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Mon Jul 01 11:43:59 2019 +0000
d0131144d6c4b4ed04736582da2b70b98a5c39ceL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump CLOSED TREE
a71e340991a0d8713835eb60938bdb6919f156d0ffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
c27d1b381b24dc3946c4d83ac685a14b0bd11699Csoregi Natalia — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
90c36dbe18494d25715a3d38010680e855b4b8d6Gabriel Luong — Bug 1550030 - Part 1: Implement the DOM mutation breakpoint context menu items in the markup view. r=loganfsmyth,jdescottes
819e22b72281af60eb8cc6e6964b14a21b753ef9Kagami Sascha Rosylight — Bug 1454622: Remove DOMQuad bounds attribute r=bzbarsky
3e35f7a90bebe39985f4ba4221e27750f1509dc8Sam Foster — Bug 1548391 - Add a contextmenu item to fill a password field with a generated password. r=jaws
3dc30184a6269748ce813173b9ad1feecb7d8f12Boris Chiou — Bug 1534884 - Add new animation warning for animations overridden by important rules. r=birtles
c1cd08b60f590da5a949fdc729e156f13def7a97Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1562228 - Add localization note to app-basics-update-dir r=Pike,fluent-reviewers
f225de37b09bf713579e8799e12d1cdedc41a164Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1519312 - Render the console input to the left of the panel when editor preference is true; r=Honza.
765e887954567d53ba70f363154d176e483243d0Jefry Lagrange — Bug 1517728 - Export Console content to file. .
ccec85d8771391219ca2340c64dfa351ff1d76ddtanhengyeow — Bug 1559398 - Implement table and preview sections in WebSocket side panel. r=Honza