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Wed Apr 08 01:46:05 2009 +0000
d80703f508a332d1c3169a49c4ab7c9303166794Mark Hammond — fix lineendings
26248b871429b7477d98811bb9c1dfe4767d8fe9Mark Hammond — fix line endings
194c2a8c0d184bb7590d12112cb74cbcad7cba07Mark Hammond — merge twisty to the trunk
d1fa17b9c0f07cece52748edddac414115551a0cMark Hammond — more notes in the docs twisty
5d71ca63ba33c9b8b54e91cddc2894657cb7d585Mark Hammond — Merge couch 0.9 version. twisty
2656685fd6e423b4d9e3537f54a7c94d0f677cddMark Hammond — s/junius/raindrop/ twisty
a57b3f550d640f547cc3b2e86f9d80f42fefb2f4Mark Hammond — formalize helpers for creation of docids. twisty
1c9506a81f68d1e66b49218dea3ff3333e1cbeaeMark Hammond — remove nuke_db_and_delete_everything_forever; retry-errrors also processes twisty
e6d1979b6580724c8c77cc44ce0353c58c9d726eMark Hammond — have the test protocol 'fail' on every 3rd message twisty
d181fa823fbbdcb27eb72395bd4e29ed98eb7e95Mark Hammond — Add error handling to the message pipeline. twisty
37a8ed4fa05c0175fa774cf2bf60de098645a338Mark Hammond — better attachment testing twisty
45600ab47a25fd868d8943503ff3bc93279d6d37Mark Hammond — logging, assertions, comments twisty
594f244499d407ca8b45d59eb7067165306d895fMark Hammond — hack around encoding issues twisty
fc98c21c3b84be2aa37cea4bd163eae8bd80c642Mark Hammond — move to couch 0.9 twisty
6ad39a0fb3d061529bc6692d7a2373d039dcefeaMark Hammond — remove impossible assertion twisty
c109e37a2770ba8cdb51b5cb59334a705848e2dcMark Hammond — formalized message-ids and a _by_seq based work-queue twisty
2eb31d62489c13339c85b9d2d0129c1dce6c25d0Mark Hammond — add show-view command twisty
684089de8f1a1da42f26c95c1262332c3c4ffaf5Mark Hammond — comment about lack of unicode in tag hacks twisty
25d0f986332b4009160017cd2e17b703ee15a3baMark Hammond — add comments twisty
93d6e2aa1a5068cd67c1d34a450a4d9c2cde07ffMark Hammond — move back to views returning the 'raw' result; share a coop; misc others twisty
5bbfd86b049a1c6ae78fb7e39e050e6cb48d1bc9Mark Hammond — add an 'unprocess' command to delete all derived documents twisty
c1f0e70ed6d51ba4e5c31195dc41feb210ba03a3Mark Hammond — remove commented code twisty
a96338dab56d3a36b726a83cecfbe6673375296bMark Hammond — typo twisty
b1ab63ee8c478f4f9dd3908a55e5eed56db24cccMark Hammond — use a deferred to indicate when syncs/processing is complete twisty
ac76e13ab690e677ac23953cb97cbe8d47ab2feeMark Hammond — update to current state of the world twisty
518d0a4f53d96363ad3b91b4234749bf895c8ff9Mark Hammond — fix get_seq on non-windows twisty
904171c40909c7f8840bedd98e6154f4babee78dMark Hammond — report if we created db and don't fail if no attachments twisty
9aa5903c2e4eb77802b9f2a3b72679f04e5dcdc6Mark Hammond — fix how we count how many items we did this loop twisty
5ef43d01c4fec2325a44db4c56cda04a2c44a7f8Mark Hammond — automatically install accounts if we created the db twisty
bdcda2baf4b8535ca600c9b082901f399d51e966Mark Hammond — Remove reference to old function twisty
047a61606eff86fda2044c304e1643d785ebfaeeMark Hammond — remove debug print twisty
f28d2611b94106d3e90179a813d5aff0659a6705Mark Hammond — silly typos twisty
7469bf443931f3b11303df00538b2857cd616310Mark Hammond — allow for views etc to be auto-updated when they change on disk, other cleanups. twisty
35658a2c572b76a298c6bd83f30e1b88cfc86f54Mark Hammond — dont call post with zero docs, logging tweaks twisty
a6f67d2b235c853adc0b058977df72f27d606972Mark Hammond — run the entire pipeline for a document at once and bulk save all resulting docs twisty
6aadbb8ccb0bd5bd5266003338524d0ba09e7474Mark Hammond — change how attachments are passed in twisty
6ad97bca58340ae42fda3081394719e7d874d9f2Mark Hammond — don't copy the 'type' attribute over twisty
