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Thu Sep 16 02:04:21 2010 +0000
ea70f3df70372d1061af62362c0461b18b3ec1baMatt Brubeck — Bug 596824 - [mobile2] Temporarily disable zoom in local tabs [r=stechz]
d1675582c24c5706fcaa73181e5881f5591d48d6Benjamin Stover — merge
0d57f96b37f64c4d07a5832f2b4fe9218ac1ece1Benjamin Stover — [mq]: review
064626fa17454ec335e6b4cc6aee1e10536a48bcMatt Brubeck — Merge mobile-browser -> mobile2.
683880353ae07361be1ed15ae8ef855fa5ac6969Matt Brubeck — Bug 596326 - [mobile2] Dispatch ZoomChanged event from browser binding [r=mfinkle]
512289018ae41c7350c425aaf7adb44a9bc75189Benjamin Stover — merge
a9fb288e37cbbdf1708af47a9b4d58a4d2f3f6e8Matt Brubeck — Bug 595229 - Don't pan at start of multitouch zoom gesture [r=stechz]
c42cd3d22e0b764738213eb213096e9d7cf8f145Matt Brubeck — Bug 595052 - [mobile2] Fix pinch zoom in tileless Fennec [r=stechz]
5012211c43775f03976ebdef0077343975189ccbMatt Brubeck — Merge mobile-browser to mobile2
1cc777ca3bd76946af69cd834174321109b9973aMatt Brubeck — Merge mobile-browser -> mobile2
7e871b78c2e772883ae4ff53d206dbb6978d9119Matt Brubeck — Bug 595068 - Add a cheat code to generate fake multitouch zoom events [r=mfinkle]
5187ff1addd2901f97b2296d896732489475a7c5Benjamin Stover — make pending pixels aware of screen size so that visible area is always filled
9e779e52a351c6f2cbcb1e20f6f726d8bb7c6340Benjamin Stover — merge
ee1337f0134d05dad59b9c3af5d87c3b936891cbMatt Brubeck — Remove unused Util.bindAll function
f06aeb49340688d3122f5e1c94af5d6281e1b953Benjamin Stover — pinch to zoom sort of works
d625c178138fa01dc6722344b095239df7deec98Matt Brubeck — [mobile2] Set browser.xml viewport properties in setCssViewportSize.
853fbb0bca37a198044f5aba1ebe4dc91c9c3d6dMatt Brubeck — [mobile2] Use document width instead of viewport width to calculate page zoom.
9820e0f76c33fa5efc2c5df2ff987a573423e4c6Benjamin Stover — remove coalescer stuff
c31a1d2b127837e9c58eb6dc71e59e25fb7845d0Benjamin Stover — remove mozscrolledareachanged from content.js
225da4fa3c1744f0aafd3535047b84d28ca4d8f3Benjamin Stover — fix calculation in determining size of cache viewport
efa6ca97ffd91610eac954babc854d3c4c36d3a5Benjamin Stover — thumbnails
e57964f1a97f42b519b27c12967939f3258a8582Benjamin Stover — merge
3dfec19150148589917e3572a56eb3a19f4b6f5dBenjamin Stover — allow animated zooming to continue seemlessly if animation is already in progress
0cf2c18d2fe4bbf0058030f5efe55235a0754d5dBenjamin Stover — fix page zoom level
59005d14015cdbf21ecf712b8b323ab6168d3d33Matt Brubeck — [mobile2] Update Browser.zoom to use getPosition
a90712b65d7d83824045bc451217d73a81d6ee04Benjamin Stover — fix merge botch
dd414acff2c2c35830edb2c330d584aa393ceaadBenjamin Stover — make formhelper work like it does in m-b trunk
415456c376bed418a47980511f471d0f281bb549Benjamin Stover — fix tap highlighting
ea4351bf76eb438901a8294806c9a1bd28395890Benjamin Stover — add portentous comment to animated zooming that will probably not stop anyone, who are we kidding
ba736e3dfda04c59697d336f09d404c30ce92cc9Benjamin Stover — merge
bd159d6ee3e5b55fe4694094c5d2c0b98dfa82ecBenjamin Stover — (half-baked) animated zoom
00cde330d7222669e364d446bbf0df0960b21d36Benjamin Stover — fix clicking on things that aren't scrollboxes
df37b3dcd6e0213baf98470ca9e9d65272898b43Benjamin Stover — merge
000d448f6959dd899a25e2347566bf766921aa8aBenjamin Stover — pending pixel stuff
2bf37de483add5a7b5a461fa99e9c97c80060743Benjamin Stover — remove hack for tilemanager
cb7bc99788da71fd093700d16379a2566ecb8689Benjamin Stover — isDraggable fix
f1d2f3d7c31eeea934feec752a209183ddc79f3eBenjamin Stover — fix input handler
18a0eaae44ce3e35a48fe30f2b9d2e6c76fdb21bBenjamin Stover — get rid of browserview
0a1a74ff1cd94e2f0a385121351a38257cb164caBenjamin Stover — Add browser binding comments, make some methods internal, and rename zoomLevel to scale
904ee5d6d6ff5112929116fb403a198a28913373Benjamin Stover — use DisplayPort
d8f3ee1e7cc85aedf4a25d7fd186af0eba0782d0Benjamin Stover — merge with trunk
d8e12b8ebe93270c8c2531fd68ee431a53da36b4Benjamin Stover — Fixes
0930ba5ca35c9a00c8b40c1914f2ab6dc1c22cd5Benjamin Stover — take out dumps
b982249f3b69c112fbc9f7bf53458787292c8967Benjamin Stover — clean up and get zooming and viewport sort of working
4a71ba5c98a9689c9257d02a2bea025662af2a1fBenjamin Stover — support for zoom (disabled)
20424865e08b3da1cfd7f4e85f58e79d05b14d8fBenjamin Stover — remove most of browserview and begin using browser element
188df9e247934bca62ff36621aee5c73b664a27cBenjamin Stover — support for caching outside of visible region (currently buggy in platform)
59aead7224007bb4cec554a75b1c08eb81454ed8Benjamin Stover — move viewport handling responsibilities to browser element (BrowserView could probably be nixed now)
72f4e9fcf46936c800626a56ffd839cde4dad968Benjamin Stover — bring back code for watching viewport size
aa6e540a8e620081448f864199beb51b15c4d8e6Benjamin Stover — use viewport api
3141a5efd6b8ee35a3c6e04f1ccf97edcf5c2af0Matt Brubeck — Fix syntax error in AnimatedZoom.js
ad1da0d06b0460a00e422d6b132cf2d989116228Benjamin Stover — remove some comments about tile manager
10225d8ae17d093263c147fd71391e2cf2543870Benjamin Stover — merge with trunk
b70a1e18b8f7ff8d4537b8ec619a10f3aa6732d0Benjamin Stover — fix keyboard and mouse, and remove more tile cruft
247171f6b8e5c7a309b29ab35486b7f1e212e481Benjamin Stover — remove comments
5f67e4030e2a84f8962270ecdab5560014acffdbBenjamin Stover — panning
47c873153f4c8b8dbf483de26508e1190fc11e75Benjamin Stover — fix
5a9eb9786ff0a534d44ed00cf9c7ba1f759bba77Benjamin Stover — don't use moz transforms because they are slow right now
89478b5354332ed5859d4a38aa0e97f2951f3172Benjamin Stover — fixes
72f4e51322584a65e38a17362d2b0c916f3054c5Chris Jones Bug 576192 - "Use browser elements for browsing surface" []