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@@ -76,17 +76,17 @@ Then, elsewhere on your page, you can tr
     <div class="bespin">Initial contents</div>
 There are a number of options to customize how Bespin loads. You can request
 Bespin to use these as follows:
-    <div class="bespin" data-bespinoptions='{ "stealFocus":true }'>
+    <div class="bespin" data-bespinoptions='{ "stealFocus":true, "syntax": "js" }'>
 data-bespinoptions uses a JSON structure (so make sure you [follow the rules][1]
 about escaping strings).
 The element to be upgraded does not have to be a div, though there is a known
 issue that other element types such as textarea are not working right now.
@@ -107,17 +107,17 @@ to have Bespin as an option that is only
 Bespin' option. In this case just inserting `class="bespin` after page load
 won't work, and you'll need to tell Bespin to use an element:
     <script src="/path/to/BespinEmbedded.js"><script>
     var embed = tiki.require("Embedded");
     var node = document.getElementById("edit");
-    embed.useBespin(node);
+    var bespin = embed.useBespin(node);
     <textarea id="edit">Initial contents</textarea>
 Rather than passing in a node, you can also simply pass in an string identifier
 as follows:
@@ -140,28 +140,28 @@ The Embedded API
 It is possible to interact with a Bespin instance on a page, to alter contents
 for example.
 When using manual upgrade of an element, the `useBespin()` function returns a
 bespin object which can be manipulated as follows:
     var bespin = embed.useBespin("edit");
-    bespin.setContent("Initial Content\nWith 2 lines");
+    bespin.value = "Initial Content\nWith 2 lines";
 When using element upgrading (with the `class="bespin"` attribute), you don't
 instantly have access to the Bespin Component. Fortunately, you can get access
 to it fairly easily:
     <div id="edit" class="bespin">Initial contents</div>
     var bespin = document.getElementById("edit").bespin;
-    bespin.setContent("Hello, World!");
+    bespin.value = "Hello, World!";
 The DOM node that contains the editor gets a "bespin" property on it with
 the embedded editor convenience API.
@@ -211,13 +211,13 @@ onBespinLoad event when it is ready for 
 For example:
     window.onBespinLoad = function() {
         bespin = document.getElementById("editor").bespin;
     <input type="button" value="Clear Bespin" 
-        onclick="bespin.setContent('');">
+        onclick="bespin.value='';">
 If you are using Bespin via a normal script tag, then you don't need to use the
 onBespinLoad() function.
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@@ -5,17 +5,17 @@ subtitle: Help make Bespin better!
 This documentation is intended for Bespin developers, plugin authors and users of Bespin Embedded.
 Bespin end users will likely find more useful documentation on the [Bespin Wiki][1].
 [The Glossary](glossary.html) will clear up any questions you have about terminology used on the project.
-Find out what's new, in the [Bespin 0.6 Release Notes](releases/notes06.html).
+Find out what's new, in the [Bespin 0.6.1 Release Notes](releases/notes061.html).
 Plugin Author Guide
 * [Introduction](pluginguide/index.html)
 * [Built-in Extension Points](pluginguide/extpoints.html)
 * [Distributing Plugins](pluginguide/distributing.html)
 * [Syntax Highlighting](pluginguide/syntax.html)
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@@ -1,8 +1,9 @@
 title: Bespin Release Notes
 layout: default
+* [0.6.1](notes061.html)
 * [0.6](notes06.html)
 * [0.5.1](notes051.html)
 * [0.5](notes05.html)
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 layout: default
 title: Bespin 0.6 "Ash" Release Notes
-[Up](index.html) - [Previous Release](notes051.html)
+[Up](index.html) - [Next Release](notes061.html) - [Previous Release](notes051.html)
 Known Issues
 Bespin Embedded 0.6 is *alpha* software. It is still under active development
 and APIs are subject to change. Note also that 0.6 features a complete retooling
 of the editor component, so it is likely that there will be some new bugs
 in the editor.
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+layout: default
+title: Bespin 0.6.1 Release Notes
+[Up](index.html) - [Next Release](notes061.html) - [Previous Release](notes051.html)
+Known Issues
+Bespin Embedded 0.6.1 is *alpha* software. It is still under active development
+and APIs are subject to change. Note also that 0.6 featured a complete retooling
+of the editor component, so it is likely that there will be some bugs
+in the editor that still need squashing.
+* Command line completion is not yet implemented. (bug 539446)
+* Text selection in fields *other than* the Bespin editor on the page (in an
+  embedded use) does not work (bug 540081)
+* The Embedded editor remains larger than we'd like, but shrinking
+  it down is low priority at the moment.
+* The cursor doesn't blink (bug 540112)
+* There is no CSS syntax highlighting yet (bug 547272)
+* Syntax highlighting is back!
+    * The new highlighting engine can properly handle a language embedded
+      in another (such as JavaScript or CSS in HTML)
+    * Highlighters are now created in a largely declarative way, as a set of
+      regular expressions that are run in a state machine. There is documentation
+      to help write syntax highlighters in the Plugin Guide.
+Bug Fixes
+* Clicking on the "down" scrollbar handle should no longer crash your browser
+  (bug 541938) 
+* There was some overly aggressive CSS leaking out of the page (bugs
+  546413 and 547106)