afbc52ca5ca1597612b5a25588c541da0aa88ab8Mark Hammond — hooray for generators/cooperators, plus more batch updates twisty
170cf0cb11a2234bb68fbc11933bc7913a0ca503Mark Hammond — fix use of endkey twisty
8704eacfbfb6f0baad8d6202fee770c10491d350Mark Hammond — bulk-delete docs twisty
f95653d4377dcb27c75805dd631523d86d2c38f3Mark Hammond — fix bulk updates twisty
06207d46f9c97313ebeb868d3cf72e14a2a83094Mark Hammond — fix the test protocol twisty
4ccc7acb1102e98de1851a9619df3238ced6ea4eMark Hammond — corrections to install docs twisty
91d895ce8d86d1366c92b17cb28a52211b7c095bMark Hammond — use attachments for binary blobs twisty
f161b6e3b54a301bda27cd684c8ebdea4c5213bbMark Hammond — add ability to delete messages twisty
ebc4050e4049b80671ed7aedc17177033c3f8e44Mark Hammond — move imap back to using a view to optimize what we've seen before twisty
6c69a445aee2a2da7ac9f65deaf819942217f47eMark Hammond — get the skype protocol using a view to optimize no of requests twisty
6675d659f527941a70b1b9b6bfa06c3ae408440cMark Hammond — make the schema layout closer to what CouchRest uses twisty
27c7fce59f31b577af80efdc9658ca755505ac93Mark Hammond — fix check for no tags being returned twisty
201badf26a8a840c3eee1c70561f451c5594fdd1Mark Hammond — make tags view more efficient, and only request the tags we are after twisty
983858314348eb45baf83f528c3f58fc34065b01Mark Hammond — Hack the front-end into vaguely working in the new world order. twisty
059fcb47904db73a6a7de13c61ea9a12100d596cMark Hammond — add a couple of comments twisty
ffb62f887469d4ed1b8944b9439aedf069e5e6eeMark Hammond — add new 'anno/tags' message type twisty
20624eb48d8c2516b80c37697e70caba7b248a83Mark Hammond — basic support for timestamps and other attributes twisty
652cc177430ece2c1c7e026ea3c539dc301ae45bMark Hammond — move to a non-recursive twisted model, basic 'tags' support twisty
e07ebe3f1e17ed502d2dc052bc753b6146d33d73Mark Hammond — raw IMAP data blob goes into an attachment twisty
b2f2984dd6482fbd7d4f8b13f937aaf03288b198Mark Hammond — add basic attachment support to the doc_model twisty
b0340c2821da37ecd100912692f3876ed6fa1806Mark Hammond — fetch the skype chat for the msg subject twisty
20979788066de01860cf050a0d0c43498d640624Mark Hammond — get imap and twitter working in the new world order twisty
67c16c20afc0730084a2c65d36073bb53144f896Mark Hammond — tone logging down twisty
55279ec07fb24e5ba4b5af648622dd11c9d4ce34Mark Hammond — oops - remove debug code so we process all skype chats. twisty
807bf2299712d979768f1c57e0d56e3c7c6ad50bMark Hammond — get skype messages passing through the pipeline to a real message twisty
e122e868b8750e05f0f026063ce71e86f84c1368Mark Hammond — quote the message IDs twisty
af11fa9b39bf049f1db1bca01f90f8f47a161f32Mark Hammond — 'from' etc are all tuples of [identity_type, identity_id] twisty
e04a98264f7728381957d16c9a45fd35128ba4adMark Hammond — move to relative imports twisty
ebeb52c60da803125323f484d6049530126b790dMark Hammond — nuke obsolete files twisty
fda3a6b10096776d8d6b4aa638639ada83010302Mark Hammond — typos, style twisty
9a02e3c03c728681386819d7e30f1f5565470434Mark Hammond — tweaks twisty
5fafd238a09ffa3654def07d2e903ac97d09e3f7Mark Hammond — get a pipeline working for test messages; now onto the others... twisty
ce4ab1a2a289f1ec238cce72bbf29c2433261bf3Mark Hammond — add the concept of a 'document model' which looks after stuff twisty
d92be3c216f91e7688ca09540f49cf714cd0e634Mark Hammond — remove old dead code twisty
0d70c9751eae71f7933c0a0d945c2e3d8cf33725Mark Hammond — twisted twitter. twisty
7a7131b6b38cc06a6f5763c7a3ab14c627fc0335Mark Hammond — rationalize deferreds. twisty
605f125ba61382470117c2985fce8188bb0537e4Mark Hammond — rationalize use of deferreds twisty
32b03461d034dd400367326021acfbb9748a1f5eMark Hammond — Let accountFinishedSync be used in a callback or errback. twisty
d1e498b824b4313d9dcae15cd6049079a0743803Mark Hammond — skype protocol now avoid re-fetching messages it has seen. twisty
76fea0939f35c49b6d671e8fe2def7d0e0b6d269Mark Hammond — Allow the by_storage view to work with all raw message subtypes. twisty
9de17afe664b35030227ff79490c85c78cfff15fMark Hammond — explicit initialization of the protocols so logging etc is all setup twisty
f974296bbdc5ba376ad328d05476457799678dd9Mark Hammond — Better support for view params. twisty
ab86e5a10ee8b2449fc0cb29b33f3f71d13c9568Mark Hammond — skype rawMessage grabber twisty
d3e18d08271bb40fbbf46469b28f0b5c2b370cf0Mark Hammond — conductor supports --protocols option twisty
14e5d7be81ff23c6ab69a7f7b44be8511c5a7818Mark Hammond — Add -p/--protocol to allow only some protocols to be used. twisty
021e64e9ecb8fa95f7a15f1590192fa6f4ac96e6Mark Hammond — store all iamp flags instead of a single 'read' attribute. twisty
f53ee9233c400d8ad5550b173e27cdd149e69d50Mark Hammond — Use error-resistant protocol loading. twisty
6701d42ad3823d8009b95360b229dce41d5b085fMark Hammond — nuke design/schema stuff; allow updating of existing design docs twisty
fe8391db813f12ec730860c862b8c8411d9195d1Mark Hammond — only process 'rawMessage's twisty
5e4590a60a3f5e3b94f6161b4d6f6c908fc6cc4cMark Hammond — More tweaks; skip 'NoSelect' folders, encoding work (or not work!); twisty
51049ab6b44f4465ed5627b3021c7d9ddc11d5e2Mark Hammond — use the conductor singleton and add -l for --log-level twisty
e14eae6a66e70a63ee33465eae4af87ca8b42bebMark Hammond — assertions and logging twisty
0413cdb7ae389a1eca9a45103e7e06d39f062d3bMark Hammond — remove yet another option! twisty
fb0a7eb8b132da1b871aa07f80e614966508846cMark Hammond — remove old unused option twisty
b45e637ffa68efacc606b167eae1720d30b39293Mark Hammond — oops - we shouldn't fail when no args are passed... twisty
775e2092d7a912cdbf07483abddd376d050f767cMark Hammond — Fix --log-level handling twisty
907284571c783f7bb01d973d9281a7a56e19714bMark Hammond — twisty gets imap mail! twisty
5243f0a1ca92366edaca30e14ade7ce7a3a182e7Mark Hammond — New front-end for raindrop twisty
39999bb623c8bc9bf41d48514b3a93ddd1b867f4Mark Hammond — flesh out twisted imap impl. twisty
c384433be638842c633c018a90aa57bf20933751Mark Hammond — * Move logging init to main app twisty
3e37c73cb0001578c8390b4fa7168dd6b44d7251Mark Hammond — Fix how we cache the dbs; helper to decode json; logging tweaks twisty
557ef1b824258f490a54d08545b90b9d88cf746bMark Hammond — update view name to new world order. twisty
057aae263c27cf40b957c1652b663e6f2d6f8d51Mark Hammond — don't overwrite the map function with reduce! twisty
c03e660107daac3a5c4fbad2680daef697e702c5Mark Hammond — merge mimetypes guessing patch from trunk twisty
cc4bcb411ef90f67ec3479256c94858892f5e646Mark Hammond — install the client files using twisted. twisty
c2f9a06c2985c3036a859bc34724f881e0e33c3eMark Hammond — Drop MANIFEST file; build directly from what we find on the filesystem. twisty
bfda6d157f1ff83f2ae02e530c20c9f047d55d72Mark Hammond — Use twisted to post the design docs. twisty
1b32b4c00eeb6094549cb9a601dbdf52eaf8df65Bryan Clark — quick fix to bootstrap to stop it from creating as many twitter accounts as it likes
ac76ef89527f0009b10e30f280f8034c881deea4Mark Hammond — bootstrap now works - almost as good as it did before! twisty
64a5d3f3d321814f5a615091c05d38d115d20019David Ascher — barebones 'show me the pix of my peeps'
a5c4bee21a3ab1686dd7a638169d47bb3d15b44aDavid Ascher — try again
558d8725b8076a6152590f880fa501e0cdc7df5dDavid Ascher — make it so that we get the twitter feeds for my friends (this can cause twitter API overlimits)
e75fd7ac3ee1687f1f31faec2876d2b5f97c4d55Bryan Clark — ignore filenames .endswith('~') and .startswith('.')
