fixing upload link
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fixing upload link
--- a/server/demo_create4.php
+++ b/server/demo_create4.php
@@ -54,17 +54,17 @@
                 		<p>Now that you have finalized the artwork, it is time to share! One thing to note, please do be sure
                 		that you have the rights to use whatever image or design you use in your Persona. (We don't want to
                 		get any nasty lawyer letters!)
                 		<p>Follow the link below to start the process and add your creations to the constantly growing
                 		catalog of Firefox Personas!</div>
-                		<div class="link">Go create your first Persona:  <a href="/static/img/Persona_Header_TEMPLATE.psd"><img
+                		<div class="link">Go submit your first Persona:  <a href="/upload"><img
                 		class="button" src="/static/img/tut_btn_getStarted.gif" border="0"></a></div>
                 		<table class="tut_nav">
                 						<div class="tut_left"><b>&laquo; <a href="/demo_create_3">Back to Step 3</a></b></div>