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Bug 1519319 - Move cbindgen check to bindgen.configure. r=froydnj Depends on D16292 Differential Revision:

# -*- Mode: python; indent-tabs-mode: nil; tab-width: 40 -*-
# vim: set filetype=python:
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# cbindgen is needed by the style system build.
cbindgen = check_prog('CBINDGEN', ['cbindgen'], paths=toolchain_search_path,
                      (lambda build_project: build_project != 'js'))

@checking('cbindgen version')
@imports(_from='textwrap', _import='dedent')
def cbindgen_version(cbindgen):
    cbindgen_min_version = Version('0.6.7')

    # cbindgen x.y.z
    version = Version(check_cmd_output(cbindgen, '--version').strip().split(" ")[1])

    if version < cbindgen_min_version:
        cbindgen version {} is too old. At least version {} is required.

        Please update using 'cargo install cbindgen --force' or running
        './mach bootstrap', after removing the existing executable located at
        '''.format(version, cbindgen_min_version, cbindgen)))

    return version

# Bindgen can use rustfmt to format Rust file, but it's not required.
js_option(env='RUSTFMT', nargs=1, help='Path to the rustfmt program')

rustfmt = check_prog('RUSTFMT', ['rustfmt'], paths=toolchain_search_path,
                     input='RUSTFMT', allow_missing=True)

# We support setting up the appropriate options for bindgen via setting
# LLVM_CONFIG or by providing explicit configure options.  The Windows
# installer of LLVM/Clang doesn't provide llvm-config, so we need both
# methods to support all of our tier-1 platforms.
def llvm_config_paths(host):
    llvm_supported_versions = ['6.0', '5.0', '4.0', '3.9']
    llvm_config_progs = []
    for version in llvm_supported_versions:
        llvm_config_progs += [
            'llvm-config-%s' % version,
            'llvm-config-mp-%s' % version,    # MacPorts' chosen naming scheme.
            'llvm-config%s' % version.replace('.', ''),

    # Homebrew on macOS doesn't make clang available on PATH, so we have to
    # look for it in non-standard places.
    if host.kernel == 'Darwin':
            brew = which.which('brew')
            brew_config = subprocess.check_output([brew, 'config']).strip()

            for line in brew_config.splitlines():
                if line.startswith('HOMEBREW_PREFIX'):
                    fields = line.split(None, 2)
                    prefix = fields[1] if len(fields) == 2 else ''
                    path = ['opt', 'llvm', 'bin', 'llvm-config']
                    llvm_config_progs.append(os.path.join(prefix, *path))
        except which.WhichError:
            # Homebrew not installed, which is fine.

    # Also add in the location to which `mach bootstrap` or
    # `mach artifact toolchain` installs clang.
    mozbuild_state_dir = os.environ.get('MOZBUILD_STATE_PATH',
                                        os.path.expanduser(os.path.join('~', '.mozbuild')))
    bootstrap_llvm_config = os.path.join(mozbuild_state_dir, 'clang', 'bin', 'llvm-config')


    return llvm_config_progs

js_option(env='LLVM_CONFIG', nargs=1, help='Path to llvm-config')

llvm_config = check_prog('LLVM_CONFIG', llvm_config_paths, input='LLVM_CONFIG',
                         what='llvm-config', allow_missing=True)

js_option('--with-libclang-path', nargs=1,
          help='Absolute path to a directory containing Clang/LLVM libraries for bindgen (version 3.9.x or above)')
js_option('--with-clang-path', nargs=1,
          help='Absolute path to a Clang binary for bindgen (version 3.9.x or above)')

def invoke_llvm_config(llvm_config, *options):
    '''Invoke llvm_config with the given options and return the first line of
    lines = check_cmd_output(llvm_config, *options).splitlines()
    return lines[0]

@imports(_from='textwrap', _import='dedent')
def check_minimum_llvm_config_version(llvm_config):
    version = Version(invoke_llvm_config(llvm_config, '--version'))
    min_version = Version('3.9.0')
    if version < min_version:
        llvm installation {} is incompatible with bindgen.

