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Bug 1399334 - Add more debugging to see why certificates aren't valid. r=ttaubert There's an intermittent that is showing up now that test_register_sign.html checks state.attestationCert.verify(); to ensure hte SoftToken's certificate is valid. This patch prints the offending certificate when it's encountered, to help diagnose the root cause. MozReview-Commit-ID: 4QSobq9fBGK

General fixes:

- AAT 'morx' implementation.

- Return "safe-to-break" bit from shaping.

- Implement 'rand' feature.

- mask propagation? (when ligation, "or" the masks).

API issues:

- API to accept a list of languages?

- Add init_func to font_funcs.  Adjust ft.

- 'const' for getter APIs? (use mutable internally)

- Remove hb_ot_shape_glyphs_closure()?

API additions

- Language to/from script.

- blob_from_file?

- Add hb-cairo glue

- Add sanitize API (and a cached version, that saves result on blob user-data)

- BCP 47 language handling / API (language_matches?)

- Add hb_font_create_unscaled()?

- Add query / enumeration API for aalt-like features?

- SFNT api? get_num_faces? get_table_tags? (there's something in stash)

- Add segmentation API

- Add hb-fribidi glue?

hb-view / hb-shape enhancements:

- Add --width, --height, --auto-size, --ink-box, --align, etc?

Tests to write:

- ot-layout enumeration API (needs font)

- Finish test-shape.c, grep for TODO

- Finish test-unicode.c, grep for TODO

- GObject, FreeType, etc

- hb_cache_t and relatives

- hb_feature_to/from_string
- hb_buffer_[sg]et_contents