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Bug 818092 - Properly use CC/CXX from mozconfig on non-cross-compile Mac builds. r=ted

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_file_domarchiveevent_h__
#define mozilla_dom_file_domarchiveevent_h__

#include "ArchiveReader.h"

#include "nsISeekableStream.h"
#include "nsIMIMEService.h"
#include "nsDOMFile.h"

#include "FileCommon.h"


 * This class contains all the info needed for a single item
 * It must contain the implementation of the File() method.
class ArchiveItem : public nsISupports

  virtual ~ArchiveItem();

  // Getter/Setter for the type
  nsCString GetType();
  void SetType(const nsCString& aType);

  // Getter for the filename
  virtual nsresult GetFilename(nsString& aFilename) = 0;

  // Generate a DOMFile
  virtual nsIDOMFile* File(ArchiveReader* aArchiveReader) = 0;

  nsCString mType;

 * This class must be extended by any archive format supported by ArchiveReader API
 * This class runs in a different thread and it calls the 'exec()' method.
 * The exec() must populate mFileList and mStatus then it must call RunShare();
class ArchiveReaderEvent : public nsRunnable

  ArchiveReaderEvent(ArchiveReader* aArchiveReader);

  virtual ~ArchiveReaderEvent();

  // This must be implemented
  virtual nsresult Exec() = 0;

  nsresult GetType(nsCString& aExt,
                   nsCString& aMimeType);

  nsresult RunShare(nsresult aStatus);
  void ShareMainThread();

protected: // data
  ArchiveReader* mArchiveReader;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIMIMEService> mMimeService;

  nsTArray<nsRefPtr<ArchiveItem> > mFileList; // this must be populated
  nsresult mStatus;


#endif // mozilla_dom_file_domarchiveevent_h__