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Bug 794723 - Add a default makefile which wraps mach. r=gps This makes it easier for new contributors to get a build started without having to know about our mach driver.

Metadata-Version: 1.0
Name: configobj
Version: 4.7.2
Summary: Config file reading, writing and validation.
Author: Michael Foord & Nicola Larosa
License: UNKNOWN
Description: **ConfigObj** is a simple but powerful config file reader and writer: an *ini
        file round tripper*. Its main feature is that it is very easy to use, with a
        straightforward programmer's interface and a simple syntax for config files.
        It has lots of other features though :
        * Nested sections (subsections), to any level
        * List values
        * Multiple line values
        * Full Unicode support
        * String interpolation (substitution)
        * Integrated with a powerful validation system
        - including automatic type checking/conversion
        - and allowing default values
        - repeated sections
        * All comments in the file are preserved
        * The order of keys/sections is preserved
        * Powerful ``unrepr`` mode for storing/retrieving Python data-types
        | Release 4.7.2 fixes several bugs in 4.7.1
        | Release 4.7.1 fixes a bug with the deprecated options keyword in
        | 4.7.0.
        | Release 4.7.0 improves performance adds features for validation and
        | fixes some bugs.
Keywords: config,ini,dictionary,application,admin,sysadmin,configuration,validation
Platform: UNKNOWN
Classifier: Development Status :: 6 - Mature
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
Classifier: License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 2.3
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 2.4
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 2.5
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 2.6
Classifier: Operating System :: OS Independent
Classifier: Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries
Classifier: Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules