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Tue Oct 10 22:23:51 2017 +0000
60d3efe526c7f85f13bec8e739551a8fd9f2f733Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ee6479d783a6 (bug 1257362) for sometimes failing security/manager/ssl/tests/mochitest/browser/browser_certViewer.js, at least on Linux x64 debug. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
d44fbb5acf366b84fd9417790716a21d705f17e5David Keeler — bug 1257362 - remove the code-signing usage from certverifier as nothing uses it r=Cykesiopka
779f8e2568bf071fd745d246c5065bf230e99d98Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1405643 - swap out overflow panel label to say 'menu' instead of 'panel', r=mkelly
80353f63e4485306a0f252e820c44b594867135cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset fae2d636bbcb (bug 1385995) for frequently failing new devtools test browser_webconsole_context_menu_copy_object.js on Windows 7 debug without e10s. r=backout
9ab1e13afe07ad3e55824220ad8086a26a4520cfabhinav — Bug 1385995 - Adding `Copy object` to the context menu which allows to copy the object/variable logged to the console. r=nchevobbe
b73a217053ff32de868644a8b5723098a6218775Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1398061 - Remove simulators from WebIDE. r=jdescottes, a=sledru, l10n=flod
3fc7f7a21419c33df97b9bfcfe04a90a0afb1980Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
8f6e982a6f6e347260b414cab010b55d46bb6ae4Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1405430 - Use a brand name instead of hard-coded 'Firefox' r=flod
622385f86fa23cf06e6ecb9e050d0da31af899b3Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
9527dc12b41fb7875aa87fe6b8544449812a3f08Towkir Ahmed — Bug 1382171 - Remove MDN Docs widget. r=jdescottes
c832471083849512dc432d40e72cc68fc53dff7eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1402929 - add header to overflow panel in customize mode, r=mikedeboer
7ce4de81247ba66f77b026ed1fec0a05287633e0Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge CLOSED TREE
4029ed7f1f9fef5f499d1246e56a1b04dee54992Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1404543 - Update copy and default values for 'sync over wi-fi' pref r=nalexander
98d96bd2e8f0889e2a93661a620ebf3399a5aee9Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
1b9afc84128b6412ba24d98610c32307aa72e60eJason Laster — Bug 1404837 - Update debugger frontend (9/29/2017). r=jdescottes
062263304048b27c2ca43ca6f458472a51cbbc6dWes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1404837, bug 1404787) for build bustage a=backout
9f0132f707311c5b2a3cf46ba69d02aba61f40eaJason Laster — Bug 1404837 - Update debugger frontend (9/29/2017). r=jdescottes
2e4bfa16989b5cf3e02f1ca57a16e8eaaa8cce7dRicky Chien — Bug 1404318 - Remove redundant colon sign in preferences/sanitize.xul r=jaws
677288a13ff31db4db79556c7b0162bff7287c02Onno Ekker — Bug 1395487 - Comment in bookmarks.extra is missing a word (add). r=frg DONTBUILD
47bcfbe162c5c758f38f7f3d5bf0681d535c2b15Wouter Verhelst — Bug 1357391 - Implement a PKCS#11 management API r=kmag,zombie
97921f905309470f88ae073042d0dc031f94a5a8Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
7977ceb8768abb2cceb7c69cf5afc412a0ce7a32J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1305777 - Remove old RDM. r=ochameau
bdd1c1f7a8e2bbc41d16c8482fab8077f9442206Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
c699c657d95e11fd959ce68e303ee39982a39ce2Jason Laster — Bug 1403736 - Update debugger frontend (9/27/2017). r=jdescottes
c9f8e81b3df51ae070b9583c27ea9d2ad8b98f2eWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 82920c8bb33a (bug 1357391) for xpcshell failures in test_ext_pkcs11_management.js a=backout
50b7843d98da987d1032118904e817395eb280ebDavid Keeler — bug 1257403 - don't bother verifying CA or email certificates when importing r=Cykesiopka
f99f35dbe3e6f9fd4e1777a1501bcbafb10c2346Wouter Verhelst — Bug 1357391 - Implement a PKCS#11 management API r=kmag,zombie
084c81987aad93d53008396d98212b9adf985a2cSebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
e8784ad71c79493a7317624443e379d42db72fc2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6e0cb1927bfe (bug 1305777)
141fab1a8d1e263d8f4b1acb889a8962ea2360a0Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset cf0280811b62 (bug 1394457) for sessionstore related bc failures a=backout
d4ec9b8daa3cd0a2c138ecf6832f5c9f1ff4cfe3Erica Wright — Bug 1394457 - Update illustration for about:sessionrestore. ui-r=shorlander, r=dao
2cbdc4d3edbec8cc8d55248d72ccd857249dd8d6Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 13e001aa0253 (bug 1395841) for altering strings without using new string ids. r=backout a=backout
eac17137e8be65e38443a785d29492688eb01207Richard Marti — Bug 1403264 - Remove dropdown arrow and use a better description for the LinkLocationBox. r=jorgk
d257871862998368de99980de9683c02335ffc83Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1384870 - Show 'Folder updated' in snack bar after editing a bookmark folder. r=nechen
314d224daa6bf6ede20a68a420b9f5aef7976ed8Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1395841 - Part 1: Change page option strings fom 'add to home screen' to 'add page shortcut'. r=nechen
8ae7a802fce463b4dcac63cccdd66da49efd4f82Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0ce8d073a16e (bug 256180)
fa52b02329f0816db001071f974efb95b3771d18Henri Sivonen — Bug 256180 parser part - Insert elements as siblings instead of children at the Blink-defined magic depth for compatibility. r=smaug
203ad084ad9b971588a8cc427662fb033bc2ab61sajattack — Bug 1364333 - remove leftover code and strings from standalone about:addons UI r=rhelmer
5e8fc1d87dfdfb6d75433087eb6168a86673fafeEvan Tseng — Bug 1400829 - Remove trackingProtectionPBM5 string since it is no longer being used anymore. r=flod
7aba556ea6b333a75717b565fbdc01a1a491cc20Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to m-c a=merge CLOSED TREE
4d2e8c51bd68a7dc53e1fe5c20e2a2b8f09f976fJonathan Watt — Bug 1399853 - Identify the ID of the elements involved in SVG reference loops in the Web Console error messages. r=longsonr
3e877740ede11c71a43f68fbcdc7ccce29b59d2cMehdi Soleimannejad — Bug 802749 - Make background sync over metered connections optional. r=Grisha Kruglov
168d70c72e203fda106c212ee6fe4745ded3569fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ff34580cb279 (bug 1394457) for failing many session store related tests due to exception, e.g. Marionette's TestFirefoxRefresh.testReset. r=backout
a3329becbf64eb409d9b1009bcd16ded555b72daErica Wright — Bug 1394457 - Update illustration for about:sessionrestore. ui-r=shorlander, r=dao
fc5c96878fe7ad471974b3f030acc525d3b61ffdWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 5799b3ef8745 (bug 802749) at flod's request a=backout
36224cf08872b90549f8491e13b912f6b6ec0692Mehdi Soleimannejad — Bug 802749 - Make background sync over metered connections optional. r=Grisha Kruglov
3fe4cec3e8b9dd20c1154de07b0a6e0c078aa817Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1398061 - Remove simulators from WebIDE. r=jdescottes
9f64a1e751602e10c11aad250e91344c9f588537Mark Striemer — Bug 1373853 - Show extension that is controlling the new tab in preferences r=jaws
b4099baa5bd98f5a0867b2a7bd9d1ac029860dddDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1383974 - Part 3: Display animation-timing-function if CSS Animations. r=pbro
866e82f046ee3df2a9d182bb04cff09a0beb411dSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 74b5dba16c23 (bug 802749) for Android bustage. r=backout
11317fa20b13028d5f4dd03f99c644dc73b3cacdMehdi Soleimannejad — Bug 802749 - Make background sync over metered connections optional. r=Grisha Kruglov
9d51147ced707a580093f37dd575f06014679e0dMichael Kaply — Bug 1397975 - Show opt-in dialog for is_default with non built-in engines. r=aswan, a=sledru, l10n=flod
4cda0817c6a10790f74d73454925bac649478286Andrew Swan — Bug 1392176 - Implement prompts for browser.permissions.request() on Android. r=kmag, r=sebastian, a=sledru, l10n=flod
717dd3ed3c2fdf9c38e6a4b2967f55b5bb3b7134Gabriel Luong — Bug 1396349 - Remove the collapse sidebar pane button in the Inspector. r=pbro
ca825081c92aec69b86461b124dece7102bdc7cbSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f951257a6856 (bug 1383974)
2ba3f50fdfe1403422cee27be70ce642b2df0ea6Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6c69f8021a5e (bug 1373853) for accidentially landing. r=backout
0fe8882870a3668e3524e0446bad80aae7a654beDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1383974 - Part 3: Display animation-timing-function if CSS Animations. r=pbro
c1c592cd206d1961c6d1f035eb06ae0b2958ecfdMark Striemer — Bug 1373853 - Show extension that is controlling the new tab in preferences r=jaws
32128979ee7aca0c386eaea15431e75828064aa3Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1400812 - Removal of containers drawer icon. r=baku,dao
ae140d3f16b81219c8ae9029df1b4538fdd96d59Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset f1e37c409e4f (bug 1373853) for leaked preference windows in browser_urlbarAboutHomeLoading.js a=backout
574afb837e6f61da7f82a780f9ea7e8edb53577aMark Striemer — Bug 1373853 - Show extension that is controlling the new tab in preferences r=jaws
d61f28fe5c615668e247663b95953594bf48aa68Michael Kaply — Bug 1397975 - Show opt-in dialog for is_default with non built-in engines. r=aswan
0cc2f42682e2cec4b9babfc5bcd8059b13cd9574Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 7e8e47c972f4 (bug 1397975) for eslint failure at browser/components/extensions/ext-chrome-settings-overrides.js:124: windowTracker is not defined. r=backout
394c436adc32e4e739341d4e5a4347e08473ab21Michael Kaply — Bug 1397975 - Show opt-in dialog for is_default with non built-in engines. r=aswan
1b923b6f0181fb90e5454aa8a123d72c24d2ba32Andrew Swan — Bug 1392176 Implement prompts for browser.permissions.request() on Android r=kmag,sebastian
7ab9717beb8d59960b1635b1b91ea82d11a4d7c2Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
ea7cc41e4bb44638cc8376916ca64d6b793ffc8dSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8a513ab0c112 (bug 1370613) for date format. r=backout
8eaf152408fca918fa087d7f4c5d597a67a569e9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1370613 follow-up: Switch the chapter number of the Book of Mozilla back to 14:11
8bda11e334c5270076bd73bef99e7c85924e8aefSeburo — Bug 1370613 - Update Book of Mozilla passage; r=ehsan
658cf49116e45dbf8055e1668fb3cf492a8ccee9Yura Zenevich — Bug 1383051 - added accessibility service indicators. r=jimm
86280056dc5a5da779ba4c8f9d30f8c8875dd7a6Julian_Chu — Bug 1329152 - Enable custom tabs by default r=sebastian
3e0bc18b13a9f9562583fd49699244c18e8dcc95Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6aa63fcf5c4e (bug 1373853) for leaking preferences windows, e.g. after browser-chrome's browser/base/content/test/general/browser_bug735471.js ran. r=backout
ea1c048a53e3555059859faa6fdc60c0d3247e4aChenxia Liu — Bug 1400950 - Update string for "MORE" link to be caps. r=mcomella
0b905cd32d5a73a5187b450064a0b9bd84d9db7dMark Striemer — Bug 1373853 - Show extension that is controlling the new tab in preferences r=jaws
ce7fc525b1100b0d27271ec7111b955d3fc7f1d6Jared Wein — Bug 1400975 - Add specific placeholders for the sidebar search boxes. r=adw
e88097bb0ba92393d4269018d75198d3851fc0dbTom Tromey — Bug 1388789 - fix invalid format in; r=flod,pbro
f4611891d69ca9883b203200b0ffd4b3d6d5b7acMike de Boer — Bug 1388422 - Remove all traces of the Customize Mode tip panel that no longer applies. r=Gijs
Tue Oct 10 22:18:45 2017 +0000
f7b85a162bb2cc8f08d9001c8c80969e8ac6a2eeSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c863089c7166 (bug 1399853) for changing string texts without altering string ids. r=backout a=backout
c2e02f06655530a506e88adf10356967cb85de7eSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
54a0f1f440833977971710ef607cab5073cfeeafJonathan Watt — Bug 1399853 - Identify the ID of the elements involved in SVG reference loops in the Web Console error messages. r=longsonr
f44fc3f71a5cc68332454226e01ae72a5544152eNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1398183 - Update copy for about:sessionrestore. r=johannh
ccf7d536e8fb95db7bfdc52b4cffd55437ce5996Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1394458 - Update copy for about:tabcrashed. r=johannh
42a6e9685f1a87452bf84a7101ef23f5009270a2Johann Hofmann — Bug 1394462 - Update dnsNotFound error copy and illustration. r=nhnt11
a955c41decb5290d81d8f3a8f91fa0b9287e944eWes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
fb45e1a357c23adcf425ed5fa2ef7e357e437e87Vedant Chakravadhanula — Bug 1359289 - Add a "Learn More" link to Safe Browsing checkbox in about:preferences. r=jhofmann
a96578e23c117e9c766f3ba7eab3a19cfd03f19aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1400139 part 3. Add a use counter when the window.content getter is called from untrusted code. r=mystor
b4368e31b019b6c7c4e910d13e7707309a5c3cd9Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1272304 - Add disabled state to screen sharing permission r=florian
35bae0bc89bbeb270fdc22cccb1dfec869bbc4f3Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1398283 - Clean up Sync Preferences screen r=nalexander
455f8cfffec4e3cd7f492734dec67c605d48671fNick Alexander — Bug 1398283 - Pre: Remove unused fxaccount_remote_error_* strings. r=nalexander
10c372c76f6a749121adef8d609e198fcad3a4b1Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a3964204faf6 (bug 1398283) for failing android lint. r=backout
1bb440f7a4fdc4276912e69375eff279eb189451Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0408636c7ea9 (bug 1398283)
5b4f199a4cf0864314fc2f545ddd43ce3b0d2bddGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1398283 - Clean up Sync Preferences screen r=nalexander
f6f8afd92e030532af0349df9d1563095b8d3957Nick Alexander — Bug 1398283 - Pre: Remove unused fxaccount_remote_error_* strings. r=nalexander
0af0ee845054ba78fd0306250feab4da4e623925Jared Wein — Bug 1383130 - Remove the word "automatically" from telemetry checkbox label. r=mconley
3dcb68d59843e63ad498f197fc04f3984a642bcaErica Wright — Bug 1394460 - Update illustration and copy for error: invalid URL. ui-r=shorlander r=johannh
aeff032a89dd619ecebdd5fb078a8da508a673b4Tom Tromey — Bug 1371849 - move source map pref checkbox into "advanced" area in options panel; r=bgrins
Tue Oct 10 22:17:14 2017 +0000
0d9b1e8056197c556c632e2fdbaa1e3e527ede31Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1397100 - Disable container about:preference checkbox if a container addon is enabled. r=bsilverberg,Felipe
8b3bb95b7e878922c3b3496693a168a4bbc3de9dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1400976 - remove dead tracking protection strings, r=bgrins
bbe5e4b4f087deee859d6f3fdd7529c81e4a3052Prathiksha — Bug 1363051 - Update about:blocked page visuals and copy. r=francois,johannh
a55d910144ccc20df576b0094b0fb2d79b9db24aJorg K — Bug 1400359 - Follow-up: Add NS_ERROR_NET_RESET and NS_ERROR_NET_INTERRUPT in nsMsgProtocol::ShowAlertMessage(). r=me DONTBUILD
62d4206c0c2593d16352e4a4bab06aa91a84915bJorg K — Bug 1400661 - Fix IMAP Oauth2 error message. r=aceman
8b2eb119728aa0dc753fe5e7f2e98d16f54f921eThomas Duellmann — Bug 1399370 - Allow changing 'Spellcheck language' from status bar display. Polish en-US 'spellcheck' strings. r=jorgk, ui-r=Paenglab
b840758f95114d095e69ac6ff2c212eb22052ba5Thomas Duellmann — Bug 759039 - Correct title header of composition's Print (Preview). Polish Write/Print Preview window titles, introduce text encoding in status bar. r=aceman, ui-r=Paenglab
50e9af1b19e3d722134e12165452ee8dc3b485cbChenxia Liu — Bug 1393174 - Add "More" link to Pocket AS title. r=mcomella
e203da9deb402501ce2e3581f1aa530e2e5f8777Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
622a047607163c905adf19a0c9f5ef774cc39dd4Andrew Swan — Bug 1400129 Remove unused accessKey l10n property r=flod
f4f23edc48a5e59d4d4e7899de28ef32eb1c0c77Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1399511 - Update message displayed when a section has no data in about:telemetry r=chutten
a6bab6e83e637f339d2148481703cf38108f9571Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
ef9b78f95f89eae9c97bf9f80e633b0707875d04jason laster — Bug 1399673 - Update Debugger Frontend and upgrade Source Map Worker to v0.13.0. r=jdescottes
051f38610972e02e7f942b86433bbfacbbbb5173Mike de Boer — Bug 1354536 - Part 1 - Introduce a string for the 'Recent Highlights' section soon the be added to the Library view. r=Gijs
9a832942a9b0bf2478f4ffa72ad85241acebfa53gasolin — Bug 1399421 - change onboarding library description;r=Fischer
4caa94db0951cac152c8edcd12aa6779be76e2d8Andrew Swan — Bug 1384608 Show complete themes with legacy extensions r=rhelmer
5874e58864fc6917a3399234be11bce8572fcc8aAndrew Swan — Bug 1391579 Part 4: Handle the in-app extension update flow for Fennec r=jwu,sebastian
acd165ecd146410303cb75a0965867d9a280a034Nevin Chen — Bug 1399014 - Allow 'enable tracking protection in normal browsing' for release and beta channel. r=maliu
04a0af7a756b55431d4552914efa17835a82ef98Ricky Chien — Bug 1399699 - Remove redundant colon signs in cookies.dtd, siteDataSettings.dtd, translation.dtd r=jaws
6103e13121e88a20b219a249312721ac4f58ce63Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1399456 - Clean up (reorganize content, comments format) r=chutten
289c161176ed2e4048796c757939d164f71830c3Mark Banner — Bug 1393437 - Add a checkbox to preferences to control whether the separate Search Bar is present in the toolbar. r=Gijs ui-review=epang
Tue Oct 10 22:16:38 2017 +0000
f26843435e52decfc85e27f597cc048f6ce2e141Ricky Chien — Bug 1399075 - Remove colon sign in Preferences's Color sub-dialog r=mconley
77070afa8ce782ab1cea62a6e93b8d8a65905ba2Chris Peterson — Bug 1398988 - Add Option+Command+U as an alternate keyboard shortcut for "View Source" on macOS like Safari and Chrome. r=Gijs
c52edea93c0fcd2ecac0615a51acaf8873059507Mark Striemer — Bug 1354344 - Show extension controlling home page in preferences r=bsilverberg,jaws
cadda93bb9b20e076ffa0fbfe4720068151ec6daMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1398445 - Remove window._content. r=mystor,qdot
d7eb4d87dd4ed506a244340b3baf0f7e01a14b5aSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
f45f3421abe33e22d364ff927658d9bb07525492Matt Howell — Bug 1397902 - Switch on the new stub installer strings and remove the old ones. r=agashlin,flod
b3dbba90719326ebfd5d54ee5a71b42ca1ae2f1eSebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
f517dc29660cb4bf248bb64dda5b920dc79613e1Chris H-C — bug 1399082 - about:telemetry l10n fixes r=flod
1f04b4d0ee89cf4a378f45805bb21efc261e6c6aWes Kocher — Backed out changeset b061a65e51d7 (bug 1399082) for failures in browser_misused_characters_in_strings.js a=backout
cbf4bc0591420325081807156ac94f8d817fad79Chris H-C — bug 1399082 - about:telemetry l10n fixes r=flod
3bbae140d9f12abd0f8d860b3c6b9108eb876617Wes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge
30872493d55d62484fe5a20f3c0e53621f440433Johann Hofmann — Bug 1349552 - Part 2 - Add an extra drag space setting to customize mode. r=nhnt11
1870131b65465c08aa01f57cd674b5d27ff1773fEvan Tseng — Bug 1394058 - Change the "Phishing Protection" title to "Deceptive Content and Dangerous Software Protection" since some settings grouped under "Phishing Protection" are about malware and unwanted software. r=mconley
58f7ea0e95ef89b0f30290e23834240e021ab8ffabhinav — Bug 1327971 - Add support to show list of frames on key-press of "Alt+Down" on the "iframes" button. r=Honza
Tue Oct 10 22:14:06 2017 +0000
14f96aa8cf655a046f351bcc89a9c8906ec8db4aTomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1394553 - Part 1: Implement "devtools" permission r=aswan
b18a30995ac799266e2456fd9b03503ffbae23ebWes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge CLOSED TREE
39ca5ef253dc09a1184d7ec2242505070dfe2bdeAndrew McCreight — Bug 1377587, part 1 - Always act like __exposedProps__ is missing. r=krizsa
026515d32e3f6bbb63482759d70f7694eda0312aAastha Gupta — Bug 1336207 - Add tooltip to say what "ev" means in the Inspector. r=miker
48ee4f858fb5820be3b5ad9784f77d6eb1a2c5ebFranziskus Kiefer — Bug 1397833 - don't assert on custom TLS key-exchange groups, r=keeler
ecae8cfa106138ac12519664a9840a37b5f76198Andrew Swan — Bug 1353194 Streamline the startup extension compatibility check r=kmag
6a4ad8af1bb6dd63684d3be9b9ade1080d09db58Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1353194) for leaving unreferenced files
8f9f802d343a98d5b6f3bdbbb750be3b5dc338f0Andrew Swan — Bug 1353194 Streamline the startup extension compatibility check r=kmag
a18bf9598fc924ff5a30f76c95916011ee8317aaSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
67a06b58942c44da1b648697fbf561b525809107Jim Mathies — Bug 1385991 - Provide a chrome side notification informing the user about an incompatible version of JAWS screen reader. r=felipe
d860f406efcdefa49594fa41856c9ce154a8fac4Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
ff3c8cc7dbe8c8b9b5d7681f9544fcfd036eeac9Matt Howell — Bug 1397902 - Pre-land new stub installer header and blurb strings. r=agashlin,flod
f25f661e23082c44891642175bb49298057db69bWes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
7eb2421089bb6457f0f2d5c925345655e1785abfjason laster — Bug 1397563 - Update Debugger Frontend (9/6/2017). r=jdescottes
3b6e8ccaef4b3e8bba652cd2e0e627b271165277ZER0 — Bug 1393497 - remove Valence from WebIDE; r=ochameau
2db9c8758778160962a1592dfaebb6d759c193e2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f82f69a3381a (bug 1397902) on request from flod for improvable strings and string ids. r=backout a=backout
ddcbc08158734c317b2a372005344671338c9e3bSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
82c35bb7bbe6b7bf23934db4206e39a2a39e8fd2Perry Jiang — Bug 1393582 - Remove CastingApps support for Firefox desktop. r=felipe
7af4fb8365bea9b031cdc6d50fa7b1c579e80043Wes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1379833) for android lint failures a=backout
4338c74e0cb0f20a004067b6d059698adb06b3d1Andrew Swan — Bug 1379833 Part 2: Display permissions dialog during extension install on Android r=sebastian,walkingice
423430693351953e0e6b54e284654910ee0bce73Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
90765258093ee391934d9f01df20dbd6fde16c89Matt Howell — Bug 1397902 - Pre-land new stub installer header and blurb strings. r=agashlin
405686911c4c112e630401e7ac9b3552d14a44f9Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
690eac177c4f9c38880bceba0b232a0d71c39485Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
dd6cc4465331a851fad99a09a0850143fb6a41aaDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset b440aaae26a1 (bug 1383051) for causing bug 1396281
31ffea7a126312c0a9d0827c681234d653116f3cMichael Comella — Bug 1394641: Update suggestedsites bgcolor for new icons. r=sebastian
600bf047195e8fb106986617d008c41fd9f70888Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge
61982282167e53174a4d51abf3d2d60140966f9aSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1396604 - Remove content notifications code. r=JanH,nechen
62266ba56f1cdd8fec7176520a1cb18feb87bcfdSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
bdd53cb83e73e7054b65b86d7cce026a82307027Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
da2f62224f6cceeaf879fd9c97337ea7d5685b90Robert Strong — bug 1390032 - make it clear in the update doorhanger text that private browser windows and tabs are not restored. r=dothayer
270c24ee0fc78974301f90d87739cd7c37b14fd6Rei Colina — Bug 1395167 - Relabel "Copy URL" to "Copy Link" and "Send Page to Device" to "Send Tab to Device" in the page action menu. r=dao
978a55b4e5bde4bf007683c7ff6393b2b6bb8cc7Mike de Boer — Bug 1354532 - Part 1 - Implement a new Downloads view as part of the Library widget. r=Paolo
a39b7fbf9cd84ee5498eb6d8760f33ec88c69c58Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f1d18c741b2c (bug 1354532) for eslint failure at browser/components/downloads/DownloadsCommon.jsm:671: Expected property shorthand. r=backout
15c7cb78ba22905c8c9667814a18373614c23510Mike de Boer — Bug 1354532 - Part 1 - Implement a new Downloads view as part of the Library widget. r=Paolo
44cf15d22ab9c054ec553c278812ae2d503623c3Ricky Chien — Bug 1392474 - [Onboarding] replace the check box with a “Skip Tour” button r=Fischer
3f7821ac6229c84582a6288ba6f87fcca4d6a16dSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
09c2f64ab0294b79690862a6afc4d4b404ed4316Cosm — Bug 1395956 - Update gecko.readthedocs links to the new location. r=chutten
ba12ab01fbd4679a73a7ac716a354d8784ca6624Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 7208ebbc9162 (bug 1395167) for duplicate string entity ids. r=backout a=backout
3bae5edc2d1b17913c2c1dd9c7a5e6b670ef11f3Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
1aca1ac45c1f2328ad40c8480f361940400d8b17Rei Colina — Bug 1395167 - Relabel "Copy URL" to "Copy Link" and "Send Page to Device" to "Send Tab to Device" in the page action menu. r=dao
6aadafedf87e51dc6d128d6994101814dcc39f49Ricky Chien — Bug 1392532 - Polish Preferences font size depending on platforms r=dao
9a0afab1351dea95cc390ba9e6329a1e06ee6881Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1396020 - Expose hard-coded strings in about:telemetry r=gfritzsche
2b00a406112a6a7143b3f9db79314ce2472fb449jason laster — Bug 1395396 - Update Debugger frontend (8/30/2017). r=jdescottes
b90abb4a0c3878afc01e0b0a84bb1c28ab8c88efMichael Comella — Bug 1388377: Add highlights empty state. r=liuche
445f4f411225eb41cee153351da771feda5d96d6Michael Comella — Bug 1388377: Rm WelcomePanelRow. r=liuche
0e4bf9ed9097c0ac7e631adc4d06ceeb9f6b93faGregory Szorc — Backed out changeset 512562477a1e, c5b310c419c4 (bug 1388377) for Android build bustage
016388ea436dc4bdc485a7764bea11ba41ea6047Michael Comella — Bug 1388377: Add highlights empty state. r=liuche
8a30e0bfc743dbcc293f6de6e164180cde6f6478Michael Comella — Bug 1388377: Rm WelcomePanelRow. r=liuche
7f4187605a98adb729b07f8eeeab20b2eedb913eWes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
31145536befe0e4bcd969b72ab24a21a25de5c19Chenxia Liu — Bug 1386735 - Add additional preferences to Top Sites settings. r=mcomella
94a90119a9e30612c4c59a6b20552a3471093ab0Zibi Braniecki — Bug 455722 - Add context menu item to duplicate (clone) tab. r=dao
0d5a9fe9f6b51a64b093627c9bfa4a8660a86748Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
3e42a3f705c4c462308f75c06f6bee5570d149d6Yura Zenevich — Bug 1383051 - added accessibility service indicators. r=jimm
086bd38b9f40ab296c453eb69774c4945f635d69Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1396000 - Remove unnecessary line feeds in aboutTelemetry.dtd, remove unused strings r=chutten
4885629111398d6b5e1d91beae0a6f11cd0d9e29Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 38f284a549c5 (bug 455722) for failing mochitest-clipboard browser/base/content/test/general/browser_contextmenu.js: menuitem context-viewpartialsource-selection has same accesskey as context-sendlinktodevice. r=backout
f53077f65b3113f1d1f7826a24c49a783f394bfeZibi Braniecki — Bug 455722 - Add context menu item to duplicate (clone) tab. r=dao
f833e3f3abde8313634bf7beb70be358e7187594Brian Grinstead — Bug 1307881 - Part 2 - Provide a UI within the Web Console for managing persistence;r=nchevobbe
7af8a8135183be6c4d957125dce8495174b236b4Brian Grinstead — Bug 1307881 - Part 1 - Split message persistence prefs into two, one for the netmonitor and one for the console;r=Honza
60226c7a0331b72f9de5b7b760ae7bda17d80a78Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
8220603605435fa06823b712693b58493f07e8e9David Keeler — bug 1382749 - remove the "old way" of signing add-ons r=aklotz,mossop
dab59f9108aa7f8f51d7aa245c640bf7ec2ea21dflyingrub — Bug 1381831 - Improve about:telemetry start page r=chutten
8d2e646e13a3ebdc798c1a1d4b9a692747304862Fischer.json — Bug 1371538 - Should add the Screenshots tour in the onBoarding overlay, r=flod,rexboy
a3cc2afecc276ff15929fe1247f000cc5540715bRicky Chien — Bug 1349689 - Remove old preferences fork r=jaws
fbaf1c4c58fe8dd92601dc1b8bd7e6a07e077b6cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset df8215261c7e (bug 1349689) on request from rchien. r=backout
6dd19e07696fa2778679d266b26ce2bc1140cba2Ricky Chien — Bug 1349689 - Remove old preferences fork r=jaws
8ce40bcd04b7062ee38c3b59656d831cedc42c8aFranziskus Kiefer — Bug 1304923 - adding key exchange group and signature scheme details to devtools view, r=keeler, Honza
314a04818f98cce8e2a29fbb445670fcecccb19fSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
a56c02bd09861b2867153cd2cedde8b21b0a582eRahul Chaudhary — Bug 1145527 - Display the inherited and used CSS Variable in the rule view. r=tromey
e2dbbde106e4de5fa12dd9ae1ec339c1204bab2aJan Odvarko — Bug 1362036 - Open in network panel; r=nchevobbe
0321c33692202b6b461c8eae59c61a1046874ddcflyingrub — Bug 1393478 - Display when no results are available in about:telemetry r=chutten
fbb973d95623e76f0acffe721ae5347f3311f3eaWes Kocher — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1362036) for being the likely cause of asan leaks a=backout CLOSED TREE
ab45d1904c39b4fd8d8c3a190a64d8bbe61d2062Mike Taylor — Bug 1390834. Add ellipsis to Report Site Issue page action button. r=flod
78709d2e132d34e60ecbb0715b447e3afe971dc8Jan Odvarko — Bug 1362036 - Open in network panel; r=nchevobbe
27a46efaaa40a4cfad3841436845ceefb52d03e3Frank-Rainer Grahl Bug 1349259 - Follow-up: Revert needless string change affecting SM and remove unused string. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
b1d6de716ab5f432aef59437e6d249a4f3381abeBotond Ballo — Bug 1394926 - Add APZ autoscroll information to about:support. r=kats
681d7dca617c84eb1ee9d85986928d2de99daf6aSebastian Zartner — Bug 1336934 - Added option to remove all session cookies for a specific domain r=miker
82db324b9a2118e0cbedc072db3dceb800c3d9a0Tomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1394134 - Add permission strings for proxy, browsingData and r=aswan,flod
6159d624b2e7e6eec3010efcd6e1d55290d617d6Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1255404 - detangle in android. r=Pike
62522c96ab48357bf83ac3503dd552743e80d53cZibi Braniecki — Bug 1255382 - Detangle in android. r=Pike
498d7ff908324a43a758c2849105b076604bcb62Ben Bucksch — Bug 1349259 - On first start, show account setup dialog, not account provisioner. r=aceman, ui-r=mkmelin,Paenglab
2279ddc185abebae2954706f1cdebdfa121666dfAaron Brubacher — Bug 394216 - Search for correct identity when draft identity key does not match From: address. r=jorgk,aceman
672ae86e3aa1f1a6199609e0ae92f61c7bdec671Steve Armand — Bug 1390644 - Change the mid-sync state of "Syncing…" to "Syncing Tabs…". r=eoger
f9d54b7665cb9f92914d182df1a8960c0f5e2ac7Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1394740 - Update permissions string for Find API r=Pike
fd9f73b28c86b4fe83ed84191aa177df89ff1f5aJared Wein — Bug 1387042 - Add a toast notification that will be shown when the Copy Link or Send to Device page actions are used. r=adw,sfoster
a6a2c6afed221b9a62bf5da1351853830eb60d4aJorg K — Bug 1386587 - Correct comment for pop3ServerBusy in r=nONoNonO
3fa597fb5015d70c6cb37c6bbca18fea30bb2f66Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1394195 - Reorder and fix access keys, remove unnecessary comments in r=jdescottes
73f9e37140f96587d63d06a6f0b9a43b3fe566efFischer.json — Bug 1392822 - change the Library tour action button title to "Show Library Menu", r=gasolin
99bde2199b8c45e71a8efc08ee4851526ce2ed3bPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-i to m-c, a=merge
30aaa0058d1daef2185733c482125d73939f391cSebastian Zartner — Bug 1303392 - Used uppercase 'S' for 'Shift' in color swatch title r=gl
e54747bd100548bbcbcd32608d0ee4c95d1aca9dJim Mathies — Bug 1384567 - Add a checkbox in preferences to control accessibility access. r=jaws, ui=mheubusch
1b4da1824e07f386fe5a3937a2c8ce2cdc759573Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
f5ecf53b4eef7923af25b1dd63e77deea5ef366cflyingrub — Bug 1392230 - Fix placeholder text in about:telemetry r=chutten
69ad7bdf5a9d1a8635124e3852b99cc11fdf636cBlake Winton — Bug 1384692 - Update the download doorhanger style. ui-r=amylee, r=Paolo.
9b2223c4080dcf98454af9b93e40daba988774f3Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
0141b66c49bada5163e97a97e65e0c45853b78ceKevin Jones — Bug 1332144 - Add browser.find extension API. r=mikedeboer, r=mixedpuppy
d56b45761a04a488d9929311b89efdbfa012713fGijs Kruitbosch — Back out changeset 97f7f5175b2f (bug 1371765) because we're changing the plan for the downloads button, rs=backout,firebot,paolo
d023bde30b64fd9cf345eee463e8e3b0168b85a4Chenxia Liu — Bug 1380808 - Add Pocket to new tab with placeholders. r=mcomella
14c7df9b554a6b126efefc5550fdde45acd3a5a6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1367921 - add 'sign in to sync' action to send tab/page/link to device if sync is not configured, r=eoger
00a23acbcfe87c092e6395867605e298a04bfd64aceman — Bug 46050 - Prevent duplicate address book names. r=jorgk, ui-r=thomasd,Paenglab
0a6151288beeaea800a345b7ebef5d2e4e1b55e4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1389625 - clean up subview headers now that we use the title of the view instead, r=adw
a8d4e741ef3884da3fbddc4e832f20a82daf259fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1389625 - change bookmarks menu button label, r=adw
1ef49c22877eec2ce62866096c22f633a98f9dbdRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
11b8acc3e25528c9e1eebf1827fa6c87b85aafc2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset be0fe9a8d424 (bug 1367921) for browser_contextmenu_sendpage.js and browser_page_action_menu.js browser-chrome failures on a CLOSED TREE.
e7561297ccf097ec2705331b629e95b8e750b344Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1367921 - add 'sign in to sync' action to send tab/page/link to device if sync is not configured, r=eoger
271e88a129927bb37ba92aaf4c23c9435405e597gasolin — Bug 1392469 - [Onboarding] remove fox icon and speech bubble from notification;r=Fischer
26e1e62611942fecd57a5246c1609831ce6aa6c3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge autoland to m-c. a=merge
6c5d21b381954622b17e922f222c2ce52ba87d9dAndy McKay — bug 1355788 rename Appearance to Themes r=aswan
21ad46a89d97482f75151f8edeaa12a258b1362cLuca Greco — Bug 1364945 - Fix missing button to open options in a new tab in the Android addon details page. r=mixedpuppy,sebastian
d4d8b8c471d075b298986eda78913878af04dc7eNevin Chen — Bug 1356596 - Add warning when entering full screen mode. r=sebastian
e9d9f6ffc617a7324ad10d740ac317493ea36026Ricky Chien — Bug 1392517 - Add 2nd header to about:preferences#sync and update button string r=mconley
16a8b291310a3d69879e644cfedd3d1ff9617bb1Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
7c10be9f65f3857e0fde336a2948d0a82a19e024Michael Comella — Bug 1315201: Dismiss -> Remove in AS context menu. r=liuche
67fdc5eeab2b0d5a1400b98c7ee7763bfffeaecbMichael Comella — Bug 1315201: Add activity_stream_welcome_dismiss str. r=liuche
1643dc69c5b22c6cbefa123de4d791feb1194085Wes Kocher — Backed out 9 changesets (bug 1315201) to help back out another patch a=backout
2ff0ae12018228d523496491687c02814bb3139cMichael Comella — Bug 1315201: Dismiss -> Remove in AS context menu. r=liuche
57ebd3dbba29e60a8a5160f0eb98a67a1991e15aMichael Comella — Bug 1315201: Add activity_stream_welcome_dismiss str. r=liuche
789d558a4d101e87099c87c1b6e5a9b7c0fe7f38Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
57fbebb1eb2aac8d786c5ac10693e414dbb3bee7Jason Laster — Bug 1391719 - update debugger frontend (8/16/2017) v=0.12 - tests, locales and preferences. r=jdescottes
7adac27a8efead6ebc4ee4ef22bb8e0502199774Wes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge
39829ce13f9493a33f7e21720fc7732415eac034Julian Descottes — Bug 1386616 - dt-addon: move to devtools/shim/locales;r=ochameau
d8dcfca64c711ae0a4382c745fddfaec7d031496Dão Gottwald — Bug 1388131 - Add tooltip to the Library button. r=mikedeboer
c3c48f9d087abdcf77910e17e9a9385fa426b3adGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1371765 - make downloads button non-customizable, r=jaws,Paolo
c075e20993a43c1f28a29f9f82a9f6cbd6485a44Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1307880 - Show the number of filtered messages. r=bgrins
dadaa066873f578029ef1bb70394e0abcc7f9059Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1391933 - Fix localization issues in Kill Add-on dialogs, r=kmag
d8a49a89b76d5fdbaf0738968b73bb47fdafc21fHenry Chang — Bug 1388501 - Fixed missing PHA warning page on Fennec. r=francois
ad4454b5c270d347ba9da1e3280ab6e283b3a6a7Prathiksha — Bug 1390509 - Fix access keys for location, camera and microphone permissions. r=jaws
4991877536a68f17738fd4d527185216e28adec7ruby — Bug 1391578 - title capitalization done for the menu item r=dao
abf8fc642ba47804f15d323a30a4ce2c1ea89351Axel Hecht — add comm-central to cross-channel
24eb1f54d2b288385401cd9909bac0b3d35043faThomas Duellmann — Bug 1389083 - Implement 'New Message from Template' command (cmd_newMsgFromTemplate) and UI. r=aceman,jorgk, ui-r=Paenglab DONTBUILD
e7217ac64eed64b3d5fa9fec14da9b268ae8a247Richard Marti — Bug 1389915 - Add "Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5" and "Do not prompt for authentication if password is saved" to connection prefs dialog. r=jorgk
89c25ffe7f2721b49fd23faa999beef813643289Isaac Schemm — Bug 1387565 - Mention WebIDE in Help. r=frg
efa71706ee56cbde031204f0017d527451f24718Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1324556 - Remove command key for Responsive Design View. r=stefanh
2deea72d196e52adf404f5842701f97d69b8496aBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1383457 - Use mozIntl for formatting dates and times in SeaMonkey. r=frg
46488b38bf0d1d68e4c5b0d76f270240ddfe8f53Gene Smith — Bug 1348769 - Add account name in front of "Checking folderX for new messages" pop3 status message. r=aceman
5fee40a4f3bd512df4f0dc140d2a3e94569d5562Thomas Duellmann — Bug 686487 - Ctrl+K should open a new global search tab if searchbox is not available. r=asuth,aceman
bf02dfb1a5e44f6077572f9e147cee8a3b63966eRichard Marti — Bug 1385572 - "Open Address Book" entry in the contextual menu of the Mac OSX dock icon. r=jorgk
dd0f9d5295006c4271a33787cca8e1ebfb523ccfFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1322172 - SeaMonkey mail compose should stop being APP_TYPE_EDITOR. r=IanN
2b84817e7d0767e52f606050643d6cfb5c24fa2eJavier Rueda — Bug 881321 - "Write new message" entry in the contextual menu of the Mac OSX dock icon. ui-r=Paenglab,r=jorgk
923b56191a4b0bcf49a1449ff4a30bfa823d4284Jorg K — Bug 1384007 - Expose intl.regional_prefs.use_os_locales in the UI. r=aceman,ui-r=Paenglab
9813f19221c4fd2cbca9ea8a73068f3577f9cba8Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1313659 - replace nsIScriptableDateFormat in chat/. r=florian
8a0c7cc6c439cd4e3728cff98959045bb6429837Gene Smith — Bug 1366591, Bug 28211 - When save to Sent (or Drafts or Templates) fails, save to subfolder of local folders. r=jorgk,aceman
01a5cacf34935f23e8c198c15555fb60840ce3d2Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1322032 - Contacts sidebar: Fix selection and context menu behaviour, and implement AB context menu for "New Contact / New List"; cmd_properties cleanup. ui-r=Paenglab, r=aceman DONTBUILD
9d3d8e7613520b2543e3ead31473f038e2766ec0Jim Porter — Bug 492329 - Polish the error message for an expired newsgroup article. r=Neil,jorgk
01e11e6b8447f49b464a4c8ecd429296f677d6a1Axel Hecht — bug 1372167, toml l10n configs for Thunderbird, Calendar, SeaMonkey, r=Fallen, ewong
6494261d3b9e2d5f04f779724d186031f46d14e4Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1367864 - Clean up bookmark-item images in SeaMonkey themes. r=rsx11m
0800a1702a9ddd547212c177479efdafbff18f7frsx11m — Bug 1372614 - Remove HTTP Pipelining preferences UI after bug 1340655 removed support for it. r=frg
c654bcdbb743b74b272920128811db6f65d10f0cRichard Marti — Bug 1371571 - Set the next News messages number dynamically in AppMenu. r=aceman
bda04523c5ce30db7763283357c31bac9a739337Richard Marti — Bug 1364653 - Port bug 1356507 to TB [Show version and updater in the preferences update pane]. r=jorgk
8dd0e44ccab54f6805e6a8df0749754906ca87d3aceman — Bug 1365397 - Bug 599730 follow-up: move new "Edit SMTP server" button to better place in account settings. r=Paenglab
616e05b992818ba515462d16fef6d1ca89bbd3c7aceman — Bug 599730 - allow user to edit SMTP server directly from mail account settings. ui-r=Paenglab, r=mkmelin,IanN DONTBUILD
5e514af877d7677afe164f15b50015f557f236e6Jorg K — Backed out changeset 4ee087659e87: Bug 1362466 - Backout of temporary and incorrect fix. rs=backout
e2d5198f32a588e91c7e13ae44f9d5d513e07788Jorg K — Bug 1362466 - supply pref gecko.handlerService.defaultHandlersVersion and related configuration in rs=bustage-fix
1e220f67b9581c49b4bb271491cdc0f233505e15Gene Smith — Bug 1360117 - Improve detection of servers requiring additional IMAP select. r=jorgk
17885333c690a68c1b16d9fd11b6b84648e571b9Richard Marti — Bug 1359799 - Port bug 1359128 to TB [Change restart string in new app update UI and in the about window to 'Restart to update &brandShorterName;']. r=jorgk
128d6824592c9dac4b16222a2e51973a5ae4a6a2Jorg K — Bug 1359069 - fix access key for 'force select'. r=Paenglab
2622011485932de8e2d1b861f3944248c991d998Richard Marti — Bug 1359471 - Add a checkbox to disable the cache smart size. r=jorgk
cff86bb2e91fbaa9a5d65cbfbbb3fe380bd84f50Richard Marti — Bug 1358877 - Remove aurora channel from TB/Calendar source. r=philipp,jorgk DONTBUILD
293f8dc818059363c2e9f647630f61b246acbc7eJorg K — Bug 1348762 - Follow-up: clarify translators' notes. r=thomasd DONTBUILD
d0f1aa65f9f1fef99c687c888fbc34d5b11deb02Gene Smith — Bug 1348762 Improve status bar progress messages when downloading messages, headers, and flags via IMAP. ui-r=thomasd, r=aceman,jorgk DONTBUILD
33904abe70464ced6a40d819d5e7dcdb3022dc95Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1346588 - Update internal timezone database to version 2017b. r=scripted
6cdf1860bdccf83d50082e7f1745ab8bb952de3daceman — Bug 1356300 - align tooltips in 2 editor dialogs showing shortened data URIs for images. r=jorgk
d0df5a744a50afff8ecfd26a7608fcb341a3d46baceman — Bug 1353278 - Port bug 1344990 to C-C: Add new string 'labelDefaultFont' for font choosers in preferences. r=jorgk
5b2c61f1b69d2937054b8366d744cb5b7bcee3f2aceman — Bug 1332351 - Remove Date.prototype.toLocaleFormat uses in mail and mailnews. r=jorgk
d599ea7fc77e485254e0566540b8bd9a5f00bbbcGene Smith — Bug 1231592 - Implement mail.server.default.forceSelect for misbehaving IMAP servers. Use UidExpunge(). r=jorgk, sr=rkent
ba99d693c21890e3affcb7485fa6c28773171ecaColomban Wendling — Bug 472448 - Add keyboard navigation and accessibility to minimonth. r=philipp
09ba2c6d9a516044f43f6b9a89a3680baee442c8Pavan — Bug 1105660 - Rework the /mode and /umode commands. r=clokep
ef329b22ffede73a5992a44282d506b1b2c2e9ccPavan — Bug 996722 - Add a ban command to IRC. r=clokep
12b6aaaccd2d22439d8d885c980b433ea4368abbFrédéric Wang — Bug 1199855 - Add Matrix as a supported protocol: Part 3 - Implement new Matrix protocol. r=clokep
e06ed26e6d0b1afb8664954a89dbe7b1655a5358Frédéric Wang — Bug 1199855 - Add Matrix as a supported protocol: Part 2 - Add basic setup for a new Matrix protocol. r=clokep
edee12ed3c6dfc5893cb53bafd76b34d84990daeJorg K — Bug 286283 - fix titles of detach attachment dialog (suite strings). r=frg a=frg
c109fa296e4e17aa3550b2568d67f62a9022f805Dwayne Edwards — Bug 286283 - fix titles of detach attachment dialog. r=jorgk
68c44a455ab72e53c4c5f79cca6b3c2a4699434dPhilip Chee — Bug 1334163 Part 2: Update Wikipedia Search Plugin (Update icon and sync wth Firefox @201701123) r=IanN
1c00c7e46045e880bbdae189943507bf7473c9d4Philip Chee — Bug 1334163 Part 1: Merge rel="searchform" into the main <Url> like in Firefox. r=IanN
7ba2b5b931c242ed156e9c134ae6b550475c09d9Richard Marti — Bug 1341370 - Use our own r=clokep
84531ef5828b3a2577b4f73eeeb9f93bb70402feRichard Marti — Bug 1338715 - Delete all traces to Outlook Express importer. r=jorgk
67b531faaf720f77c69439bef674aee3dfd380d3alta88 — Bug 1312813 - Implement user configurable per feed update interval. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
6c0a9a44f782b4265fa729edfabd583029478210Richard Marti — Bug 1335218 - Use other accesskey for the "Replace" button because the old is used by "Highlight all". r=jorgk
76493e386b6f3fb19ba07c0791f987dbd958d368Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1332926 - Followup whitespace cleanup tasksOverlay.dtd. r=Ratty a=Ratty
665d2defd49743dd1346427f3cd0bf28c9b3da41Philip Chee — Bug 1328897 - Update Google Search Plugin (sync with Firefox) r=IanN a=IanN
70dc8e1d30a969915124e03f870f0e6aef8ca8b2Philip Chee — Bug 1328920 - Update Yahoo Search Plugin (sync with Firefox) [20161231] r=IanN a=IanN
a653b0ebb60b696edf352dde1a60f0902c91ceabJorg K — Backed out changeset bc37a3058e45 - Bug 1319493 - will reland test fix in the same push. a=jorgk
926bd46c41a8c834e5710c980c85ea46f3901309Jorg K — Bug 1319493 - Follow-up: Fix test. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
131f3a81cf86d89e4de8a062fa7c41634aa4c92eJorg K — Bug 1319493 - Follow-up: Correct localization notes. rs=jorgk DONTBUILD
8c485446a25b6ce4176b60cd07188f2c28ad2455Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1319493 - Smart and context-sensitive Delete confirmation prompts in Address Book. ui-r=Paenglab, r=aceman,jorgk
3b2dfb6181f74404cc53e688a811fe58077fef57aceman — Bug 1322473 - Support removing IM accounts from the UI and implement forgetPassword() and removeFiles() for imIncomingServer. ui-r=Paenglab, r=aleth,mkmelin rs,a=Ratty
16977e66a207f846859135271ea804c127a15827Kevin K. — Bug 1265485 - move Error Console keyboard shortcut again due to conflict. r=frg a=frg
9ee0a205f70a73841acd867582601918df027383Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1328166 - Fix duplicate accesskey 'o' in Tools menu on Windows by using 'e' for 'Developer Tools'. r=Paenglab
e6c22593fe67c2629af2065212044fc20adf15d2Sherman Wang — Bug 1272411 - [Context Menu] Provide a 1.25x faster video speed option in the video controls. r=IanN a=IanN
2cc767f0ed932289d0ea769afaf93461031aa26eaceman — Bug 1308776 - Add choosing of default addressbook from preferences dialog and a context menu. ui-r=Paenglab, r=mkmelin,jorgk,frgrahl a=jorgk
127c7050d1bfc1c2f19470b741e8a4b453a8e9ffThomas Düllmann — Bug 1308776 - Implement Prefs for showing custom or last-used directory when starting Address Book. ui-r=Paenglab, r=aceman
097088653cfee922c2b2ad6ca5aab56c0bace367Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1320448 - Don't install on Windows XP or Vista and require a CPU that does support SSE2. r=IanN a=IanN
b76f7cadf0db098f49f7d0c18a4dee426d63713baceman — Bug 1324224 - properly use plural forms in mailnews/base/content/newmailalert.js. r=Paenglab,Ratty a=Ratty
fa822e3fdf3d240b187a2deb322c1ef672746253Richard Marti — Bug 1324292 - Give "Find and Replace" dialog's close button an accesskey. r=aceman
bf8a9826f8ee7b77b439e740da420afa4034a487Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1198647 Fix AB card accesskeys for AIM/MSN/IRC on chat tab. r=Paenglab DONTBUILD
888f20934cbb9e2829408ca7fe6ca72fe0a7de9eaceman — Bug 1288113 - show which account failed to login due to password failure. r=mkmelin,Ratty a=Ratty
b3d0b895c0b4a586e5c82a8188ef21f32ea3e489Ian Neal — Bug 1303529 - Port |Bug 756022 - Unify pref font choices for various Latin script-using languages| and |Bug 1279910 - Rename occurrences of "Oriya" to "Odia"| to SeaMonkey r/a=philip.chee
6bf61b17dd6cfa06eb5f562f822a96cc3a9b4776Jorg K — Bug 1151366 - Follow-up: Clarified string blockedContentMessage. rs=jorgk
c16115dfcacf14d0615091ad077d5639d48494b8Magnus Melin — Bug 1151366. Stop being an EDITOR during composition. r=jorgk, a=jorgk
ab24004ea73d10c9b6538a5b6f668e3747d53352Paul Morris — Bug 1297425 - Add "Save and Close" menu item for events/tasks in a tab; r=MakeMyDay
f4f72bdd664b7025abff316f18d10be068a50306Paul Morris — Bug 1297425 - Add a "Save" menu item for events/tasks in a tab; r=philipp
2e401b437df9c7f69862a938a2bdd1be23b93bf7Paul Morris — Bug 1297425 - Add a "Save" button for event/task toolbars; r=philipp
7c2d2cfabe1be309d388fa7f612b3c1954596c26Paul Morris — Bug 1297425 - Rename "button-save" id to "button-saveandclose"; r=philipp
1603da006e14ee284ab66506991cb1b4c8106131Paul Morris — Bug 1321882 - Provide UI for toggling the calendar.item.editInTab pref; r=MakeMyDay
c38b28b3fd8070754c71153f4ae74575fa6f8348Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1266424 - Update internal timezone database to version 2016j. r=MakeMyDay
c5398a095563ca749e4dd5858270d30fc76851d7Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1266424 - Update internal timezone database to version 2016i. r=MakeMyDay
7f292d4893e49d251f24abfe94e7e15deb53aef4MakeMyDay — Bug 1225784 - Deal properly with incoming counter proposals;r=philipp
b3df6466f3ccf96b4ed44c36b03c4ca84f311484makemyday — Bug 1317064 - Adjust imipbar label for received replies and processed invitations;r=philipp
463233e9dfe5b55766f702ee4f3712b22cc5c35emakemyday — Bug 1273500 - Attachments are not displayed in the event summary dialog;r=philipp
5308d79faacf5915ab4691fed038f2a65e352fc7Richard Marti — Bug 1320551 - Fixed clearing the cache in advanced options and clear history, added usage info. r=jorgk
5e07cb2068fcccc0e9febab29a3486b33287307fJorg K — Bug 1320570 - Follow-up: Change matchesFound to matchesFound1 to be different from the original before bug 1313950. rs=jorgk a=jorgk DONTBUILD
784ada2c064f7334f389d2a348fb8ca42f0ac0ddaceman — Bug 1320570 - change placeholder format in matchesFoundCount to #1 (fictional restriction of l10n dashboard tool). r=JorgK, a=JorgK
3df177fca719b0a9694a03976d5e62eb24ed58b6Richard Marti — Bug 1320405 - Rename 'Add' button to 'New' in Thunderbird Preferences. r=jorgk, MakeMyDay
00b4370d8c83d4522febb8f60c283d7d413ea726aceman — Bug 1313950 - properly localize plurals of number of matches in Addressbook search. r=IanN,mkmelin a=IanN
9b917c31e89d09deee6cb673e2a32634fae70902Richard Marti — Bug 1318552 - Add accesskey for the Folder Pane Toolbar. r=aceman
a96947af066493196107190d9f8a9710d678d52bMakeMyDay — Bug 1225784 - Deal properly with incoming counter proposals - Strings only. rs=pre-merge-strings-only
d8e19995ef148b874807ce547f18071a31195d28aleth — Bug 1317064 - Adjust imipbar label for received replies and processed invitations - String additions only. rs=pre-merge-string-only
4ef1bbedd31b9164bba3c43814c7c9f6ca7527d7Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1279834 - Integrate devtools client UI into Thunderbird. r=mkmelin
a51e9a1f7fa082edada906669afde072b3257990aceman — Bug 1313942 - remove trailing spaces in string firstLastFormat. r=mkmelin, r=IanN, a=IanN
d47e1727a65d45ed23beac4e9fba6c4ca95668f4aceman — Bug 318495 - Add possibility to create an identity label that will be appended 'name <email>' on display. ui-r=Paenglab, r=mkmelin, r=IanN, a=IanN
55d0885606f551c023eb10f12f198d5672cf7ac9Thomas Düllmann — Bug 1310442 - Make labels of cmd_properties in AB context-sensitive, e.g. "Edit Contact", "Edit List", etc. r=aceman, ui-r=Paenglab
383ecba02f2813c6f8dd9bafeef299b34736c6edPatrick Cloke — Bug 1316000 - Remove old Yahoo! Messenger support. r=aleth
25409f96155177a74795b90f55398bf9a1ce13eaJorg K — Bug 1315440 - Follow-up: Use shortened data URIs instead of hiding them completely. r=mkmelin
c776445a59d6ebac102e8eed2b19cf873fa73f6dRichard Marti — Bug 1314551 - Improve the Identity dialog title. r=aceman, IanN a=IanN
a281f15104545e2b9e8ee2f920231e2072f3a68fRichard Marti — Bug 1312262 - Make the dialog titles in AB consistent. r=aceman, IanN a=IanN
c0db89111dc022e0df70e76a71d8e0179329d3f5freaktechnik — Bug 1314435 - Add like action to tweets. r=clokep
2d1d67d8129b78524ec009ce3a1f5adb1487e039Adam Ruka — Bug 214548 - Implemented 'Copy to New' filter functionality. r=aceman
31ee894c4507a41f91599cc5ef1a7ce4e4d4e291aceman — Bug 274452 - When accounts are removed, offer to delete files in the Local Directory path. ui-r=paenglab, r=mkmelin,IanN a=IanN
b82eab24f5718e7f8226481b29e50b0932b0fbe4Kevin K. — Bug 1265485 - move Error Console keyboard shortcut. r=IanN, a=IanN CLOSED TREE
6b1c182a89c8325cfd4f60ede35ba86a571be542Javier Rueda — Bug 947776 - Notifications in TB on OS X shouldn't play two sounds by default. ui-r=paenglab r=aleth
ec279cbc7cec6c6be6ee84e13f78e210ae2a516bkunal bansal — Bug 802046 - Typos, whitespace and similar nitfixes in localization/l10n comments and string entities. r=mkmelin a=cleanup DONTBUILD
6af5a5a61f34717612dbcc57aea76b5a29561bceDecathlon — Bug 1310440 - Accesskey conflict in Views tab for Calendar options. r=makemyday
da99cb7a713d68a38a50e61a7857c9a8fec3a1ebalta88 — Bug 497488 - RSS feeds with an invalid certificate fail with a misleading message. r=IanN a=IanN
5f33c5aa8123eda8f95cf785d308abd95e735d25alta88 — Bug 497488 - Implement verify mode in the subscribe dialog for existing feed urls. r=mkmelin
d3defd53f986d139f584a27a2743a38e1712ad12alta88 Bug 497488 - RSS feeds with an invalid certificate fail with a misleading message. r=mkmelin
d926c35f0cc8d39f7228f2e3bf47c06c8edfe22fFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1308741 - Correct outdated mozilla URLs which gave a 404. Point to archived content. r=IanN a=IanN
c077cd0e990edf989c49605301bb8d833cd3ca98Thomas Düllmann — Bug 567125 - Change "Search for:" label to "Search Contacts:" to resolve access key conflict. r=paenglab
50d2c338ff293ccee7632c3ae0dd06210e4ef818Richard Marti — Bug 1309634 - Change the View -> Sort By Correspondents accesskey. r=jorgk
5c53c361c3ebfd80c0ba8d6e77b1796feea2bde4Cykesiopka — Bug 1297368 - Import nsIUserCertPicker and nsICertPickDialogs related code removed from m-c in Bug 1142350. r=rkent a=jorgk for SM
c89b2d4539a6c5baa21f8ed79ce50c13b0c439d6Manuel Griessmayr — Bug 882104 - Implement command line option to read message body from file. r=mkmelin,jorgk
1e111c2885d9da73d3120094abe6fc98de678303Onno Ekker — Bug 1306565 - Fix wrong hrefs in help documentation. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
efa94b5ae27e25c2af6b96178df3770e0541df35Onno Ekker — Bug 1305385 - Remove Edit sections from certs_help.xhtml. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
008b1e6f2cb695e9cd2417d085f8983c6bd7a970makemyday — Bug 1282130 - Improve error message for failing ICS import;r=philipp
1c6bd955daaeff6532b7c53c1336613b2d8053d7makemyday — Bug 1291421 - Trailing spaces in imipBarReplyToNotExistingItem;r=philipp
12b3c933488ee266cc5312fb50e5532fa9c5a45cSebastian Hengst — Bug 1301938 - Port Bug 1279910 - Rename occurrences of "Oriya" to "Odia". r=aceman
997d96d22cd3c5d9bcd4bb6d9f8a33fef7661bcdFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1285798 - Turn on server favicons by default and change the wording to reflect reality better. r=IanN/Ratty a=IanN
1da4330580cb7e91c3ddafd5be936da716c76794Richard Marti — Bug 546621 - Add a Conversations button. r=mkmelin
8d6be5a747f5ee93e66027c9aee88f8edafc20b8Jorg K — Bug 1302005 - Port bug 597738 (show build architecture (32-bit or 64-bit)) in About dialogue. r=aceman
331707064d46dabaaaaf261b61c9a20371b738c4alta88 — Bug 505981 - The "Last Week" sorting group label is misleading / wrong. r=ewong, a=ewong
9883c01d069ffb120fc1e998e8351e87814483bfalta88 Bug 505981 - The "Last Week" sorting group label is misleading/wrong. r=Paenglab,jorgk
5b188ff4b85c7c20f7ad8de2b2fda99d2136fe0falta88 — Bug 546999 - Message "This MIME attachment is stored separately from the message" for feed enclosures (podcasts) is not localized. r=mkmelin, r=ewong, a=ewong
2a9c79eeac0df4675738954758d6a5a0bd2d2b8balta88 — Bug 271173 - "From" should be "Author" in RSS entries. r=mkmelin
9ee1b9697a64492798cd2ed017285b7df07c14daFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1289794 - Integrate consoleoverlay files. r=IanN a=IanN
3cf444939607104bf6acb8774296ca6acc0f960eFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1298657 - Define brandShorterName in Seamonkey. r=Ratty a=Ratty
81a369432bf9d62976cc9400c43899652718c2b5Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1298657 - Define brandShorterName in Seamonkey and Thunderbird. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
c2427de6f1d061521bc36cd5a821613231d98857Ton — Bug 1224471 - Wrong keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+K" for spell check. r=IanN, a=IanN
dfa7c9030c46da98e770e22ed28b8ec6c548baefrsx11m — Bug 1267631 - Part II: Add the TLS 1.3 checkbox to SSL/TLS prefpane. r=IanN, a=Ratty
b639ab0a8d96b27614e5b5e9cc68e31e57d151e2Isaac Schemm — Bug 1178164 - customize_help.xhtml: Mention "Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey". r=IanN, a=IanN
94b87e6e8d1083b66f0f55b2aa6915d101dab5b5Isaac Schemm — Bug 1263925 - Add info about Devtools to SeaMonkey Help with link to Firefox documentation. r=IanN, a=IanN
9cdb96a0a209439211628dee3ba856f819428192rsx11m — Bug 1287289 - Add checkboxes to open the data manager and the addon manager in standalone windows instead of a browser tab. ui-r=Ratty, r=IanN, a=IanN
f89dd193df5ea34d9fbb3b1b6c4cbfc0fc475960Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1298616 - Port bug 1296207 - remove billboard capability. r=Paenglab
896c2dfa27135119fb6705e8affc4f804b19109cFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1293104 - Remove support for -forbid- lists in Seamonkey. r=Ratty a=Ratty
aa92687ab6b35cd1c7bb199e130d24a3f74f2564makemyday — Bug 1287067 - Cannot snooze alarms for more than 22 days;r=mmecca
1a2db73e208600108f68ae09615789bb4ab07f64Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1294997 - Reintegrate Data Manager Password Permissions page into Permissions page. r=Ratty a=Ratty
3a178fe27732b72174e68a41ddddfd57821e4cf2Richard Marti — Bug 743230 - Show icons depending on account type in the account manager (with new icons for SMTP server by Paenglab). ui-r=Paenglab, r=mkmelin, r=Ratty a=Ratty
4531a5f6226b3ef4d139eb29da2173ba5880b83faceman — Bug 1290666 - Change entity button.editFeed.label to button.updateFeed.label for proper localization. r=mkmelin,IanN a=IanN DONTBUILD
52e53aa2643da4fc4805baf3bf345c7ebaf55806rsx11m — Bug 1016577 - Update about:rights content for Geolocation service similar to Toolkit bug 514817. r/a=IanN
53de0f247ad8b93fa6d42ad7a2c52de231faf2e3Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1293370 - Fix double equal sign (==) in definition of entity conversation.muc.invitationWithReason.password. r=aleth
66c178e0f132483a16f5b466e470da2caf0a7c5cRichard Marti — Bug 1293048 - Use Ctrl+K keyboard shortcut for hyperlink dialog like other word processors. r=jorgk
240182ae429fe58170acaa6333413356139ea957Suyash Agarwal — Bug 942436 - add a way to disable attachment reminder for the current message. r=aceman
af761cfbc212a4fde883056a5e2be722ad78f061Jorg K — Backed out changeset 2b47a6bef4c7 - push to comm-central instead of try DONTBUILD
c67930dcde9682970e90e5045bce94cba40fec15Jorg K — Backed out changeset 4620308fb703 - push to comm-central instead of try DONTBUILD
1c71167e2a60e1097f5794fb4bce3428d0cd0435makemyday — Bug 1282130 - SEGV in icalproperty_new_clone;r=philipp
737cecca4a082ff4e7a6a72f21813c4c2afbf0d4makemyday — Bug 1287067 - Cannot snooze alarms for more than 22 days;r=mmecca
006cc53ebddcf42fbc343d182fb855722e82e9b5Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1282286 - Fork old Error Console for Suite. r=IanN a=IanN
c33abd99077b225b3d0088e626e3b274d5ce5097Jared Wein — Bug 1268159 - Use GreD in addition to XCurProcD for browser_misused_characters_in_strings.js to cover more string files. r=gijs
92e5df8aab6cd8cf6c429b5f1608afbc2540c5a5Geoff Lankow — Bug 1138336 - Adapt nsIScriptError so it can display log messages with filename and line number; r=jst,neil,past
11525546e272302f40ea566feca76c474bef7de2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 920794 - make browser console DWIM, r=msucan
d0506e023cf99f3601c4b69777791b807a54138aCykesiopka — Bug 801266 - Add label next to Error Console's filter box. r=dao
aad686f44969654c4b3c452c36bc1bcb4f237117Ryan VanderMeulen — Revert d0946da6e385 due to a horribly munged backout.
9b4627ca2ed3e7e6a4931aac52f0f4f7a617f06eRyan VanderMeulen — Backout the bug 754202 backout due to orange.
7246bf5aa2f0fc11d3258e5003c7d6a6a51ac0b9Tom Schuster — Bug 760951 - Add a filter box to the error console. r=jaws
2fc6a2689654302b36be2f90d0c2dab9eddf9c24Gervase Markham — Bug 716478 - update licence to MPL 2.
b8d5f705a255f8dbfbe311147ef050dd274de0c7aceman — Bug 122213 - Display time and date of messages in toolkit's Error Console. r=neil sr=bz
2b68b59346c0f44123eb9a2838053231cc1c622basqueella — Bug 374320 - add a label and an accesskey for the 'code' textbox in the Error Consolep=Cedric Corazza <>r=mconnor
8dbef7ce95eaf6bd50855babdb478086c73a3f80philringnalda — Bug 375485 - Remove some unused toolkit strings, r=mano
55cbf3ff8cd1b6f60bed52aae11983241b6313d6hg — Free the (distributed) Lizard! Automatic merge from CVS: Module mozilla: tag HG_REPO_INITIAL_IMPORT at 22 Mar 2007 10:30 PDT,
5a8b3910361d2560797a7209834fd35ff9621989rsx11m — Bug 494424 - Update help for geolocation. r=IanN, a=Help change
3fb7a5e5c0868794616f68b01ad699f6143b521eGervase Markham — Bug 716478 - update licence to MPL 2.
4f9303a3b665b56a3a406a71b3158d64db1e7a8estefanh — Bug 460668 - Remove useless search-sidebar-closebutton from help.xul (also add emptytext attribute and remove some obsolete css). NPODB. r=Neil.
5e6319e4b317ce7696f677a2a9a5a6c542ed1c64reed — Bug 426501 - "ZoomIn/ZoomOut/ZoomReset should have alternative accel keys for localized builds" (string changes only) [ (Masayuki Nakano) ui-r=beltzner pending-a1.9=string-freeze]
7d5c7f67ad807da808de2abdff5675c0aefc14f2reed — Bug 401220 - ""Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" are interchanged in help.dtd" [p=dao r=Mano aM9=beltzner]
c2d264fac9fa5d00be6d0362a833c3b629536f97reed — Bug 389628 - "Implement UI for full page zoom" [p=dao r=mconnor r+sr=sicking (for content/events/) a=blocking-firefox3+ for M9]
fffe1d839e2f3f9cfd0168f20ef6831e8050ead7gavin — Bug 356673: Whitespace and alignment fixes for l10n files, patch by Hendrik Maryns <>, r=me
cccb356353b9a38c5c217e06ed48db312a761747hg — Free the (distributed) Lizard! Automatic merge from CVS: Module mozilla: tag HG_REPO_INITIAL_IMPORT at 22 Mar 2007 10:30 PDT,
e17652d31b5f729b3b517d1f08b46cc8989dd603Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1284165 - support version command. r=aleth
538a2daa125c3805e6def80180eac53244914289Javier Rueda — Bug 1283936 - Remove Alerts preferences and UI for OS X. ui-r=bwinton r=mkmelin
35ed5347fe98f8301b9d34436dc05c5882c3c514Ricardo Palomares — Bug 1287179 - Duplicate ID in suite-toc.rdf. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
61194e10d4ce758c9ea960a913cccfe53e08bb58Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 955307 - Handle XMPP Resource collision. r=aleth
bd875cce9306af45ab5156123598865c74f67453Jorg K — Bug 432902 - fixed message when nothing to import was found. r=rkent DONTBUILD
bc6958972c86f6dd8de07b366bf96b97fc7e1f29Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1281722 - Implement Direct MUC Invitations (XEP-0249). r=aleth
b36a4cd9c78969841f12b477430ba8919c732bf6Isaac Schemm — Bug 1281811 - Update Component Bar images in Help. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
6a6a85c453f3302751a268ba71f058526ea2ab67rsx11m — Bug 1275679 - Add option to the HTTP Networking preferences to disable Lightning user-agent addition. ui-r=Ratty r=IanN,Ratty a=IanN
95781b508e4ad1314536dc3ccfef512957ab839ersx11m — Bug 1265534 - Make editor.CR_creates_new_p work for Mail & News composition and allow Paragraph mode as default. ui-r=Ratty, r=IanN, a=IanN
e225fbcdbcb5614477946f3339070766b6da974dFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1055954 - Popup exceptions menu in Navigator reworked to behave like cookie and image permissions menu. r=Ratty a=Ratty
06fae38d2ae7944fb9b9cb1dbee87bda86dd9742Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1279450 - EnterUserPasswordFor string has been renamed and reworded. r=mmecca
bf34a83dfb99c93b76d05fce2c50ba613751792dIsaac Schemm — Bug 1280304 - Update bookmarks toolbar screenshot in SeaMonkey Help to match the default appearance and remove Netscape-related names and icons. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
0da58bed61112845c1b6637258d92a08679d539fIsaac Schemm — Bug 1278566 - Update location bar screenshot in SeaMonkey Help to show the URL r=stefanh, a=Help change.
679735b2b6e3a54b05b13ca50863eacc7b383a1fIsaac Schemm — Bug 1224231 - Add information about menu bar (including show/hide) to SeaMonkey Help. r=IanN, a=Help change.
03dc5702f80c48953cb47f974a0a0c5aab974bf2Isaac Schemm — Bug 1278888 - Update tabbed_browsing_bar.png in Help. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
a2adefebc675481d3cce3b312c31d78346b0b96eIsaac Schemm — Bug 1278619 - Update sidebar.png in help. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
762182235df4124426e6c515915aa0a40b880d75Isaac Schemm — Bug 1236365 - Remove references to Sidebar search results from Help. r=IanN, a=Help change.
60fc9e151c10c17d058348ef2d50b1a792d228b8Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1271151 - Add a link to the release notes and display the current version
4f8d5e843191b361f4d5f20663d511933a41df03aceman — Bug 432902 - if there is no method to import mail data, show some useful message. ui-r=Paenglab, r=mkmelin, r=Ratty, a=Ratty
7cdaa3025f285286e86138c843c699c7d206cefbMakeMyDay — Bug 1231098 - attached webpage (url) not displayed in event invitation;r=philipp
eb0ff4278069a4cd1c69419b2a5040c81d45db3cmakemyday — Bug 1272989 - Recieved replies to not (anymore) existing events trigger a misleading message in imipBar;r=philipp
10c80df99a00cd4e22314e5d74c44b0daf0d7216Decathlon — Bug 1277976 - menu keyboard shortcut Edit -> Calendar Properties conflicts with Edit -> Copy. r=Philipp
f1a65f46f3a17ed1bfdc7df57952dcbe023b7deeSuraj Ghimire — Bug 1275975 - Fix typo in glossary.xhtml. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
44f53f3e93085f47a98fc68e5c2ac441f345a4baSuraj Ghimire — Bug 1275660 - Update links in developer_tools.xhtml. r=stefanh, a=Help change.
fc0e09f8ba05c0de5acfcd98a9ed43ea26b29fd0Richard Marti — Bug 1275836 - Port bug 1274729 to TB - Rename corruptedContentError string to reflect new content. r=Aryx
b1a3e60f23f981701d5e8fa502315590a2050049Richard Marti — Bug 1276320 - Port bug 1271759 to TB - Detect and reject machines without SSE2 r=mkmelin
bf872ede63a80a008b9e2295a452178dded52bc1rsx11m — Bug 1267631 - Part I: TLS 1.3 strings ahead of the main patch. r=Ratty, a=Ratty
86324e668dce9ed04f0aa78a0f38fef7cf3ea78arsx11m — Bug 1272888 - Initial Mail & News window width and Preferences dialog can't accommodate Lightning elements, cut off contents. r=Ratty, a=Ratty
533e3bd42b2754ac325171c34e16b06bc93dacdcPhilip Chee — Bug 684455 - Import from Becky! Internet Mail. SeaMonkey Part r=IanN.
4d925fbba81f8d7643539f7a71cffd3a414cf80frsx11m — Bug 1273841 - Separate Enter key behavior and starting a new message using paragraph format. ui-r=Paenglab, r=jorgk
9f427f3ca7cb4d8dc22f0c8e514a62cc5a07529cAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 787369 - XMPP: Support SRV records. r=aleth,clokep
3237b1c68a2fe108eff0bdcd52ad3797f210c10dFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1271134 - fix nav_help.xhtml typos. r=stefanh
63abb96bd3014b252f019a7dbad864c9ec2df4eaOnno Ekker — Bug 1272903 - Missing comment for localization note notADeceptiveSite, notAnAttack. r=frg
3fd46512aa0eee42dc5f919d09a84b94523fda1estefanh — Bug 1272921 - Convert all suite style sheets logical properties from -moz-padding-start etc. to padding-inline-start etc. r=Ratty, a=Ratty for checkin to a CLOSED TREE
60e3ce32b7fdbb2adb3aa1e0fcd8ab2aea58273aTon — Bug 951748 - Change "Message draft" -> "Draft message" where needed. r=Ratty, r=Paenglab
b3b892803c8ec9e58c9ed72d7ee99e806a4bc9d2Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 684455 - Import from Becky! Internet Mail. r?mkato, rs=rkent
f57593a204c46aaa5f6527277d907af4fa0d9e39rsx11m — Bug 1269133 - Remove add-on compatibility check from application update; also port bug 1268340. r=IanN, a=IanN
31a14c4b94c0b4349326ff109ee1d0d3f651e9daRichard Marti — Bug 1268154 - Port bug 1262880 to TB [Remove add-on compatibility check from application update]. r=mkmelin
0bb9a27177b250d53af41f8e3a2bd1965786c998Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1269203 - Port bug 1122642 - [h2] better error state for INADEQUATE_SECURITY. r=aceman
a87c6ee4ad15442846e164ab91d0c47f851bcc4arsx11m — Bug 533984 - Make the description of the Lightning XPI generic and application independent. r=philipp
ec984eaa3130e3e2755eb4c9e931c647ef384173Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1267057 - Fix spelling of errorAddPermission. r=Ratty a=Ratty typo fix
59194611836442845ad3da86746710b0e2e88219Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1264570 - Port bug 682294 - Opening a page which we can't read should display an error page. r=mkmelin
c961e859cf27807d36763d17646340d183e6133aPhilip Chee — Bug 1258955 Fix DuckDuckGo icon incorrectly added in Bug 1097818. r=IanN a=IanN for comm-aurora and comm-beta a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
962b5182cd3052cb119ea0f6055693fcfcab1fb3Onno Ekker — Bug 1260700 - Add accesskey to menuitems Ignore Subthread and Watch Thread in message context menu. r=jorgk
787f622d14016fbba2121c12806fceb03db4a1eeaceman — Bug 1256153 - migrate to the new 5-argument nsICookieManager.remove(). r=mkmelin
d6be4f1a9bf660ff5c651ff48c9628d348daba33Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1250600 - Fix Seamonkey to take into account recent Firefox changes for Safebrowsing. r=Ratty
08d59ddc40a1b8a8716a0272c2e0d3fb76ee5747Philip Chee — Bug 1223341 - Add the Firefox Devtools to the SeaMonkey UI r=IanN r?Neil
e0e906821b4d10adc5cf637876e2e4dac7394610Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1259922 - remove unused safebrowsing variables from Thunderbird r=mkmelin CLOSED TREE
1aaa20e835195b6d012aa77b3bb12b82c2892784rsx11m — Bug 1251874 - Allow modification of minimum/maximum zoom levels in Content preference pane. r=IanN, ui-r=Ratty, a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
ea39931fb02e4e3522a18d953e02e9250fbacbd7rsx11m — Bug 851898 - Preemptively extend range of zoom levels to 20-800%. r=IanN, ui-r=Ratty
41057ad3c68a2cfbfd49bdf7ac44e215ebe83026rsx11m — Bug 1259422 - Re-order entities in preferences.dtd to match Preferences dialog and remove unused strings. r=IanN, a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
8eeaa0409ab951df600b288e544ecfc2df41925ersx11m — Bug 1258295 - Remove remnants of Security Policies preferences pane. r=IanN
74a3f728a57b5fe1e46072827b7ceb7900d41266aceman — Bug 700976 - Resurrect quick mode selector above the folder pane. Make it optional and available in the toolbar palette. Most of the css from Paenglab. r=squib, r=Paenglab
da39ad90242796f2d82e9a130cf28a9e5b0877c9Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1188348 - Fix Data and old Cookie Manager to use new permissions api - part 2 r=IanN
df600b2a6d95f696f2351b1ac4c87b7082829cd6Jorg K — Bug 1243498 - Remove Eudora import. SM part. r=Ratty a=jorgk CLOSED TREE
e541196504112122d2fe5ecc392ea9afd8d969a6Geoff Lankow — Update timezones file to 2016b; r=Fallen
49cbaa5f7b7e8b2219759eaa7ab65c1ab5683be2Thomas Düllmann — Bug 1106412 - Implement Edit Draft Message Command. r=jorgk
5b2e0b1c44b6b3487807e1e7a105ff2753f8c2bcaleth — Bug 1256432 - Unfork accounts.dtd. r=clokep
0681e1c64413363dc241a7d1e89ca2611336f3c6Jorg K — Bug 1243498 - Remove Eudora import. r=mkmelin
8baff1aaf62a2aa5da8c2b3b031523242d38e84cMrinal Dhar — Bug 1105797 - Handle IRC message 501. r=aleth
2c9eeaea4e050b85afd4bf9f99698c01034a7b2fRyan Nematz — bug 1218343 - add an option to toggle autoscrolling in the preferences window r=IanN
6706459f70fe5e214eddd4bbf7a947b2ef578731Ryan Nematz — Backed out changeset: 775da8e23ad9 Bug 1218343 because of wrong author
9b5990c6fd9b229f8ade3a2525ffab82b00e8559Philip Chee — bug 1218343 - add an option to toggle autoscrolling in the preferences window r=IanN
777f003e558d1c7240e37b6f7a08a26a9b9e22cdOnno Ekker — Bug 1249865 - Several string fixes in, both for mail and suite. r=jorgk
48f1e52ce1a357e92aece6a931391c4fd2e6109fOnno Ekker — Bug 1247905 - Several string fixes in r=jorgk rs=Ratty a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
6aac4b4adee28507373cdfd40d478cd397bd9b01aceman — Bug 1019932 - replace numeric strings IDs in nsMsgProtocol.cpp ( r=Neil
b5941776e6293466ab1384dfa00b7fb0f1e5aad8Arlo Breault — Bug 1245325 - Better error reporting for failed outgoing messages. r=clokep
292bfb19bd8cb88710dc8a00b9687b037ee36693aceman — Bug 1182460 - allow exporting all addressbooks. r=mkmelin, r=Ratty
18547551014989b4543ec78fcf4bf9098ea7f521aceman — Bug 514762 - remove support for "keep unread messages only" retention option. r=mkmelin, r=rkent
54d952694d449dabb8f5eb2f18b1296846bf742drsx11m — Bug 1245110 - Remove description of "Ask for each cookie" option in preferences dialog now that it has been removed. r=IanN
01804b3daf778ea0f0a7027ea67154d496939b9caceman — Bug 1225935 - Use https versions of Google maps and OpenStreetMap. r=mkmelin, r=Ratty
b5f8867612e5703126de55c3eb0f54bc5765b30bDecathlon — Bug 566149 - Last instance of repeated event does not show in calendar display. r=philipp
09022766f9b21cfea5c40b941ff74f2a7a75c92fMakeMyDay — Bug 1240383 - Remove all attendees popup menu entry is not visible anymore in event dialog;r=philipp
e98ab9b6f7415542bad07a55a0b722ef2fcd34c5MakeMyDay — Bug 1238378 - Missing subject placeholder;r=philipp
f3aae29a428b37c7882891c55a49a6512653e4f7rsx11m — Bug 1237835 - Document IMAP IDLE setting which bug 449021 moved to main account settings screen. r=IanN a=Ratty
c2c50fc4641cc7065cc916af774fd91d80fa9a35Decathlon — Bug 1234178 - Duplicated accesskey in event dialog ("s", start date, attendees tab)("i", title, until date)("c", location, calendar) r=MakeMyDay
54a784f415498ac11bd63d5bad7f2d6c840ddd7fFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1228385 - Remove preferences for no longer valid dom.disable_image_src_set r=Ratty
c9eb5f0d0c2ea0d5e1dbb00b89051959107f1bfcTony Mechelynck [:tonymec] — Bug 1235199 - Remove "Ask for each cookie" radiobutton in preferences dialog now that its backend is gone r=Neil
f8308c5c27fcfb3e003553acdbe45a2449a7c235rsx11m — Bug 1238374 - Access key conflict for new IDLE checkbox in IMAP Server Settings. r=aceman,IanN a=IanN SM CLOSED TREE
d3b6910438144992dc6061a01ba1e59416999f5fThomas Düllmann — Bug 118624 - Implement customizable prefs: mail.addr_book.quicksearchquery.format, autocompletequery.format; add Nickname & other fields to AB quick search, contacts side bar and SM's Select Addresses dialogue. Seamonkey part. r=Neil a=Neil SM CLOSED TREE
9ebdd392d4c12683ed588466864eb70ac8263d58Thomas Düllmann — Bug 118624 - Implement customizable prefs: mail.addr_book.quicksearchquery.format, autocompletequery.format; add Nickname & other fields to AB quick search, contacts side bar and SM's Select Addresses dialogue. r=aceman, rs=rkent, a=rkent
7098822af6cdf885644428a2af9995078890200cMakeMyDay — Bug 1235355 - Typo at some places related to attendee user type resource. r=philipp
fcc1261d43ce08d7bb11e2f79c8039a24de60d8fRichard Marti — Bug 1236296 - Change "View Certificates" to "Manage Certificates" to get to Certificate Manager. r=mkmelin a=me
975ba82c742a684cb296b0e78fd31774914e3a71rsx11m — Bug 1229270 - Provide UI in Send Format pane for new mailnews.sendformat.auto_downgrade preference ui-r=Neil r=IanN
b6d7af415bc2c04e0a60af6e77bfba506c87ab28Philip Chee — Bug 1233063 - Fork ProfileManager UI code broken by Bug 1232629 r=Neil
d8d03e2249100a0790d71d5610add15b70fea027Geoff Lankow — Bug 1139673 - De-clutter timezones extension; r=Fallen
1d08ba036cff47932947dffc6e12337c42543099aceman — Bug 87987 - fix sample email addresses in customizeFromAddressWarning as requested in review. r=mkmelin
713654a29a1e14de83468be8c2985681652e2f09Neil Rashbrook — Bug 87987 - Make From header editable per-message (from the Composer) - Thunderbird version. r=mkmelin
efcfe26595a8749e0b4db074285bf2b2560583afMakeMyDay — Bug 1225779 - Deal properly with delegated events;r=philipp
83057a6f36faa2a25d909d6b576e1b343f6893e1MakeMyDay — Bug 1229148 - Use the new itip icons also in the event dialog;ui-r=paenglab;r=philipp
71b688d6fd953c403f7d6eeea9f781b9824d9406aceman — Bug 449021 - Move IMAP IDLE setting to main account settings screen. r=IanN, r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab
e278e70b01d18ac324a05ef617cde603c4f05c2faceman — Bug 1190609 - make asterisk (*) in folder pane more understandable to the user by changing the symbol and adding tooltip explanation. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab
ffeca5d6e09b4147101588f7cd8fe231af8a5ce7Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1232209 - Timezone update script does not update r=darktrojan
4d9587a22ef6ae0f36788e5059a6bc8b1fb3ff13Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1210458 - Update internal timezone database to version 2015g. r=ssitter
aec13946739bf1e2223be8821789b20d8559d8bcMasatoshi Kimura — Back out c893774815fd (bug 1177830) due to misunderstanding
d8985dc98b46794bc2ac1ce00ab013e10b1a52a7MakeMyDay — Bug 1229141 - Use new itip icons in event summary dialog;ui-r=paenglab;r=philipp
948e43e2fd649c772ef0ab3f1b77660c4fb2014eMakeMyDay — Bug 1174511 - Show Required / Optional attendance on meeting invites received from other users;r=philipp
822beafef854d4a9559874664a3383d66ac362f5Richard Marti — Bug 1230250 - Add a global searchBox class. r=aleth
241925166a9afe4549a4f759f4de0e06245a104aRichard Marti — Bug 1230748 - Remove the ellipsis from Task View placeholder text. r=Fallen
2250fb8a15bb949367a47ac6b7c3496dcd2ffdaaJorg K — Bug 330891 - Initialise editor with editor.CR_creates_new_p preference. r=mkmelin
0e4b90ed88c183643d1d073b1332702b72437e8eGiulio Portioli — Bug 364133 - Print command added to address book's context menu. r=mconley
233d92d15985c29cc6871760725090bd74b3e010Giulio Portioli — Bug 1211975 - Inconsistent letter case and spacing tidied up in abMainWindow.dtd. r=mconley
692425824dae564b035f8d93c35ecb5aaab9773dMerike Sell — Bug 1226949 - WeeksTitle string unused. r=philipp
07c90a949aef781599509e28fc4328dc7869589cJorg K — Bug 232021 - Provide "Copy Name and Email Address" on From/To message header context menu. r=aceman.
41b437804c6377a82bcb36946d76e722bd75828dJorg K — Bug 769604 - Provide new font size selection button, change internals of increase/decrease buttons. r=neil,mkmelin
71481d606a20dfb7917c54488f9b6d52fa93a913rsx11m — Bug 1152644 - Add UI in Notifications preference pane whether or not to use libnotify for new-mail alerts on Linux. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
6710775ad3843e099ba200f232823e248f2c043bMakeMyDay — Bug 1218216 - Make invitation overlay more context aware;r=philipp
b120a2d74bf623b02a1eb700ede754cde353e524Magnus Melin — Bug 1228663 - port "Bug 1216723 - Add a new -forbid- Safe Browsing list type" to Thunderbird. r=aceman
a159ccf1d634f76d0309648a1948b33c56e3135calta88 — Bug 1177830 - consider removing Chinese Simplified (GBK) from outgoing mail encoding options. r=mkmelin, r=ewong
482a477adc13ea75bda917a9f140ccac601cb4f6aceman — Bug 524934 - standalone Identity edit dialog is smaller than the default identity pane in account settings. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=mkmelin
c07b2199f481d8b3839e76aa0814ed5b94f333f9Richard Marti — Bug 1211864 - Use our own searchBox styling. r=aleth
02ee3c387fd77622efaf5b410781f405e954402cThomas Düllmann — Bug 136502 - Delivery Format Auto-Detect: Make Auto-Downgrade to plain-text optional by pref. r=mkmelin
1515fbe00485b978c9f4fe3265f1313e8a5b0320aceman — Bug 1202524 - improve wording in POP3 account deferring dialog. ui-r=Paenglab, r=IanN, r=mkmelin, a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
a05458b2daaf0381990bf63251ae5d78c3d4e346Merike Sell — Bug 1154448 - Use different placeholders for r=philipp
c200a53ad0cf820334cdcde041ff9fb5d74a4ef3aceman — Bug 1209910 - add "allow remote content from all URL menuitem" in the "allow remove content" menu. r=Paenglab, r=mkmelin
dd6a731d2f84f141fb4deb83dc3573a7830a31d1Jorg K — Bug 117236 - Export CSV and tab separated using system charset or UTF-8; r=mkmelin ui-r=paenglab a=aleth CLOSED TREE
c13371054fdb4cbea568f162759d81df4d78915cKaspar Brand — Bug 278689 - Multiple Certificates with the same subject are not shown in the digital signature select cert combo (only one is shown) r=neil
6bef39b4d57916fe399dd4c9de2ac912a9345fb9aleth — Bug 1014609 - Part 5: Remove jquery in accountProvisioner.js. r=mkmelin,ui-r=Paenglab
fc3af960ba82060df3c6246daff36dd17a543689aceman — Bug 866635 - refresh layout in the SMTP manager pane in the Account manager. ui-r=bwinton, ui-r=Paenglab, r=IanN, r=mkmelin
43d34d2682a1dcde1328b628a2f1db46d6747052Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1205727 - Implement invite and me commands for XMPP muc. r=aleth
13566818382d3a2aac86546df791cf443d6d7f9cUser Frédéric Wang — Bug 1065843 - Add help for entering mathematical formulas. r=InvisibleSmiley a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
6921933655fd613a7af69314d7496986635022f4Magnus Melin — Bug 1193200 - Remote content exceptions: Cannot add email address to blocklist with Block and Allow buttons; adding web site seems to succeed but also invisible. r=aceman, a=mkmelin
52dc937fb41bfd90c5b8d5eaa9bb51e3651b8ef9Ian Neal — Bug 1190185 - Switch default search engine to DuckDuckGo r=mnyromyr f=ratty/akalla a=ewong for CLOSED TREE
428ba55216d58ea62580cdc3ee08053d0f32f136aceman — Bug 531285 - Allow multiple map services to be selectable via the Get Map button in AB contact. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Josiah, r=Neil
c5b97fdec57630775139b0570c1d86b821847ab7rsx11m — Bug 1149581 - Remove SSLv3 strings from SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences r=IanN
e234ae104bc9e6ccc9b13b0659cde2eeac55d050Onno Ekker — Bug 1138401 - Fix a spurious \n in mailnews smtpServerError, r=syshagarwal r=Neil
84dd142a3a2a9ee717c04b0575404d8896b1c18dAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1204273 - Implement nick and msg commands for XMPP muc. r=aleth
94f9f9d16ad8eb5f95197c486f621430a1cd41f2Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1172354 - Implement ban and kick commands for XMPP rooms. r=aleth a=aleth CLOSED TREE
61e303cffa9419f139c8fdd864ef10b9182eda2eThomas Düllmann — Bug 256628 - Change "Recheck Page" button label to "Recheck Text" in spell check dialog. r=neil,ui-r=paenglab
ed88766a9dbb9e15c9a80746a3584c7784790fd8alta88 — Bug 478863 - Messages with future dates (>= tomorrow) badly break "Group by sort", missing group header string for "Future Dates", suite string. r=ewong
7b0064689654c1f33f5dc9c34db931956b9d9582alta88 — Bug 478863 - Messages with future dates (>= tomorrow) badly break "Group by sort", missing group header string for "Future Dates". r=rkent
cc92eda727f4602bffd1fbf7daeaa35d62583c16aceman — Bug 1148790 - Add unknown fonts from message compose to the fonts menu. ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin, r=IanN
039a2c0913b00a47787f416aa401a5b0e3c89416aceman — Bug 1152743 - Re-implement "Search" field and "Clear List" button in Saved Files tab. ui-r=ThomasD, r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab
7e1c2783e45cc8fc749c41be3ef8b56536a812efAadithya B K Bug 1189365 - "Anti-virus" typo fix in in security.dtd, mailnews_preferences.xhtml and pref-junk.dtd. r=aceman,iann a=aleth SM CLOSED TREE
a9e7a2571b9a18c7c844c1088cb52d3485e9e7d8Decathlon — Bug 357012 - Week number support in multiweek/month view. r=philipp
ac99daa68dabb9cceaddf683d7dd13b884b4c21bJorg K — Bug 368915 - Enable spell check in subject line, provide language info in status bar. ui-r=Paenglab, r=mkmelin a=aleth on CLOSED TREE
2d15c755992fb09c747d167be43ebdaf4e9aabaeAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1176958 - Update participants list when a nick is changed in XMPP MUC. r=aleth,clokep
d91f5fbe979e9923c582ebe06d4ce58a875f0c56aceman — Bug 582170 - warn user that messages will be removed from server for some retention options. ui-r=Paenglab, r=mkmelin, r=IanN a=aleth CLOSED TREE
66fda39a934272d64ffed328cecc6142576f2ac4rsx11m — Bug 1141324 - Upgrade the SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences to refer to TLS too ui-r=Neil r=IanN a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
e69aa0fdfb5939fc25396553563bdb6619d73e9drsx11m — Bug 1139004 - Rename all "Character Encoding" to "Text Encoding" in Help content; fix wording from changeset 3e9818b98a34 r=IanN a=CLOSED TREE a=Ratty for all branches.
59b8b125e4ff51ac40c31e487abe981fa174a894rsx11m — Bug 1127784 - Part II: Add UI to enable/disable playback of Encrypted Media Extensions. r=IanN, ui=Neil a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
e717e3598efd2e4665263ea201312a2aece8ce3aAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1172355 - Add system messages when someone joins or leaves an XMPP MUC. r=aleth
ce2d82fdb634d56e628e0db5a1f7ba8260d719ffaleth — Bug 1146093 - Followup to fix two string typos. rs=aleth
e45224d1ea5d16cf6dc30e8def8aec6f9c048241Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1146093 - Add some system messages for when an occupant leaves a XMPP MUC room. r=aleth
31dd8f2738961e104e8708d624803181b52633b0Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1171691 - Implement requestBuddyInfo for JS-XMPP. r=aleth
8c67ed73a35ac8e070320ca025a939ae9973bf34aceman — Seamonkey strings for bug 843320. r=Ratty a=L10n CLOSED TREE
2f10aaf16abb7dc6d47674429894701a9632a972Matthew Mecca — Bug 1187574 - calendar.context.togglevisible.accesskey is used for multiple strings. r=philipp
f26d95074575ff9bb85836d329945a0989bf2353aceman — Bug 843320 - Add number and list of folders chosen in the saved search (virtual folder) creation/edit dialog. ui-r=bwinton, r=rkent
67abb46baae331dc1722cc37e8039db7561c8721Javier Rueda — Bug 1187158 - Direct users to the Notification Center settings to disable badge of Dock Icon. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
606b79b83be2b3681772680a70576963e822b2cfaleth — Back out aeca087abe82 (Bug 1176958 - Update participants list when a nick is changed) for producing error messages. a=aleth CLOSED TREE
a4bea03ff1561b3bb82127468ffb975eae6b97abAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1176958 - Update participants list when a nick is changed in XMPP MUC. r=clokep a=aleth CLOSED TREE
2b53a7771f43e8fb34e1083bd7951ec19f6e7544Patrick Cloke — Bug 953999 - Skype protocol plugin. r=aleth,florian
584312a7650a2dc1b3fe81b0c28b9537252f00afPhilip Chee — Bug 1153577 - Users should be able to hide the menubar and show it with the ALT key r=Neil a=IanN CLOSED TREE
0e53a32da1059594d7b2b66ad081495ed42e247dAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1172360 - Handle join MUC command without passing server domain in XMPP. r=aleth
7f5eb8f3f48792be0ea3cf685944143329cc3496Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1000398 - Support sending private message to a MUC participant. r=aleth
dae5f0a93f33e94b54abb6e3126f81c9cf16219bMagnus Melin — Bug 1174580 - Doesn't display GB2312 encoded texts correctly for Chinese Characters. r=jcranmer
240b48e7c878bce86eda201381605fb6dcf5a847Zach Nickell — Bug 978558 - Polish tooltip of 'Size' or 'Lines' column header ("Sort by size", "Sort by lines"). r=thomasd
89efda967a83517c10595f0a032bb7eb36773b0dAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1172361 - Pass XMPP command names as parameters in help strings. r=clokep
1fa4fa080b4e322c78ea4465f0fe3aab597c0e45Frédéric Wang — Bug 1160456 - Add UI to configure the "fonts for mathematics" preferences r=IanN a=IanN for CLOSED TREE
f39bf463612c0337e49ebd540ae4a0249cefd703Philip Chee — Backed out Bug 1160456 changeset: 9a7dc5e969b2 Author name mangled
08232d2fd1d44f0677b44acbfe3b81f6220a545bFrédéric Wang — Bug 1160456 - Add UI to configure the "fonts for mathematics" preferences r=IanN a=IanN for CLOSED TREE
f2948f0d949239208a4d5948035e9ae11c59b54cFrédéric Wang — Bug 1170918 - Add UI to configure the "fonts for mathematics" preferences. r=bwinton
c234f20fbb3eb840d209015899cb60d957c52b9eaceman — Bug 1166482 - Add identity information to about:troubleshooting if "show account names" is enabled. r=mkmelin
00a21f42daf60fe6331f32a4c5e8d042c7eb5845Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1011226 - Implement setting the topic in XMPP MUCs. r=aleth
7d3ad595bfb05f8ef93b9a04d91b87e36aa4ffc9aceman — Bug 1133264 - Warn by default when deleting messages from Trash folder. ui-r=Josiah, r=squib
8ef7e5b5703d44b3a549ae1d4c89a2dd4e171e79Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 955167 - Handle XMPP room join failure due to 'forbidden' error. r=aleth
230c42eaec1b355c3e90377d7c351db2b6532d08Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1000477 - Implement /part and /join commands for XMPP MUCs. r=aleth
374dc0c635f445e76537dbaffe7e3e89866f494cPhilip Chee — Bug 995737 - Adapt seamonkey for the addressbook remote content policy change; use the permission manager instead of address book property r=IanN moa=Mnyromyr
c9636d7f5f7d0d914912aa6486261d373ab04667Stefan Sitter — Bug 1159699 - add tooltips to Calendar tab and Task tab toolbar buttons r=mmecca
e1a47e9ded699559947e33b1d1f5178bf394b302Richard Marti — Bug 1155545 - Move "Reading & Display" to Display pane. r=aceman ui-r=bwinton
a37c29cc9c5c2d3356d3b84de49ef40cfed88f53Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1098350 Support new autocomplete preferences from bug 530209 r=IanN
bbe01b20695257ac2ce59a6a9698679b6c30fbc8Onno Ekker — Bug 1164415 - Rename string imapEnterPasswordPrompt in comment too both for mail and suite. r=aceman a=SM CLOSED TREE
daddbffcbc6eaac8f758f9760ea42a0f622f9d7arsx11m — Bug 1140204 - Revert label change for formEncoding which wasn't correct. r=Neil
58105a44ea8bf59a2dc0c7e03eb876675ade4139Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1158179 - Add missing entities of neterror page introduced to m-c in bug 1147212. r=mkmelin
1f03b994ae18f34566fef94abad4fd84f61d6e8fTim P — Bug 1147006 - TB shows instructions with [File] - [Offline] - [Synchronize] instead of [Download/Sync Now]. r=bwinton,Neil a=Ratty for SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
f46cb5b71a79b8e0353fee1053e92f827b07871drsx11m — Bug 1140204 - Rename "Encoding" to "Text Encoding" in Page Info labels ui=r=Neil r=Neil
9dd6d8c41d90671fc4b7db1da84d7dbeb45b9498rsx11m — Bug 1139004 - Rename all "Character Encoding" to "Text Encoding" in Help content r=IanN
c97a61c3e52f14dffb864bd6a06094759a5132eersx11m — Bug 1137991 - Remove SSLv3 option from SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences (without string changes) ui-r=Neil r=IanN a=IanN comm-aurora
ea8bf582287f0bece5df9224de008271058ce33bMelisaCecilia — Bug 137014 - Add "Print Frame" to frame flyout of the SeaMonkey browser context menu like Firefox r=Ratty
24504c507bf90874ed18f406f648177ee4d4f09bPhilip Chee — Bug 1140353 - Welcome text contains hyperlink to Thunderbird information r/sr=Mnyromyr
869ae5a1273c3e5a1c1332f0465a13ff6789d919aceman — Bug 306035 - Ask for IMAP password as "user on server" not "user@server" as sometimes user contains full email. Parity with POP3. r=Neil a=Ratty for SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
3983b1d76787b8453228fcf0d84d82724de6dea6Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1148888 - Message string for SMTP server connection error is incorrect. File:, key: smtpAuthNotSupported. r=IanN a=Ratty for SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
ffb7e13f65e54241a2ccdbd930a10d41dbea8bf2Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1148887 - Message string for SMTP server connection error is incorrect. File:, key: smtpSendRefused. r=IanN a=Ratty for SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
a0377228fcbb8994b4eef9670a24baf288564958Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1146121 - Handle remote-server-not-found room join errors. r=aleth
1702198111f5a99d9fc25edde7f5646f1e8261a2Richard Marti — Bug 1153551 - Add a title attribute to priorityButton. r=mkmelin
ae84fa38a2d6637c86f4f6f776c66354b99f50d3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 36489 Combined To/From column in thread pane r=mkmelin ui-r=bwinton
1a4cf5d554a0adf1c88f743cd8166e16c2eb218cNeil Rashbrook — Backout 88e60fbcd53a (Bug 36489 Combined To/From column in thread pane) due to test failures
d4219e5b11909d6a8fbe732b4e974d56adc80a2dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 38489 Combined To/From column in thread pane r=mkmelin ui-r=bwinton
772493d100642370e7eaf2f90578842e1e133a60Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 954960 - Follow XEP-0045 for creating a new instant XMPP MUC room. r=aleth
ea81eab2d2c655c61f615c575842712b3a4663c5aleth — Bug 1140720 - Port Bug 756022: Unify pref font choices for various Latin script-using languages. r=mkmelin
ce7ac4ea62dc125487ed443a934a9ca0e7e82b53Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1143233 - Rename mbox message storage label from "One large file (mbox)" to "File per folder (mbox)". r=mkmelin
14ff20a45f27ecc1c1a43903e65499c6472573f3ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 854172: suite portion of patch. r=Ratty
3d7d16dc2835f23e4c7983ae1a4611ca87cd892eaceman — Bug 550411 - improve localization notes for mail.addr_book.displayName.lastnamefirst pref. f=rsx11m r=mkmelin, r=IanN
c4e5d6944367798cea2d85d7dd2438a32154af5bAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1050779 - Allow and handle receiving invitations to XMPP room chat. r=aleth
b591da73401c298ae60c44879c4033d4f350a891aceman — Bug 1138172 - Fix localization notes for smtpHintAuth* strings. r=mkmelin a=Ratty for SEAMONKEY CLOSED TREE
b2b28b38be953fe719163d002187f9d5089a2cfdaceman — Bug 1138172 - fix mentioning of SMTP server settings in smtpAuth* strings . r=Neil, r=mkmelin a=Ratty for SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
91835309291d5bc33dee8181160f38b821801d16Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1087357 - Handle errors on attempting to join private XMPP rooms. r=aleth
edd0b85ca2d35f20dae809912e47abaa01d1a19fPatrick Cloke — Bug 1139287 - Add a username split to XMPP to split the username and domain of the JID. r=florian
642072e68b352974933d976e1a086a18fcddebf4Richard Marti — Bug 1138964 - Fix the bustage from bug 951695: 'Character encoding' is now 'Text encoding'. r=mkmelin,neil a=Callek
b43d48fbb1db1d90041a425c4399481f4e16efbcMagnus Melin — Bug 1137662 - There's a spurious "to" in the mail/ version of smtpAuthChangeEncryptToPlainSsl. r=sshagarwal
1e7c9c69b97f3218f183aa5aa980b5c1a1870732Decathlon — Bug 455542 - Make configuration of Today Pane "Soon" duration available in preference dialog too - fix accesskey issue. r=philipp
427c1e720b42759952268d868fb82f7eb3f1998cPhilipp Kewisch — Strings for bug 1130852 - Add opt-out notification for calendar integration. r=philipp DONTBUILD
c134cc7c2cbaa0b4f9c5170cc7dd6bd2f77cdbeaJoshua Cranmer — Bug 849540, part 2: Implement an OAuth2 SASL module helper, r=rkent.
61b56263d9b81514b28dbefb47a202c66872db20Joshua Cranmer — Bug 849540, part 1: Add an OAuth2 authentication type, r=rkent
91a4d29195cb868c5f0be70db57554a9d071de55Jim Porter — Bug 1120777 - Make OpenSearch queries open in the user's default browser; r=mkmelin, ui-r=josiahone
f63c78e46d904bc98e829d9dc497466eec1136b5Jim Porter — Bug 923656 - Global search box dropdown options: Having "Search Bing for: foo" web search between local searches is "surprising" r=mkmelin, ui-r=josiahone
527f51aeed7e1bbdf4ccc83131cfea44712582b4Jim Porter — Bug 966294 - Make web search configurable from Options; r=mkmelin, ui-r=josiahone
d85db2293d05656419c2f8235817a400139553a4ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 854172 - Add a missing check of the return value of MoveIncorporatedMessage, and the failure to log such failure. r=rkent IGNORE IDL
16745c8c26a9c9cde85daff1067546b0749377dcPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1133139 - Show a warning when the binary component cannot be loaded. r=redDragon
6d3cb72dabbeee90f0abd59d2e248eaa9446af6cPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 351499 - Sort out "delete calendar" vs. "unsubscribe" UI hilarity. r=redDragon
b7d68a383ddd71394d60a226740b7d0abb6a6ffaMakeMyDay — Strings for bug 1130852 - Add opt-out notification for calendar integration. r=philipp
af32c8ef6100a3ab851ae60218b7d465a1f3f66eDecathlon — Bug 455542 - Make configuration of Today Pane "Soon" duration available in preference dialog too. r=philipp
5f308bb78c466e25bd2c6c9acbb37d713b4cd15bMagnus Melin — Bug 1083877 - port bug 1074896, add donation link in thunderbird's about dialog. r=Paneglab
ada2860c3526c1b5b7105efe6f7f2c70a2c61a2dRichard Marti — Bug 1096006 - Add AccountManager to the prefs in tab (strings only). r=mkmelin
aead3c7df7b386959b802ad41eae06ac4b14a165Suyash Agarwal — Bug 170270 - Enable search in multiple/all address books. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab.
987634b7dc9c30485f813eeec822c793b8ae37bbHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1087233 - Create about:downloads to migrate to Downloads.jsm. r=mconley
3cb466c7f76ae0b33c17c1956b353e6ec6772799aceman — Bug 731145 - change a missed string ID to allow re-translation. r=rkent
29bce4fc21aa03bc061706c2290dbf1ee690904aSuyash Agarwal — Bug 952493 - should used string based identifiers rather than numbers. r=mkmelin, rkent, Neil. a=rkent for a CLOSED TREE
d985b989de48df567821c1721accf157988e2accaceman — Bug 464973 - add back folder columns with count of messages and folder size to the folder pane. r=mkmelin, r=rkent
d04964f120f72b774c0faa3220884879f0ad3713R Kent James — Bug 1124015 - maildir language strings for SeaMonkey, r=iann, a=rkent for CLOSED TREE
b4442a487e948835edd039a29037fb9506365360R Kent James — Bug 1124105 part 3 - add user interface, r=mkmelin
4f9e07f461b5d017378e297d9355fe633d926789Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1127802 - Multiple directed chat messages should show as single bundled notification. r=aleth, ui-r=Paenglab
cdefd7acea10db444ec34f9c44b4489a445d9db5aceman — Bug 1017028 - fix error message about not enough disk space when we just hit the 4GB folder limit. r=irving, r=IanN. a=Ratty on a SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
c62e8cdd33d3a6893c55618857801382262ee761Sebastian Hengst — Backout bug 1017028 / 99137515f12e. a=backout on SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
4c41c6223c4d2d0a63a7caabeff7568888085a02aceman — Bug 1017028 - fix error message about not enough disk space when we just hit the 4GB folder limit. r=irving, r=Neil, a=Ratty on a SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
60179c5038fe9fda3631992312c77467db3f2a07aceman — Bug 854791 - Check free disk space looks enough before starting compacting mbox folder. r=rkent, ui-r=bwinton, a=Ratty on a SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
5b3e4e044531d9401f590716896207fa23378b4fSebastian Hengst — Bug 1105196 - Make updates work from the Metro front end, add handling for 1 instance handling updates. Port of bug 794937. r=mkmelin
c662961a945945a0ba6d61d8ab53efadc232d534Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1105196 - add additional descriptive text in the About dialog for Daily/Earlybird builds, including a mention of Telemetry being enabled by default. Port of bug 701182. r=mkmelin
4827a0b101db2d042e94ed51cd0d4141ced5f972Magnus Melin — Bug 986978 - Add Data Choices Tab to preferences, with GUI option to enable/disable Crash Reporter. r=bwinton
4a4f821d2e8d48d50bf2ef79b11976302263d1e2Matthew Mecca — Bug 1120258 - Saving an item in the event dialog fails with MODIFICATION_FAILED if the item has been modified elsewhere. r=philipp
7e43d1294c32df4d71924e8866ed7ab71326fb1ealeth — Bug 1130001 - Handle IRC message 470: Channel redirect. r=clokep
02630a0dc5b8144aac21b1ce24b3a1c940efd969Geoff Lankow — Bug 1121415 - Replace timezones.sqlite with a non-binary format; r=Fallen
4ade2870851c1a8cb0b02bd494aa3848e2b92bacNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1121678 Ability to open a bookmark into a new private window r=Ratty
80a53e5c5cb57451298623892b894609000d5b5fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1110881 - Google login popup gives no context. r=Decathlon
5d1e33027f53ead96372621a0a5d5e87874aaa2bPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1080587 - Freeze current set of Hightail users - fix wording for en-US r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
73450cae407fb0c3c11d518e8c17df5087780293MakeMyDay — Bug 1123088 - Label for calendar alarm preview button should be "play";r=philipp
6a63ffc87685c5c799b6d001e212f473283e7c4drsx11m — Bug 1108189 - Color preference pane needs to be adjusted after bug 639134 changed boolean "browser.display.use_document_colors" to tristate "browser.display.document_color_use" - Part II: Code and Help changes ui-r=Neil r=Neil r=IanN
2d538079e2d52e080e8d48830f01f3f0f88b2660Philip Chee — Bug 1117577 - Bookmarks Manager > Tools > Restore > Choose file... does not recognize .json4lz r=IanN a=IanN a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta CLOSED TREE
990a7b311ec47b5ff23afcb9101ece9392d63e03Andre Baptiste — Bug 588759 - Make sure status bar messages have proper punctuation. r=mkmelin, r=IanN, ui-r=josiah, a=mkmelin
99ec673264c7374aa43b7e14ffdb87508fc47b8fR Kent James — Bug 479823 part 2 (core) - Archive filter rules, r=neil, a=rkent
2522d2fe5bcc9bd1324ee39f14fb08af3d063c06rsx11m — Bug 1108189 - Color preference pane needs to be adjusted after bug 639134 changed boolean "browser.display.use_document_colors" to tristate "browser.display.document_color_use" - Part I: String changes r=Neil ui-r=Neil a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
6459c0c27184f9bb644cad6face0c62ab8b811f9rsx11m — Bug 1102576 - Extend help for tracking protection by descriptions for new notification bar and its preference. r=IanN
78e376b67b9085f681b89605aab2f8e4f56aa569Richard Marti — Bug 1119468 - Adjust UI describing color behaviour. r=mkmelin a=aleth
36a60a031908a1a618c8d377d3f25800afeb2dcdRichard Marti — Bug 925746 - Show subdialogs in a layer when mail.preferences.inContent. r=mconley
8a7a6c7ab65bbe404497abfedbc5f19589f6368aRichard Marti — Bug 925746 - Open the Preferences in a Tab. r=mconley
1b2b8af51782bcf15280bc58ceb3ea9d61a85881aleth — Bug 1085022 - Handle XMPP type=error message and presence stanzas. r=clokep
e81c7ca0692a1a4f311be97bc84d454010369f62Philip Chee — Bug 917725 - Consolidate utils.js and PlacesUIUtils.jsm r=Neil a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
bf11dc3e6f4dd403912900c2fdc7d2176bf6c2d5Philip Chee — Bug 1097818 - Add search suggestions to the DuckDuckGo search engine r=IanN
2d83bc830fea434398f9f519ebd496d8e5349a1bPhilip Chee — Back out 9b6014fda9a3 (Bug 917725) and 639ca05a4ff7 (Bug 1097818) wrong author r=me
507ea002fbeecbecf74a521360a0b43bcb3992a6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 917725 - Consolidate utils.js and PlacesUIUtils.jsm r=Neil
0ab2f8e5807623195e1a74fe2aed0dcb7b97f448Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1097818 - Add search suggestions to the DuckDuckGo search engine r=IanN
e247f8e865344cdd365cffd7fde6049cff873a43Richard Marti — Bug 1115990 - Add a HWA option to the Advanced prefs. r=mkmelin, a=Paenglab
652008956719a6d7fa4fab6ffd26f024f557ef06Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1114504 - Extra localization notes for bug 493389 - Provider for Google Calendar cannot sync tasks. r=merike,a=starred
c02b4e680f9d435d6f76b22ff8180b3f7f70ece7Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 639284 - Metadata of "Provider for Google Calendar" extension are not translated at AMO. r=bv1578
bd02555d394ce7a1b9c0e88d2a099c9e53c1a068Neil Rashbrook — Bug 11039 Filter sent messages r=rkent a=starred CLOSED TREE
1884bdeded92284a29803716a744fe31a2540565Richard Marti — Bug 432675 - Move the timezone prefs to General. r=philipp, a=Paenglab
70e924138e8e9f3edcc32874b8faf45a3344d745Richard Marti — Backed out changeset: 6eb5c2543073 because of mozmill failures. a=Paenglab
5f5f85e1fccade8289c4b745a46131e8e4fe4cfbRichard Marti — Bug 432675 - Move the timezone prefs to General. r=philipp, neil, a=Paenglab
d8f0379fbef3f1d3b12810b835a7ab5960e4ee5dDecathlon — Bug 941425 - Yearly rule "Last day of a month" can't be set with the UI and is wrongly displayed in the views. r=philipp, a=Paenglab
c18fbd874c2dc46e6bc986fd27b0fec2ee2c1921Merike Sell — Bug 1080659 - Converting email into task/event fails when localization uses regular expression special characters. r=philipp, a=Paenglab
82dda1b3f9da246769e769cdebd23049f2d30370Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1101978 Don't overload strings r=Ratty
fce584318a9f04b2e078cd44e1408cd2e5efaf9fMagnus Melin — Bug 1072202 - React to the removal of VISCII, x-viet-tcvn5712 and x-viet-vps (remove traces of it from comm-central too). r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
1967ef24949a5eff9019464b143cb2de53271672Magnus Melin — Bug 1008845 - React to the removal of x-johab (remove traces of it from comm-central). r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
3540de8662c1fc41cf127dd23ea6770d48e6496eMagnus Melin — Bug 1070986 - React to the removal of us-ascii as a Gecko-canonical name (map us-ascii to windows-1252). r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
5131a2a366922c446609c84a34caf9e1f82a8101Magnus Melin — Bug 1068510 - React to the removal of ARMSCII8 (remove traces of if from comm-central). r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
265f1b504f6aee5fb6b2e0caf6071f4a69036450Magnus Melin — Bug 1069909 - React to the removal of ISO-8859-6-I and -E and ISO-8859-8-E as Gecko-canonical names. r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
98733a76904af32510f9f848d7203034cae9baa2Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 493389 - Provider for Google Calendar cannot sync tasks (code review in bug 1079189). a=starred
6a9ccc261cb27f3cad87a511d553d6382f65894cFrédéric Wang — Bug 1077291 - Add some UI to easily insert mathematical symbols into the LaTeX input box. r=neil a=aleth
bf5a0f64fb75f4fdcbba87b377a51062ca776845Richard Marti — Bug 1108198 - Port bug 639134 to TB - ["Allow pages to choose their own colors" does not work with high contrast windows 7 themes]. r=mkmelin a=clokep
047c0b8e2a01497c1ab6da8163c8e7b1460869c1Philipp Kewisch — Bug 795851 - Redirects cause dialog asking user if he wants to post his data again. r=mmecca
837037397b8bdf3185c8335ea51f2e44931660e4aceman — Bug 731145 - add "autodetect" option to the offline settings dialog (original patch by ui-r=Josiah, r=Neil
71c468f02827878fb8813d8971de1de3dd6506c8Decathlon — Bug 1073922 - Hard-coded date format in the calendar views. r=philipp
50998da823ea3beee0ab3d5849a6fb863e353ad3Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1079189 - Provider for Google Calendar cannot sync tasks - strings only. r=mmecca/redDragon DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
ea2a9fb0a6ccdac19861f4a6238460b65430a561Matthew Mecca — Bug 1073982 - Add context menu options to show a single calendar and show all calendars. r=philipp
55296d70769645220faf8c6706a9815a6f82f8fdNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1078740 Add tracking controls to security notification bar r=IanN
0aefb59f5d0d4752dfebab665a7dd407cdef6730Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1101978 Remove unused strings r=Ratty
b8996fffc3a8666234d851346946245f83334c43Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1103373 - Add strings for Bug 529697 - (CSP 1.1) Implement form-action directive. r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
e6e60563ba2ba822c1c5cfb4b478cd74353c8b55Ian Neal — Bustage fix for Bug 1039003 r=bustage a=me for CLOSED TREE
25f61fe055b7217c9c944adcda7cb7461f8117bbIan Neal — Bug 1100672 - Port |Bug 990799 - Update search plugins to use rel="searchform"| to Thunderbird r=mkmelin+mozilla a=me for CLOSED TREE and bustage fix
848f477769689b4b34ad7fdc9b07655728817291Magnus Melin — Bug 1069907 - React to the removal of ISO-IR-111 (by removal from comm-central too). r=jcranmer
cae63e95ba9f92cf344c6da05e466d41237a5901Magnus Melin — Bug 1067807 - React to the removal of non-Encoding Standard DOS encodings (remove them from comm-central) r=jcranmer
baff106d689c4e097a52181120b5d0e46344fb67Magnus Melin — Bug 1026946 - React to the removal of EUC-TW (by removing it from c-c). r=jcranmer
01ae3361d10fd59543e8bfe305320374a20f7ce4Magnus Melin — Bug 1025886 - React to the removal of ISO-2022-KR and ISO-2022-CN (remove from c-c too). r=jcranmer
1861112dd794991e56d0d8c19973494461f2add8Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955641 - Open debug logs in a tab. r=aleth
6283f6efc8bfabb504b10e9d72695e85988477dfrsx11m — Bug 1060852 - Part 2: Help updates to expose privacy.trackingprotection.enabled in privacy preferences and account for removal of do-not-track options r=IanN a=IanN CLOSED TREE
7a1d0f845c2bd26bff14aae65d5ad1688d381ef7rsx11m — Bug 1060852 - Part 1: Code changes to expose privacy.trackingprotection.enabled in privacy preferences and account for removal of do-not-track options r=IanN ui-r=Neil a=IanN CLOSED TREE
45a8f4f4833026bf21e3105e704e1d015911cc48Philip Chee — Bug 1081739 - Creative Commons search plugin no longer works and should be removed r=IanN
5e6f1c713d09b1c12bca338d7774fc8cf5875b0fIan Neal — Bug 1039003 - Port |Bug 633773 - Use Google's HTTPS search by default|, |Bug 958883 - Use HTTPS for Yahoo searches| and search plugin parts of |Bug 959576 - Create a component to get the list of priority domains| to Thunderbird f=mconnor r=mkmelin a=me
85cfb83b5660560879ff3636be368efc40021432rsx11m — Bug 1087529 - Revert do not track preferences to be a simple on/off switch; port of bug 1042135. r=mkmelin ui-r=paenglab a=clokep
1ad7a0e7debf486b39d50cc5957dcf432ab2f293Javier Rueda — Bug 986078 - Menupopup of 'Default font’ isn't using the full width, cuts of font-names. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
643690741b732a02ebd2c1786dda5cd181176a88Richard Marti — Bug 511625 - Move other actions button to header-view-toolbar. r=josiah
913a24eb1a1aee052a0090f3b22e2953d231aaf0Mike Conley — Fix bug 1080587 - Freeze current set of Hightail users. r=mkmelin
6df9fb24d3683005bb0a80de23f3dbed36e10a45Magnus Melin — Backout changeset 16995:234c34c2d6cb (bug 511625) for mozmill orange. a=fix-orange
a32d00260d297d16d3072af0f2b12dc753946bdcRichard Marti — Bug 511625 - Move other actions button to header-view-toolbar. r=josiahone
cafd4c8aaf752795fe127709838fb2027750c9e1aleth — Bug 1087566 - Automatically try to get your nick back if it's still in use on connecting. r=clokep
d1afe798e325efb1c7f139c2dc13ad789d80068eJim Porter — Bug 778907 - Highlighting/selecting 18000+ of emails inside a folder keeps giving the javascript is unresponsive script warning message, because TB is building the summary pane; r=mconley; a=jcranmer
345dda9b53c90a3d6052c630b8f5a06ba0db4e4fPatrick Cloke — Bug 955678 - message.servername not set when hostname does not have . or : in it (e.g. localhost) [str is undefined in irc.js:839]. r=aleth
395bd3f92b7960f3d90b68799d06534d70870ac4Magnus Melin — Bug 936466 - React to the removal of TIS-620, ISO-8859-11 and ISO-8859-9. r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
8f2b65e53acf834cf66aa8371c31c4bf2cf7ff78alta88 — Bug 1053782 - Add a Learn more link to the support page in feeds subscribe dialog. r=IanN
381bbe028a79e5cb085dff3093e3e98ea2c90ed7alta88 — Bug 1053782 - Add a Learn more link to the support page in feeds subscribe dialog. r=mkmelin ui-r=bwinton
f41bc84448e666a94a7cf006c40b48a799937334Magnus Melin — Bug 1071069 - Thunderbird PFS removal to fix MozMill tests. r+a=Standard8
16ba6cbc24d22cecb44beb829be406ee07562683stefanh — Bug 1068997 - Implement keyboard shortcut for composition's 'Find and Replace' on Mac. r=Mnyromyr, a=Callek for checkin to a CLOSED TREE.
4bcb05fc22971b248b6c88dc5a29163054930ac8Frédéric Wang — Bug 937809 - Add DuckDuckGo to the default search engines list. r=IanN a=Callek CLOSED TREE
5de2c7bb04d1103dae597e9368e6ef1fa1fed456Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1060324 Explain why HSTS does not allow certificate overrides r=Ratty
d9448d7799f9d9b70060771c1f24d77622f9279fRichard Marti — Bug 1057759 - Include brandShortName in restart text. r=bwinton CLOSED TREE
64b849cab0c6533a417fa7f00001752b46c47434Richard Marti — Bug 1037795 - OCSP preferences UI: port bug 1034360 to Thunderbird. r=mkmelin
0ae7c2ff018081fee241811ad2c7e2cc01417029Philip Chee — Bug 973530 Add UI to access the remote debugger preferences r=IanN r=Neil
872926aa336a0d0a1d25b1c8d207656e4eb74998Ian Neal — Bug 1039004 - Port |Bug 633773 - Use Google's HTTPS search by default|, |Bug 958883 - Use HTTPS for Yahoo searches| and search plugin parts of |Bug 959576 - Create a component to get the list of priority domains| to SeaMonkey f=mconnor r=neil
dba745388fe6754df79713934781373865290eedEdmund Wong — Bug 863747 - Add option to disable Location bar history (help). r=InvisibleSmiley
24569e04044fcbdf3fefe633fffaee0f091f335cEdmund Wong — Bug 863747 - Add option to disable Location Bar history. r=IanN
846ca1dbfcccfb27544c63c73add7b7f9f4e7a98Edmund Wong — Bug 1040225 - Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </rdf:Seq> in help-index1.rdf. r=InvisibleSmiley
ffe096bb017858c6d72a5c59a64e9b778a49ae08Ian Neal — Bug 1039794 - Remove unused entry rs=neil
18e7643f62c9414a24b690aa5c1b6fbd1bc35ec1Jens Hatlak — Bug 613974 - 'Load this bookmark in the sidebar' checkbox for bookmarks is not available. r=neil
f7aaa05ab6a9deda7a801f81aceff441c1d8a391Edmund Wong — Bug 1029513 - Stop building Venkman because Bug 800200 removes JSD1 which Venkman depends on. r=neil on a CLOSED TREE
2a7cd65d31a491352603b34a9fa99eb7c81a19f5Edmund Wong — Bug 1029513 - Stop building Venkman because Bug 800200 removes JSD1 which Venkman depends on.(help) r=InvisibleSmiley
22578aa0a7818f3fd437cd5d51723298000a7f98rsx11m — Bug 1025569 - Notifications for requests from Offline Web Applications offer beyond-session options in Private Browsing mode. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
00f22463905e3695c502785034f73ac957469703rsx11m — Bug 994093 - Provide toggle for Geolocation service (geo.enabled) in Privacy & Security preference pane. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
a82ac777222b90f280540d777ac3f405286f5318rsx11m — Bug 1019583 - Part 2: Update Offline Web Applications preference pane and sync the prefs. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
f5d0a1112c17fc5dfd3e397a0179e3312121e524rsx11m — Bug 1009233 - Help on mail account settings for authentication method needs updating. r=IanN
3dd4b790e4bf2b224ec677cef2349bf234876417rsx11m — Bug 998787 - Rename options in Geolocation doorhanger notification to disambiguate "Don't Share" vs. "Not Now". ui-r=Neil, r=IanN
5c31e3be50c8ec1e16ba08e14a73e576b88a518ersx11m — Bug 1019986 - Clarify "Don't Show" label in Desktop Notification bar and doorhanger. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
1502388e5610d5bffc4dbdcf11dc48c415677e62Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1033963 - Add mailnews.message_warning_size to prefs. r=mkmelin,ui-review=Paenglab
95ca51bf42d26dc8e203ed0b87997f43ae994ff6Patrick Cloke — Bug 1018771 - Use Maps and Sets in XMPP code. r=aleth
bd5b0ecf7b90c6a6d601741781fdbe3d570f09f7Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1024017 - Add ability to choose info shown in the desktop chat notifications. r=mkmelin,ui-review=Paenglab
139df55be790c2e06874668e88ce6456eec4e70crsx11m — Bug 1020339 - Add UI for disabling and clearing Visited Link/Browsing History. ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin
10bed2095885af7b75faf6dad40dd30d6a4e69b1aceman — Bug 1018960 - Make the message about cleaning out Trash or Junk show which folder will actually be cleaned. ui-r=Josiah, r=mkmelin
e32832268dd32026edb378dd39e82b4e9bcda1ebNeil Rashbrook — Bug 934492 Port language preference pane changes from bug 910192 r=IanN
ed00255b466df93a0b59553c670913b9d4222483MakeMyDay — Bug 782670 - Allow to save items to calendar, even though they are invitations (override REQUEST with PUBLISH). r=philipp
abeccf67cae56410b57561a9c66b55ca479369a7Edmund Wong — Bug 928632 - When the birth year is empty, SeaMonkey puts 1900. r=Neil
2d21867ec745cfe87e7c8849a6de45c13dcd6dc8Merike Sell — Bug 1017812 - pref.defaultemail.label and pref.defaulttext.label unused. r=philipp, a=me
f8d86104e67e32982533e290d6c0679c967cba0baceman — Bug 1018199 - Remove unused smtpServer-SecureAuthentication-Type-* strings. r=mkmelin, r=Neil, a=me
dc8c7725b012085c5532c607dcc571be0310a0fdrsx11m — Bug 173465 - Add UI for mail/news "network.protocol-handler.external..." preferences. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
cec8dc46d6790f7c3ccd8bc29bfb5036aad53bf4aceman — Bug 1019945 - Replace numeric strings IDs in r=standard8, a=me
5da0ec1ce77039b8d5c3086a5a1b7cc5fbdd48f6rsx11m — Bug 1018718 - Capitalize accesskeys correctly in colors preferences. r=mkmelin
73d7d77f79abf27021a8b996f2e7a141a8e48048Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1017700 - Port bug 1014282 from m-c: ssl errors should not prompt users to 'report web forgery'. r=mkmelin, a=me
dc747e118d712ab169634f4c7dc5f37e9433edebrsx11m — Bug 844098 - Update about:rights content for Safe Browsing based on Toolkit bug 514817 and separate inline scripts. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
2bd4368cf89089ed32d5fc7343c46c8b71a28f3bJim Porter — Bug 942638 - Clean up the multi-message summary code, part 6: Improve the localization; r=mconley
f1a2aa49c01c7b16730ab74083a32fdf4cbe2d34Philip Chee — Bug 916865 Revert the part of Bug 906083 which changed the r=IanN
8ab3926ec7f6d15dc37fc55cdf28def5b3b0cd52Patrick Cloke — Bug 1012660 - Remove _chatRoomFieldsList from IRC code. r=aleth
7258098f8548309151daa1e55533cf3931e042adSuyash Agarwal — Bug 749099 - Show the space that will be or has been saved after compacting folders. r=Neil, ui-r=Paenglab
a4e77b81a22f951712d975762988e26e9db49290aceman — Bug 957495 - Add new error message if adding message header to database fails. ui-r=Josiah, r=irving
8508a4ae83d831fd99276613a51bf81b0557a1c8Decathlon — Bug 467172 - Document the space in and event.freebusy.previous.slot. r=markus
d25dbd31006b6c1dd8ffa47abda5f89f3c09cf63Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1006498 - Import nsCharsetConverterManager into c-c. r=Neil, patch originally due to Henri Sivonen. CLOSED TREE.
776bca473797597c572179b2cb54ccf6d82f58f6aleth — Bug 1002621 - Unfork buddytooltip.xml and its dependencies. r=florian
a71e4ef0beb5fb4891cb38f81891321c91ff2e28Patrick Cloke — Bug 955528 - Rename l10n entity that was changed. r=florian
616f9b4313180f7c16e947bea8c0a23d379470b6Quentin Headen — Bug 955528 - JS-Yahoo: Add /conference command to create Yahoo conferences. r=clokep
49a580881b8b44ea3feabbb51c407e2b5293adc9Edmund Wong — Bug 992561 - Fix typo in viewCertificate.label, r=Neil
cdfbe67a90b6039d633cdbe2483a5610ed5808baMark Banner — Re-add string that bug 978592 removed in case of backout. a=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
f894f836e3c6c66219496aa5f7fb1dd700fc750caceman — Bug 978592 - offer the flat folder views of Unread and Favorites again that got removed in bug 533775. ui-r=pending, r=mkmelin, a=Standard8 (and for CLOSED TREE)
1e52916c141cd792b2dd68b612fe73e22aca9cb8MakeMyDay — Fix bug 1001831 - Wrong text in new imipBar button strings. r=philipp
dc41df6492bfb998c4c9fc41cdf788da5fc76f14Magnus Melin — Bug 457296 - Part 4: migrate RemoteContent pref (Implement separate whitelist for addresses/domains allowed to load remote images for email. r=mconley, r=standard8, a=standard8
b0649ed4a6acc341267837d9b7cb76a75dee3085Magnus Melin — Bug 953426: expose remote content per-host privileges. r=mconley, sr=neil ui-r=bwinton a=standard8
d4a800b44ce34af4ee95d03055ca660665eea28aMagnus Melin — Bug 992643 - Options... and some others should not end w/ ellipsis, part2. r=squib, ui-r=squib, a=jcranmer
ac67767ea0d8502934768c7822c9393503f209deNeil Rashbrook — Bug 984948 String move and rename followup to bug 878805 r=Ratty
c6e62932fd1ce20803151d005389e89668c458c7aceman — Bug 995797 - Improve localizability of the reply header string. ui-r=Josiah, r=Neil, r=mkmelin, a=me
611bff9821ada1b0eb71357fdd0be8b66e712325MakeMyDay — Bug 990009 - Rework imipbar buttons to offer more options to the user. r=philipp
9c02a704cb6b0ba952578deac80c839172e91527Suyash Agarwal — Bug 86233 - Show account name in status bar when downloading messages from POP servers. r=Neil
5f99f12bd482444df85d9d06785bd8c04de53c8eSuyash Agarwal — Bug 530629 - For composition, implement find bar (Ctrl+F) with "Replace..." button. r=Neil, r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab, ui-r=JosiahOne
a532f35d0e96459355e0cf40a3130b9dd7f00495Suyash Agarwal — Bug 961666 - Chat notification sound should be customizable. r=mkmelin, r=Neil, ui-r=Paenglab
c0622974acf4f5df175f0a10931b3afa6965f2abalta88 — Bug 946279 - Implement autotagging of feed <category> tags - suite strings. r=philip.chee
fd74ffc2a93ad80444d808c0723ce382d5c53d5balta88 — Bug 946279 - Implement autotagging of feed <category> tags. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
00ba651e02201063bb1b367e92a73a300356043eMagnus Melin — Bug 992643 - Options... and some others should not end w/ ellipsis. ui-r=squib, r=squib
d31673a55f9384f68b2a16851abaa2666216cd81Matthew Mecca — Bug 986850 - Use correct pluralization in preferences menus. r=philipp
0a9bcadcb3d4ac29e7ad3e381d9e52345f86acfdMatthew Mecca — Bug 476937 - Support optional default Start and Due dates for Tasks. r=philipp, ui-r=paenglab
d92a1d78c0170e75cc8a0cfd6edd3cb73074afecSuyash Agarwal — Bug 414865 - Append the file extension when the attachment is renamed in "Save as" dialogue and "hide extension for known file types" is set. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
0bf57e08a23a23c680867a8000f7de8e3e66d1b8Suyash Agarwal — Bug 686851 - Implement "Open containing folder" contextual action for messages in search results (faceted search, open in conversation, open as list, advanced search messages dialogue, saved searches). r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab
868e7e3679e01ed18ac4e24291dc7162bf4c63abFrédéric Wang — Bug 986839 - Add a LaTeX-to-MathML dialog box in Composer. r=neil
b48590a9b260c72f85a72b26de4b369d89544265Suyash Agarwal — Bug 742746 - Directed messages should be able to hook into system prompts/give notifications. r=Florian, ui-r=Paenglab
fd97897677bf1aaea3a44977be8746d232be7810aceman — Bug 581940 - Do not truncate filename of dragged messages if subject contains '&' and handle empty or too long subject. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Josiah
787a7a5c71a027babcff7e1e277badfa2baaef3ealeth — Bug 987577 - Use the idle status to display whois idleTime when appropriate. r=clokep
167129d17b822b601ed9e63a4afbb8dd79a8cbefPhilip Chee — Bug 973346 - Use plural form for blocked pop-up notifications (Port Bug 853126) r=Neil
7a127c07116168bbcd11f522b4297cac3c203dd2Edmund Wong — Bug 967492 - Update text form bug 864291. r=IanN a=Callek in a CLOSED TREE
ff8c5b0021e3cf84002feb47c8b5ae3f8c49aae6Edmund Wong — Bug 665708 - Gopher links show 'Launch Application' in SeaMonkey 2.1 r=Neil r=mcsmurf a=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
ec19c5a300090872eb8564d51282e85b1c85cf4bEdmund Wong — Bug 938673 - Add context menu to status bar padlock icon. r=Neil
418ce9f2937fc3638f8145bf0f908d5a6ff480deEdmund Wong — bug 957895 - Remove unnecessary strings. r=Neil
71c37308dc38782f2b99bcf76684c56d8e0c111eMagnus Melin — Bug 894306 - Filelink: YouSendIt is now Hightail. r=mconley
c483ba610c5adc3d835661d64f2c4d4828abff37Martin Schroeder — Bug 924837 - Update internal timezone database from version 2014a to version 2014b. r=philipp
5b4d995f6a40e94ca192204077e26e3697e24275Suyash Agarwal — Bug 802266 - Review NS_* definitions in nsComposeStrings.h. r=mkmelin, r=Neil
c9fd2f52c49313088684a9f448cc1921c9d79e70Johannes Buchner — Bug 802266 - Remove unused definitions in nsComposeStrings.h and r=mkmelin, r=Neil
d680c2e2747a135dd85594987b9bc5d551e0cbe2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets cf87c5c76627 and 1ab1fff092a5 (bug 802266) for bustage.
