some additions to the release notes 0.6
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some additions to the release notes
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@@ -9,16 +9,22 @@ Known Issues
 Bespin Embedded 0.6 is *alpha* software. It is still under active development
 and APIs are subject to change. Note also that 0.6 features a complete retooling
 of the editor component, so it is likely that there will be some new bugs
 in the editor.
 * Command line completion is not yet implemented. (bug 539446)
+* Syntax highlighting is not back yet
+* Text selection in fields *other than* the Bespin editor on the page (in an
+  embedded use) does not work (bug 540081)
+* The editor has gotten larger by about 100K (before gzipping). Shrinking
+  it down is fairly low priority at the moment.
+* The cursor doesn't blink (bug 540112)
 * The license has changed! Bespin 0.6 onward is now licensed with the
   tri-license commonly used by Mozilla projects. MPL/GPL/LGPL. This means
   that Bespin is now official GPL compatible.
 * The Editor component has been completely revamped as a SproutCore component.