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some additions to the release notes

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title: Bespin Glossary
subtitle: The words of power

To make sure that we're speaking the same language in this documentation and on the mailing lists, here is a list of the unique terminology that we commonly use on the Bespin project.

:   The project code name for an in-browser code editor/IDE for open web

:   An effort to create a standard library that runs across platforms and
    interpreters for JavaScript. Bespin's code is organized into CommonJS

:   the part of Bespin required to make it run. The notion is that ultimately
    anything that is not required to boot will be a plugin. We also want to
    minimize what is in the Boot part of Bespin.

:   parts of Bespin that are in the official repository but have not yet
    settled to the point where they are "supported".

:   a major refactoring of Bespin's code, especially pertaining to the
    refactoring started in September 2009.

:   SproutCore, web GUI toolkit used by Bespin after the Reboot.

:   parts of Bespin that are actively maintained by Mozilla and the rest of
    the Bespin community.