163542f70b944b239e2a96ba8025b325120b346cBryan Clark — fix the '2 week ago' problem
f8630c9c5b5e7069b370796c5099d0ed8f9e9f3dDavid Ascher — fix skype stuff mostly having to do w/ confusing skype API calls
b1f6b0c1d9925840cfeff79bc2196dcfa1293459Mark Hammond — First cut at a skype grabber.
00899ecf7836eb505c757fca021b3c45a9b0fd6eMark Hammond — On Windows, use the registry if we can't guess the mimetype.
e65d990ada6a8ff9bca749ec82b96d719c83344bDavid Ascher — fix newline on password bug
5f05251057e9c4a418e7da9239d484e3f3111508Mark Hammond — mhammond's skype patch
e9ccf6fc90654c0c915abe4576e0ad67dca264deAndrew Sutherland — make a branch twisty
c18b5b2c8c377cb16276258c428a5275f87e7a9dAndrew Sutherland — cleanup/ruggedizing refactoring status commit
238424d64ec4a461900591110e51b12dc81257dbBryan Clark — zoom the ubiquity map out a little more since the common twitter location is just a city
8c0390993e9488e2fa46b77f699570235de193eeBryan Clark — updated the contact model to include an all view, this can be accessed by the url http://localhost:5984/contacts/_view/contacts/all
384724bf1aee5c50c16e7bb840e0c33698ec30c0Bryan Clark — added the location and _attachments field to support the twitter additions
ba518ea3ee85f7798835c50def4a433f1f9a6106Bryan Clark — adding default _attachments for the profile url to contacts
8ee054c5fcc6120101915d69853487fcd0993ae8Bryan Clark — some cleanups i promised
3f9d0c9550d46bc05e5dbdcb34536cc59c4a30e0Bryan Clark — fixed up the twitter situation, will do a little more tomorrow
ac56e880eb6456211e157c0a68bcf13af3470530Bryan Clark — changed by_header_id/by_mailing_list to by_list_id/by_mailing_list, even though this is a little confusing I upgraded my couchdb by accident and so the python bindings seem to overwrite the by_header_id instead of add a new one.
afc84851c10a47f658cf04adf866059b23358afdBryan Clark — Adding in a ubiquity demo to show a little bit of what can be done
9e8e39dc38a7919574157806398e290f2c07adc9Bryan Clark — tip from andrew to use proper escaping in my regex
0d8aa961206ddf2e1a3331c87eefeb3b2d26179cBryan Clark — some simple additions to make the mailing list group have a visible message count
7a6e90715442dfd6dcd80d098e88ec54d42480a8Andrew Sutherland — ignore netbeans project dirs
939023071b01c2414c30a84bb9fdddc4cd7f8ccbBryan Clark — improve the mailing list support
0531a755d4ccc40d32108cefc524af156c93a1aaBryan Clark — do some 'proper' unicode decoding and error on the side of utf-8
2267a6169f2ae84faaadf04fa4e77cbe04ffb2b9David Ascher — add reference to ticket url
9e7e4a9a4a91c528b9951b097011b328e6d8fc5dDavid Ascher — be more robust in the face of grok failures
c16b02358f0632e6904e1711b6a111f3da6ca696Bryan Clark — get some initial mailing list love into the code base
2ef3084bf0aee665f70421fc20ab90f787d4e19eBryan Clark — add some header encoding support so mime headers work
80d0ddcd7f58a224e87e9154ef51af4e60aec26bDavid Ascher — add tweets (really, really early draft)
f841237f781476cf374dea72fccf5e390bcc2824Bryan Clark — switch the conversation body content from a pre element that inherits too much funky style to a div with the correct white-space css.
ed8b1d87d0f68aa709eed184dcd22b51f27482f5David Ascher — make ssl determination a bit more robust
810cdf745855f0a2387594c92ec0626d1757f778Andrew Sutherland — I am sleepy, and haven't had my caffeine, OKAY?! I'm just kidding, don't be sad.
8cb39d751bd8f4178ec57c155ddd2e100372a8e0Andrew Sutherland — apparently bool is just for coercion, not parsing...