2086780fe9e52b1aac996257424b181e484cbc04Suyash Agarwal — Bug 802266 - Review NS_* definitions in nsComposeStrings.h. r=mkmelin, r=Neil
8b2632b482245ba4ace78a59bdbf1ca0d299c234Johannes Buchner — Bug 802266 - Remove unused definitions in nsComposeStrings.h and r=mkmelin, r=Neil
91997fce1832ee0f6314f247c85f7788a0b10435aceman — Bug 66763 - Auto-rename folder being deleted if a same name folder already exists in Trash - version for local folders. r=irving, r=Neil, ui-r=Josiah
9212915440af4a9bada2cd212701d0001ba2392dSebastian Hengst — Bug 984917 - Remove Sunbird code Redux. r=Fallen
0daf05b6c5d3dcb02f60b828b15ef9c217476584Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 984105 - Undisclosed Attendee checkbox should be hidden instead of disabled - fix unchanged entities. r=philipp DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
3d60c1e1bb45458d73ca412bd2d32e1ee534c153aleth — Bug 955698 - Participant tooltips should set presence info. r=florian
08b048a0f39af40f4363da39f4bf7a3aa5d618a4MakeMyDay — Bug 984105 - Undisclosed Attendee checkbox should be hidden instead of disabled. r=philipp
b5611078696ec4c8eccf67b9eac7077a5ff31af9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 983969 - Remove "Click here to..." clutter from unifinder trees - bustage fix. rs=Archaeopteryx,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
f889a4d187576335fd141f8e872689640fad6edaPhilipp Kewisch — date: Sun Mar 16 19:08:53 2014 +0100
94011a1d4af5255953430a0b5c0b69636c94ffefPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 876508 - Remove l10n for Sunbird - Remove unused dtd entries. r=mschroeder
69411ce8fd294af8bffa04bf83b71aed64b70acbPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 876508 - Remove l10n for Sunbird - Remove l10n files. r=mschroeder
60d48b18a956e30e1065a3d72f1d1f33a80aece1Javier Rueda — Bug 601263 - Add options for Thunderbird Mac dock icon. r=standard8
04b11f38c7cdc0ae1b1162fa472ca7612a2821a0rsx11m — Bug 958967 - Change mixed content warning default from warn_viewing_mixed to warn_mixed_display_content and remove UI for old preference r=IanN ui-r=Neil
a397288b2a1a0c80972ba205e475ab4f11262183Sebastian Hengst — Bug 978563 - Remove unused strings for controlling automatic add-on updates from preferences. r=mkmelin
f1f0b1b890207fbf3842bf328f46f982c71623f5stefanh — Bug 975817 - Add entities removed in bug 973371 (and use a different string). r=Neil, a=Profile manager bustage, CLOSED TREE.
1371bce8193b7d0c025d733d7a7f00036687f7a2Jim Porter — Bug 592248 - Quick Filter Bar is too wide, when in Vertical View --> Search Text Field is very small; r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
2a1eb69f35bc4537b7fe71f3dbcdb7d5c4f65015rsx11m — Bug 947972 - Add checkbox to toggle https: background color in Location Bar preference pane. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
f6a8f2ab526f90b6cfd6e6e257f5df01996d5476Sebastian Hengst — Bug 973368 - Undefined entity error for &unknownProtocolFound.title;. r=mkmelin
c1fb0516c3cf06fbeebd5cbdb1d22ee30f0c068dDecathlon — Bug 952957 - There should be adjective instead of nominative used in monthlyDayOfNth. r=philipp
acafbbd7033d1407884d0edffe87fd647708d702Suyash Agarwal — Bug 965217 - Add a default title to the tabs. r=mkmelin, ui-r:richard.marti
df9191c161d4bcb41fa35b3dfef236a899ba714bMakeMyDay — Bug 544169 - Need to provide BCC ability in event invitees. r=redDragon
1b8b89c087fa9504d28bef8c4aca3cdf2f70f40fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a11f110bd8bb (bug 965217) for mozmill failures.
ec5bae029b9e9b9c50a3ddd9cdcdf824cde2cf7cSuyash Agarwal — Bug 965217 - Add a default title to the tabs. r=mkmelin, ui-r=richard.marti
e2c5b39c2d25017628f92d71baaa53aec84b9576aleth — Bug 863226 - Port bugfixes and improvements to the chat log tree from Instantbird. r=florian
4609d67124c7a1f3862e9d1a48b01dd71b12a728alta88 — Bug 368266 - The "RSS subscription" dialog should have an "OK" button - followup. r=philip.chee
579a26e4264de5552fdaf5fcc7f15bee7bd2dd45Suyash Agarwal — Bug 56058 - Fix hardcoded save as draft dialog. r=Neil, r=mkmelin, r=philip.chee, ui-r=josiah
e7de82fa6c8834006887d3a814db3f85654bf2ddZach Nickell — Bug 516354 - Get Mail-button should have more informative tooltip ("Get new messages for <account name>"). r=bwinton, ui-r=clarkbw, ui-r=bugzilla2007
5506cebb5a11b7f51f19a74ebf847a8033403c5cstefanh — Bug 69489 - Keyboard shortcut Cmd+Opt+S for opening/closing sidebar on Mac. r=IanN, sr=Neil, a=mcsmurf for checkin to a CLOSED TREE.
d99b3c41ca01d975b72b844d12da851ee95330b7Magnus Melin — Bug 941545 - Default to UTF-8 for outgoing email for the en-US locale. r=standard8, r=iann
024adf74f1508035d599f9948cba02324e2477acIan Neal — Bug 943318 - Remove Google as a content handler for feeds, because Reader and iGoogle are being discontinued r=neil f=flod a=callek for CLOSED TREE
6d50d33c9e1c52a9946a04c8e3dc8a8c70df0b13Antonio Miras — Bug 958850 - Port Firefox Advanced | Update UI changes to Thunderbird (port bug 600505, bug 701987). r=mkmelin
0a449a4472a5f61b198e55647bc24d16441400bfalta88 — Bug 878805 - Check UI consistency across all Thunderbird folderpickers - Suite strings.
40a95178cc7f8b9de02c80a463fd2ad8f8959e06alta88 — Bug 878805 - Check UI consistency across all Thunderbird folderpickers - Part 2. r=squib, ui-r=richard.marti
59c1dcdaf466a8a49cc1d18c99e7f062520a8f71alta88 — Bug 878805 - Check UI consistency across all Thunderbird folderpickers - Part 1. r=squib, ui-r=richard.marti
3e0ef5e04c04d1cce7c43a3c698c6c5785a55e83aceman — Bug 776438 - Create new pref for the delimiter of a forwarded message. r=jcranmer, r=mkmelin, r=IanN
c0ac7776024fb536ea92f93921ee7f4ef691b153Florian Quèze — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central, r=florian.
ddee80847014d0a60e1869678a3b0caf62bc3e63Florian Quèze — Fix line endings in chat/protocols/yahoo/test/test_yahooAccount.js and chat/locales/en-US/
8d1cf885729b021a3957ea3cdb1e9ac84f8c5315Patrick Cloke — Bug 955587 - Remove VKontakte protocol, r=florian.
34434d0f4f1826f1aa9eaeb3152ab8823361e197Will Nayes — Bug 954653 - Redesign buddy tooltips, r=florian.
fde7e355f89e6cc994aa2c97d1002f4b23c99a46Patrick Cloke — Bug 955606 - IRC ping does not properly send a timestamp, r=aleth,florian.
21e1808ec0f740d840d1516396115ef55f134341Patrick Cloke — Bug 954088 - Configurable alternate IRC nicks, r=aleth.
bc02f454426c7125f59923b353388bf7f2c1b0bcQuentin Headen — Bug 955543 - Tags Service Should Provide a Default Contact Group, r=clokep,florian.
35ab80cc6fa2a19c5df8ad8e5c59a9fab16a5db5Patrick Cloke — Bug 955442 - The /invite command should support taking more than one nick as parameter, r=aleth.
8ab99a88e05436338ad3f26b1fd4d5ea45d145aeAlexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 955201 - Make names of protocols localizable, r=clokep.
38114dd1c19a1c5c3669a784323a2dc48fdff5fdaleth — Bug 954986 - IRC should notify the user when messages couldn't be sent, r=clokep.
de13427811b1d8e16a04b94a7fceb49945a2880dPatrick Cloke — Bug 954284 - Twitter commands, r=aleth,florian.
094074282dd31bd49c155562577938ce86465698Florian Quèze — Bug 846706 - Username is confusing in the context of creating an IRC account, r=clokep.
a64d77f34397f57499bc38f1d1b7a2c5f94b4139Patrick Cloke — Bug 955138 - Unhandled IRC message: 335, r=aleth.
f0176f697b327894791ab1b54f44aeb8c97c3967Patrick Cloke — Bug 955118 - /whois in a private irc conversation should support being parameterless, r=aleth.
a9a11e7e921ff820696b8c8aa82c7404c2276df9Florian Quèze — Bug 955260 - Add an easy way to copy an account specific debug log, r=clokep.
8c14e430acafee3392ec5865207eb4f335837e8caleth — Bug 954854 - Handle the user's user mode, r=clokep.
99cbc826c82d7b793c86ea37f14014e7b1752985Patrick Cloke — Bug 955244 - IRC password does not work with ZNC/server password auth, r=aleth.
43678fefc0a123bdae748ce120f624ced3c1fa23aleth — Bug 955183 - No feedback when the /nick command fails, r=clokep.
de29ddab9e1b2440109016dfeff049e3f53f8117Florian Quèze — Bug 955040 - Display a correct error message in the conversation when receiving a message type=error stanza, r=clokep.
0bc31519dbeed9a9df73521d1ee061cd5c8e2387Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955038 - Replace "buddy" with "contact" in user-facing strings, r=florian
2795c5711cd0442a92d8fdb069cc856527cf8f34aleth — Bug 955156 - Separate strings for channel and user mode system messages, r=clokep.
3ba8e64729ab5f4bcb050d7255860e22ce9dfa53Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 955173 - Add Odnoklassniki protocol, r=clokep.
0b4ec1c76dc3175552b20dbac5eb74ab235f5d9dAlexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 955130 - Add VKontakte protocol, r=clokep,florian.
12a90dd72b449393ebc1cddd00755cc08b6c37c8aleth — Bug 955155 - Part and join system messages are asymmetric, r=clokep.
4079e8132b6d0c16d81296900c95784254bc1ad0aleth — Bug 955125 - Update /mode command syntax, r=clokep.
45d40dbc5c99bbdfcf42ac4e5e0ec0690ab0ee75Patrick Cloke — Bug 955149 - Refer to channel passwords not keys for IRC, r=florian.
a9713d8f8e4a8e5404219dc5ec1bc6f509ba681ePatrick Cloke — Bug 955084 - Unhandled IRC messages around bans, r=aleth.
9f703bb5b2b5db04da422c6bafefcf5129047f3fFlorian Quèze — Bug 786684 - JS error (TypeError: match[1] is undefined) when parsing a JID without a node part, r=clokep.
73fc9c0806fb5de9e51c1c7a18274f31def4b72aFlorian Quèze — Bug 792046 - Improve the error message when failing to connect an XMPP/IRC account because of a broken certificate, r=clokep.
83b1003d150a300fbebaac58844fc316f19b7f74Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954628 - Chat tooltips should contain the topic, r=clokep.
5f7426c132c302a29d249a025db427259f506f15Patrick Cloke — Bug 787433 - IRC component should return a proper CTCP VERSION response, r=aleth.
f373925bdc8001671bbca6ed77c58aaef9077d93Patrick Cloke — Bug 954973 - MODE fails to handle when a key is set and we are in the room, r=aleth.
dd08fc92fa5da55550f1d624d6ab0d4c01b2342bCyril Glapa — Bug 779976 - Set priority with XMPP, r=clokep.
079cca65fdafb1c303ec6a4b8e3ef33377e1b2b8aleth — Bug 955095 - Set twitter topic to the user's self-description, r=clokep,florian.
dcd68c83da54c05994209b7a03f3a3891fa53c26aleth — Bug 955100 - Include twitter users' names in tooltips, r=clokep.
bf2d83d5b2d28ee7faf59306708f2178ea1801a2Patrick Cloke — Bug 955086 - Unhandled IRC message 475 ERR_BADCHANNELKEY, r=aleth.
1ce03e7113855730c40c25d36d3b1a06f6b4aeafPatrick Cloke — Bug 955058 - Unhandled IRC message: 330 RPL_WHOISACCOUNT, r=aleth.
a057e15f1f2ce6501fee89ac6bc764f9f8440515Patrick Cloke — Bug 954992 - Remove libpurple's pretentious /wallops help message, r=aleth.
55a19e2e3c8d2bcb855d0efca2473aa6736bdcc0Patrick Cloke — Bug 954983 - Remove whowas command, duplicate of whois, r=aleth.
28fe5afd5f06aaaaadc678a5dee8733f6e12a8d3aleth — Bug 954972 - Handle 432: Erroneous nickname, r=clokep.
91864143bec58a4e587642e1ba906897bb1fab77Patrick Cloke — Bug 954728 - Unhandled IRC whois response messages 307 671 317, r=aleth.
47fd6b6608cf7cdcb722479714f8cb4ee6c7ce3daleth — Bug 954839 - Add "Your account is reconnected" system message, r=clokep,florian.
d21f7eb5d1005f6fa5086b196d1e8da281abee35Patrick Cloke — Bug 954951 - /invite doesn't work, r=aleth.
2d3ee9e510331d8427715f8ce3e357d754991a81aleth — Bug 954950 - Don't display the topic system message again if it hasn't changed, r=clokep,florian.
ae918253b0d833035c0c81a4aa0897195f2c3a99aleth — Bug 953828 - Rejoin IRC channels after reconnect, r=clokep.
56b2eb05b3428298b0a682b22eb1b8552c33da5dPatrick Cloke — Bug 954862 - Fix up order and formatting of IRC tooltips, r=aleth.
bfb394ae80b35623aeef131ab00038ccebfa2e5ePatrick Cloke — Bug 954906 - IRC /topic help text is incorrect, r=florian.
29c7a14741fc374589d00ca9c0ff6d33de84e8bcGervase Markham — Bug 759808 - MPL 2 upgrade: Instantbird, r=florian.
f539bb670ed573950f1d41abc33f8ce1d1ee2eedPatrick Cloke — Bug 954899 - Clearing the topic doesn't update the UI and instead displays the previous topic in a system message, r=florian.
6746742338e7532660e06d0620eb0f0a0cd98207Patrick Cloke — Bug 953761 - Check if topic on IRC channels is editable and make UI respond accordingly, r=aleth,florian.
71671fa2184de95579e890e4b083f2f0943f4382Florian Quèze — Bug 742644 - IRC's username empty text ('and server') in the Chat Account Wizard is confusing, r=clokep, ui-r=bwinton.
14a2ab9f0ac82bc991f66f4e658c70d9a784af5fPatrick Cloke — Bug 954800 - Inform the user when attempting to send a message to an offline nick, r=aleth,florian.
30bd2d5ec4e4f55a1f955802ff86afd2f66eb132Patrick Cloke — Bug 954737 - /mode messages don't work on JS-IRC - follow-up to handle more cases, r=aleth.
653489e5b81a4f2fd99bd0053ffbd89353c32e41aleth — Bug 954764 - Implement /whois and /whowas commands, r=clokep,florian.
7a524c92bf23879842162277191f32213507bb0aFlorian Quèze — Improved localization notes in chat/ and fixed the message, r=clokep.
eb28fc537bf4d8f5276cdbaa7ba0aeabc528e9f4Florian Quèze — Add usernameEmptyText for JS-IRC and JS-Gtalk, r=clokep.
01ac371f1be74315623673c29674693ad60b5f93Florian Quèze — Address Blake's comment in the review of the chat strings (bug 714733), r=clokep.
1dd25e129bb57f04ae4f83e266346bd8e78fb18cPatrick Cloke — Bug 954725 - Tooltip improvements for IRC, r=florian.
0dc629330770e1a50256d91af430aea56c3c9c0fPatrick Cloke — Bug 953944 - Implement IRC in JavaScript, r=florian.
d24511ded35e6c9df46b776494911ac8eefb36d8Florian Quèze — Cleanup of the chat/ directory, based mostly on bienvenu's review comments in bug 714733.
7e7ff5e5019c771fa3712ec535a24694b1a78335Florian Quèze — Bug 953875 - Use toolkit password manager, r=clokep.
1e266465c405d0423e958cd302eb70ed96ff8b90Patrick Cloke — Bug 954118 - Handle deleting messages on twitter, r=florian.
dcaa8bce680d6e6d76bf0f9dd6da52afa8a9c836Florian Quèze — Move the default preferences of all-instantbird.js that are used by code in chat/ to chat/chat-prefs.js.
8d2f05739ed0d88ed665a24029145f7c613bb33aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954603 - Add a JavaScript implementation of the XMPP protocol; use it for Google Talk and Facebook Chat. Based on the code developed by Varuna JAYASIRI for Google Summer of Code 2011. Partial reviews by Mook, clokep, aleth, Mic.
1ef7b67d19d7086e7b04deffec86729a0262557eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954193 - create a chat/ folder to contain the core code that isn't related to libpurple.
2deba908843dc7a35ad87449967af6fd34bbdbf5Patrick Cloke — Bug 954472 - /say does not have help information, r=florian.
61957b87c7990086d5dde97740b6f7603b60daedPatrick Cloke — Bug 954498 - Add 'Copy Link to Tweet' to tweet context menu, r=florian.
7d6a550403256be56096ebd63462d2a292c29eb5Florian Quèze — Bug 954119 - Offer a way to manager the list of followed accounts on twitter, r=clokep.
6f42c09a38136e5c6ef18376457b050c72466754Patrick Cloke — Bug 954458 - Tooltips for Twitter participants, r=florian+clokep (for florian's additional changes).
2ba0abf788aa010008b0ab0588025c1a7b5a93d7Florian Quèze — Fix misspelling ('occured' -> 'occurred').
ff6eaadd8a6f37a00e70635160fa7731d26d0b51Florian Quèze — Bug 954117 - Reply to and retweet actions on twitter, r=clokep over IRC.
6e38894edd5c35e940fed0237969a2da141b4917Patrick Cloke — Bug 954115 - Localize Twitter code, r=florian.
900bb04cf609c251038545b4bd2d00551f99cbabFlorian Quèze — Bug 954245 - List the tags a contact have in its tooltip, r=clokep.
40c0b1076be15b3ffd53aa945c0e674bddde7a15Florian Quèze — Special case the system messages displayed when a status is changed from 'unknown', to avoid misleading the user into thinking the person's status has just changed.
decf2af1044384161b74d3180a20e6e4d6291fcdPatrick Cloke — Bug 954231 - Add help strings for Instantbird commands, r=florian.
3c0ceda7cda8c829209093bbee7cc1477ce67e6aPatrick Cloke — Bug 954126 - Implement /help command to get information on registered commands, r=florian.
5c22efe6a117c8135cfc98303a11e3f5cdccc383Florian Quèze — Implement the system messages related to status changes in JS so that JS protocols can share them.
6efd4fa1b71174981d1dcd7343e4a5065d10edfeFlorian Quèze — Bug 953899 - Simplify some window titles.
139ed180e0c4e3a30d02fb3458e71de05f709f78Florian Quèze — Bug 954133 - Provide a way to merge buddies into contacts, part 3: conversations handling changes.
3847cc14a3d5af573d60f699509ffeae407d852bBenedikt P. — Bug 954094 - Missing accesskey for 'Sign-on at startup' checkbox in the accounts manager, r=florian.
f502d14c906e93c5424825b8b001075ce1bf5571Florian Quèze — Change the account manager shortcut so that it doesn't conflict with 'Select All' (add the shift modifier) and make it close the account manager when it is already focused.
95febac61affb1a659603dab6e6cf6ec849daf00Florian Quèze — Refactoring of the buddy tooltip code so as to use it on conversation tabs too.
d693d2745b1116618c2cb5e74f9fd3dab1a955c6Florian Quèze — Attempt to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar in the account manager (remove the display of the alias, and increase the default width of the window by 50px)
8bac166956fc1300008df79372208e0841def4afFlorian Quèze — Account manager redesign.
f48854210c2d96adf386175754b7bb4c17846223Romain Bezut — Bug 953677 - Replace 'Connected' by 'Connected for <time>' in the account manager. r=florian
25fa9fee91145695c7982be863e5cd0ef597c92eRomain Bezut — Bug 953628 - Accounts reordering (shift+up/down arrows, context menu, drag&drop). r=florian
98e1dc711023bc55b1aa517afb6046fa5b9ee9faRomain Bezut — Bug 953666 - Display a helpful message in the account manager when there's no account, instead of an empty rectangle.
645abf886ada81ba2c2685f995ca60ffee14a5deRomain Bezut — Bug 953627 - make auto-reconnect cancelable/stoppable. r=florian
6170c7cc1c6ce1997b306d7ff968a9edd214f323Florian Quèze — Improve localizability: make the strings used for typing notifications and the default width of several windows localizable. p=idechix, r=florian.
fbd43acb3f76bae3475cc63abe9651f20ea567b8Florian Quèze — Use the unicode ellipsis character instead of 3 dots.
f6f21757887e1f133311b78f3450bfdde09ad877Florian Quèze — Bug 953592 - Add a notification box in the account manager. p=Morian, r=florian.
cfbbe6f3971c51b7dee45b0f8283e8eb4c3dc5e5Florian Quèze — Add the Instantbird application in the repository.
6667cf9828a642601caf7e730be4ae53cbffa05eJim Porter — Bug 544315 - When the birth year is empty, thunderbird put 1900 and in english language; r=mconley
67192f92c58e9db6fc2821246fdb56284408b5fbRichard Marti — Bug 957974 - Change "Message > Edit Message As New" to "Edit As New Message". r=squib
9d197689352bdec14f4d5bdf0fceeeb79be3dd0cPatrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955720 - Fix up Yahoo strings, r=fqueze.
15d9e344418fac92e2bcb629308bb7f5bdf3e757Patrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955587 - Remove VKontakte protocol, r=fqueze.
ccf98ec5b40e6604baefe6f21842f27a75f4330cPatrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955606 - IRC ping does not properly send a timestamp, r=aleth,fqueze.
814ae4ba74c6e74067f53c18179e2678deb5ecbcQuentin Headen — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955569 - JS-Yahoo: "Would you like to be my chat buddy" sent on accepting buddy auth request, r=clokep.
920ed4514f402c127321b4009dd4d0f1c0347e97Patrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 954088 - Configurable alternate IRC nicks, r=aleth.
65f4b55abece991533c9578caa9cce3c9ba9a7ebRichard Marti — Bug 956481 - Remove ellipsis from some Message menuitems. r+ui-r=squib
0eca08f094c11017ce0a79a02166d6ea7faac953Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2117 - Yahoo: /invite should print a system message to show it's done something, r=clokep,fqueze.
91df2ebbb00968c62f1284381ac2f56b639c8ff3Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2105 - Tags Service Should Provide a Default Contact Group, r=clokep,fqueze.
80bf9048ee31b11269aa9ca93ac72f10dce0ff3fQuentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2070 - Add support for setting Buddy Icons, r=clokep.
1dee43fee8b380222756c066a3fdf586b6b2407fQuentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2088 - New contact does not get added to the correct tag, r=clokep.
00b9cf276f19183c8eca955a95a76fbaf639a4f1Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1982 - Create Yahoo! Messenger Protocol Plug-In, r=clokep.
043a50891e0c414811a87b5b300392d2f1ae7eecPatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2006 - The /invite command should support taking more than one nick as parameter, r=aleth.
3cf5a9189539f22c6b4df9e727294a86f3f02fe1Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1769 - Make names of protocols localizable, r=clokep.
7343db8e224d9333ec6607cdc9d7cb23e301dd3caleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1554 - IRC should notify the user when messages couldn't be sent, r=clokep.
7c02ea3f4e28e7e607dfb94218ccc543f0d87f55aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1732 - Port the log tree and concatenated daily logs from TB, r=fqueze.
654f27486a9c616c9dc8e9e8d3943145b40feb98Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 851 - Twitter commands, r=aleth,fqueze.
57288ad75394ee0a8fee4f676bed16d1016c979arsx11m — Bug 926473 - Menu label "Disable scam detection for all messages" is ambiguous, too easy to hit after bug 562048 redesign. r=mkmelin, r+ui-r=bwinton
afb068b2f2548c75250bd9a10fdde322a38a2c81Zach Nickell — Bug 881073 - Remove "Click here to..." clutter from message list column header tooltips ("Click here to sort by recipient" etc.) for ux-consistency with other tooltips. r=bwinton, r=Neil, r=mkmelin
fc4301a371cb303edc39e7b45f0ba3c601a3538eAntonio Miras — Bug 707489 - About Thunderbird dialog "Check for Updates" button disregards user prefs - available update(s) are downloaded and queued for installation. r=mkmelin
0b80ca4369d8181248d01cd512a41aeb412cb98fProjjol Banerji — Bug 318955 - Create a Print button in the compose window and has a provision for Previewing via a menu popup. r+ui-r=richard.marti
d08508fb511d0c8035d3989ab575143b3f8dd3dePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 947350 - L10N string "removeCalendarsText" needs pluralization. r=mmecca
152c6c6375883daab3ac9044ef8b94beca65fcbdThomas Duellmann — Bug 925774 - Change composition's access key for File | Attach to "h", for consistency with accesskey "h" for message reader's Message | Attachments. r+ui-r=squib
6df7a1220c39a8260a6cf92e125910fe8082a90aMagnus Melin — Bug 939982 - remove unused "edit draft message" elements and code. r=aceman
e25cf2141170e6d183e6eb9656f301242dd51c51aceman — Bug 40012 - Do not allow two identical account names to exist. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=mkmelin
f0a082b7438d8d3694bc1f399e5788d2e4626b51Edmund Wong — Bug 864291 - Update Help for 'Remove Personas' but for changes from bug 906083. r=InvisibleSmiley
67533dcbfca884e972be3cc76466d65931c3fec7rsx11m — Bug 842439 - Improve style and rearrange content of the about:privatebrowsing page. r=Neil, ui-r=stefanh
5990bed2398a82722e3ab717bf8fb7fb5b87dee7Decathlon — Bug 362933 - Event dialog: Customize Toolbar dialog should offer more buttons for functionality. r=philipp
d41eb556793c85afb4b1a344c4ccc928ce199f00Jens Hatlak — Bug 936810 - Add labels for falsestart-rsa and falsestart-rc4 permissions to Data Manager. r=Neil
499b2b7d2f315516c237ebb13994efa40034971cSuyash Agarwal — Bug 793270 - When saving draft, changing dialog box message to "saving" instead of "sending". r=mkmelin
94ac8fb12945a5d6243e4774d9e58f987128aacaTony Mechelynck [:tonymec] — Bug 934191 - The title of the "Quit SeaMonkey" dialog is misleading when closing just the Browser. r=Neil
1373bdb08773be52009cbf1f51256f1d6cba8fdeSuyash Agarwal — Bug 521158 - Implement menu option for "Remind me later" to add attachment(s) before sending (allow activating and checking the status of Attachment Reminder independent of the attachment specific keywords and the number of attachments). r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
9ce8a286023da1cb553751ee4f4850d4bdf3120eaceman — Bug 924876 - Add access keys for buttons in "Going online/offline" dialog. r+ui-r=bwinton
c1d259ebb492370a2ebc745c064cfb3c7e1cbaacMagnus Melin — Bug 562048 - Notification bar needs to look slicker. ui-r=bwinton r=bwinton
e68eac58db972e95ac7fed86be0b3805a3fc767dSuyash Agarwal — Bug 251953 - Implement / add "Print preview..." option when composing mail. r=Neil, e=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab
d48d7a9b1516cc0646bb404e79a94c1daa21a592Suyash Agarwal — Bug 224436 - Display account name for all messages in status bar when checking mail. r=Neil
01779975cc776808dc7e00d90e85cf709288d32cMerike Sell — Bug 886124 - Add UI for extraction. r=philipp
f2fcd9896205f9c1606dde70b2b664bbfcea028dJim Porter — Bug 928670 - Put the appmenu's quick filter bar toggle in mail/base/content/quickFilterBar.xul; r=paenglab
77f430cf6482369409787dc6496b6612d78346f6Projjol Banerji — Bug 307824 - Fix issue of View->Sort By-> "_Attachments" and "Sort _Ascending" share the same keyboard access. r=squib, ui-r=bwinton
5b6fe2070485ecd7b1ae6a6f296831d04a6958ecrsx11m — Bug 916823 - Change Folder Properties labels for incoming mail character encoding from "default" to "fallback" after bug 846221 introduced it for browser prefs. r=Neil, ui-r=bwinton, a=me
ec31e6440074da0262a3f35c039fdd5b554b53d4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f769584a86da (bug 916823) for xpcshell failures.
1d3e00fb9fbb362f3dd2bad976f683795f56ece0rsx11m — Bug 916823 - Change Folder Properties labels for incoming mail character encoding from "default" to "fallback" after bug 846221 introduced it for browser prefs. r=Neil, ui-r=bwinton
947ea2d71a6eb4134fc29e72caf608a8f3f25e14Richard Marti — Fix bug 918239 - Calendar list can be collapsed making it impossible to restore. r=philipp,a=Standard8
ecefece9b65a5ce1819c52c01cd89c6a9e6ce119Philipp Kewisch — Bug 884805 - Figure out if/how to best package the debugger as an extension. r=mconley
16a32fb7e464ca7b316266300df9fdca65551712rsx11m — Bug 919347 - Incorrect label for SSL Warnings preferences in Security Sockets Layer pane. r=IanN
6f948969ee52c0200779ee17a201875ddf7d8ec5rsx11m — Bug 904189 - Document changes in SSL warnings and new options for mixed content blocker in Security Socket Layer preference pane. r=IanN
9a635ca3f87cf918dfc8ae62b9666b66c933a0f5rsx11m — Bug 902131 - Add note for "legacy content" to Mail & News Character Encoding preferences and update Help. r=IanN
ca8e170ac9ddf0545515ea6d6df8c401b02a7056Suyash Agarwal — Bug 214854 - State in error message from server to which mail account it belongs to. r=Neil, ui-r=bwinton
4cdfbc9df50a404afadf1a42ca879ddd55ab1e75Philip Chee — Bug 906083 [AMO Integration] Update some links to that are out of date r=IanN.
d16d5bc4ec483015d268c636b4e46ca2011e135ersx11m — Bug 902068 - Update labels for default character encoding in Help for the Languages preference pane. r=IanN
66eec201612ed9d0ec17d277a05963077d3972b6Merike Sell — Bug 895433 - Change some l10n comments. r+a=Fallen
c1cd1652a2c2f92291cab03b74b43022e0019fc4Suyash Agarwal — Bug 592235 - Alert on active folder should identify Mail Account or Folder for "This folder is being processed... to get messages.". r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton, a=RyanVM
8f2b02f1ccc2016123747335306270a42f3bfb56Ian Neal — Bug 906937 - SeaMonkey is missing imapAuthMechNotSupported from r=Neil
17f7029bce43623a5658469300f6a910fcc4af00aceman — Bug 749564 - Allow deleting contacts from "Advanced address book search" results. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
192f20eadfce2e7e699c1b0a1c30d37aabb15ca7Edmund Wong — Bug 633937 - Make use of the toolkit's notificationbox to display notifications in MailNews. r=Neil, sr=Mnyromyr
28399e078fe9008a9e1bdc458fa9399c43512859Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9b1bc5f28553 (bug 749564) because aceman said to.
6d6dbcfb4562f054052a764ed2d73a3487ed9919aceman — Bug 749564 - Allow deleting contacts from "Advanced address book search" results. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
3c5ca1e7f97e6d0cb5a2139e968dc6a015c56be4Edmund Wong — Bug 895751 - Port | Bug 846221 - Make the pref UI explain intl.charset.default better| to SeaMonkey. r=IanN
ed001ebe64a38aed1cdadf9830cafc1454ffae2aSuyash Agarwal — Bug 221592 - All POP3 error dialogs show the associated account name. r=Neil,ui-review=bwinton
bf976b95e0cc8c736b4fea8bcd164d071c38ae6eMark Banner — Backout changeset 73a55e607a3a / bug 522886 due to unit test breakage, and incomplete patch CLOSED TREE
71f95f1290222cf4c93e4b0f7b0bd93ffa9cd744rsx11m — Bug 897233 - Change keyboard shortcut and correct typo in Help for Private Browsing feature. r+a=IanN
30c3197c5bfdde360ec234106f26fa1b27ef5d02rsx11m — Bug 892060 - Remove Help page for Validation preference pane and update sections mentioning CRL management. r+a=IanN
4dbbd90972d8419196df13bf47398b1c06a4f59bSuyash Agarwal — Bug 887385 - Warn when user opens many selected messages in new tabs e.g. with Enter key. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
382d199327b1e746a462a4faef7f168fcee6558eSuyash Agarwal — Bug 522886 - Implement "Recipients" column that shows all recipients (To, CC, and BCC). r=mkmelin, r=Neil, ui-r=bwinton
e6300d2ef130000be6375aaa1ea5bd2cfe256574Neil Rashbrook — Bug 891081 Change Private Browsing shortcut key as it conflicts with spellcheck r=Ratty
62a84d1d9efff30e68f2a965a459452f3ff51b21rsx11m — Bug 883482 - Change the checkbox to search only messages saved locally to a more descriptive menulist. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
11731ca79194145d9a0247651e54209a0ed52947Jens Hatlak — Bug 885506 - Port |Bug 840745 - default html5 audio/video player controls should facilitate changing playback rate| r=Neil
ffdbce2094a006851b7ee490c280c8ef69c9be0fPhilip Chee — Bug 881083 Add a "Validate this page" entry to the Web Development submenu r=IanN.
a998c93e50d22b0bf93d838b839d33d097d38124rsx11m — Bug 892255 - Remove "Revocation Lists" button from Advanced > Certificates options. r+ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8
e0460c5d448f8051851a3b1772d26a5c449044ffSuyash Agarwal — Bug 551919 - should used string based identifiers rather than numbers. r=Neil
5cd9cee714771f33d4b9e81ad84a00674c187d0falta88 — Bug 217941 - "Get mail" button label should be "Get messages" (to be more appropriate for News and Feed accounts). r+ui-review=bwinton
3fe672aa13a4608f1c17f71621b585c995d9fc8aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 886099 Remove "Manage CRLs..." button from Preferences r=IanN
bdafc1ebdd1daad3bc8eaf945c4d09d94d7724c8Magnus Melin — Fix accesskey issues from bug 179033. r=standard8
ff4e034bb709f762f7b0315f5b46cd526851b399Mark Banner — Bug 886454 Update check says 'up to date' for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions - Port bug 843497 to Thunderbird. r=mconley
c9ced6eeaaecbd7605a5fd5e0f91b37d5dca6073Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 179033 - fix new strings to use plural forms. r=mconley over irc
af36d91f928c0a9c34e9f5e512873b728a61c93cMagnus Melin — Bug 179033 - enable ignore/kill / watch for mail (and mail filters). r/ui-r=bwinton, r=jcranmer, sr=Standard8
d145cb3f16df8246cc80ff2f1623c9f37e8cb965Merike Sell — Strings for bug 886124 - Add UI for extraction. r=philipp
1958c149bb4675910008bbdbe7a719f60b7d5f6cMerike Sell — Bug 403222 - Pattern matching / natural language parsing in e-mail for dynamic event creation - part one. r=philipp
c02204bba73bba3d572547ef8b7bded11e0842eaDaniel — Fix bug 316927 - Multiple categories should be allowed for Events/Tasks. r=philipp
9c2de03213e29ada0e6d8a43e4a69e4658779c21Jim Porter — Bug 883485 - Allow deletion of news posts by default (with a prompt!); r=jcranmer, a=callek for CLOSED TREE
12269ea2ee180d881aa819afedbdda1bc32c3f14Suyash Agarwal — Bug 530626 - Implement Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut for "Find and Replace" on Windows and Unix. r=mkmelin
3834c96a41d2bdc12840f0be2406e5ce062308aaalta88 — Bug 529131 - Can't create / add rss or newsserver accounts from account central. r=mbanner, ui-r=bwinton
33d8e72ebb33ff04028c609751559887c4d4bac1rsx11m — Bug 884449 - Update the SSL Preference Pane once TLS 1.2 is implemented and made the default. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
8ef1430858e7cc161e2e6f5b3133051eab835d4aSuyash Agarwal — Bug 878933 - In Thunderbird message list context menu, show "Open message in new Tab" above "Open message in new Window". r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
89f355f11675b48e30ea14afd59288357814cb56Neil Rashbrook — Bug 870710 Deal with removal of tooltip code from PSM r=Ratty
be40ada934e1be731d6991dc1d26de5bc8a693a3Frank Wein — Bug 798278 - Implement multiple plugin doorhanger UI (Port Bug 797677 and Bug 754472), string changes only, r=Neil, a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
9b6c68838d20fc66e61c07793fb17b0f8a4f7132Richard Marti — Bug 686427 - Remove trailing spaces from mail header string entities and adjust the padding to compensate. r+ui-r=bwinton
6f4b5c8abf99032d6c98ad77b1f4ca94375b2e30Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 881235 - Add actors and initial UI for remote debugging. r=mconley
98f924d36ce7f216dbfbf61e5386ae5487630c0cStefan Sitter — Bug 881054 - Remove obsolete Sunbird preference files. r=philipp
d0034b8bd907cf9b2086e79763a9f2ae4082bba9aceman — Bug 389139 - Do not show the current account in the folderpicker as a target for deferring. Allow hiding/disabling accounts in the picker. ui-r=bwinton, r=Neil, r=mkmelin
0620884df8a5dc1406b4a85652255752b7ae2e23Magnus Melin — Bug 765637 - Selecting multiple tags in quickfilter/view-button-menu should allow AND-operation. r=asuth, ui-r=bwinton
2050f083275a5d8e30431594b1418a61bfaf60e5rsx11m — Bug 872000 - Document the new Private Browsing feature in Help. r=stefanh. CLOSED TREE.
