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Fri Nov 13 15:07:40 2009 +0000
d498b93b0d28ae6d424484206030a5762dcfdd14Kevin Dangoor — updated to highlight Bespin Embedded default tip
Fri Oct 30 14:24:00 2009 +0000
d499d1c465b75310bde7b48afb8433c42d4e6f2aKevin Dangoor — update front page to be a bit more current
Tue Oct 13 14:21:36 2009 +0000
a744854fc5c41b3ca6da97157e011de410de0521Kevin Dangoor — fix problems accessing files caused by the removal of the "users" property
49e7674c253842d4040c1c95a261d66c6d06623dKevin Dangoor — Automated merge with
9a13e31b82c8164c5544c817a265aa1c99511ce3Kevin Dangoor — use ChromeFrame on the front page
Fri Sep 25 14:44:01 2009 +0000
5850d6b621b537c89321c5f8a8dafb60b262ac70Joe Walker — timemachine display fixes
7c6801ce68a4031f2d9ca1afd5258dde0f9b632bJoe Walker — Automated merge with ssh://
5e002abc53b4d6e6f71d7c0c97a3fe474ff4df34Joe Walker — Automated merge with ssh://
b0ee5c4ac9f0e7facf85e100f12e0d49c7210956Joe Walker — timemachine fixes
52b0665445d3b4ee3957e6cb80e7cb4ede681e64Joe Walker — log to a sensible destination
b31beb0cd3aadac8b8a6e26767e21f0c589c8837Joe Walker — tweak timemachine output
872abf997a05d0052d38680ab34a60ca168d4a6bJoe Walker — tidyup
01144943298a486f652fa470be60c21a80e687f6Joe Walker — parse input from uvc properly
f8ac54d97bbc4a428323815676c599ad7141a283Joe Walker — moved to uvc
7e563ea9e79c56dd26fe4b267198a2ee8830bb96Joe Walker — re-order timemachine output
519d90980a146679442f95338f5c502cff8171d6Joe Walker — settings should only have string values
4e3e5c80b219b77296295d098021190aec3db133Joe Walker — fix reference to this.session
503bb6a0c87812e206009c26ad2479bab8418535Joe Walker — Automated merge with ssh://
035cc45117a6cbae4d14c86b974d0b4592d0373fJoe Walker — merge
37de21a8fd35d17c26feb070fa93be0a082d8205Joe Walker — A bunch of time machine work. Changes wrestled out of a repo that had branching in it. Grrr
Thu Sep 24 10:18:14 2009 +0000
3d717bf02a13d2f4c503fc0b4314a5198ecc1befJoe Walker — quickfix - fixing comments and testing branching
Tue Sep 22 21:13:27 2009 +0000
79edb1cb522dc788ad7e975e554f16302b320139Joe Walker — add chrome frame meta tag
Sun Sep 20 03:05:03 2009 +0000
35b58d881cda23bf00ede1d8fc1ec9b3dfe98b33Kevin Dangoor — Added tag 0.4.4 for changeset 28f39a146be1
28f39a146be143338fecf202ca5ca1ee48df6cfdKevin Dangoor — pip freeze now outputs the file to stdout, rather than a file given 0.4.4
a0d7b971ca7220cb8d31f43c6b694640be71d94dKevin Dangoor — move vcs and deploy requirements down in the file (deploy in particular
ea80a08b30a1d1dbe70d44f14d7d9fb8697fb64bKevin Dangoor — make the popup window title change appropriately, but fix the problem where
7775a847af4aff1e0e439e8cf53f03e8492a354fKevin Dangoor — update version number
c529a24afaf6edfbd69d179037ecb7257b8b86bcKevin Dangoor — handle symlinked directories
bfe6e111286aa63a891eda2e1abe91f440cf94bdKevin Dangoor — add test for symlinks
Sat Sep 19 18:51:48 2009 +0000
81bec9c03b978fa0267d9beedf91078b004150c1Kevin Dangoor — bring in Julian's updated Th
8a36103d832d54d284d18957e46f87b05674e124Kevin Dangoor — merge julian's changes in
00364d50cf25bf281b1bbf6500b420dbb7979015Kevin Dangoor — merge julian's changes in
396bde5cc3004f6eae085d19e51ab65911e77854Julian Viereck — 509465: Fix it to let popup show the title Command Line and File Explorer popupTitle
9a4bfe561e8c5ef65edb2ec460e1ff9468147087Julian Viereck — Merge with tip
c203fca60c79d7feaf3ebee15fb1511bf44869f8Julian Viereck — 509810: Fix Mouse wheel not moving scrollbar in File explorer panel
0b7599e9a309b101721be1cfab13ecd6d6836fc8Julian Viereck — Makes the embedded version of bespin work.
4aef1830c6025c23c2d4e9b6ac078bda14b6534cJulian Viereck — Automated merge with
9b66475afec0e72fcf268c5c8b259bab0d16d8e6Julian Viereck — Remove the ALT+Z things
859226f622f58c62af66dee1fe0175acd3016cffJulian Viereck — Makes quickopen work better when not having OpenSession list under the hood; makes filebrowser's project list be aligned right'
8692f757f9a1c7cf0a5125659546b71619ec3b39Julian Viereck — HistoryManager doesn't take care if a new file was opened; do so
8f47330509ba8467a97c50a96faa0f4cb96eec1cJulian Viereck — Removes console.debug... I'm sorry
1cd05baeabb91861d6a4585f47ac8e60c6d81caaJulian Viereck — Cleans up the indent/unindent code; makes replace work with the undo/redo mechanism; add beginEdit for all cut/paste actions
3ca3945ee731e9d01c9696dc8a711b9f08e29f58Julian Viereck — Automated merge with
76b53f51c222914528819309303ebe1a385d2f25Julian Viereck — Automated merge with