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#include "nsIDOMElement.idl"
#include "nsIDOMXULElement.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(d647cb9a-aa67-4549-9219-b0345fcefe67)]
interface nsIDOMXULPopupElement : nsIDOMXULElement {
  const unsigned short      BEFORE_START                   = 1;
  const unsigned short      BEFORE_END                     = 2;
  const unsigned short      AFTER_START                    = 3;
  const unsigned short      AFTER_END                      = 4;
  const unsigned short      START_BEFORE                   = 5;
  const unsigned short      START_AFTER                    = 6;
  const unsigned short      END_BEFORE                     = 7;
  const unsigned short      END_AFTER                      = 8;
  const unsigned short      OVERLAP                        = 9;
  const unsigned short      AT_POINTER                     = 10;
  const unsigned short      AFTER_POINTER                  = 11;

  attribute DOMString position;
  void showPopup(in unsigned short alignment, 
                 in nsIDOMElement target,
                 in nsIDOMElement anchor);
  void hidePopup();