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--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
@@ -551,17 +551,17 @@ These should match what Safari and other
 <!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.accesskey     "w">
 <!ENTITY setDesktopBackgroundCmd.label      "Set As Desktop Background…">
 <!ENTITY setDesktopBackgroundCmd.accesskey  "S">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd2.label       "Bookmark This Page">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkThisLinkCmd.label      "Bookmark This Link">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkThisLinkCmd.accesskey  "L">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkThisFrameCmd.label      "Bookmark This Frame">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkThisFrameCmd.accesskey  "m">
-<!ENTITY copyURLCmd.label             "Copy URL">
+<!ENTITY pageAction.copyLink.label    "Copy Link">
 <!ENTITY copyURLFeedback.label        "Copied!">
 <!ENTITY emailPageCmd.label           "Email Link…">
 <!ENTITY emailPageCmd.accesskey       "E">
 <!ENTITY savePageCmd.label            "Save Page As…">
 <!ENTITY savePageCmd.accesskey        "A">
 <!-- alternate for content area context menu -->
 <!ENTITY savePageCmd.accesskey2       "P">
 <!ENTITY savePageCmd.commandkey       "s">
@@ -960,29 +960,29 @@ you can use these alternative items. Oth
 <!ENTITY updateManual.whatsnew.label "See what’s new.">
 <!ENTITY updateManual.header.message "&brandShorterName; can’t update to the latest version.">
 <!ENTITY updateManual.acceptButton.label "Download &brandShorterName;">
 <!ENTITY updateManual.acceptButton.accesskey "D">
 <!ENTITY updateManual.cancelButton.label "Not Now">
 <!ENTITY updateManual.cancelButton.accesskey "N">
 <!ENTITY updateManual.panelUI.label "Download a fresh copy of &brandShorterName;">
-<!ENTITY updateRestart.message "After a quick restart, &brandShorterName; will restore all your open tabs and windows.">
+<!ENTITY updateRestart.message2 "After a quick restart, &brandShorterName; will restore all your open tabs and windows that are not in Private Browsing mode.">
 <!ENTITY updateRestart.header.message2 "Restart to update &brandShorterName;.">
 <!ENTITY updateRestart.acceptButton.label "Restart and Restore">
 <!ENTITY updateRestart.acceptButton.accesskey "R">
 <!ENTITY updateRestart.cancelButton.label "Not Now">
 <!ENTITY updateRestart.cancelButton.accesskey "N">
 <!ENTITY updateRestart.panelUI.label2 "Restart to update &brandShorterName;">
 <!ENTITY pageActionButton.tooltip "Page actions">
 <!ENTITY pageAction.addToUrlbar.label "Add to Address Bar">
 <!ENTITY pageAction.removeFromUrlbar.label "Remove from Address Bar">
-<!ENTITY sendToDevice.label3 "Send Page to Device">
+<!ENTITY pageAction.sendTabToDevice.label "Send Tab to Device">
 <!ENTITY sendToDevice.syncNotReady.label "Syncing Devices…">
 <!ENTITY libraryButton.tooltip "View history, saved bookmarks, and more">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: (accessibilityIndicator.tooltip): This is used to
      display a tooltip for accessibility indicator in toolbar/tabbar. It is also
      used as a textual label for the indicator used by assistive technology
      users. -->