818b9bb9b08536e23a96d5b5d7c6244a435e4952Philip Chee — Bug 870413 Implement permission prompt for desktop notifications in SeaMonkey r=Neil.
513f67c77361ef01b5e2b9a4870906140f1de188rsx11m — Bug 872133 - Focus textbox for "seconds" when checking "Show an alert" in Notifications preference pane. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
1a6ede07d5844dfe0b7123b0656e0cc4982a3118Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 846312 - Fix Twitter built-in search engine URL. r=mkmelin
8af1507009a8ed0055814ac8d672a48b857aa24arsx11m — Bug 868419 - Update Help for Mail & News Message Display preference pane. r=IanN
70b7fcdca39294cae6d858df0cdec2a33cfd7ca5aceman — Bug 856577 - Make new message import from movemail more robust and fail cleanly if the file can't be parsed. r=jcranmer
b0e33165c71cc2b117e193039999c41d53006e88sshagarwal — Bug 858238 - Convert to use string based identifiers rather than numeric. r=Neil
423d4b4be323ebe2757cf66e7043e3fc8f4b4740Richard Marti — Bug 508250 - Add Forward as Inline/Attachment to toolbarbuttons. r+ui-r=bwinton
f5c3734e44e6d9c8512b7407000d9175e4507e83Richard Marti — Bug 508250 - Add Forward as Inline/Attachment context menu. r=squib
2e044798beda6ab09380c7a1f313860afe9aed68rsx11m — Bug 830177 - Typographic fix in Account Provisioner labels. r+ui-r=bwinton
a98ad281037e3999b0ff7b80d0476d0775b50f20Cykesiopka — Bug 807699 - Remove unused sanitize dialog strings. r=standard8
da239c40b3151ccb3bf7de97835c954469eb80a2Suyash Agarwal — Bug 595104 - Support plural forms for 'getNextNMessages' and 'openWindowWarningText' in r=standard8, r=Neil
457f80e9111d1cfa0eb0565539dda82d35ba48b7rsx11m — Bug 867210 - Put "Display emoticons as graphics" in a new line. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
924ed0cadaac76ca41185a5dc18216a8638fea37rsx11m — Bug 861471 - Update the SSL Preference Pane after bug 733642 changed preference names and semantics. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
c68c99b44e85c08b702a1b168d602b92a71154f9Jim Porter — Bug 308690 - No confirmation prompt when force-deleting messages with SHIFT+DEL (currently no protection against accidental permanent dataloss); r=standard8, ui-r=bwinton
8814e12c63a059bd1e1ed0734be43e2334a1607brsx11m — Bug 856454 - Add ability to customize new mail alert information. ui-r=Neil, r=IanN
cf3b0f667ae208e03b3aba430818b66fe0a037d7Richard Marti — Bug 856451 - Make the New Mail alert show time easy adjustable. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
b766fba571f398af7b2ac5308e5920a4d53aeee5Magnus Melin — Bug 853135 - the Attachments menu belongs under the Message menu (port seamonkey bug 352696). ui-r,r=bwinton
b91e913e52a986afec3c6d0c4d4a61a218794cb8Sakshi Bansal — Bug 325777 - "Search messages" window has mislabeled button - "File" should be "Move". r=IanN, r+ui-r=bwinton
39e655d6f8eba5249745a075b931355f6fd7f3f6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 837493 Followup to fix typo r=IanN
fc058ab13fc79c5625cd95a3e2310ebdb8c6b33frsx11m — Bug 852809 - Remove quotes around glossary links, remaining instances from bug 847182. r=stefanh
c135e96a6e7f1d70cef0cdfc28242c405bfa8c4crsx11m — Bug 845353 - Remove explicit default from Help for Cookies preference pane due to bug 851606 uncertainty. r=IanN
67138935a8f5474f0fc0d2be8e1ba900a50a04b7Sakshi Bansal — Bug 465351 - Wrong message and reason reported with untrusted CA roots when signing email
ffeca148c400f401e5495a2de0c6c25c2ab8f503Richard Marti — Bug 845807 - Blue link text should be lighter by default. r=mkmelin,ui-review=bwinton
99a810244e1b085255aa30870ee8b4db2a3aaaffalta88 — Bug 599036 - Feeds that should open in a new window opens in a new tab. r+ui-review=bwinton
6b65b7e5f9bd2d43db1ef3b9ad1e49515005ff58aceman — Bug 448624 - Remove imap specific "Empty trash" confirmation dialog and merge mailnews.*.dontAskAgain and mail.*.dontAskAgain prefs. r=mkmelin, r=Neil
418e358f3e1844e548705ea518cdfa69a699ff0eJavi Rueda — Bug 283425 - Add prefs UI for option to disable (don't show) the new-message tray icon. r+ui-review=bwinton
45fc05f32969ab6c620572a186d22b1bc4b209d5rsx11m — Bug 852809 - Explain what happens when Safe Browsing blocks a website. r=stefanh
6f15ff2807a774fdc5e2f72f4e0b885543fce78cEdmund Wong — Bug 847257 - Update Help for changes from bug 624432. r=InvisibleSmiley
f235ccaa01b1c70c050c5296edfcfd0e4b0583e1Decathlon — Bug 349529 - Investigate in-view task UI of tasks with missing date or due date. r=philipp r=mmecca
5b31e198b6229e361b73934406f80db5faa297e7rsx11m — Bug 847182 - Extend Glossary with new Privacy & Security terms, with minor follow-ups on previous checkins. r=stefanh
803b31521024ae14fd090e93bde0a6f463a12089Florian Quèze — Bug 852461 - Remove growl support from comm-central again now that bug 782211 has landed, r=irving, a=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE.
82c3fd6de13d40fdaef8b7a59d4a42921beb3416Neil Rashbrook — Bug 842191 Implement notifications for mixed content blocker r=IanN
e6296f72b75f310cde0c52a186ff8d52f6c77172rsx11m — Bug 844823 - Add a tutorial section on User Tracking to privacy_help.xhtml. r=IanN
bdacc5af14f885795b746f6ab3e3e9d4271ab1c3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 489162 - No accept/ decline button for invitations with GCal. r=mmecca
f5304ca6e65c568dc67c66e1bf0e3bf4039e7331Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 848424 - Show EXDATE and modified occurrences in email invitation template. r=mmecca
c98e36ff56c4d6d8efa77b7808ea52f86255183aDecathlon — Bug 848138 - Tooltips for tasks show Priority item as "Medium" instead of "Normal". r=philipp
46f54a147326e1c2a6f5759be9c4c57e8703367fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 827279 - Show Accept/Decline buttons even for processed messages in imip bar. r=mmecca
2e5ffec7a60ec6bbd769945184429d450c86872aMartin Schroeder — Bug 733822 - Update internal timezone database from version 2011n to version 2013a. r=philipp
aced7c34101cbc163ef86382728d2a2d4f9a500eFlorian Quèze — Bug 846706 - Username is confusing in the context of creating an IRC account, r=clokep.
397fa64ef3ffc56aff69545d05f5052201af0138rsx11m — Bug 845353 - New 3rd-party cookie restriction to visited websites is default but not an option in Cookies pref pane. ui-r=Neil, r=IanN
c6a054260a646de6ee1fdeeeb46175dfb6ca3265rsx11m — Bug 771534 - Create Help documentation for the Preference Pane for Offline Applications implemented in Bug 758677. r=IanN
4ce5103d3ce9ea5f823a9792a39e0592e1ef52e4rsx11m — Bug 631566 - Document the main Privacy & Security pref pane and add a Help button to it. Part 2: Content and linking. r=IanN
ff1e6549ce6445864b96bfbf57010c37ebb5c310Edmund Wong — Bug 807326 - Context menu Search should be available in textareas/inputs as well. Port |Bug 565717|. r=Neil
bbc5d91bd4fd3e3fd04340bb6fa0ac1286b280a4Robert Kaiser — bug 588415 - Make website storage mechanisms available in Data Manager (localStorage, indexedDB, etc.), r=IanN
d5c31098fa35e0958792eaff338373aef2c78971alta88 — Bug 263736 - Group by sort feature with sort by "Date" uses "Old Mail" in RSS folders and newsgroup. r=bwinton
da8df14377b6fef7d0933fce61507733762412e3aceman — Bug 825452 - When System integration dialog is opened from preferences, use "cancel" for the cancel button. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
42bd2b17be73cc4b5da06fb90f48ef74088040e1rsx11m — Bug 416234 - Add Clear Private Data (preferences and menu) documentation to Help r=IanN
ae9b6e601ee1df06c49d2222197658faf6e8eec7rsx11m — Bug 844611 - Use entity rather than fixed string for 'SeaMonkey' in help content. r=stefanh.
b83d04a04393c86728a25391d14f90d69c0f4cc4rsx11m — Bug 842324 - Use 'website' rather than 'web site' in en-US help content. r=stefanh.
256c20835f5ad3266dc4e9269a9094e91948db6bRicardo Palomares — Bug 844261 Fix typo introduced in customize_help.xhtml by Bug 652328 r=IanN a-aurora=InvisibleSmiley.
585f80a96562e369d7eaf80f76e2735509cbc514Philip Chee — Bustage fix for Bug 837510 (Add File - New - Private Window menuitem) r=Ratty rs=bustage.
8278b1fc932681006cb8cad97608e2b334bf5740Neil Rashbrook — Bug 841616 Open Location should have Private Window option r=IanN,Ratty
2a2389acab8a7aafa991a13ab26ac8780c4bf8a7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 841230 Add Open Link in Private Window context menuitem r=Ratty pending-r=IanN
1cb6d088e84cc0cf3a219791ac3e5bdba960e7c7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 837510 Add File - New - Private Window menuitem r=IanN,Ratty
b3352bef888d4ccc930998d0cbf62c9bc70d783aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 837496 Add -private command line option r=Ratty pending-r=mcsmurf
029678472701f9158e45ee0ed057dc5aac8a5228Neil Rashbrook — Bug 837493 Add about:privatebrowsing page r=IanN,Ratty
37e921497041548560f4b655d00a7beee7400cd0rsx11m — Bug 842320 - Use "website" rather than "web site" in en-US preference panes. r=Niel
d2bd12aa26681bc99e9cf071c868670ed7be403dDecathlon — Bug 669262 - Lightning cannot do semi-monthly entries. r=mmecca
42c4167ca4af5f1e9134cfac028a7ba1eb85bcd0Patrick Cloke — Bug 842183 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 5 - Bio 1710 - Unhandled IRC message: 335, r=aleth.
503f512b64d5179fed5a85aff2e286265bb2f06dPatrick Cloke — Bug 842183 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 5 - Bio 1690 - /whois in a private irc conversation should support being parameterless, r=aleth.
de9a66e8fefab141647e72ed940c9cd137c7b6b2aleth — Bug 842183 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 5 - Bio 1419 - Handle the user's user mode, r=clokep.
5678ada32b313b03c0f9cb794c7ec24914e16202Patrick Cloke — Bug 842183 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 5 - Bio 1811 - IRC password does not work with ZNC/server password auth, r=aleth.
bcc409d2cfd4c6f7bffdd4e07dda17e9aef99dc1Richard Marti — Bug 792021 - Add missing menu entries to AppMenu. r+ui-r=bwinton
5c5712bf25e0cccb0a7f00671d0a81082da902c5aceman — Bug 747284 - In the filter editor, show the real execution order of actions. r=rkent, ui-r=bwinton
5cb439041f91603586699de859f7ef9ca6c0466brsx11m — Bug 652328 - Part II: Update help for redesigned Add-ons Manager, panel descriptions. r=stefanh
67a0ef388374f5a74c0d11dbdc6a896e2cf42ef5Sakshi Bansal — Bug 581470 - Ctrl+P and Ctrl+W does not work inside Print Preview in Thunderbird. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
83ca4d3ffa314c6889145afe88f61eaf59a8141bRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 792800 - Add a field for IRC nicknames in the Address Book. r=mconley
52e57ced43ed37a364317bc546df30e71b289810Neil Rashbrook — Bug 837492 Detect whether the browser has been opened as a private window r=IanN
b2ef85dc881211f74fae9f00b56d34d8fb10a974Decathlon — Bug 410427 - Event Dialog: Allow setting recurrence "UNTIL" without custom dialog. r=philipp
b30445f854a0b723d408d1eef19a2b396dbc1fe8Nomis101 — Bug 835002 - Add back Growl support for TB19/20/21 and SM 2.16/2.17/2.18. r=Standard8
c596c347d67ee5b43b425105d020fe40d2eaaf15rsx11m — Bug 835134 - Modify Privacy & Security Preferences UI to reflect recent backend additions. ui-r=Neil, r=IanN.
2347f470ca81f55331c2fc610a93ab2656d88b54Philip Chee — Bug 477718 Implement Phishing Protection (a.k.a. Safe Browsing) support in SeaMonkey r=Neil.
edc59554444d978b2192fcee4f4d898e6fde105drsx11m — Bug 652328 - Part I: Update help for redesigned Add-ons Manager, main labels and links. r=stefanh.
6a1dc5d91e26a7d9bd76038e0d41b955951a6415Philip Chee — Bug 822535 User-Oriented Labels in Data Manager for "sts/use" and "sts/subd" r=KaiRo.
68e36ec1576ffb6a927c2c649eaa608184e4d580Edmund Wong — Bug 834692 - Port |Bug 783778 - Update Google favicon in the search bar| to SeaMonkey r=Neil
7e8e37fe3bae53c0c603680cfb4b69f10e8e6796Neil Rashbrook — Bug 833015 Update Suite Download Manager UI for Private Browsing changes r=IanN f=Ratty
3fb43d490289beac81c6ac62db91a8ccd886584aAdarsh Dinesh — Bug 786648 - Stop stealing messenger strings in the chat component's log viewer. r=mconley.
dcfa12fb4cf1a0eeec895c6c5457175fbc7b1d2cPhilip Chee — Bug 404580 Provide information like preview text, subject and sender in mail notification window - as in Thunderbird ui-r=Neil r=Neil.
1e7e72a10aa4ea8598acd05d2604ecb41b33b6feaceman — Bug 750781 - Disallow to use some dangerous filesystem folders as the Local Directory for mail storage. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=mkmelin
6f516b9c901d92374d78f98e0056a4f7e146af66Neil Rashbrook — Bug 817441 Turn SSL-related warning prompts into notifications r=IanN f=various
6a1ada186fb23f467dfbcc7d12fe7d630f627784aceman — Bug 734034 - When deferring an account, automatically defer its junk target folders and those pointing to it. r=IanN, r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
c18afa376ed6ca7b399bd74b600648fd227c67faJens Hatlak — Bug 823647 - Update Mouse Wheel preferences help after bug 782143 and bug 819652. r=Neil
47bf30b3f9cfb2253e65c7eef3514c17f8a3f73aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 819652 Restore horizontal mouse wheel settings r=Ratty
81b093d4500e71bfd27013c164bfe55d7931a67aaceman — Bug 813295 - Fix entity names for keyboard shortcuts for compose window font size changes after bug 738194. r=Neil, r=mkmelin
9ec259b783437924073fe4d3caa1184e44fdd9c4Richard Marti — Bug 812630 - When hovering over the Menu Button, hover text is: "Displays the Application Menu". r=Fallen
23efef30d4dc083546d2116ba5508ba21a887d01aceman — Bug 327812 - Add server name validation for POP3/IMAP/News/LDAP server in the account manager. r=IanN, r=mkmelin
ac9bf0699a0d8fd4afd6dce30bc7240985b76ec4Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 127399 - Allow sending emails with IDN based email addresses (patch + test); r=Irving,Standard8, sr=Neil
26755291de6069ea483579c20eebafeb7f75dae6aceman — Bug 360809 - inform the user why the Default Client options are disabled after making TB the default mail or news client (system integration dialog). ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
b24f589ebb9a8fe9e3749a6d9cf0ed6f9bf9ef98Liu Weiran — Bug 768005 Add a "confirm on delete" option for address book entries r=IanN.
c1c3d0c3acedebb02d4d8d71891ceb68254b6e9eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 810673 SSL-related warning prompts r=IanN f=Ratty
83593253ad142e737ac4736d709589ff0207dc0dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 810671 Remove support for low/weak/null cipher suites r=IanN f=Ratty
47ec438511294253516f1ac11a9d30eb5b3650e0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 654009 Add frontend code to support Reply to List r=IanN f=InvisibleSmiley
03e922a4bd1ff2fae5ca2bf1315ceb1e7c2438c2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 811904 Identify animated images again r=Ratty
1d3808e9ddd74592cb2e993660ac5a09da81b66ealeth — Bug 812921 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 4 - Bio 1751 - No feedback when the /nick command fails, r=clokep.
0c8b9fabb6c27a1cd2ca6c14104063b01cba78efFlorian Quèze — Bug 812921 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 4 - Bio 1610 - Display a correct error message in the conversation when receiving a message type=error stanza, r=clokep.
3d9ee0a28ed08493281f5108d495abc9b54acd8daleth — Bug 812921 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 4 - Bio 1727 - Separate strings for channel and user mode system messages, r=clokep.
f8edce6dd553258815552b10407d6b9365d6bbb3Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 812921 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 4 - Bio 1742 - Add Odnoklassniki protocol, r=clokep.
c650a97c3e858f4c29613a84de7890ce00723f1dAlexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 812921 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 4 - Bio 1702 - Add VKontakte protocol, r=clokep,fqueze.
44239a6d2513b98c609b1dd85324b482c713a6e7aleth — Bug 812921 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 4 - Bio 1726 - Part and join system messages are asymmetric, r=clokep.
18de7ff05ddc98c127d27bb4d044238e4df64943aleth — Bug 812921 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 4 - Bio 1697 - Update /mode command syntax, r=clokep.
8dc8c456d5eb72f7c41e1b9501b898c33d2d4724aceman — Bug 339887 - In message composer, change Options > Format menuitem to "Delivery format". ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin
adb1ffe0e1f7d930da0de3e001a893f434c1201dJens Hatlak — Bug 806273 - Port Firefox Bug 645152 (Deactivate this device warning is confusing and too dramatic). r=IanN
5062d3d84b336d41376fee401953d2d664061e61az — Bug 806581 - Localize the Facebook chat name. r=clokep
cb7892e796a8b99bbda06a16ac5a464026895c00aceman — Bug 315367 - Convert the folder picker of the Move To/Copy To filter actions to the new folder picker, from the flat list. ui-r=bwinton, r=rkent, r=IanN
69bafc54099cc3514913cbfa9cda960287e51b56aceman — Bug 804001 - Rename "Check now" button in advanced preferences to "Check now...". ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
eb65f62a2bc99dfa43e8a7c956a7057b13637272Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 800877 - Change the message back to a hard-coded English string. r=mbanner
08657aa4692fdef06da57e8e21650ba954d98144aceman — Bug 767897 - Change access key of joinChatMenuItem to 't'. ui-r=bwinton, r=florian
5295eb3a7e0fbd4183d26b7a4a1dcf693c485681Neil Rashbrook — Bug 804657 Remove UI for removed HTTP keep-alive preference r=IanN
7bb256b7f22c2ffce0325f94a0c4488f73690733Neil Rashbrook — Bug 792735 Remove calls to nsICacheSession::openCacheEntry r=IanN
27f2ccb73eb2f43d774950efa380961dc981e4c7aceman — Bug 775665 - Change Filter Context UI to checkboxes. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=Neil, r=rkent
f1589567f28a53bd4875fa6a5da4b0e00543d4daaceman — Bug 476426 - Let the "Cancel" button in "Use Thunderbird as the Default Client for" dialog store the pref of "always check if TB is the default client at startup". ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
a90b65127668ff179da6f3d324de874374afe0c8Magnus Melin — Bug 786606 - Chat shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+C doesn't do anything - conflicts with keyboard shortcut for Lightning's Calendar tab. r=bwinton
4d8e5db2c0247a121accf11ed62ede06c910bbe2Magnus Melin — Bug 454507 - Contexts menu for links in emails "Copy Link Location" and "Copy" both uses C as accesskey. r=squib
3b200c870169d5c60b587a00c4fc00056045a3fbIan Neal — Bug 801383 Fix fallout from bug 779473 - make nsresult an enum class. Fix nsMsgPrompts and get mailnews/compose compiling on Mac. Patch originally by Ian Neil, updated by Standard8. r=Neil. CLOSED TREE
5213cd6dce01fb36bca27cd9056df0f9274d7291Patrick Cloke — Bug 799068 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 3 - Bio 1721 - Refer to channel passwords not keys for IRC, r=fqueze.
9a40ed8236db6ddb97387c6445e264912f13a732Patrick Cloke — Bug 799068 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 3 - Bio 1655 - Unhandled IRC messages around bans, r=aleth.
022cf65c8bf8c6b57dbac12fcb45d29758bb08d3Patrick Cloke — Bug 799068 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 3 - Bio 1541 - MODE fails to handle when a key is set and we are in the room, r=aleth.
5a127765e6d7cec01fbd13c5a1d13cac592d76bealeth — Bug 799068 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 3 - Bio 1666 - Set twitter topic to the user's self-description, r=clokep,fqueze.
76d4c62a59a93cc5c3000454602bc4d6f2514a7faleth — Bug 799068 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 3 - Bio 1671 - Include twitter users' names in tooltips, r=clokep.
9340a13e300be77a24165bfdaeec5a856e26b34cPatrick Cloke — Bug 799068 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 3 - Bio 1657 - Unhandled IRC message 475 ERR_BADCHANNELKEY, r=aleth.
848d588b1e8aaaad31bc7b151f0b7994fa5fdf01Patrick Cloke — Bug 799068 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 3 - Bio 1628 - Unhandled IRC message: 330 RPL_WHOISACCOUNT, r=aleth.
756252e4212db824841e78ff1e09c2b33ef51cf4Patrick Cloke — Bug 799068 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 3 - Bio 1561 - Remove libpurple's pretentious /wallops help message, r=aleth.
6201d843b305b72ec6c57c662d8e2a02a23ce8afaceman — Bug 637387 - Rename feat_labels.label entity in start.dtd as its value has changed. r+sr=mnyromyr
fea3635fd0936717b5a0bcd4a7deb6340f6b9eb6aceman — Bug 595723 - Always show the full Integration dialog when 'Check now' is clicked in Preferences. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
fd645a8287705a5806f8799a602c551f0cbdbfbcaceman — Bug 788429 - Add button to open global Addressing preferences from account manager's 'Composition & Addressing' pane. r=IanN, r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
6cfe674bd357d96061ae53a9ebb63481828b7bc2Richard Marti — Bug 795342 - Toolbars in Task/Calendar tabs missing due to undefined entities in SeaMonkey. r=philipp
d2c78ca22c59200496e84a83621bae65b2078c21Gervase Markham — Bug 763469 - add MPL 2 headers to some more files.
a51726094a840bbd0217c4a57f8e52a6ea30e1c5Florian Quèze — Bug 786684 - JS error (TypeError: match[1] is undefined) when parsing a JID without a node part, r=clokep.
e5a8941edd4aa442213ba0138feabb6042a22011aceman — Bug 561762 - Add additional error information to "This filter cannot be saved" message when saving a filter. r=mconley, r=IanN, ui-r=bwinton
f82f2a5dfcb43b1610641cefe9ac3a376ed4be9faceman — Bug 738194 - Add menu and keyboard shortcuts for Zoom (Ctrl++, Ctrl+-, Ctrl+0), change shortcuts for font size to Ctrl+<, Ctrl+> in compose window. ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin
0161733baf31f83c25dcf920a9b8f0f0e0cd0180Jens Hatlak — Bug 789724 - Rename "Other Languages" to "Unicode" on the Fonts pref pane (port TB bug 323747). r=IanN f=Neil
5e2f459597d66b320c5fbd7739e4568a0db87464Florian Quèze — Bug 792046 - Improve the error message when failing to connect an XMPP/IRC account because of a broken certificate, r=clokep.
d3d75e714634195627c2c28f426eee19c461362bFlorian Quèze — Bug 792793 - Remove growl support from comm-central, r=irving, a=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE.
690fbeae8bfcf73d91993a41b89a23e62026cb06aceman — Bug 551827 - Make a link from Junk settings in Account manager to the global options in Preferences. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=mconley
8860af34772638dfb982044cca57b67eb78ddcd9aceman — Bug 788259 - Set plugin check pref to instead of r=standard8
2d3a2b782092ee634af103a4a6198dfb38bed150aceman — Bug 314806 - Add ability to set default identity in the identity list editor (Account manager). ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=Neil, r=mconley
4e0ac8a71068bcd812043b9c2d3baa14c492807bIan Neal — Bug 789678 - Fix line endings in r=mconley
b1ca8f52b03f994d339a22435f1f4b34812df6e1aceman — Bug 577775 - Disallow using invalid filesystem folders as the Local Directory for mail storage. r=IanN, ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
af25029019fa8863d665039d83ec20b573b59dedPatrick Cloke — Bug 787433 - IRC component should return a proper CTCP VERSION response. r=aleth, florian
d280ea653a10b21dc1e6d99efa3cb945a187fc3bchen zeyu — Bug 742524 - Let users dismiss Filelink upload notification permanently. r+ui-r=bwinton
de9e7431de8b19f1cdbbc98eef1ad4636c075dc8Javi Rueda — Bug 466276 - .caf files grayed out (not selectable) in Preferences > General > Use the following sound file > Browse. r+ui-r=bwinton
6931649c47c95ce7b11e7b3c4460d0e96df9a2afCyril Glapa — Bug 779976 - Set priority with XMPP, r=clokep.
c81e730467d1a9402dfba64bb00aafab787a7ce3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 782143 Rewrite of mousewheel preference pane to support changed preferences r=IanN
c30d6889c51e30c5a8672fe612fe8035cf30c9faJens Hatlak — Bug 787802 - Port |Bug 762230 - Add-ons not listed when resetting Sync|. r=Neil
8b77ae6a45c0952360d426ca1048b3a2e717fa7fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 783908 Implement remaining parts of GNOME shell service r=IanN
6cf815477a1140edc3eb79b0683c76a7aba5e9c3Richard Marti — Bug 786358 - Port bug 773641 to Thunderbird's WebSearch. r=bwinton
6b3724d37c148c4e8cde6538d38323202b7e4178Joachim Herb — Bug 525070 - Whitespace cleanup. r=mconley
2f008b3a56a01bf6c33f124be30068f4014fe185Javi Rueda — Bug 513164 - Remove "Manage Addons" from Preferences UI; r=bwinton
05f6fae041156df4c31391ac4c300dbfc9dba287Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 425343 - No support for resource (Meeting/Conference Rooms) booking and scheduling. r=mbailly
16eb52eaa281cff74da1f90d82d51602a6e5230aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 738078 - Make use of BigFiles/FileLink to attach files in the event dialog. r=mmecca
5b0d7fca4b3b28d4716b59af4a7656b67b952c13Laurent Jouanneau — Fix bug 466451 - Improved rendering of iMIP information in message view. r=philipp
e9c6b8e2d3f34ae9d03f22de462b0a6012b01fdfPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 777683 - Remember deleted items for invitations. r=mmecca
f266385e167dd40ea6ad2f94a7a3df6ca4222de2Mark Banner — Part of Bug 758326 - Port bug 481815 - Provide a Windows service to update applications without asking Administrator password - Additional work to port the changes to show correct UI for staging updates in the background. Staging updates is not yet enabled. r=sid0,ui-review=bwinton
7616183f0dfa2d0a387ca3ef04e1095b3cc19694Richard Marti — Bug 650170 - Firefox-like Application Button/Menu for Thunderbird. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton.
31fb35871792f2ae49806a96da71d50470d4bb15Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 780990 - Give providers a way to not support uncached mode. r=redDragon
a85493f5ddd1f0bc9989e3a28db72d8b3408fecbJim Porter — Bug 647036 - Allow attachment pane of a message to open non-collapsed by default; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
ed223ca02ab95a6d9335d9aad54061a40616bcf0Brian King — Bug 767327 - Add to file link services. r=mconley
c3371d239f3eed77388e046dcead99c39b9526ffaceman — Bug 768621 - Show the size on disk of a mail folder in the Thunderbird UI. ui-r=bwinton, r=squib, r=IanN
a5c81bc35539e6d6a1ce1b4bc7f39d5c62fa83fdaceman — Bug 360891 - Create a link from Account manager "read receipts" pane to the Global receipts subdialog in Preferences. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=mconley
73a7aa11c3399297402799ebe65dfc3e0e759c41Jens Hatlak — Bug 782018 - Duplicate accesskey A in MailNews View menu. r=Neil
0df3e863c0b743527583c8e4a1ac2748cbf1fd4ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 765899 - Duplicate entity names for accesskeys in lightning-toolbar.dtd (lightning.toolbar.calendar.accesskey and lightning.toolbar.task.accesskey). r=benoit.leseul
bcdd8b657e1d6afdbde5c7ccc86739ab9e1aa085Tony Mechelynck [:tonymec] — Bug 633730 - Port |Bug 630484 - Properly support plural forms in advance search dialog status message| to SeaMonkey. r=IanN, sr=mnyromyr
fa366215f59eb4058042644cd4b58d198a3d5660Axel Grude [:realRaven] — Bug 450302: There is no "filter searching" (to find a filter). ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin
e97cef19e4af2fa15ae5937542320e507ac07110aceman — Bug 360926 - add confirmation dialog to Identity list editor. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=squib
fb68dcbbfd754acbdeeedfb734d4ef4212b0cbfeNeil Rashbrook — Bug 632585 Implement the Set Desktop Background dialog r=IanN,Ratty
d771f60485e23d5f5918ddf77991076e602ce9e3aceman — Bug 255050 - Make compose window progress dialog differentiate better between Sending and Saving of the message. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=mkmelin
0b88dbaa83ab63cd5690b1975b2cbf0f092bf586Patrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1551 - Remove whowas command, duplicate of whois, r=aleth.
e317523853d11ac8800d523be30bbf87480033cbaleth — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1540 - Handle 432: Erroneous nickname, r=clokep.
ec13c11e5d4b70a5f2cb349e868191a6c72f9e67Patrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1296 - Unhandled IRC whois response messages 307 671 317, r=aleth.
f6c9a36f81fe938ae794c4d53bdf456cc40feac2aleth — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1404 - Add "Your account is reconnected" system message, r=clokep,fqueze.
5affe41a9224eac12919b58d1d6ba28f4fe1f02bPatrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1519 - /invite doesn't work, r=aleth.
5a6cc443bdb60563dc2e653d541cdb0db9e41be4aleth — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1518 - Don't display the topic system message again if it hasn't changed, r=clokep,fqueze.
953746c8c5945f628d615bc2849933c8e8029f11aleth — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 385 - Rejoin IRC channels after reconnect, r=clokep.
d6027511be478a51859d0bd8a3104e24ee3178f6Patrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1427 - Fix up order and formatting of IRC tooltips, r=aleth.
5ac92ee57e1f2e9419e8aca50d005e1a9f208200Patrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1478 - IRC /topic help text is incorrect, r=fqueze.
81b2ce42d5f1bced91184fac43c9f7af58b12079Tony Mechelynck — Bug 439312 - Site Navigation Bar misses its tooltip when minimized. r=neil
b812a85b73bd7542ef9733909f596c43a008e7f2Andrew Johnston — Bug 741336 - Provide UI to easily clear cookies from the menus. r=mbanner, ui-r=bwinton
d86d6e791000a934a833f82bab46c02a5dd8834caceman — Bug 743974 - Make layout of elements in the filter editor use the space available in the dialog more efficiently and consistently. r=neil,mconley ui-r=bwinton
66d741eecd0cd36a4d3464b76829fe81b26df1f0Patrick Brunschwig — Bug 768928 - New implementation of nsIPgpMimeProxy to allow for Enigmail to receive data from mimelib. r=bienvenu,sr=Standard8
112ff86b464e41b3777b5117c222307a417442e9Brian King — Bug 767327 - Add (disabled) Box support for Filelink. r-pending-further-work=mconley.
3f32d3eef7ae2e238629fbab1f8674b0c40e9fd9Florian Quèze — Bug 769917 - Accesskey conflict in address book contact, r=Standard8,IanN, ui-r=bwinton.
