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--- a/toolkit/toolkit/about/aboutGlean.ftl
+++ b/toolkit/toolkit/about/aboutGlean.ftl
@@ -21,17 +21,17 @@ glean-sdk-brand-name = { -glean-brand-na
 glean-debug-ping-viewer-brand-name = { -glean-brand-name } Debug Ping Viewer
 about-glean-page-title2 = About { -glean-brand-name }
 about-glean-header = About { -glean-brand-name }
 about-glean-interface-description =
   The <a data-l10n-name="glean-sdk-doc-link">{ glean-sdk-brand-name }</a>
   is a data collection library used in { -vendor-short-name } projects.
   This interface is designed to be used by developers and testers to manually
-  <a data-l10n-name="fog-link">test instrumentation</a>
+  <a data-l10n-name="fog-link">test instrumentation</a>.
 about-glean-upload-enabled = Data upload is enabled.
 about-glean-upload-disabled = Data upload is disabled.
 about-glean-upload-enabled-local = Data upload is enabled only for sending to a local server.
 about-glean-upload-fake-enabled =
   Data upload is disabled,
   but we’re lying and telling the { glean-sdk-brand-name } it is enabled
   so that data is still recorded locally.
@@ -68,31 +68,31 @@ about-glean-manual-testing =
 # This message is an option in a dropdown filled with untranslated names of pings.
 about-glean-no-ping-label = (don’t submit any ping)
 # An in-line text input field precedes this string.
 about-glean-label-for-tag-pings =
   In the preceding field ensure there is a memorable debug tag so you can recognize your pings later.
 # An in-line drop down list precedes this string.
 # Do not translate strings between <code> </code> tags.
 about-glean-label-for-ping-names =
-  Select the ping from the preceding list that your instrumentation is in.
+  Select from the preceding list the ping your instrumentation is in.
   If it’s in a <a data-l10n-name="custom-ping-link">custom ping</a>, choose that one.
   Otherwise, the default for <code>event</code> metrics is
   the <code>events</code> ping
   and the default for all other metrics is
   the <code>metrics</code> ping.
 # An in-line check box precedes this string.
 about-glean-label-for-log-pings =
   (Optional. Check the preceding box if you want pings to also be logged when they are submitted.
   You will additionally need to <a data-l10n-name="enable-logging-link">enable logging</a>.)
 # Variables
 #   $debug-tag (String): The user-set value of the debug tag input on this page. Like "about-glean-kV"
 # An in-line button labeled "Apply settings and submit ping" precedes this string.
 about-glean-label-for-controls-submit =
-  Press the preceding button to tag all { -glean-brand-name } pings with your tag and submit the named ping.
+  Press the preceding button to tag all { -glean-brand-name } pings with your tag and submit the selected ping.
   (All pings submitted from then until you restart the application will be tagged with
   <code>{ $debug-tag }</code>.)
 about-glean-li-for-visit-gdpv =
   <a data-l10n-name="gdpv-tagged-pings-link">Visit the { glean-debug-ping-viewer-brand-name } page for pings with your tag</a>.
   It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds from pushing the button to your ping arriving.
   Sometimes it may take a small handful of minutes.
 # Do not translate strings between <code> </code> tags.
--- a/toolkit/toolkit/neterror/netError.ftl
+++ b/toolkit/toolkit/neterror/netError.ftl
@@ -68,17 +68,17 @@ neterror-dns-not-found-trr-server-proble
 neterror-dns-not-found-trr-unknown-problem = Unexpected problem.
 ## Native fallback specific messages
 ## Variables:
 ##   $trrDomain (String) - Hostname of the DNS over HTTPS server that is currently in use.
 neterror-dns-not-found-native-fallback-reason = { -brand-short-name } can’t protect your request for this site’s address through our trusted DNS resolver. Here’s why:
 neterror-dns-not-found-native-fallback-attackers = You can continue with a DNS resolver that is not secure. However, a third-party might be able to see what websites you visit or send you to an untrusted site.
-neterror-dns-not-found-native-fallback-heuristic = DNS over HTTPs has been disabled on your network.
+neterror-dns-not-found-native-fallback-heuristic = DNS over HTTPS has been disabled on your network.
 neterror-dns-not-found-native-fallback-not-confirmed = The connection to { $trrDomain } isn’t ready yet.
 neterror-file-not-found-filename = Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
 neterror-file-not-found-moved = Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.
 neterror-access-denied = It may have been removed, moved, or file permissions may be preventing access.