Bug 578636 - Cannot close Fennec when right slide menu is on focus [r=mfinkle]
authorVivien Nicolas <21@vingtetun.org>
Wed, 14 Jul 2010 19:59:16 +0200
changeset 1715 acc802a0c1853969577bc72f98fea2abd94b5c85
parent 1714 c8ccfa363542a004ebc46f161ea80586decf35cd
child 1716 54c8dc8dc01c622cb212b3fa7728485fb34b7687
push id1537
push uservnicolas@mozilla.com
push dateWed, 14 Jul 2010 17:59:29 +0000
Bug 578636 - Cannot close Fennec when right slide menu is on focus [r=mfinkle]
--- a/chrome/content/browser.xul
+++ b/chrome/content/browser.xul
@@ -277,17 +277,21 @@
             <spacer flex="1"/>
             <toolbarbutton id="form-helper-close" class="close-button" command="cmd_formClose"/>
       <!-- Right toolbar -->
       <vbox class="panel-dark">
-        <spacer class="toolbar-height"/>
+        <!-- Because of the stack + fixed position of the urlbar when it is in
+             locked mode the event on the top-right part of the urlbar are
+              swallow by this spacer, but not with the mousethrough attribute
+        -->
+        <spacer class="toolbar-height" mousethrough="always"/>
         <vbox id="browser-controls" style="overflow: -moz-hidden-unscrollable;" class="panel-dark" flex="1">
           <toolbarbutton id="tool-star" class="browser-control-button button-image" command="cmd_star"/>
           <toolbarbutton id="tool-back" class="browser-control-button button-image" command="cmd_back"/>
           <toolbarbutton id="tool-forward" class="browser-control-button button-image" command="cmd_forward"/>
           <toolbarbutton id="tool-panel-open" class="page-button button-image" command="cmd_panel"/>