54b5871a29ebae73bc3276b3f3d718d06c7a6b92Philipp Kewisch — Strings for bug 738078 - Make use of BigFiles/FileLink to attach files in the event dialog.
3bc7c5acda91c83820957b8c4acc17460784b957Mike Conley — Bug 772072 - Add warning notification after Filelink uploads complete about URL guessing. r+ui-r=bwinton.
592a218d703661fc901498cf1c23d1a6ead09703Ian Neal — Bug 762513 - Merge abCardViewOverlay.xul into addressbook.xul r/moa=Mnyromyr
4f5ac39789f52f5c46c4eece8ae7c791b9e5fe7ePhilip Chee — Bug 765820 Make MDN (return receipts) work for non-standard headers, and make the MDN confirmation message say which addresses the receipt will be sent to r=IanN sr=Mnyromyr.
d9a41bb7611029a873ec1d5a4ff223277e8de3e4Philip Chee — Bug 758677 Implement a Preference Pane for Offline Applications r=IanN.
b30b349cfd58cb58c8137401432f8b6d2c946f21Jens Hatlak — Bug 746110 - Expose click-to-play plugins preference in the UI. r=Neil ui-r=IanN
87ad02ab25fefdba5495faa33f756dc176b2dfedaceman — Bug 763437 - Make "Do you want to send/download messages now [no] [yes]" offline dialogs use more descriptive buttons. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
de3c8a27b5b8d6e4b6004d348fb0119d99f80e80aceman — Bug 758803 - Enhance wording of compacting option (autocompact does all folders at once) and disable compact limit field when compacting is disabled. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley, r=IanN
1d83be7fb3ad275b7b7fdd925e7ad2c958c96a01Edmund Wong — Bug 715410 - Fix accesskey for 'Undo Add to Dictionary'. r=Neil
b0abda5c2dcb071d8967cb2e24e32e493523579eIan Neal — Bug 762704 - Add layout sub menu to view menu in addressbook r=Mnyromyr
8dfc8e5aab50dc7f9fc9bf35d7a5d1ca98c5e144aceman — Bug 718139 - Add "Manage tags..." item to tags context menu, and implement opening the Preferences dialog on a specified pane and tab. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
ffc156e7dda165809c08fbdc4326e128c2c32064Maxim Baz — follow on fix for bug 763008, change upgrade string, r=bienvenu
4f87f806328c90469592ee7fe91693de470cf4bdMaxim Baz — fix bug 763008, update to YSI v3 API and add custom upgrade UI, r=bienvenu, ur-r=bwinton
2f076ecd73d31961aa96f2cbc0f45176fda81893aceman — Bug 762393 - merge junkLog.* files in /mailnews and /mail. r=IanN, r=mconley
4d61cd71c4e3f6e9c7f9db90d031129b2e29c95bRichard Marti — Bug 323747 - Rename "Other Languages" to "Unicode" in the "Fonts & Encodings" dialog. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
0e67da465b5b517839ec5a255782ef523ec00d9aEdmund Wong — Bug 760644 - Add DSN option to composing Options menu.
66fd6c14b77ff98654503943aff18a554b74cb2aMagnus Melin — Bug 270373 - Thunderbird needs smooth scrolling. r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
467eb46bdb81f89c597436f458885027f7c4a8efaceman — Bug 761028 - Remove remaining references to Mozilla Messaging as a company name and update some more links. r=Standard8
e21ae8a0331fb56a7a238a908b7a503531865a32aceman — Bug 761443 - Spell "End User Rights" as "End-User Rights" in About Thunderbird . r+ui-r=bwinton
01704c5075b9419277c541242546e89d605c435cIan Neal — Bug 761720 - Port |Bug 474721 - messagereader: message header should not prefer the address book over the message headers as a source of display names| r/moa=mnyromyr
ac9cec2b0d1aa5b37d06698e423432e531f27184Ian Neal — Bug 131571 - [RFE] when clicking on a mail adress that is already in the adressbook the option should be "edit address book entry", not "add to address book" r=mnyromyr
342da1690727646cbc515ad952567ef8d85d9130Richard Marti — Bug 392886 - Rename Tools - Options - Lightning to Calendar. r=philipp
9bc2a53e923377f28337ed73a5df0f7ac401f2a0Florian Quèze — Bug 739677 - No way to access the "Add Contact" and "Join Chat" actions of the IM feature with the keyboard, r+ui-r=bwinton.
fe172e52c6c01123d624c8afe3fb63df23b7006aFlorian Quèze — Bug 759328 - Add instant messaging fields to the address book cards, r+ui-r=mconley, sr=bienvenu.
e41443019f9d818ac1314918b556447106c41ea6Nomis101 — Part of Bug 758326 - Port bug 481815 - Provide a Windows service to update applications without asking Administrator password. r=Standard8,ui-review=bwinton
398cfe7f755c7b84a4a8740f87e69b5c84aabd1bJim Porter — Bug 747298 - Clarify the "reply" button by indicating that it is a reply to sender; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
66f2bdf3cd0b6d1743487a7909183f7dc300006faceman — Bug 757425 - make shortcut key in Compact Folders dialog less ambiguous. r=IanN,mconley, ui-r=andreasn.
39c7c370fe4e70426b06c340350a12dd41965f08alta88 — Bug 750292 - Fix/renovate feed opml import/export r=bienvenu,ui-r=bwinton.
2c5006109a5cfef31dc4adf55392b18a7bb1a4a9Gervase Markham — Bug 757018 - upgrade license to MPL 2.
875240c07eeef1f65d64dea05f532daee10baa9eEdmund Wong — Bug 752797 - Fixed 'User agent' string. r=Neil
5926bb02916564daf8744b7c7aea88a864ff6600Joachim Herb — Bug 726344 - Add tooltiptext to more (addresses) indicator in the header pane. r=mconley, r=squib, r,ui-r=bwinton
de24b1afba860a95c7cc2e4c8b8a2aab66075ebcEdmund Wong — Bug 715410 - Port |Bug 352037 - Undo Add to Dictionary| to SeaMonkey. r=Neil
e37cb4219ef95dc3a3c0dea2979bcf187330c214Edmund Wong — Bug 752797 - Add BuildID to about: page. r=Neil
16173eebc5b0f1ac2660177e225e84029837acb8Patrick Cloke — Bug 753807 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - Bio 1466 - Clearing the topic doesn't update the UI and instead displays the previous topic in a system message, r=fqueze.
b7c18dad2637f09f15202fee0184028e01cf68eaPatrick Cloke — Bug 753807 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - Bio 318 - Check if topic on IRC channels is editable and make UI respond accordingly, r=aleth,fqueze.
4aaa4174f6aaff24fc9a9d32a49f4e47a1414454Edmund Wong — Bug 620997 - Open 'Links' URLs in browser. r=Neil
851506e895c3e4f1a2f9560c251ac7bb2d6c83f3Jignesh Kakadiya — Bug 755968 - Clarify text on button that restarts/updates. r=bwinton
29503a82a0124599cad9658ac4f97673c7484bd8Richard Marti — Bug 412917 - Task List Headings should display a Tooltip while mouse over. r=matthew.mecca
4d9db99cb072301473c822626c804659a60db388Magnus Melin — Bug 735524 - remove migration assistant which relates to tb2-tb3 differences. r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
cafa874036c45b8ef21cee79b2711dc537bd3f33Patrick Cloke — Bug 753807 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - Bio 1366 - Inform the user when attempting to send a message to an offline nick, r=aleth,fqueze.
86d08ea060787ae86577bfafbaf2b3b72b0ea236Patrick Cloke — Bug 753807 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - Bio 1305 - /mode messages don't work on JS-IRC - follow-up to handle more cases, r=aleth.
ef519d4a6f8d167febff7d09efd2b9f357d786bcaleth — Bug 753807 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - Bio 1332 - Implement /whois and /whowas commands, r=clokep,fqueze.
a0017f02a0f9502cbbc9507f6b0a1cf2374fb389Florian Quèze — Bug 742644 - IRC's username empty text ('and server') in the Chat Account Wizard is confusing, r=clokep, ui-r=bwinton.
5213b777a45c6a5bdfe2e4cefcc3629ae2bf694bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 753324 - Show Attendees in the invitation template. r=laurent
91834e422e21d2d2a06d73e9de08f57c8d37f5c0Florian Quèze — Bug 743235 - Search emails and IM conversations at once with gloda, r+ui-r=bwinton, r=asuth.
5e7704231e98817bf01760d2c18739b547e821eeJens Hatlak — Bug 567518 - Switch to SSL Google search (https). r=Callek
06bf87bbc46eb9a464b564e6442fcca666e577e2Sid Stamm — Bug 750794 - Add pref UI to enable do-not-track (DNT) in Thunderbird. r,ui-r=mconley
3ab9e6defdb04fe6b86021da33c7106ec0ab701eaceman — Bug 750849 - Fix accesskey keys after bug 397197 in the Junk settings. r=IanN,mconley
774e71a90fec11bb387a86f6a520367ba5d5fc90Bryan — Bug 590226: Fix junk mail notification message to be more informative. r=mkmelin. DONTBUILD
43eda3c9415cf61907a734b2b887346686870816Jens Hatlak — Bug 747186 - Port |Bug 711618 - implement basic click to play permission model| to Data Manager. r=KaiRo
dc6a6d408f35f05141d04e5ecf2c3caff9fc8b75aceman — Bug 742472 - Add tooltips and accesskeys to the "add/remove action" buttons in filter editor. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley, r=IanN
418935dc93e238f7f910176dd27d58ac0207f656aceman — Bug 397197 - Logically group items on "junk settings" panel, add indents and descriptions. r=IanN, r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
cf0ae72066f5b830c86bb8cb3e123a3ef3854858aceman — Bug 391061 - Rework scary message about multiple SMTP servers from Account Settings. r=IanN, ui-r=bwinton, r=bwinton
0fd1e29d807d92d9118eba2554a94472fb0bcc72Neil Rashbrook — Bug 747519 Implement permission interface for click-to-play plugins doorhangers by InvisibleSmiley r=Neil
6e95a3af6029a82a7ec421d5f2ae07fcad87e41caceman — Bug 709581 - if server.spamSettings.initialize throws, offer the user to check Junk settings again. r=IanN, r=standard8, ui-r=bwinton
ab7d1ae299a471ad8386e6a48982973b0164fa7baceman — Bug 713277 - Use the default account if none is selected for the Account central pane and various cleanup. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=mbanner
04f66e6935796455205ea55703c2d84a04f460f5Pranav Ravichandran — Bug 735986 - Remove spellCheckAddToDictionary.label/accesskey from DTD file r=IanN r=Standard8.
cbe99af0f783187cef6914dc8a10b0491969ea60Mike Conley — Bug 744923 - Better wording in the Filelink add account dialog. r+ui-r=bwinton. DONTBUILD
e8c19adb97847b9683cf8860082692cb63660a28aceman — Bug 323159 - Make "junk mail control log" more obvious is it only about the "adaptive junk control". r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
b6be584120f9a484f46b5c4ce03991307820701cJens Hatlak — Bug 743312 - Implement click-to-play plugins (port FF bug 711552 and bug 744964). r=Neil
6c71c85ffb2a7a997827ab3b7206c728e70e5a48Neil Rashbrook — Bug 684746 Add support for more of the content blocker permissions r=KaiRo
19ec71e741f5916a4033948b6082deaa4f84b5abMike Conley — Bug 737349 - Add account dialog for Filelink should display Learn More... links for the feature and for each service. r+ui-r=bwinton.
c3093a7411398f94882d1f13aa606aeb6d6874bdJim Porter — Bug 718342 - Add "Reply to Sender" button to message header for NNTP posts; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
298fb9ff8216694a8f61c347583c104278a9be61Mike Conley — Bug 737348 - Add a button to the Filelink offer notification bar to let users learn more about the feature. r+ui-r=bwinton.
2c0c7fd2b187eaa7fa2951872e122d6ade86a33faceman — Bug 340324 - Expose Local Directory field in settings for RSS account and add some groupboxes. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=mbanner
8a06cd43ae188fff01b17786c484564501b25bbfalta88 — Bug 737115 - Remove deprecated dnd methods from feed subscribe dialog. Several enhancements: 1.) Remove COM interfaces and nsDragAndDrop in favor of getting everything from the event.dataTransfer. 2.) Allow copy of feeds to other accounts. 3.) Try harder to get valid urls; support dnd from chrome/safari links (ie8/9 dnd doesn't have the info in dt though) for both folderpane and dialog. r=dbienvenu
d28a64f9b87d2282f57cb38326611f8785feeef0aceman — Bug 637651 - Make "Create account" wording in the Account wizard less confusing. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
3ad4afc4a7c85987ef9ac93f8a173b34d4a05951Florian Quèze — Bug 735899 - The "Error console" menu item should have a keyboard shortcut, r+ui-r=bwinton.
03193e0d64d4c8d2430ffbbf2e29358d1ed1c07aaceman — Bug 224831 - Issue warning to restart (due to Bug 2654) when Local Directory setting is changed. ui-r=bwinton, r=iann, r=mbanner
f6b9d89fc5324e4d2cd2fe7bf4c2308cb5f1d867Jens Hatlak — Bug 698038 - Update Preferences help for the new section to control crash report submission. r=IanN
aa542cb18d884b826528b5e89db69af59923da0aJens Hatlak — Bug 703687 - Revise help links to external resources. r=Neil
879735bee4d5fb2bc16394968cf8a31cc863e27dalta88 — Bug 734915 - Replace the feed subscribe folderpicker with new methods. 1.) Replace old rdf rules to newer binding based picker. 2.) Show path not just leaf folder name. 3.) When folder selected, allow click/enter toggle to display folder pretty path and absolute file path. 4.) Ensure keyboard works for all actions. 5.) "Loading" message for feedback on long tree builds. r=dbienvenu
3fb1ed6b98c53091e1d304135f173f0a52bd8599alta88 — Bug 734446 - Some feed subscribe enhancements:
1d7d01c04eb743b380b9a8131e0b485c5fec3defJens Hatlak — Bug 734994 - Help content for concurrent tab restores preference. r=IanN
a9363ce61b788f3195415e569b635c88304a3a07Jens Hatlak — Fix typo introduced by Bug 731140 and sync the pref. r=Neil over IRC
070adeb6f92ee772676a335d49a2f70de8006478Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 689130 - Enabling timezone support in the event dialog should be more visible. r=decathlon (tentative)
1ae3c663cdd38ba2f6a68acbea63dbb4c2f014f6Florian Quèze — Bug 714733 - Instant messaging in Thunderbird, r=bienvenu,bwinton,Standard8,mconley.
e6db0d2d3bd5b5751db3995388ddbc8781246ccaDavid Bienvenu — bug 698925, one more missed file, r=mconley
f9bf294ba5fb428bb5885283a84ca8d77c3205c3David Bienvenu — add ui for cloud files, changes by mconley, squib, andreas, r=mconley, squib, etc, bug 698925
5179fdb8b6a8a4c267b1f36c1f8d1e1c79816237Blake Winton — Bug 734232 - Make OpenSearch notify the user about who they're sending their search terms to. r=Standard8
87372c87e6fbea38c6c481c79b2543e08d621cc1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 648683 Expose preference for concurrent tab restores r=IanN
7fd60cc254857d46e366f7ed430584aacec6a33cMagnus Melin — Bug 718480: Unable to save new message as file when subject is empty. r=neil
34741f62b5abdb62ff673b7f4e9ce80d0f8961e3Edmund Wong — Bug 731223 - Update help from changes from bug #694514 and bug #733258.(part2) r=InvisibleSmiley
d9741e2f60a7ca69a22ff5a65120fbd9f49edb14Edmund Wong — Backed out changeset af896f514c15(bug #731223) due to incorrect author field.
d75cf74a10b254b4aa82de72b3252714300696e8builder — Bug 731223 - Update Help for changes from bug #694514 and bug #733258.(part2) r=InvisibleSmiley
34adec518062a3fedbaf8ae9d57e4fa8b64325feEdmund Wong — Bug 731223 - Update help from changes from bug #694514 and bug #733258. r=InvisibleSmiley
46398db538c0ddf440e3824be9ab057b09ab15e6Edmund Wong — Bug 733258 - Fix formatting issues from bug #694514. r=IanN
065c192627e1920b9def2d98fd76ebe2e8894537Neil Rashbrook — Bug 71008 preparation by switching from server/login pages to incoming/outgoing pages r=bienvenu,IanN
e65265e351eb9e9f7f76b4843f0fba2accb32ba1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 732816 Add preference entry to control new domain name highlighting feature r=InvisibleSmiley
48bcd765fa88f2ec7b2b20c0385a333800971895Mark Banner — Bug 733517 - Update Bing search. rs=bwinton
731d580e8f1a196140afa746ad18822f2b6848f2Merike Sell — Bug 730685 - Remove unused entities in lightning.dtd. r=philipp
5dc11220654a76ca39fd49e67347d9269dc2150eEdmund Wong — Bug 694514 - Expose mailnews.reply_header_type preference. r=IanN
9324287833954e60a95be8736888e387e9345a85Mark Banner — Bug 731590 - Update search engine list for Thunderbird. rs=bwinton
13110e9fd02dab3ff06175e0f5e0ddab8c30977eJens Hatlak — Bug 711334 - Be explicit that TLS version is 1.0. r=IanN
86504940c721c810ca8d6848bca4a172cd5307a1aceman — Bug 719456 - Use PluralForm.jsm for feed import messages, to allow proper localization and translation; r=iann_bugzilla, r=standard8
9958c6491bd7f6d9cffa183e91ab14a0fa03481cMark Banner — Bug 730239 - Account provisioner - improve the wording of the introductory string. r+ui-review=bwinton
c2d37d92bcd0f5638583d6a8010d7ce40db074ceMark Banner — Bug 728897 - 'Search All Messages' should be just 'Search'. r+ui-review=bwinton
97127b8bcff717bbc12a7e66b7c8685bdef2fb27alta88 — Bug 716706 - Fix and enhance the feed Subscriptions dialog. r=bienvenu,ui-review=bwinton
e30de9a8fe5eecb6eeeba37d0cdc2b6b09dab483aceman — Bug 235666 - Next and Previous buttons should work on read messages. r=mkmelin,ui-review=bwinton
e5e6f11ee376cd20d70c18b2fb695c8e76e864abaceman — Bug 243767 - Multiple Identities dialogue should have a Close instead of an OK button. r=IanN,r=Standard8,ui-review=bwinton
72032cf0f0aafa244bbbd71a23be6ea117c86e10aceman — Bug 90263 - Change error message in account wizard from "hostname" to "server name"
34b32d18ab834a98adcc5dbafd5a6434ce05082cVeeraya Pupatwibul — Fix bug 719789 - The appointment mouseover should show the organizer. r=philipp
dd7fcc86eaa06af0756748440d9bd88050a1e30aPhilip Chee — Bug 721327 Implement Tabs Toolbar for Thunderbird and Lightning Compatibility ui-r=stefanh. r=Neil.
9f45a022f9ab5b12696a945f310bcbdc5481e122Joshua Cranmer — Bug 201750 - Combine the news username and password auth dialogs. r=Standard8, sr=bienvenu, ui-r=bwinton
e41140f69639a32316675b9dc4194d33dff90d1caceman — Bug 545771 - Change accesskey of Unsubscribe to 'b' (Resolve double accesskey 'n' for 'Unsubscribe' for newsgroup and 'Preferences' on linux). r+ui-review=bwinton
107b4a35cd76f45ef0b1654ac31d2d0600eb191aaceman — Bug 57115 - file should contain correct HTML. r=IanN,r=squib
017402be7ece116bdaf8c3f231bf32d454045a7aMerike Sell — Bug 417688 - Add context menu to copy URL for attached links in events/tasks. r=philipp,a=philipp
6e7321d48272b48666ba04b9a9e75946d896a108Markus Adrario — Fix bug 723884 - Typo in the name of an entity. r=philipp
b379dbd3d82b5fe224dce70e5cffac6a0f3c2e25Markus Adrario — Fix bug 262729 - Allow to view all events in current display in unifinder. r=philipp
359f06ea5cb055b4d0674f9d5522e3fdd8fd3166aceman — Bug 346306 - Instructions in account wizard not platform dependent. r=IanN,sr=Standard8
6d1001a469f1b571d207a56c54dabbd5ab3ad6a5Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 420831 - On sending updated iTIP message, the subject does not indicate 'updated'. r=mmecca
4c9661481be5cc852b408108f0c10d9b7ee96300Philip Chee — Bug 719034 Support CTRL-SHIFT-K as the Lighting Task Quick Filter hotkey r=IanN moa=Mnyromyr.
5078288a1b8700b555ff8af08393a681004aaa2fEdmund Wong — Bug 688745 - Add 'Open in Browser' to context menu for Opening a Website from RSS. r=IanN moa=Mnyromyr
c15687ce34100cc02e82661e95e16d7b6320cc0aJim Porter — Bug 526998 - Implement F2 keyboard shortcut for renaming focused attachments when composing (on Windows and Unix); r=mbanner, r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
327be29eeefdb385af2302351c8b34691edd3815Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 719197 - Rename "Reload Remote Calendar" to "Synchronize Calendars". r=paenglab
66b741bf34474d206e06db356952ab9c77152705Ian Neal — Bug 718517 - Add print button as an option to messenger compose mail toolbar r=neil
a61ddbcc42faed9637a24bd106a138dec10604caJens Hatlak — Bug 718302 - Update Help for |Bug 620776 - Add UI for new plugins.disabled preference|. r=IanN
82cebae72171b22a8ab9ce8e221e89d150f7f561Jens Hatlak — Bug 714588 - Update Help for changes from bug 527173 (new Spelling pref pane). r=IanN
524a8b6350552891cdc04400ed0847c85fd303e0Edmund Wong — Bug 527173 - Spellchecker settings are in the Mail section but the SP is used by all components. r=IanN
6cc4fbd6dacbfb301116979cf2243376fe04fd4aAlexandre Demers — Fix bug 657763 - [PATCH] There is an uneeded (F) next to Event in the Event window. r=philipp
935250c07645fec5e683c6793764dc958da9eefeJim Porter — Backout changeset 25f87dd2453f due to test bustage in test-attachment.js
eed7ebc57590ec0f4a9224d46ca73454b8fe29e8Edmund Wong — Bug 620776 - Add plugin.disable UI to Preferences. r=IanN ui-r=neil
a3f718f27d2a46d9a288818a6b19259528329951Jim Porter — Bug 526998 - Implement F2 keyboard shortcut for renaming focused attachments when composing (on Windows and Unix); r=standard8, ui-r=bwinton
3d56daed8e30f91d9ae4a9f13e57123fc43bb75aJens Hatlak — Bug 588807 - Add Unsorted Bookmarks to Bookmarks menu and rename Personal Toolbar to Bookmarks Toolbar. r=Neil
c0bd4c374fd28f0130c434f126d8e0ff69c3d0f1Mark Banner — Bug 717240 - Remove incomplete add/edit image map code from editor. r=IanN,sr=Neil
b2baaa86181940e9afd98473c7d1b42fbbda5babMark Banner — Bug 707329 - Folder panel has no content. JSON.parse: unexpected end of data Source File: chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js. Correctly handle a corrupted file. r=bienvenu,ui-review=bwinton
42c91d6021a0b10b31295f42e43e34edfc0e2b2dJens Hatlak — Bug 716401 - Some bookmark.*Cmd are missing an ellipsis. r=Neil
f52998ade9cf67e2cbe21d91a2dba4351085e26bRichard Marti — Fix bug 709572 - Add Calendar and Task toolbar for tabs on top. r=philipp,ui-r=andreasn,p=paenglab and philipp
08f6938b1f05cb19ae1fb9b4b1c6813c3068840aJens Hatlak — Bug 716382 - Update Help Peer Support User Newsgroups link. r=IanN
39fed728e6976cbe691a2c5e2356b5d8c54a1bf3Jean-Bernard Marcon — Bug 707443 - missing accesskey for "Recently Closed tabs" menu item. r=Standard8
f5e0e3c916c8f7fc8f4725848b08d00b629a2c29aceman — Bug 307629 - When importing an OPML file that only contains feeds that are already subscribed then error message wrongly says the file is not valid. r=myk
b3ff7b90a015b223fde9908e4ba4cf460ddb6111Matthew Mecca — Bug 714569 - Add menu commands to postpone the start and/or due dates of tasks. r=philipp
76af11a9e61aa9ce8fa060de07af07e53ccfbd8eMatthew Mecca — Bug 316916 - Implement Task filter (Search for tasks in task list on tasks tab) / Implement "Find Events or Tasks". r=philipp
d70e3ea9794f0655d7ce5babd28bb2323105b5b5Martin Schroeder — Bug 362940 - Invite Attendees dialog: remove "Next hour" and "Previous hour" buttons. r=Fallen
65e95ebd8d7a2989e2df1e332d7aee98d18e1a8fMagnus Melin — Bug 391004: "Open Browser with Message-ID" should be removed from References'
bef9bba6f097cb48ff245145acd6c52c52ff678dJens Hatlak — Bug 713087 - Port |Bug 534956 - Sync add-ons|. r=IanN f=Neil
54728df0eea46b69d588ce437662ecf6927bbe32Jens Hatlak — Bug 711779 - Add Bookmark This Link to feeds' Website header link context menu. r+moa=Mnyromyr
7a4753326217ee4e5be721dd78736923ab5f5662Philip Chee — Bug 485686 Page Info does not display any information about video stream from video tag r=Neil.
5beed275823ccd267c7c1efd9e5a90c2bb802170Richard Marti — Bug 671119 - Calendar widget colors do not adapt to GTK high contrast themes - preferences part r=Decathlon
263e0f6fe2edeaf171f37da4f3ed1e77de7ba76bEdmund Wong — Bug 675431 - Changed accesskeys to avoid duplications. r=IanN
8d7c4fd01fd7faa3f058f47e0949fa34aca5a474aceman — Bug 652555 - Search... on folder context menu should be Search Messages... r=bwinton
1902f0b4fe9717eedc98aca3abf6d0a877052fd3aceman — Bug 650798 - Contacts sidebar: Missing accelerator keys on context menu. r+ui-review=bwinton
b7aa11a9f6ebf19c96987aec2473297f783bfd8dMike Conley — Bug 700536 - Account Provisioner UI and behaviour polish. ui-r=bwinton,r=bwinton.
6f5abdba4db5899fbed54dae5f4046c5bb82c377Richard Marti — Bug 563177 - No tooltip shown for Calendar and Tasks toolbar button r=Fallen
63ae5fea8dc46c7f902a411dbd9fd11f548ad50eJustin Wood Bug 689437 - Drop support for migrating from old profiles (drop usages of libreg) r=Standard8 sr=Neil for landing on a CLOSED TREE
3711276b1f0a98b6e0a36bd48139c4eb5eac9af0Jason Yeo — Bug 635938 - Support more common ms-word extensions for the missing attachment query. r=bwinton
d336e6492df46c9cb12008459b1437913752675daceman — Bug 521209 - Alt-S and alt-D access key twice in Options/Display. r+ui-review=bwinton
efa9842200bcc8b7d5e29ae97eeac8fa497d2dd5Mark Banner — Bug 709020 - Remove unused "failedDuplicateAccount" string. r=Neil
08bc2977874eeb482ff51c7513c5f675c1420f46Edmund Wong — Bug 102275 - Number untitled pages. r=Neil, sr=Standard8
9e4637bc4d905d8c2031ec901b306c1c1e089319Serge Gautherie — Bug 523573. (Av1) pageInfo.dtd: Remove obsolete 'linkNo' entity. r=neil.
1a64c7cebf1c3721c8576c009c4beb3839c9bd5fEdmund Wong — Bug 78357 - Account wizard doesn't have a place to enter port info. r=IanN
c52a6eeaced68bf3761c6ce0189c14b8629b4b2aaceman — Bug 376546 - Wishlist: Message Filters should have "Mark as unread" action r=bienvenu r=IanN
5851deeb0677bf5bfeb26c94afcd407a47cb6816Richard Marti — Bug 687836 - An amalgamation of several bugs that alter the themes and underlying structure of the tab selector. r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton.
5a3d8ca746c30658f98260ccfcfbfbc8d0611bedMagnus Melin — Bug 39121 - Unspecialize Trash folder for IMAP "Mark as Deleted" & "Remove Immediately" modes; r=bienvenu, sr=neil
db276827f10cff007d03256eb9f7496addedea74aceman — Bug 585308 - change access key for account settings to S to match main pane. r=bienvenu,ui-review=bwinton
79e7a0dbc32da9a017deb6114a58e52270f6a19bNomis101 — Bug 701671 - Entity messengerWindow.title seems not to be used in Thunderbird. r=bwinton
c982293765223eae6b1a073c8f7ea649df312e9cPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 647232 - Update internal timezone database from version 2011b to version 2011n. r=ssitter
a8df06c11040ed3eee0aa4f4c714916f312efc80Ian Neal — Bug 694027 - Move Editor toolbar buttons from editorOverlay to editingOverlay r=neil/standard8
6b3e4c9ac97df2441795d8fce371cd6d95c56ff4Mike Conley — Bug 701016 followup - change the ID of the "more" string so that localizers can see the change. r=Standard8.
f3a9dd020fd23e11a0e07dfca84eccd2e121206aMike Conley — Bug 701016 - Remove hard-coded "Free" string, and add plural form support in Account Provisioner. r=sid0.
b93ea7a22cbb15572e61a407e6be12769472ddebBlake Winton — Bug 686347 - Add Account Provisioner service for email to Thunderbird. r=Standard8.
50a7e84ea373e5e0173713b4e833e03129b07bc1Jim Porter — Bug 677421 - Add support for OpenSearch from Thunderbird. Part 2 - add opensearch. r=Standard8
52c6b6113c4328962cc661ea640102e326da7746Jim Porter — Bug 700220 - Multi-message summary broken after bug 397424; r=standard8
c61cd9dc6e5a5abff8cd77b8f1aed9e34f0b4a20Jim Porter — Bug 609245 - usability problem: folder and address book panes may seem "gone" after accidentally collapsing them; r=asuth, ui-r=bwinton
7673ced3d6a3f9e82b9203700d9f0e9db7440561Mike Conley — Bug 686347 - backout changeset 66e4aa9e3f45 due to total build bustage.
1c960cf8c557a94e1b5e50f7828dfe83285f5c1eBlake Winton — Bug 686347 - Add Account Provisioner service for email to Thunderbird. r=Standard8.
