptor fd);

} // namespace ipc
} // namespace mozilla