Bug 553153: Fetch /static/index_1.json via cdn
authorJose E. Bolanos <jose@appcoast.com>
Wed, 14 Jul 2010 12:51:29 -0600
changeset 1311 bdb75874cf452fba74354e342cd7a9cf84ea87a4
parent 1310 b2ef5158aedd197fbf670006ad1106c3df0fd5fd
child 1312 44f126d61cd23781558000e2aa5101de6915be83
push id842
push userjose@glaxstar.com
push dateWed, 14 Jul 2010 18:51:35 +0000
Bug 553153: Fetch /static/index_1.json via cdn
--- a/client/defaults/preferences/prefs.js.in
+++ b/client/defaults/preferences/prefs.js.in
@@ -43,17 +43,17 @@ pref("extensions.personas.category", "")
 pref("extensions.personas.lastversion", "firstrun");
 // The host where the gallery and data files are located.
 // Note: this should be the canonical hostname, not one that redirects us
 // to another, since we set the If-Modified-Since header so we can find out
 // when a persona record has changed, and that header doesn't get preserved
 // across redirects because of bug 401564.
-pref("extensions.personas.host", "www.getpersonas.com");
+pref("extensions.personas.host", "getpersonas-cdn.mozilla.net");
 // The authorizedHosts preference is a comma and/or space-separated list
 // of domains allowed to set and preview personas.
 // At a minimum, it must contain a value matching the domain at which the web
 // directory is located in order for the directory to work.
 pref("extensions.personas.authorizedHosts", "getpersonas.com, www.getpersonas.com, personas.services.mozilla.com, www.mozilla.com, addons.mozilla.org");
 pref("extensions.personas.lastselected0", "");