Bug 1384045 - Show different contents in sync tour of onboarding for signed-in user.r=flod,mossop
authorRex Lee <rexboy@mozilla.com>
Fri, 28 Jul 2017 16:54:55 +0800
changeset 6659 b0e7eceff24de93ead4c868ba2f1cc8edf9766e9
parent 6658 3141139b5f95733758aec20310bb0b1ee87e09f2
child 6660 5b5acd9bece52db6b4df911a8a5625eb9fa07f41
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push useraxel@mozilla.com
push dateTue, 10 Oct 2017 22:14:06 +0000
reviewersflod, mossop
Bug 1384045 - Show different contents in sync tour of onboarding for signed-in user.r=flod,mossop MozReview-Commit-ID: BH2f4ujdHbG X-Channel-Repo: mozilla-central X-Channel-Converted-Revision: c8e26d0c9d9ac687d8568fd345c623698ecdd4c4
--- a/browser/extensions/onboarding/onboarding.properties
+++ b/browser/extensions/onboarding/onboarding.properties
@@ -72,16 +72,19 @@ onboarding.tour-default-browser.is-defau
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-default-browser.title): This string will be used in the notification title for the default browser tour. %S is brandShortName.
 onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-default-browser.title=Make %S your go-to browser.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-default-browser.message): This string will be used in the notification message for the default browser tour. %1$S is brandShortName
 onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-default-browser.message=It doesn’t take much to get the most from %1$S. Just set %1$S as your default browser and put control, customization, and protection on autopilot.
 onboarding.tour-sync.title2=Pick up where you left off.
 onboarding.tour-sync.description2=Sync makes it easy to access bookmarks, passwords, and even open tabs on all your devices. Sync also gives you control of the types of information you want, and don’t want, to share.
+onboarding.tour-sync.logged-in.title=You’re signed in to Sync!
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-sync.logged-in.description): %1$S is brandShortName.
+onboarding.tour-sync.logged-in.description=Sync works when you’re signed in to %1$S on more than one device. Have a mobile device? Install the %1$S app and sign in to get your bookmarks, history, and passwords on the go.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-sync.form.title): This string is displayed
 # as a title and followed by onboarding.tour-sync.form.description.
 # Your translation should be consistent with the form displayed in
 # about:accounts when signing up to Firefox Account.
 onboarding.tour-sync.form.title=Create a Firefox Account
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-sync.form.description): The description
 # continues after onboarding.tour-sync.form.title to create a complete sentence.
 # If it's not possible for your locale, you can translate this string as