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Bug 587980 - Fix .tabmail-tabs selector for thunderbird r=andreasn

// The type of persona the user selected.  Valid values:
//   default:
//     the default Firefox theme (i.e. no persona)
//   random:
//     a persona randomly selected from extensions.personas.category
//   randomFavorite:
//      a persona randomly selected from the user's favorites
//   current:
//     a persona selected by the user
// When this preference is set to "random", "randomFavorite", or "current",
// the current persona is stored in extensions.personas.current.
pref("extensions.personas.selected", "current");

// The initial persona that should get set on first run for a BYOB/bundle/
// distribution build.
// We don't specify this preference by default, as it should only be specified
// by a distribution.ini file. If you want to change the initial persona
// that gets set for other builds, change the hardcoded value in service.js.
// pref("extensions.personas.initial", ...);

// The current persona that is displayed in Firefox browser windows.
// Generally, this is the persona that the user selected from a menu
// in the extension or from the web gallery of personas.  But if the user
// selected "random persona from [category]", then this is the persona
// we randomly selected from the category; if the user selected "random
// from my favorites", this is the persona we randomly selected from
// the user's favorites; and if the user selected a custom persona,
// then this is that persona.
// We don't set this preference by default, as it gets set on first run
// by the service and subsequently by the user.
// pref("extensions.personas.current", ...);

// The category from which we pick a random persona, when the user selects
// "random persona from [category]".
pref("extensions.personas.category", "");

pref("extensions.personas.lastversion", "firstrun");

// The host where the gallery files are located.
// Note: this should be the canonical hostname, not one that redirects us
// to another, since we set the If-Modified-Since header so we can find out
// when a persona record has changed, and that header doesn't get preserved
// across redirects because of bug 401564.
pref("", "");

// The host where the data files are located.
pref("extensions.personas.datahost", "");

// The authorizedHosts preference is a comma and/or space-separated list
// of domains allowed to set and preview personas.
// At a minimum, it must contain a value matching the domain at which the web
// directory is located in order for the directory to work.
pref("extensions.personas.authorizedHosts", ",,,,");

pref("extensions.personas.lastselected0", "");
pref("extensions.personas.lastselected1", "");
pref("extensions.personas.lastselected2", "");
pref("extensions.personas.lastcategoryupdate", "");
pref("extensions.personas.lastlistupdate", "");

// The interval between consecutive persona reloads.  Measured in minutes,
// with a default of 24 hours and a minimum of one minute.
pref("extensions.personas.reloadInterval", 1440);

// The interval between consecutive persona snapshots.  Measured in seconds,
// with a default of 1 hour and a minimum of one second.
pref("extensions.personas.snapshotInterval", 3600);

// How long to wait onmouseover/out before triggering a persona preview
// or reset, in milliseconds.  It's not particularly useful for users to be able
// to set this pref, but it's useful for developers and testers to experiment
// with it to figure out what is the best value for it.
pref("extensions.personas.previewTimeout", 200);

// User preference to enable/disable preview when hovering over popup items.
pref("extensions.personas.previewEnabled", true);

// User preference to enable/disable use of the accent color provided
// by Persona in the feed.
pref("extensions.personas.useAccentColor", true);

// User preference to enable/disable use of the text color provided
// by Persona in the feed.
pref("extensions.personas.useTextColor", true);
pref("extensions.personas.showCustomMenu", false);

// The version of the JSON data feed that this extension expects.
pref("", 1);

// User preference to specify the rotation interval of personas (in seconds)
// while in "random" or "randomFavorite" mode.
pref("extensions.personas.rotationInterval", 3600); // in seconds == 1 hour

// The ID of the Mercurial revision from which a particular package is built.
// This can help us narrow down the cause of a problem reported by a user.
pref("extensions.personas.revisionID", "@revision_id@");

// The distribution channel for a particular package.  We use this to determine
// whether or not to display the "updated" page when the user updates the addon.
// We do show the page when the user updates to a new release build; we don't
// show it when the user upgrades to a new development build (which would get
// old fast since they come out so often).
pref("", "@channel@");

// Preference to switch per-window personas mode on
pref("extensions.personas.perwindow", false);

pref("PersonaService.logging.console", "@console_log_level@");
pref("PersonaService.logging.dump", "@dump_log_level@");

// Whether or not the toolbar button has been installed once (Firefox 4 support)
pref("extensions.personas.toolbarButtonInstalled", false);