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Tue Aug 04 17:32:53 2009 +0000
f27236cc890b9c140bc72fb5b8fa8f8aa0476eb2Mark Hahnenberg — Committed current version of messages.po to en-US
57f621c4b59f865ae2f0c0a8ab6e0df271a0ff17Mark Hahnenberg — Merged l10n branch with default branch.
d5b9cba1b65084d202f1fbea54225e1e245f3da1Mark Hahnenberg — Added compiled .mo file for en-US l10n
1d622e6127fee584a38d2386e6869167059b6e31Mark Hahnenberg — Re-added comments to en-US messages.po, fixed some stuff with the drop down locale chooser. Extracted and merged the latest strings to en-US l10n
810282f5ebb67286fae94d93363057664f872d10Mark Hahnenberg — Added drop down locale selection to the footer. Fixed random syntax errors. Still need to create an external file with all of the individual language names in their native character set for the drop down. l10n
117d9501f8675c03537e08e8a473e1feaf1d57e4Mark Hahnenberg — Most of the l10n changes (locale detection/redirects and gettext calls). l10n