Fabfile updated to new hosts and paths for "push" action.
authorGregg Lind <glind@mozilla.com>
Thu, 31 Jul 2014 09:07:32 -0500
changeset 1035 5284ac662ddbb4ef94e973959da1f084cfec303e
parent 1034 e364765a03660baf7ff5c0c730804ed1a5f55952
child 1036 73d69aca200969f07befee944e56c170a725a158
push id866
push userglind@mozilla.com
push dateThu, 31 Jul 2014 14:07:38 +0000
Fabfile updated to new hosts and paths for "push" action.
--- a/fabfile.py
+++ b/fabfile.py
@@ -102,24 +102,24 @@ def clear(profile):
     """ clear:profile.  removes downloaded experiments, logs, manifests from profile <profile>"""
     p = find_profile_dir(profile)
     d = "%s/TestPilotExperimentFiles" % p
     local('rm -rf "%s"/TestPilotErrorLog.log' % p)
     local('rm -rf "%s"/*' % (d,))
     local('tree "%s"' % (d,))
 def push():
     sudo hg pull;  call:  fab push -u user.name
     if confirm("You did 'hg ci; hg pull; hg up; hg push' right?"):
         if confirm("You did change the sample size and turn of debugging, right?"):
-            with cd("/opt/www/testpilotweb"):
+            with cd("/data/www/testpilotweb/"):
                 sudo("hg pull")
                 result = sudo("hg tip")
                 print "###### hg tip #####"
                 print result
                 if confirm("Upgrade to that tip?"):
                     sudo("hg update")
 def rollback(rev_or_id):