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Backed out changeset 6d539e4a02bd (bug 1403519) for lint failures on a CLOSED TREE

<!DOCTYPE html>
code {
  border: 1px solid black;
<body lang="en-us">
  Hyphenation opportunities of the texts in this test are as follows,


  where [A] is an automatic hyphen, and [C] is a conditional hyphen.

  In this test, we set width to somewhere between every pair of adjacent hyphenations,
  then we see if lines break correctly.
<code style="width:4ch;">
frag-<br />ilis-<br />tic-<br />ex-<br />pi-<br />ali
<br />
<code style="width:5ch;">
frag-<br />ilis-<br />tic-<br />expi-<br />ali
<br />
<code style="width:9ch;">
fragilis-<br />tic-<br />expiali
<br />
<code style="width:12ch;">
fragilistic-<br />expiali
<br />
<code style="width:14ch;">
fragilistic-<br />expiali
<br />
<code style="width:16ch;">
fragilistic-<br />expiali