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bug 487072: make links to the gallery work on Thunderbird

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# Project-specific makefile.  This gets included by the generic Makefile.

extension_id      := personas@christopher.beard

# The name of the extension for use in filenames (like when packaging XPIs).
name              := personas

# The next release version of the extension.  When building for the rel channel,
# make will use this value verbatim.  But when building for the dev channel,
# it will append a string to this value that makes the version be less than
# the future release version but greater than any previous dev version.
# For example, if the next release version is 1.4, a dev version for it might be
# 1.4x0d200909191530, where "x0d" is required by a peculiarity of Mozilla's
# version comparator (nsIVersionComparator) and the rest of the string is
# a timestamp.
version           := 1.5

# These variables control publication of the extension to a remote website.
site_url_base     :=
site_path_local   := dist
site_path_remote  :=

# The minimum and maximum versions of Firefox and Thunderbird with which
# the extension is compatible.  These are used in both the install and update
# manifests.
fx_min_version    := 3.0
fx_max_version    := 3.6.*

tb_min_version    := 3.0b4
tb_max_version    := 3.0.*