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--- a/browser/browser/newtab/asrouter.ftl
+++ b/browser/browser/newtab/asrouter.ftl
@@ -125,20 +125,42 @@ cfr-doorhanger-fission-secondary-button 
 ## Full Video Support CFR message
 cfr-doorhanger-video-support-body = Videos on this site may not play correctly on this version of { -brand-short-name }. For full video support, update { -brand-short-name } now.
 cfr-doorhanger-video-support-header = Update { -brand-short-name } to play video
 cfr-doorhanger-video-support-primary-button = Update Now
   .accesskey = U
+## Spotlight modal shared strings
+spotlight-learn-more-collapsed = Learn more
+  .title = Expand to learn more about the feature
+spotlight-learn-more-expanded = Learn more
+  .title = Close
 ## VPN promotion dialog for public Wi-Fi users
 ## If a user is detected to be on a public Wi-Fi network, they are given a
 ## bit of info about how to improve their privacy and then offered a button
 ## to the Mozilla VPN page and a link to dismiss the dialog.
+# This header text can be explicitly wrapped.
 spotlight-public-wifi-vpn-header = Looks like you’re using public Wi-Fi
 spotlight-public-wifi-vpn-body = To hide your location and browsing activity, consider a Virtual Private Network. It will help keep you protected when browsing in public places like airports and coffee shops.
 spotlight-public-wifi-vpn-primary-button = Stay private with { -mozilla-vpn-brand-name }
   .accesskey = S
 spotlight-public-wifi-vpn-link = Not Now
   .accesskey = N
+## Total Cookie Protection Rollout
+# "Test pilot" is used as a verb. Possible alternatives: "Be the first to try",
+# "Join an early experiment". This header text can be explicitly wrapped.
+spotlight-total-cookie-protection-header =
+  Test pilot our most powerful
+  privacy experience ever
+spotlight-total-cookie-protection-body = Total Cookie Protection stops trackers from using cookies to stalk you around the web.
+# "Early access" for this feature rollout means it's a "feature preview" or
+# "soft launch" as not everybody will get it yet.
+spotlight-total-cookie-protection-expanded = { -brand-short-name } builds a fence around cookies, limiting them to the site you’re on so trackers can’t use them to follow you. With early access, you’ll help optimize this feature so we can keep building a better web for everyone.
+spotlight-total-cookie-protection-primary-button = Turn on Total Cookie Protection
+spotlight-total-cookie-protection-secondary-button = Not now