        Please install version {} or greater of Clang + LLVM
        and ensure that the 'llvm-config' from that
        installation is first on your path.

        You can verify this by typing 'llvm-config --version'.
        '''.format(version, min_version)))

@depends(llvm_config, '--with-libclang-path', '--with-clang-path',
         host_library_name_info, host, build_project)
@imports(_from='textwrap', _import='dedent')
def bindgen_config_paths(llvm_config, libclang_path, clang_path,
                         library_name_info, host, build_project):
    def search_for_libclang(path):
        # Try to ensure that the clang shared library that bindgen is going
        # to look for is actually present.  The files that we search for
        # mirror the logic in clang-sys/
        libclang_choices = []
        if host.os == 'WINNT':
        libclang_choices.append('%sclang%s' % (library_name_info.dll.prefix,
        if host.kernel == 'Linux':

        if host.os == 'OpenBSD':
            libclang_choices = glob.glob(path + '/*.*')

        # At least one of the choices must be found.
        for choice in libclang_choices:
            libclang = os.path.join(path, choice)
            if os.path.exists(libclang):
                return (True, None)
            return (False, list(set(libclang_choices)))

    # XXX: we want this code to be run for both Gecko and JS, but we don't
    # necessarily want to force a bindgen/Rust dependency on JS just yet.
    # Actually, we don't want to force an error if we're not building the
    # browser generally.  We therefore whitelist the projects that require
    # bindgen facilities at this point and leave it at that.
    bindgen_projects = ('browser', 'mobile/android')

    if not libclang_path and not clang_path:
        # We must have LLVM_CONFIG in this case.
        if not llvm_config:
            if build_project not in bindgen_projects:
                return namespace()

            Could not find LLVM/Clang installation for compiling bindgen.
            Please specify the 'LLVM_CONFIG' environment variable
            (recommended), pass the '--with-libclang-path' and '--with-clang-path'
            options to configure, or put 'llvm-config' in your PATH.  Altering your
            PATH may expose 'clang' as well, potentially altering your compiler,
            which may not be what you intended.'''))

        libclang_arg = '--bindir' if host.os == 'WINNT' else '--libdir'
        libclang_path = invoke_llvm_config(llvm_config, libclang_arg)
        clang_path = os.path.join(invoke_llvm_config(llvm_config, '--bindir'),
        libclang_path = normsep(libclang_path)
        clang_path = normsep(clang_path)

        # Debian-based distros, at least, can have llvm-config installed
        # but not have other packages installed.  Since the user is trying
        # to use their system packages, we can't be more specific about what
        # they need.
        clang_resolved = find_program(clang_path)
        if not clang_resolved:
            The file {} returned by `llvm-config {}` does not exist.
            clang is required to build Firefox.  Please install the
            necessary packages, or run `mach bootstrap`.
            '''.format(clang_path, '--bindir')))

        if not os.path.exists(libclang_path):
            The directory {} returned by `llvm-config {}` does not exist.
            clang is required to build Firefox.  Please install the
            necessary packages, or run `mach bootstrap`.
            '''.format(libclang_path, libclang_arg)))

        (found, searched) = search_for_libclang(libclang_path)
        if not found:
            Could not find the clang shared library in the path {}
            returned by `llvm-config {}` (searched for files {}).
            clang is required to build Firefox.  Please install the
            necessary packages, or run `mach bootstrap`.
            '''.format(libclang_path, libclang_arg, searched)))

        return namespace(

    if (not libclang_path and clang_path) or \
       (libclang_path and not clang_path):
        if build_project not in bindgen_projects:
            return namespace()

        You must provide both of --with-libclang-path and --with-clang-path
        or neither of them.'''))

    libclang_path = libclang_path[0]
    clang_path = clang_path[0]

    if not os.path.exists(libclang_path) or \
       not os.path.isdir(libclang_path):
        The argument to --with-libclang-path is not a directory: {}

