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Bug 494002 - Website: Allow existing users to edit their user display name and description


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	require_once 'lib/personas_constants.php';
	require_once 'lib/personas_functions.php';
	require_once 'lib/storage.php';
	require_once 'lib/user.php';

	function send_delete_email($address, $reason, $name)
		$message = "We have had to remove your persona '$name' from the gallery for the following reason: $reason.\n\n"; 
		$message .= "If you have any questions about this decision, please contact us at We look forward to seeing your contributions to the community in the future.\n\n";
		$message .= "Best Wishes,\n";
		$message .= "The Personas Team\n";
		$header = "From:\r\n";
		return mail($address, 'Removing a persona', $message, $header);

	$path = array_key_exists('PATH_INFO', $_SERVER) ? $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] : '/';
	$path = substr($path, 1); #chop the lead slash
	list($id) = explode('/', $path);
	$user = new PersonaUser();

	$auth_user = $user->authenticate();

	$db = new PersonaStorage();
	$persona = $db->get_persona_by_id($id);
	if(!$persona || $persona['status'] != 1)
		$persona = null;
		include 'templates/delete_persona_tmpl.php';
	if (!($user->has_admin_privs() || $persona['author'] == $auth_user))
		$override_error = "You don't have permission to edit that";
		include 'templates/delete_persona_tmpl.php';
	if (array_key_exists('confirm', $_POST))
		rename (make_persona_storage_path($persona['id']), make_persona_pending_path($persona['id']));
		if ($persona['author'] != $auth_user)
			send_delete_email($user->get_email($persona['author']), $_POST['dreason'], $persona['name']);
		$db->log_action($user->get_username(), $persona['id'], "Pulled" . (array_key_exists('dreason', $_POST) ? " - " . $_POST['dreason'] : ""));
		include 'templates/delete_persona_success_tmpl.php';
		$persona['json'] = htmlentities(json_encode(extract_record_data($persona)));
		include 'templates/delete_persona_tmpl.php';