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Bug 1542958 - fix code section adjustments in elfhack; r=glandium We were never adjusting `last` in this loop, so we were computing the wrong addresses for all sections beyond the first. Which in turn meant that we would compute the wrong size for the section data we needed to allocate. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D28195

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#ifndef mozilla_HalInternal_h
#define mozilla_HalInternal_h 1

 * This file is included by HalImpl.h and HalSandbox.h with a mechanism similar
 * to Hal.h. That means those headers set MOZ_HAL_NAMESPACE to specify in which
 * namespace the internal functions should appear.
 * The difference between Hal.h and HalInternal.h is that methods declared in
 * HalInternal.h don't appear in the hal namespace. That also means this file
 * should not be included except by HalImpl.h and HalSandbox.h.

#  error "You shouldn't directly include HalInternal.h!"

namespace mozilla {

 * Enables battery notifications from the backend.
void EnableBatteryNotifications();

 * Disables battery notifications from the backend.
void DisableBatteryNotifications();

 * Enables network notifications from the backend.
void EnableNetworkNotifications();

 * Disables network notifications from the backend.
void DisableNetworkNotifications();

 * Enables screen orientation notifications from the backend.
void EnableScreenConfigurationNotifications();

 * Disables screen orientation notifications from the backend.
void DisableScreenConfigurationNotifications();

 * Has the child-side HAL IPC object been destroyed?  If so, you shouldn't send
 * messages to hal_sandbox.
bool HalChildDestroyed();
}  // namespace MOZ_HAL_NAMESPACE
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // mozilla_HalInternal_h