    (found, searched) = search_for_libclang(libclang_path)
    if not found:
        Could not find the clang shared library in the path {}
        specified by --with-libclang-path (searched for files {}).
        '''.format(libclang_path, searched)))

    clang_resolved = find_program(clang_path)
    if not clang_resolved:
        The argument to --with-clang-path is not a file: {}

    return namespace(

set_config('MOZ_LIBCLANG_PATH', bindgen_config_paths.libclang_path)
set_config('MOZ_CLANG_PATH', bindgen_config_paths.clang_path)

@depends(host, target, target_is_unix, c_compiler, bindgen_cflags_android)
def basic_bindgen_cflags(host, target, is_unix, compiler_info, android_cflags):
    args = [
        '-x', 'c++', '-std=gnu++14', '-fno-sized-deallocation',

    if is_unix:
        args += ['-DOS_POSIX=1']

    if target.os == 'Android':
        args += android_cflags

    def handle_cpu(obj):
        if 'cpu' in obj and target.cpu in obj['cpu']:
            return obj['cpu'][target.cpu]
        return []

    if target.os == 'WINNT' and host.raw_os.startswith('gnu'):
        args += handle_cpu({
            'cpu': {
                'x86': ['--target=i686-pc-mingw32'],
                'x86_64': ['--target=x86_64-w64-mingw32'],

    os_dict = {
        'Android': {
            'default': ['-DOS_ANDROID=1'],
            'cpu': {
                'aarch64': ['--target=aarch64-linux-android'],
                'arm': ['--target=armv7-linux-androideabi'],
                'x86': ['--target=i686-linux-android'],
                'x86_64': ['--target=x86_64-linux-android'],
        'DragonFly': {
            'default': ['-DOS_BSD=1', '-DOS_DRAGONFLY=1'],
        'FreeBSD': {
            'default': ['-DOS_BSD=1', '-DOS_FREEBSD=1'],
        'GNU': {
            'default': ['-DOS_LINUX=1'],
            'cpu': {
                'x86': ['-m32'],
                'x86_64': ['-m64'],
        'NetBSD': {
            'default': ['-DOS_BSD=1', '-DOS_NETBSD=1'],
        'OpenBSD': {
            'default': ['-DOS_BSD=1', '-DOS_OPENBSD=1'],
        'OSX': {
            'default': [
                # To disable the fixup bindgen applies which adds search
                # paths from clang command line in order to avoid potential
                # conflict with -stdlib=libc++.
        'SunOS': {
            'default': ['-DOS_SOLARIS=1'],
        'WINNT': {
            'default': [
            'compiler': {
                'msvc': {
                    'default': [
                        # For compatibility with MSVC 2015
                        # To enable the builtin __builtin_offsetof so that CRT wouldn't
                        # use reinterpret_cast in offsetof() which is not allowed inside
                        # static_assert().
                        # Enable hidden attribute (which is not supported by MSVC and
                        # thus not enabled by default with a MSVC-compatibile build)
                        # to exclude hidden symbols from the generated file.
                    'cpu': {
                        'x86': ['--target=i686-pc-win32'],
                        'x86_64': ['--target=x86_64-pc-win32'],
                        'aarch64': ['--target=aarch64-pc-windows-msvc'],
    }.get(target.os, {})

    if 'default' in os_dict:
        args += os_dict['default']

    args += handle_cpu(os_dict)
    if 'compiler' in os_dict and compiler_info and compiler_info in os_dict['compiler']:
        compiler_dict = os_dict['compiler'].get(compiler_info)
        if 'default' in compiler_dict:
            args += compiler_dict['default']
        args += handle_cpu(compiler_dict)

    return args

          help='Options bindgen should pass to the C/C++ parser')

@depends(basic_bindgen_cflags, 'BINDGEN_CFLAGS')
@checking('bindgen cflags', lambda s: s if s else 'no')
def bindgen_cflags(base_flags, extra_flags):
    flags = base_flags
    if extra_flags and len(extra_flags):
        flags += extra_flags[0].split()
    return ' '.join(flags)

add_old_configure_assignment('_BINDGEN_CFLAGS', bindgen_cflags)