9e25dd58c4371ff6c6bad1705f440900d6be62f2Andrew Sutherland — add replication script, more exciting config files
a3d0d7963b9d8af60d92b576e5014a5d82657452Dan Mosedale — Make it hard to inadvertently generate a zipped egg
215ac5fef05b56737aec6c460331e4498a66b601Andrew Sutherland — auto-complete on tags and constrain by them.
71b48845ac495f2c72b99ae8d4e353269dbbaac0Andrew Sutherland — tag addition and viewing, plus an unused view. actually sort messages inside conversations.
87ef59e6a821d9d1d22f3cf1853c8ca8d8211ee5Andrew Sutherland — try and fix up the whitespaces on the replies in the search view
199f91ec36461809b8cfa88df2eefd32512b2703Andrew Sutherland — work without firebug present
e54f35620881eedccdae43b4d96e807a9a3dd3caAndrew Sutherland — read account info from a file, support ssl
0ee5c0e954f888faf5e59b6a35af45fc8525e388Andrew Sutherland — imported patch login-info
fe9242d6394863645da8066cb9ce7b69b9bad36cBryan Clark — add some spaces to the "writes" text so it looks better
e7fcdc0e50b226dd2222cd91c3a70d01dc2506d7David Ascher — draft notes
6fd418a119c2359f5542ea91a204eae7d706b266Andrew Sutherland — clicking on conversations in the search view opens the conversation view!
5a832fd81f4173a9cdb61dd2b274ea43b407a981Andrew Sutherland — conversation view has action, yo.
608d65fc4ff224d3c60dc30e0f07bdeb8bdb8e98Andrew Sutherland — per spec and the code in here, it makes more sense that the default phase is 3 (bubbling), not 0 (a non-existent phase)
61a9fa6989452b168f9312407e110913014f4f25Andrew Sutherland — Clean up the conversation view threader css a bit.
70bc362a721bc849020ab3cdbf4ded12337ebf35Andrew Sutherland — Conversation view displays acceptably. No behaviour, though.
b020a2b0a5f6a45c90677a0a52061f376b009951Andrew Sutherland — Add 'nuke' and 'updateviews' commands to bootstrap, possibly be better about actually making view syncing do the right thing. Also added a 'references' attribute to messages that is the pre-chewed References/In-Reply-To header.
c7caec14d169cbd4393b0ddabbea0e1b753b6928Andrew Sutherland — the css regexps need some extra thoroughness and may have serious issues with + since it can be in the selector now. in any event, this improves things slightly there and makes replies work.
1f00c856d261a261a20f53f5ef2f397037d8ca22Andrew Sutherland — Andrew works his regex magic, only shooting his foot a few times in the process.
e9cb6ec291b51e4686b40d8d6371d8dacede4b17Andrew Sutherland — cause the views to not expose ghost messages in cases where they are not desired
c1c595baa286dbc1de51bac512f4b654a920228bAndrew Sutherland — querying based on autocompleted involvement works. the problem is that the search results thing has CSS issues, owing to the mangling of classes in the shadow tree to have their own namespacing. tried to quickly cram the css down in so it might be all magic, but the naive approach obviously fell down. (it's possible the rules are spanning the shadow tree firewall or they just aren't getting contributed to the global concept of them, and/or the application mechanism is just something odd that I need to look into.)
cf212c1c26684f7b524433bfe51ba1e8deab3ff6Andrew Sutherland — add jquery.couch so we can fix a bug quicklike
8199bc2b97516978eca1b6973869c250196984dcAndrew Sutherland — autocompletion with constraint bubble working reasonably well.
d9d6be88da9347b14703f293eecc5c4b631c2c8dAndrew Sutherland — whoops, binding func wasn't propagating the return value... not so good...
66f9fe7b2df5025c5c439a4469b3ad08baf07b01Andrew Sutherland — internal/external issues have at least been made consistent, but we need to understand what the actual XBL2 spec intent is and try and match that, dealing with the cross-platform limitations...
bf188e8e220c8da301e6c55af5bbfaa0a1bc31d8Andrew Sutherland — more autoconstraint progress; we need to deal with some XBL issues though; the internal/external stuff is becoming a serious problem and needs to be normalized.
84f4b77c4e159eefacca9355e31cf30428727fe6Andrew Sutherland — poor man's autocomplete.
890da575d7b0cd3d340e4c2ad84a404a15890dd8Andrew Sutherland — build detritus should not have gotten in there
d331fe76fbda9a052dc617db58df359a5d3e24e9Andrew Sutherland — IMAP import is fairly happy, and then we can display the messages using super
432fbee7ecb67b519b93ea32e7529dc50dc0acf3Andrew Sutherland — initial quasi-workingness, I think.