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// Original author:

// This is a wrapper around the nICEr ICE stack
#ifndef transportlayerice_h__
#define transportlayerice_h__

#include <vector>

#include "sigslot.h"

#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIEventTarget.h"
#include "nsITimer.h"

#include "m_cpp_utils.h"

#include "nricemediastream.h"
#include "transportflow.h"
#include "transportlayer.h"

// An ICE transport layer -- corresponds to a single ICE
namespace mozilla {

class TransportLayerIce : public TransportLayer {

  virtual ~TransportLayerIce();

  void SetParameters(RefPtr<NrIceMediaStream> stream, int component);

  void ResetOldStream();    // called after successful ice restart
  void RestoreOldStream();  // called after unsuccessful ice restart

  // Transport layer overrides.
  TransportResult SendPacket(MediaPacket &packet) override;

  // Slots for ICE
  void IceCandidate(NrIceMediaStream *stream, const std::string &);
  void IceReady(NrIceMediaStream *stream);
  void IceFailed(NrIceMediaStream *stream);
  void IcePacketReceived(NrIceMediaStream *stream, int component,
                         const unsigned char *data, int len);

  // Useful for capturing encrypted packets
  sigslot::signal2<TransportLayer *, MediaPacket &> SignalPacketSending;


  void PostSetup();

  RefPtr<NrIceMediaStream> stream_;
  int component_;

}  // namespace mozilla