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Bug 293670. Pages rendered with gtkmozembed stream API don't fire onload. r=bzbarsky

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMNode;

 * A service used to sort the contents of a XUL widget.
[scriptable, uuid(F29270C8-3BE5-4046-9B57-945A84DFF132)]
interface nsIXULSortService : nsISupports
     * Sort the contents of the widget containing <code>aNode</code>
     * using <code>aSortKey</code> as the comparison key, and
     * <code>aSortDirection</code> as the direction.
     * @param aNode A node in the XUL widget whose children are to be sorted.
     * @param aSortKey The value to be used as the comparison key.
     * @param aSortDirection May be either <b>natural</b> to return
     * the contents to their natural (unsorted) order,
     * <b>ascending</b> to sort the contents in ascending order, or
     * <b>descending</b> to sort the contents in descending order.
    void sort(in nsIDOMNode aNode,
              in AString aSortKey,
              in AString aSortDirection);

NS_NewXULSortService(nsIXULSortService **result);