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Fri Aug 28 15:51:56 2009 +0000
be245fc6f946aaaa9d299302880da7fb293c4193Joe Walker — fixing Bug 511217 - File is getting overwritten with mobwrite contents
Fri Aug 28 15:49:15 2009 +0000
670db713b8c14c9d158b4ce28f0e6a54c3764afaJoe Walker — make unshare happen asynchronously rather than firing 2 events and hoping
dc4451998d4e416b9f82737a17d3a5f140e65a47Joe Walker — yeay the P1. we shouldn't save if we're collaborating
6a422b566d19cec53c3dd021ffda01bcfe2f3763Joe Walker — some of the locking debugs were wrong
11d47c546c72287970b18b775b4067e12ba053f7Joe Walker — fixing to_close handling
Fri Aug 28 11:12:33 2009 +0000
1df0de580007f27577669b4f1450d449158aa103Joe Walker — added some comments about painting other users cursors
06e9cc4653f0f7b6ac845fc70556a3c44572b84dJoe Walker — metadata fixes
6667aaae9c3c5808cca139c80d260872a6ad5086Joe Walker — less logging
51f998ac7be4fd68fb1c86fc1a0fd2c6c2cd1358Joe Walker — fixing cursor position in revert command
c2c8a7f9d4cfe8fe0ab9c7b5f033d4815aac9ba3Joe Walker — Automated merge with ssh://
8040ca98cb6a36e4dbedaf0efd03fc8bf02e2261Joe Walker — make metadata not added if non-existent
26cadc4a8a20d0c3c0bd1885fddc2c6f932eedc3Joe Walker — more compact metadata
d37cba287560bc2fa544f154d9d8cb11f23516c1Joe Walker — fixing first load not to call save
0e8447a70d79e9190d9fa2e920cc60f211bfe24dJoe Walker — fixing close view
219b70df35c76a856eac84d776e24ae78b39430dJoe Walker — Automated merge with ssh://
8ac08487ed428d8e7052314156280e3d54df96b9Joe Walker — save on each change rather than on cleanups, metadata processing (part 2)
f5652d98d33a435f02bb3e07f172716d76eac09dJoe Walker — reworking how metadata is processed
c780f9b15abf4b0e91078dc8a8e944cb81eaab6fJoe Walker — fix error in how temp files were saved
a72e00a9137e8b617542822ac34c2334d147034eJoe Walker — adding revert command
5c7a639bf67f9a81033a4d7dbbba04026a31a0eeJoe Walker — allow hints to remain until something removes them
3e06b4128422ff391df3385c27f6ac7d08b32eeaJoe Walker — merge with mobwrite r80. biiiiig step forward
961268a5375f42c02fcef3a6d8ab298d6598eb96Joe Walker — fixing broken comments
15a77087024bf094867d4256abb8f5dcbf4fd0f6Joe Walker — removing diff comment
Thu Aug 27 18:01:07 2009 +0000
dd8dd0f5cb6d1e42c6c229bd5f7dad14dad5b7d0Dion Almaer — simple scrollbar view to help test custom html scrollbars
Wed Aug 26 17:31:19 2009 +0000
22339029c029dc61804b715364f25f298f373cc5Kevin Dangoor — set version number 0.4.2
7f3114516b1f246215382cfdf25d90d26a2cea79Kevin Dangoor — eliminate MySQL from automatic requirements
Wed Aug 26 15:12:45 2009 +0000
67074c642489f9c9632f1dadfdc3ae5e56eb5028Joe Walker — fix for: Bug 511289 - When MobWrite is restarted, data is lost
Wed Aug 26 11:44:03 2009 +0000
85394951b4cf20f92979249e35460429559a268bJoe Walker — fixed merge
dbdd67d57384b62767063d4d356eabae14e2f81bJoe Walker — Automated merge with ssh://
af4949fb1162f6a506d1fe119d47fad273f2f3faJoe Walker — fix for bug 511291: what happens when two people edit the same file in a shared project but one person has collaboration off?