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Bug 494002 - Website: Allow existing users to edit their user display name and description

<?php $title = "Delete your Persona"; include 'header.php'; ?>
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                <h2>Delete Your Persona</h2>
                <h3>Thanks for sharing your persona with us.</h3>
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                <p id="breadcrumbs"><a href="">Personas Home</a> : Delete Your Persona</p>
				Thank you for letting us host your persona. We'll look forward to seeing your future efforts!
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              <ol id="upload-steps">
                    <h3>Step 1:</h3>
                    <h4><?= $title ?></h4>
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                    <div class="wrapper">
                   		<h3>Step 2:</h3>
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                                        'hasPersonas':'<span>wear this</span><span>&nbsp;</span>',
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                                        'noFirefox':'<span>get personas with firefox</span><span>&nbsp;</span>'