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#ifndef mozilla_dom_FileSystemBase_h
#define mozilla_dom_FileSystemBase_h

#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsString.h"

class nsPIDOMWindow;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

class BlobImpl;
class Directory;

class FileSystemBase

  // Create file system object from its string representation.
  static already_AddRefed<FileSystemBase>
  FromString(const nsAString& aString);


  virtual void

  // Get the string representation of the file system.
  const nsString&
  ToString() const
    return mString;

  virtual nsPIDOMWindow*
  GetWindow() const;

   * Create nsIFile object from the given real path (absolute DOM path).
  GetLocalFile(const nsAString& aRealPath) const;

   * Get the virtual name of the root directory. This name will be exposed to
   * the content page.
  virtual void
  GetRootName(nsAString& aRetval) const = 0;

  const nsAString&
  GetLocalRootPath() const
    return mLocalRootPath;

  IsShutdown() const
    return mShutdown;

  virtual bool
  IsSafeFile(nsIFile* aFile) const;

  virtual bool
  IsSafeDirectory(Directory* aDir) const;

   * Get the real path (absolute DOM path) of the DOM file in the file system.
   * If succeeded, returns true. Otherwise, returns false and set aRealPath to
   * empty string.
  GetRealPath(BlobImpl* aFile, nsAString& aRealPath) const;

   * Get the permission name required to access this file system.
  const nsCString&
  GetPermission() const
    return mPermission;

  RequiresPermissionChecks() const
    return mRequiresPermissionChecks;
  virtual ~FileSystemBase();

  LocalPathToRealPath(const nsAString& aLocalPath, nsAString& aRealPath) const;

  // The local path of the root (i.e. the OS path, with OS path separators, of
  // the OS directory that acts as the root of this OSFileSystem).
  // Only available in the parent process.
  // In the child process, we don't use it and its value should be empty.
  nsString mLocalRootPath;

  // The same, but with path separators normalized to "/".
  nsString mNormalizedLocalRootPath;

  // The string representation of the file system.
  nsString mString;

  bool mShutdown;

  // The permission name required to access the file system.
  nsCString mPermission;

  bool mRequiresPermissionChecks;

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_dom_FileSystemBase_h