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Thu Aug 12 21:44:22 2010 +0000
719d5de0f52584d874404eb41e71aa3eb58524ccJose E. Bolanos — Added tag client-release-1.6rc3 for changeset 8ee1db4cd06e client-1.6
8ee1db4cd06e2ee7aeb1137e181b4d4d9a32abc7Jose E. Bolanos — Bug 585158: Error: error setting current persona client-1.6 client-release-1.6rc3
aba0c5a6977c3ff14546501b63e68775ad670d33Jose E. Bolanos — Minor comment correction in client-1.6
d70c2b6bac9e58f3604feeabf48d0164c499cfbcJose E. Bolanos — Bug 585607: Personas plus links to cdn url client-1.6
ab63dc88b681b2b6aa33e2373d397de5821f04edJose E. Bolanos — Bug 585160: Error: uncaught exception: 2147942487 client-1.6