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Mon Apr 20 01:22:13 2009 +0000
9056db5cd8ef1ea86be7232e338c0b3025f250c3Mark Hammond — fix error retries by passing the old revision info around
ef3b5eaab4ad0450a9e97e65fbf26c4debb6c750Mark Hammond — give our test protocol an anno/flags extension
e58224320aefe37a07f8c5611c122b7071b71eebMark Hammond — give our first aggregator a very simple impl.
e315de895c7ac8f2ae0c3e3d1258ac5259cb4617Mark Hammond — make pipeline generator a simple function instead of a method
1d5df7b9f952fb27701ff674fc085d181e6080bcMark Hammond — more pipeline tests
ac11c66cb0bcf4da074dd41a41c7099b7a8eb4ebMark Hammond — work-around occasional errors deleting test db on windows
492de4bc289646edf66464e4b09014e31adc4095Mark Hammond — silence warnings from the twitter module
c655280156f900286e1e5d9a0ebdb8a0ccddb92bMark Hammond — first cut at a test suite!
116fc6c5a6fed429f79b91fdbc3204a953ce3ac6Mark Hammond — hacky utility to create visualizations of the raindrop pipeline
5a53b935fc5fa6a381c6cc7db3717afadbf9fb06Mark Hammond — restore error processing view
812b70d83e8ed4af260995af5836e930b616b6e5Mark Hammond — working - just not yet stopping correctly
244f8a7bc1c77db42b072f19e3e6945662a241c2Mark Hammond — allow a test suite to control test-failure behaviour
c8c0c3b5b8182b2ff3c47e6a61daa9b41a4e8da1Mark Hammond — raise an exception when a doc save fails
0d807e54cd52c88b01f40312ab2c2e8ce88e1961Mark Hammond — add a view indicating which docs contributed to a doc
62cc020bf176dfd73b17795a56ca0a224d8caab4Mark Hammond — first cut at a dependency tree rather than a simple chain
e629aa9fa4b601ae0410ff0044ef5ee239d8ced6Mark Hammond — support for the 'keys' param in listDoc