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removing sm-weave link
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                         <dt>How do I create or edit my designer profile?</dt>
                                <p>If you are a new Personas designer, you will be asked to create a profile when
                                   you first sign up <a href="">here</a>. You will have the option to include a "display
                                   name" and "designer description", both of which will be displayed in the public
                                   <p>If you are an existing Personas designer, you can edit and add to your profile
-                                  <a href="">here</a>.</p>
+                                  <a href="/profile">here</a>.</p>
                 <dt>How can I add or change my current Persona?</dt>
                 <dd><p>There are two easy ways to change your Persona:</p>
                         <li>Visit the Personas website at <a href=""></a>, check out the gallery, choose your favorite Persona, and click on your choice to instantly change the look of your browser.<br> OR</li>
                        <li>Click on the little fox mask in the lower left hand corner of your browser, then select a Persona that suits your style.</li>