Bug 1596869, rename .xul files in security/manager to .xhtml r=keeler
authorEmma Malysz <emalysz@mozilla.com>
Mon, 25 Nov 2019 19:37:02 +0000
changeset 12462 2312d1fdb669a3460a536511a618aa4715e8f112
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Bug 1596869, rename .xul files in security/manager to .xhtml r=keeler Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D54198 X-Channel-Repo: mozilla-central X-Channel-Converted-Revision: 627b3cacc74cef7228a88c7b7e9f6f5c6f919807 X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-beta X-Channel-Revision: a25e8472d4ff130f59792b0ac11a133b0514aca0 X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-release X-Channel-Revision: c49da39eaf2966633dcec6d5476989e687e2ba32 X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-esr68 X-Channel-Revision: 78764fc644ded50f7e681596608aa754ed90b0cc
--- a/security/manager/chrome/pippki/pippki.dtd
+++ b/security/manager/chrome/pippki/pippki.dtd
@@ -1,21 +1,21 @@
 <!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
-<!-- Values for changepassword.xul -->
+<!-- Values for changepassword.xhtml -->
 <!ENTITY setPassword.title  "Change Master Password">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.tokenName.label "Security Device">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.oldPassword.label "Current password:">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.newPassword.label "New password:">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.reenterPassword.label "New password (again):">
 <!ENTITY setPassword.meter.label "Password quality meter">
-<!-- Values for resetpassword.xul -->
+<!-- Values for resetpassword.xhtml -->
 <!ENTITY resetPasswordButtonLabel "Reset">
 <!ENTITY resetPassword.title  "Reset Master Password">
 <!ENTITY resetPassword.text  "If you reset your master password, all your stored web and e-mail passwords, form data, personal certificates, and private keys will be forgotten. Are you sure you want to reset your master password?">
 <!-- Downloading a cert -->
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.title "Downloading Certificate">
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.message1 "You have been asked to trust a new Certificate Authority (CA).">
 <!ENTITY downloadCert.trustSSL "Trust this CA to identify websites.">