46bfd9908a5ec31940ed9e98962b68be003b0626Jim Porter — Bug 609245 - Backout a68fc7427f0d
a056cad566e2582c2a3dd38557dffd99187b4839Jim Porter — Bug 609245 - usability problem: folder and address book panes may seem "gone" after accidentally collapsing them; r=asuth, ui-r=bwinton
a6d1ae379b072ed4a6f752c7af4f1c880d26841fJens Hatlak — Bug 693210 - Add support for some keys to Advanced Search. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
3e526ff2ed3668f52a04639fc11875344441ee90Justin Wood — Bug 684537 - Port Bug 626949 |Sync UI: Style generic change dialogs like the setup and Add a Device wizards| to suite. r=InvisibleSmiley. ui-r=Neil
da4dd74b835fedc0e16b10d212aa12f203b2b8bdPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 698760 - Calendar Views UI freshening. r=paenglab
d4ec5b0c98aeb56a1f9b20744a38dcd01908008aIan Neal — Bug 688765 - Move file menu from editorOverlay to editingOverlay r=neil/standard8 a/rs=callek for CLOSED TREE
951ebb913f8160cfa058f4fb5d9d7aaabce298b6Ian Neal — Bug 680805 - Share edit menus between Composer, Plain Text Editor and Messenger Compose r=neil/standard8 a/rs=callek for CLOSED TREE
9e939fd0a15edfeff558375445e248650838e2e8Philip Chee — Bug 697453 Allow setting report submission preference via XPCOM r=IanN.
cd9cf49ce20191ab44a082079a41d68273a57610Philip Chee — Bug 697124 Update the Context menu video items. r=Neil.
c1ee199b4720d4423d992cb17e9fed79e4a67cdeMark Banner — Bug 694793 - Missing notcached.title element in DTD. r+ui-review=bwinton
a700c1275b44416aa386290932c47c28ad8a047fPhilipp Kewisch — Part of bug 462277 - Turn on experimental cache by default - string change only. r=release
3b072357ed9e82c7923d2e081c30150db89c0a00Jim Porter — Bug 452634 - Add keyboard shortcut to add attachment [Ctrl+Shift+A]; r=standard8, r=neil, ui-r=clarkbw
9047de582159df6031e88685a9b84181740c4745Edmund Wong — Bug 678255 - Advanced dialog for POP3 account showing the IMAP dialog. r=philor,ui-review=bwinton
ad41323a2dd75e44b88a5b59abe2a811954b0792Jim Porter — Bug 680695 - Implement / add context menu with actions for all attachments for right-click on [paperclip icon], "X attachments" or [size] labels of attachment bar; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
bfb60384306ca94a7117e11ef760348ac705257fSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 675781 - First Last does not have a comma. Original patch by r=Standard8
eb2d6a55269915a2cb133b74ddd1034750ab9036Mike Conley — Bug 661410 - Implement UI for out-of-process plugins. r=Standard8
34dd7f678dd180cdf783127ebbbf0cf89f4fbc84Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 682176 - Port Bug 652657 - Provide opt-in UI for Telemetry r=bwinton
3d3a2bb2428dceb073333a718700394415f831d2Mark Banner — Bug 689104 - Remove (Safe Mode) string since it is no longer used. r=sid0
011686ec48db4d3fa825ae9ac1b3ec72b47a992dJens Hatlak — Bug 679117 - Add View/Apply Theme to MailNews. r=Neil sr=Mnyromyr
05b63ea97b2e12b26ced26ee0ccac2324c9147eaJens Hatlak — Bug 689018 - Port |Bug 656492 - Rename "Sync Key" to "Recovery Key"| and |Bug 681402 - Manage Accounts menu has My Sync Key|. f=Callek r=IanN
ef2dc949204afa9407fb8b119d501603883311f7Jens Hatlak — Bug 688694 - Make Account Settings dialog wider for Windows 7 after bug 567280. ui-r+r=Neil
c14171fca0a8b3c200e49821cc03449365d661acIan Neal — Bug 676991 - Move toolbar print button to utilityOverlay r=neil/standard8
90f12ce829905fa983116c271e924252c8407ff9Ian Neal — Bug 21432 - Implement Print Preview and Print Setup / Page Setup as in the browser r=neil/standard8
f38b1e2648dc502a8e8e3357a672f0dd8e43dce5Ludovic Hirlimann — Bug 655989 - Figure out a keyboard shortcut for Get all new message on the mac r=bwinton ui-r=bwinton
817de52f138d50879e5899d195875650c078ceb2Justin Wood — Bug 684536 - More Sync Changes: (port bugs 620593, 626099, 630885, 636353 and 642969). r=InvisibleSmiley
a05d26a057074d1f4e115f350bc226f23f35a0e9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 475376 - Unify wording: "reminder" instead of "alarm". r=mmecca
bc022ab9c4b04a81456bebacbf16d8d290e63409Rimas Kudelis — Bug 478468: lowercase interface elements in message window header bar are inconsistent UI (mail header labels and button labels should be capitalized); r=squib
49251e882bc56146e3baa745fed90aff48c07522Ian Neal — Bug 677859 - Stop using abDirTreeOverlay r=neil
9742d69c2973eb7a2b9027765cd7b1b711230d9cIan Neal — Bug 680890 - Make more use of mailOverlay in mail composition window r=neil
d76f8687f5197f2bafd439f7754d62515bdada36Jason — Bug 614407 - Explanation of "reply to" field would be helpful. r=bienvenu,ui-review=bwinton
e75782a097619555ee57d266906370326ff74e12Ian Neal — Bug 212165 - Unable to access advanced link properties of a linked image r=neil/standard8
6728518fb959741dd07e0458cb1a05c3e34e2c89Ian Neal — Bug 677010 - Show update channel on about: page r=callek ui-r=neil
6ecf69e099502a865a4687575a173dbcc4c0d479Jim Porter — Bug 680680 - Renaming attachments during composition broken (does not update display name in the pane); r=bwinton
3c63696f15563eb9c0b10c0171deb944c25232e7Azat Tymerkaev — Bug 622343 - Junk icon is missing its description text in the customize menu r=bwinton
81962aad74598eafa8dd8ead5000bd8905dd1d29Tim Maks van den Broek — Bug 566142 - accountSetupInfo.label text is not right anymore r=protz r=IanN ui-r=bwinton
4961f386f08a1b8065bf07e8c66b9f45a513b9f2Ian Neal — Bug 680750 - Move paste as quotation label/accesskey to command in editorOverlay.xul r=neil
f5a70aa2f868e3e86bd8a18a9e952971ee9464d8Ian Neal — Bug 680526 - Consolidate key_save into editorOverlay.xul r=neil
ef64205b911ee0a44e6f2abe1b650fdc83001dd4Ian Neal — Bug 680511 - Consolidate checkspelling key into editorOverlay.xul r=neil
64159e12024f3f1c189eebac14820f907109990aSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 581661 - On Windows, users should be able to hide the Thunderbird Menu Bar and show it with the alt key. Contributions from Richard Marti <> and Jim Porter <>. r=bwinton, ui-r=andreasn
885ddb33e94faec3bb5da3714b109451616636d1Ian Neal — Bug 676836 - Remove code duplication for print menus by moving them to utilityOverlay r=neil/standard8
8f963a12ed652fe818d815866796389ef08269f0Ian Neal — Bug 675607 - Make Composer use utilityOverlay's key_close and menu_close r=neil/standard8
03466770a49fc6dea8d41eea1e5fe9b59b20effaTony Mechelynck — Bug 677905 - Add menuitem to "show all body parts" (followup to bug 564423, port bug 602718) r=IanN sr=Mnyromyr ui-r=Neil
f6377a17cca74578e403d5d45844655291ef2967timeless — Bug 671726 - operationFailedFolderBusy -- another should be another, not an other. r=bwinton+neil
55fc395ee21792625ff3d9ccedcc1b9a5a8ef0cctimeless — Bug 675783 - Delete Folder should not underline the 'd' in Folder. r=bienvenu
ee4f0647b636a9ca7c9fdae721af43e7faab7722timeless — Bug 675779 - Favour capital letters for accesskeys in utilityOverlay.xul. r=bwinton
e2552c3139d70d968fb62e74ed986b23ee30008dJustin Wood — Bug 515734 - Provide More Entries in the Win7 Jumplist Tasks list. [r=mcsmurf]
d66a2ad212a22a5a61d8c936e1d63de26a2d77c0Ian Neal — Bug 675392 - Remove code duplication for find keys and menu items by moving to utilityOverlay r=neil/standard8
5e1b2b6e935c09ab32d173bbb0313ffd75a37ca6Philip Chee — Bug 676792 Improve string for 32-bit plugin restart. r=Neil r=Stefanh.
a8f2ce56d21d5c32eb0b9765b34b4f5ac25b7c50Edmund Wong — Bug 670513 - Added Recently Closed menus help to Help. r=InvisibleSmiley
53f45cccdcaef917990a059b93027bd6b28154c2Mark Banner — Backout bug 609245 / changeset 9ee393ca9926 due to Windows and Mac orange. CLOSED TREE
40976d861cce7b9c4f8809080196649a12b35b73Jim Porter — Bug 535349 - Message header pane says "to You" but search filters says "To Me"; r=bwinton
06b52e48c2bb8e9d23cb19ba0ab20d37180336f1Jim Porter — Bug 609245 - usability problem: address book may seem "gone" after accidentally collapsing "address books" pane - need min size on AB sub-pane; r=asuth, ui-r=bwinton
1c4b7e882e9847a247663b19190de3575ba5f74cJim Porter — Bug 526303 - (Persistent) "Reply to sender" button on header should not be dropdown; r=bwinton
86f5b17afe6f6dd8e444e9b4fe37ce975ce51fabJim Porter — Bug 564328 - Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F conflict and cmd_find ambiguity, used for both Find in This Message and Quick Filter (fix strings); r=bwinton
aafaa742bf56dcb7054a8e64d8598589e186081cIan Neal — Bug 657161 - Make use of contentAreaContext in Composer r=neil/standard8
19459a01f0de66993bb1ffcd0c4012be3e9c59b6Daniel Holbert — Bug 671921: Add hyphen to "Double-check" in invalid-email-address warning message. r=bwinton ui-r=bwinton
8c04489c14c28afa5384a308982a1b0735fdbdacEdmund Wong — Bug 537153 - Added accesskeys to message-id context popup menu r=iann_bugzilla
a4d1a246071fea51f67490d5ece316dd0d51febdEdmund Wong — Bug 635179 - Exposed browser.zoom.siteSpecific preference r=iann_bugzilla
0c250cf2ceaf898aee5791a3e7e8dcab737a2f78Edmund Wong — Bug 672101 - Added browser.zoom.siteSpecific preference UI help r=jh
68e092a2c1d611f6d733a5585863685b42dad12aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 672158 - Custom repeated task - cannot click on OK button. r=decathlon
2b617c9eb0ff336fbb83e7edacb610f9eeed702fJonathan Kamens — Bug 602718 - Inline images not shown in attachment pane when "View>>message body as.plaintext" (after bug 351224, image embedded in multipart/related part is not accessible as attachment) r=bienvenu ui-r=bwinton
a83abefd183b203310e8bf1bafe12e44f8b50549rsx11m — Bug 621823 Zoom levels in toolkit.zoomManager.zoomValues are always reset to 0.5,0.75,0.9,1,1.2,1.5,2
ef48f53b3d50e1df5ae65afa97bb0248629504ceJim Porter — Bug 564328 - Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F conflict and cmd_find ambiguity, used for both Find in This Message and Quick Filter; r=asuth
930646d71783c47e67a7e6363544e8f97f262031Jean-Bernard Marcon — Bug 635318 - Duplicate accesskey in Copies & Folders settings dialog r=bwinton
ce4b8e31069191ff9bfd0aa1b6c81c1e2394f8c7Mark Banner — Bug 664967 - Remove channel switching UI (Port bug 659972); r=sid0
63fe27bbd1f4221dced499e74001860cf6139636Ian Neal — Bug 670750 - Move appropriate entites from navigator.dtd to navigatorOverlay.dtd which are only used in navigatorOverlay.xul r=neil
ddfdde784c555bb1cc70996ad872b2a4aac3b10crsx11m — Bug 667525 - Base the initial "Other" zoom level on a pref rather than a property. r=Neil
d46988016fff3ab2307e60882f770e96d680a7ebEdmund Wong — Bug 512378 - Removed java-specific preferences from SeaMonkey UI and hidden prefs and Help r=iann_bugzilla
4718207d5b55a2ec709407f90e5bcc2afdd355f5Edmund Wong — Bug 667829 - No accesskey for Folder in Add Bookmark Dialog r=neil
ae7c412ef78a29d75524fdb8019aa158984a2bedEdmund Wong — Bug 621042 - Advanced Account Settings should mention account name r=iann_bugzilla
b2a55847f43ca16a7eb00c0f7f67c777c37a3d84Edmund Wong — Bug 599731 - Moved Recently Closed menus to the Go Menu r=iann_bugzilla
05c715e533811c33e05fce034a44ceb53e179376Ian Neal — Bug 669291 - Fold permissionsNavigatorOverlay.xul into navigator code r=neil
496dc8d89b9895843c3e6db04f9a1e680c265e6cEdmund Wong — Bug 584849 - Make Personas feature more discoverable. r=Neil
e300c508b7efddbfe55eac29c8b42073aa2490a5Ian Neal — Bug 662203 - Enhance openLocation so that it can be used by message compose r=neil
78febd77978470d80dda88c7b2cc51f13a7e36d0Ian Neal — Bug 665603 - Centralise sound preferences r=mnyromyr
a3e154ec51f5c5430e4922d98fba05019146c8e9Ricardo Palomares — Bug 582715 - Five message views, not four, and more can be created. Fix wrong number missed from previous check-in. r=InvisibleSmiley
c2f4291be0afb90dd74421000763ae13135e1224Edmund Wong — Bug 638816 - Update Help for FAYT changes. r=InvisibleSmiley
7c9ebde78efad7b8577f982c7da6e43687e39e69Edmund Wong — Bug 582715 - Five message views, not four, and more can be created. r=InvisibleSmiley
1c12f426ecb921ef122aec4e072c1b495af7d131Ian Neal — Bug 663193 - Cannot attach non-file attachments from command line r=protz
91dd9066d475723e7ad083bc8731441d63a73567Edmund Wong — Bug 603213 - Rename MailNews-related ToC entries that only refer to Mail in their title. r=InvisibleSmiley
9e8b1270dcf324b8b5bb8f75be40c986d18e291fSteffen Wilberg — Bug 663608 review-follow-up: update corruptedContentError.longDesc. r+ui-r=bwinton
a268b22c21c56894a5330681a6883813d11a1612Edmund Wong — Bug 657126 - Add Leave Messages on Server help. r=InvisibleSmiley
922b6507c7fe206615341ea16372d896819c27b0Edmund Wong — Bug 654680 - Removed Cookie Notification from Help. r=InvisibleSmiley
6e46f99f9f0ac1a6d8f8d36dcd40d5c6aeead525Ian Neal — Bug 662698 - Port |Bug 662087 - Adding attachments via the command-line doesn't record their size| to SeaMonkey r=neil
d0f2b6b1ed46ce377f5f3eeb666d0a97e2b9595aSteffen Wilberg — Bug 663608: add strings to netError.xhtml for NS_ERROR_CORRUPTED_CONTENT, and update string for offline, to fix XML parsing errors.
03e9d93e74b46b463168d56fe42c61466ad540f5Mark Banner — Bug 662506 - percentMsg in has incorrect localization note.; r=bienvenu
1813d778edd9651a2d0ef7cd92111e775a6e3a08Jens Hatlak — Bug 659277 - Remove microsummaries support from SeaMonkey. r=Callek sr=Neil
319a729fd29f250bfe9b0dd4c602b115f43b1e9cIan Neal — Bug 660942 - Account Copies & Folders page uses h as accesskey which will conflict with help button - fix other accesskey conflicts r=neil
68c5ec501bc217ccbd6e6af73b882e12b2d39473Edmund Wong — Bug 112356 - No option to leave e-mail messages on server when creating a new account. r=IanN,bwinton sr=Neil
7714e63a2fcb5d0182dbf5fb81230556e0d7273cGary Kwong — Bug 654402 - 'Copies & Folders' page in Account Settings is cut off. Original patch from Alexander Ihrig. r=bwinton
c60819cd9a973a503dd4b6b8617e6fdd388a7411Ian Neal — Bug 660942 - Account Copies & Folders page uses h as accesskey which will conflict with help button r=neil
bee04270a5c0797fc1e5c4c5f13c15843c9dd2c7Mike Conley — Bug 526541 - Please add a "confirm on delete" option for address book entries...; r=bienvenu ui-r=bwinton
cb51a94a2925180afb99a59366a4dabd7168bed1Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 494138 followup - fix string and rename the module to Thunderbird standards.
79a079e044a1ff5976d671a0e6dfa3a64799ecd4Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 494138 - Add basic support for Windows 7 jumplists. ui-r=bwinton, r=bienvenu
c1e5d9c4ad1fd8046c21ff1588abf03a04879ca0Ian Neal — Bug 650885 - Make better use of menuitem and command elements relating to editing already in utilityOverlay (non-editor/ui code) r=neil
c6ef8c2e0a81b0fcdf49990e4fadd9ef3a52aa43Neil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 11: add support for lightweight themes r=IanN
18a6b9ab2bcc6b4fe54887e867d91759dd27a12fLudovic Hirlimann — Bug 656203 - removed obsolete localizer comments from messenger.dtd. r=Standard8
86f6ec7bc636f9130d16bf539316f06b3f7f1854Mike Conley — Bug 593795 - Need warning for moving cards via the message header if the cards exist in a list; Patch by mconley and Standard8. r=Standard8,bwinton ui-review=bwinton
925226bd61918c10f64f5762fa66fd4de931f2a3David Bienvenu — fix bug 583602, allow account creation while offline, r=bwinton,
a550af4875a481f81b91d245f6c9efb05b5ad2c2Mike Conley — Bug 555536 - alert on new message does not appear as specified in preferences; r=Standard8 sr=dbienvenu ui-r=bwinton
480f915cc957d2218c6c50a6a944b4ab4de006e6Mark Banner — Bug 655962 - Drop the check for updates menuitem now that the functionality is in the about dialog. r=protz
b7262cc07e00d48b5496c51448a2c4fd9db802f8Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 650231: Pick up the changes for Thunderbird's About dialog from the revised Firefox version r=standard8 ui-r=bwinton
c9fb49747f88ca75aa3ad0f73215448ead6ab14aJim Porter — Bug 654912 - "Open all..." for attachments is available in File -> Attachments menu, but not attachments pane; r=bwinton
2d8261a506601cf9d149130961ec22c62aa1da3bJim Porter — Bug 527467 - Implement [Shift]+F5/F9 for "Get [All] Messages" ("Download messages", instead of Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut now needed for "New Tab", bug 458069); r=bwinton
75c9c41d0eae5a3fbbdafa7c9699f49efdadf6e0Jim Porter — Bug 646032 - Missing minus\plus icons on new feature Ability to collapse attachment pane; make attachment name clickable; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
2af71e0628baf43976fbd1b48d035924dea2a4afIan Neal — Bug 655626 - Use menu_newEditor in editorOverlay.xul r=neil
11843cc9971be1966738cf319660107100038a66Jim Porter — Bug 654702 - The attachments pane should not show 0 length; r=bwinton
939f51fe7967746b978ae3f12ce4575dd5af72a7Masahiko Imanaka — Bug 655214 - accountName label is used on the place of server name label in Troubleshooting Information. Use different strings to improve localisability. r=Standard8
b5f3e0925f84d3bbf07b7cb4572bc3e67a8823bbstefanh — Backing out the patch for bug 39113, since it caused bug 648086. rs=Callek.
3f6ff29608bd8c55c9fa79ce94ac7e1e844d9bf9Edmund Wong — Bug 651844 - Remove unused labelMessage.label. r=Neil
a9c1c29bafcb770b621a045f314a6adb10893962Magnus Melin — [Bug 360800] MDN confirmation dialog does not say which addresses the receipt will be sent to. ui-r=clarkbw, r=bwinton
c515e6f2c5111d799c28b48aa82dda765c788364rsx11m pub — Bug 653103 - Scam detection generates too many false positives to be useful and should be easier to turn off as interim fix; r=Standard8 ui-review=bwinton
0b99047343f38b776db4a91ce79b796233daa138Robert Kaiser — Bug 595246 - Add possibility to manage available search engines from preferences and sidebar, r=Neil
1246a26f3a844abbca183e866f816835cd3056e7Jean-Bernard Marcon — Bug 653062 - Duplicate accesskeys on Composing & addressing preferences; r=bwinton,neil
1f075cc01eb126eda4b5ea448675b63c6cd074b6Richard Marti — Bug 642163 - Colors in compose window don't match Firefox; r=bwinton ui-r=andreasn
81da14d1fea4db0b8b65d63141fac3b5cc05f97fJim Porter — Bug 527467 - Implement Ctrl+[Shift]+D for "Get [All] Messages"; r=bienvenu
2ae48ef989bd046ab2c4263ac8d5ab06fa2df9c4Mark Banner — Bug 651486 - XML "Undefined entity" error page shown for entity "remoteXUL.title" in netError.xhtml; r+ui-r=bwinton
824ff0e69ca08b7a99ae96bb9fb0bdabe34dfb73rsx11m — Bug 652327 - Toolkit's Add-on Manager is now Add-ons Manager, update SeaMonkey's "Tools" menu label. r=Neil
c0d8358132bd8bd8263fa3397230a3c089804b74David Bienvenu — remove comments about not translating cc header, r=standard8, bug 603438
a1cdf936c4d6849abb253481ae8a6cf58a45ec4aJim Porter — Bug 643663 - Attachment name+size needs localizable string; r=bwinton
bd3a23d81deb0b6e3f3e7bb81da3e1bad6232aa3Jens Hatlak — Bug 621921 - Delete Folder does not prompt for confirmation if folder is virtual (saved search). r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
6e6e5f5a0af938a0d25c18b5dec3af78cb2acf48Jim Porter — Bug 607295 - Provide UI for new archive granularity and folder structure options; r=bienvenu ui-r=bwinton
0ebd13c0a7a500984f0e34b561f1a4986b59a635Ian Neal — Bug 652371 - Make use of utilityOverlay's menu_View r=neil
35cef958cd578f3a6076614c81b80025b9c2ea0ersx11m — Bug 641252 - Update help for redesigned Software Installation preferences r=IanN
23c1f78bb93f800dc68e694791e87f5f6255ed74Ian Neal — Bug 643788 - Move cmd_exportToText, cmd_preview and cmd_editSendPage out of editorOverlay r=neil/bienvenu
6a48f2af6adec508370490f336e8a017ea90c0aaIan Neal — Bug 643834 - Move cmd_validate command from editorOverlay to editor r=neil/bienvenu
45e90e3b42b5244e042a917c6f078a8fa6f7970dIan Neal — Bug 643761 - Move snapToGrid, pageProperties and publishSettings from editorOverlay to editor r=neil/bienvenu
9ed03b15834082b6585a89987e506d44ef7b22f6Jens Hatlak — Bug 573538 - Add options dialog for Safe Mode. r=Neil
a70399e8b96c1074ab0afb4ec3fb7a6f88f31635Jens Hatlak — Bug 646894 follow-up: possible l10n improvement for Restart with Add-ons Disabled checkbox. rs=Ratty
2e758b4dc24b2bcca8ad70d58503bab231dfcfb8Neil Rashbrook — Bug 646672 Access key conflicts in Bookmarks Manager r=IanN
614abfcbb0060d7befdd5fc09f87ffdc5b0fbe3dEdmund Wong — Bug 39113 - Show current profile name in preferences. r=IanN ui-r=Neil
8d9af7f4ec2e7fdaa0227b677ff718106ac2ab3bIan Neal — Bug 643784 - Cannot open file from debugQATextEditorShell.xul
42d1db76cacd223b444831980683059f73747816Philip Chee — Bug 574612 Add "Restart" and "Restart in Safe Mode" menuitems. f=InvisibleSmiley r=Neil.
0865f002c4a1ddc2529bad6bc0f553c524f58cddSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 641781 - Port the safe mode startup window to Thunderbird. r=Standard8, sr=bienvenu, ui-r=clarkbw
375f6d271f8d0f0d63eb2f4e4e5f97c28d350f3fPhilip Chee — Bug 601493 no "plugin crashed" UI. Strings only patch r=Neil a2.0b3=Callek.
daf0535002d2973a1e56f38086cacd554fa03916Jens Hatlak — Bug 639339 - Port |Bug 619013 - Wording in Update Sync Key dialog needs to be more clear|. r=IanN
146f38e0d2aa8254ac4a1fb889442e0e39947935Jens Hatlak — Bug 634419 - Port |Bug 602682 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup|. r=Neil
56451789f85e24c12c8662f5d86ad7d91d4750e1Jens Hatlak — Bug 634419 - Port |Bug 602682 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup|. r=Neil
df757791293b509aa51df6ecd276eee4263ac14bEdmund Wong — Bug 170924 - Preview sound changed to 'play' sound. r=IanN ui-r=Neil
3a6a6a28b36e50ff71e5ee5212e58a6d7c12be4estefanh — Bug 623660 - Change FilterEditor dimensions (and move them to relevant .dtd files). r=Neil/Standard8, sr=Neil, ui-r=clarkbw.
92e59dcc7f96990aa4cdb2e971d3767635a6e93cJim Porter — Bug 282068 - RFE: Ability to collapse attachment pane; r=bwinton ui-r=clarkbw
9800a91ab79f19e4b7e927b4cce67bb3b340b22fIan Neal — Bug 645581 - Dialog prompts to save from Text Editor should not be "Export as Text"
34f529675d0875161a0f99782f02a11916d86bf8Neil Rashbrook — Bug 643799 Show infobar for carbon plugins in Universal builds r=stefanh
49d9f00e71c3c19ca993feffce31da90871c015fFrank Wein — Bug 581526 - Add SeaMonkey support for the Windows 7 jump list, r=Neil
c3367b8a8da727924171d71b1943effef3ffb7a0Edmund Wong — Bug 643676 - Updated entities on changes from bug 133119. r=IanN ui-r=Neil
0b46db17d710aace7807e25fa917df2866023923Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 641783 - Add an option to the help menu to restart with add-ons disabled. r=Standard8, ui-r=clarkbw
9badbf8e569583c9ad92b47a46f3fef31e9818c2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 521159 Show infobar for outdated plugin r=IanN
0618939b1fffd6636005738d8e48769d0e838d97Edmund Wong — Bug 643677 - Update Help for Image Acceptance Policy prefs changes from bug 133119. r=InvisibleSmiley
17319d1f16f079ef13f9c6c661ee2b96e107deafPhilip Chee — Bug 634364 Add option to open context menu web search in new window (regression after SM2.0) r=IanN sr=Neil
26be7e8ace93aa1c26ab0141264d2c7b40bb4a6cJens Hatlak — Port |Bug 612699 - Sync UI: Update to simplify crypto|. r=Neil
f002d9a26f1cd5fee18449e1bb5bc115db4a9d5cThomas Schmid — Bug 504122 - "provide undo close tab". Patch v3. r=asuth
941f9c09a17c16c468f6c34891fd43934b9d80f2Edmund Wong — Bug 133119 - Language in Image Acceptance Policy pref page should be consistent. r=IanN ui-r=Neil
cb39f7fb8ab920a3c9023e97933e0cd95dd48b79Philip Chee — Bug 640427 Improve "paste & search" code. r=Neil
26330182db3ac63f34d6f5b72fdfcfde531abb2fstefanh — Bug 593840 - Optimize .png files in suite/. r=Neil.
8f38dc2866ccc0411afdb692ecc40686f5ec2daeIan Neal — Bug 641247 - Remove unused commands, commandset, broadcaster and toolbarbuttons from editorOverlay
28b64839f3cd330c39677d8c687be2f353e1aeb9Jens Hatlak — Bug 636370 - Port |Bug 437657 - increase autocompact threshold "mail.purge_threshhold"| to SeaMonkey. r=Mnyromyr sr=bienvenu
6ae61cd8456dfe3d9e737a247edceed3023ed96bJim Porter — Bug 628768 - mark as read toggle broken; r=bwinton ui-r=clarkbw a=3.3 blocker
7a0dc4bc84aba365f777bcfe768a5a27cc4b1b5drsx11m pub — Bug 641331 - [autoconfig] Remove duplicate string definition in; r=BenB
5b7f719fc1d66d8fd142882b2b9aaad1f1581cbbrsx11m — Bug 639968 - Add checkbox to Software Installation preferences to opt out of personalized add-on recommendations. r=IanN ui-r=Neil
6c2c0aef1a05bf85ee26f41585a7ae5d12cc5dd6Edmund Wong — Bug 606482 - Reorganized the Software Installation preferences panel. r=IanN ui-r=Neil
e10a79e228df9096ad8cbb77cda492f9c9b452f0Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 620781 - Add dictionary switching to the spell check compose menu r=standard8 ui-r=clarkbw
625976f68a762a65d4215eeb599e1ab3080340d4Ian Neal — Bug 639694 - Move EditModeToolbar from editorOverlay
d5f24ee81802b00e459237da99968cbe3d1b77bfRobert Kaiser — bug 401417 - Add an option for a search box in SeaMonkey toolbar, including additon of an engine manager for OpenSearch, r+ui-r=Neil
79a9363645c4a0c5254357270bf83ef9b9c97704Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 626076 - Add spellcheck UI in the context menu, à la Firefox, for all HTML Textareas r=sid0 ui-r=clarkbw
01549939cdc0cd422254f1ee0056cb8057cc809aBen Bucksch — Rewrite account creation wizard UI code (emailWizard.js). Bug 549045, r=bwinton, ui-r=clarkbw, a=Standard8
659ff61e2d6110e295b17ba25254fe76e84014e5Jens Hatlak — Bug 623903 - Update Help for |Bug 568283 - Add checkbox for accessibility.browsewithcaret (F7-by-default mode)|. r=stefanh
5a4b8c26d0a7c1310d1cd0b4b4865e6ea5cde2cbThomas Schmid — Bug 468808 - "Tabs can't be reordered". r=asuth
0ece5e0fdfa60950d434e5cdc470cf4c52f2b345Ian Neal — Bug 606683 - Allow customization of toolbars in Composer and formatting toolbar in MailNews Composition - toolbar item tidy up v1.4 r=neil
fa2059ca7908a9bd0c085372fdb0e55782db9b7cIan Neal — Bug 606683 - Allow customization of toolbars in Composer and formatting toolbar in MailNews Composition. Patch Tidy up some broadcasters and commandsets v2.2
4611c6d6f8b3fb81e6fceccf9782ff788bac769aJens Hatlak — Bug 636839 - Port |Bug 526445 - Rearrange Sync prefs panel|. r=IanN ui-r=Neil
005fa4db056960b7fd03b7bf8231145f9d5b04e0Jens Hatlak — Bug 614591 - Document pref UI for accessibility.blockautorefresh and Hardware Acceleration. r=IanN
d5ed70a1042554c9767e7c1271b474ea67c10a97Jens Hatlak — Bug 611249 - Change Help to reflect the Cache preference changes from bug 594744. r=IanN
7911d143408106d34be84270e820d72a2f071892Jens Hatlak — Bug 636788 - Adapt Link Behavior pref pane after |Bug 583625 - Consider adding UI for pref| and |Bug 505311 - SeaMonkey should default to tabbed browsing|. r=stefanh
b63460704bc7cc67967b40d0b3bc80d60ffd807dEdmund Wong — Bug 568283 - Added accessibility.browsewithcaret group to Keyboard Navigation preference panel. r=IanN ui-r=Neil
402dda1d8be4d73a6c8346320bf6d9334326a481David Bienvenu — part of fix for bug 437657, change autocompaction threshold to MB, but don't turn on autocompact yet, r=standard8
3808a99083925d1bb428d7261e77f4fe7f9e8db9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 404900 - Add Accept/Decline to Calendar item's context menu. r=nomisvai
117c079e0cb52f28f3b34ab2e76d28f6890cf9ceRobert Brand — Fix bug 620221 - Task View: labels for start/due date don't fit into Thunderbird design. r=philipp
b64d9c1bcb53e53fbf9fc2f30b4c997316e41b57Neil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 6g: Add rest of addon doorhanger r=IanN
e99e93c1a1df31890720fa5e213f640d4fc737f4Jim — Fix bug 470824 - messagereader-style buttons in Tasks view are different heights on Windows. r=philipp
ee6e8bf42da8c65c34b37398632eca9eab5ec6baPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 567197 - Most of entities calendar.context.delete* are useless. r=Decathlon
e7525dd07f2788f24b894fc610b0b0f5d2f22499Aki Laaksovirta — Bug 624405 Localize Theme Descriptions (was: Upload Finnish descriptions of themes to Mercurial) r=KaiRo
0812f8d425996ff87e6d199aad690322e6f17e89Neil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 6f: add support for addon download progress notifications r=IanN
d6e271057164bb11f824955f1d788b276b4068ffKarsten Düsterloh — Bug 486965: Prettify MailNews start page (v4); r=stefanh, sr=Neil
22caa3f4c6eeeb4a930e71dba42268c9b4bf37bcEdmund Wong — Bug 623889 - Move the FAYT preferences to their own panel under Advanced
2dfea62265ef358dafad0b48d6d2fdd38816c099Mark Banner — Bug 630484 - Properly support plural forms in advance search dialog status message; r=sid0 ui-r=clarkbw
fb15b43f368e2472a64b4330e494a2505d9ba31fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 632149 - Update internal timezone database from version 2010i to version 2011b. r=ssitter
b5f262eef344d90d38193ad53b9997fef1615224Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 456208 - Disabling calendars autorefresh does not prevent cached calendar sync. r=nomisvai
39d7944858b0783cf8d67273b7d79cfe4c4e341dJens Hatlak — Bug 631852 - Port |Bug 602715 - Sync UI: Only mention enabled engines in client wipe confirmation dialog|. r=Neil
de549aa6d97a312a32af8dd4de66b672d30caa6dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 621840 - the month name displayed in calendar is in an incorrect form. r=Decathlon
be4adbcc6fddb147d7e4197cd8a87c12446b3285Adrian Kalla [:adriank] — Bug 630270 - Port |Bug 628198 - Implement UI for do-not-track HTTP header| to SeaMonkey
fa7bbdcd73d7ec733619eea0b9978f77f81b6a26Neil Rashbrook — Bug 583625 Add UI for link diversion restrictions r=IanN
5a0dcad73399b5a3a932cd9318b6fc737b2ba4a0Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 407915 - Snooze handling in new reminder dialog is hardly usable. r=nomisvai
7eaf8731d8b0505e134fc44dc03eba9db3e21327Jim — Bug 623346 - Show Total File Size of all attachments; r=bwinton ui-r=clarkbw
f18a2e2525a01a37c62a7c893ff25baec5438533Jens Hatlak — Bug 576970 - Port Sync UI to SeaMonkey. Part 6: Locales. r=IanN
26d4b6ad7c34d2d7492cea085e8460346fd2e305Neil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 8b: add more support for indexedDB notifications r=Ian
465cbb245af64548fd74b6f1cf5605e8df7a7244Neil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 9: move the places locked notification into notification.xml r=Ian
68788d0fed799ea4c0ad85079d090bfdaae71cb4Jim — Bug 575732 - mark multiple messages as read/unread needs improving (Mark -> As Read); r=bwinton ui-r=clarkbw
1d6f811e4cdd1a1b9f7774f144e20cd41f6d0bf2David Bienvenu — fix bug 257735, wrong error message when error saving to draft folder, and retry saves to sent folder, r=standard8
c84e6d1d4c475b497c15a69aa26ed74d6bf23e25Jim — Bug 531534 - 'Close message window on delete' does not work when messages are opened in tabs; r=asuth ui-r=clarkbw
1baedece05d7b388e3d2548de97f4d73c72c3863Mark Banner — Part of bug 571759 - Implement notifications for the revised add-on manager. r=sid0 ui-review=clarkbw
a6e6913494eccea91fd73549b4e4628100a5d56bSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 624108 - Land about:support in the tree. r=bwinton, sr=Standard8, ui-r=clarkbw
a1e617177a10c289f6f23e6bd364562a758bcba9Philipp Kewisch — minor fix for last commit
6cc2ddded82bd541e9d05224410ed5d21555d4b6Decathlon — Fix bug 366139 - Wrong end time set on multi-day events. r=philipp
dbf6ff44878502463d466a00faaab07aa58d1c8fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 8a: add support for indexedDB notifications r=Ian
625a85b244f8e1802f926f01cd9d3df1cb529542Neil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 7: move the update checking notification into notification.xml r=Ian
c927d752fe401adf42fcb0b1fa17deb903da7293Mark Banner — Bug 623169 - importDialog.js uses different strings to back-end code to try and work out what it is doing; r=neil,bienvenu
6f532d3127bd094992a0e7e1622a514a1b94a1a4Jens Hatlak — Bug 332538 - add "Add a Keyword for this Search" to websites' search fields. r=Neil
fb204fd9b102dcdd3ea38c8661fb4cf0c37a5806Mark Banner — Bug 622665 - Remove old unused na2 import code; r=bienvenu sr=neil
a95af0691fe116c864cb3dcaba65202cf4e19cecTon — Bug 594744 - Update cache preferences for bug 559942 (remove stops introduced by original fix). f=ewong, r=Neil.
47f88d032abf3e401d3385716a694847ddb0810aPhilip Chee — Bug 484968 Make SeaMonkey tab bar scrollable to cope with tab overflow. r=IanN sr=Neil; Additional theme fixes by Neil f=Ratty.
f4e37c8ef481b06879d6e07e091737110dfd705estefanh — Bug 620132 - [Mac Default] - Style the bookmarks arrow panel. r=Mnyromyr.
5b36b191eee4246ee211e9f5b8f45b409ca1d880Jim — Bug 544984 - Improve print format of attachment file names, esp. remove content-type and content-encoding. r=bienvenu
a2ce5111a2fb48eadda2b0b7550d8bb5a054cc50Robert Kaiser — bug 588419 - Switch SeaMonkey UI to open Data Manager instead of other windows, r=IanN
a31be11e7806bafa8dc1e9a85adc2fa6414770a5Robert Kaiser — bug 588417 - Add ability to add permissions in Data Manager, r=IanN
0eebbeafe513d38d64d61f022e269120ac7c65f3Robert Kaiser — bug 613795 - Add a possibility to Data Manager to only list domains of a certain data type, r=IanN
85b64e330cd4cad127bcca5f4cc55a41e854f1a5Decathlon — Fix bug 366139 - Wrong end time set on multi-day events. r=philipp
fc1a14ba963119065fa319194b886c7e90d01292Misak Khachatryan — Deferred Session restore L10n fix. r=KaiRo
a7d33647a9a6fc2b50499c938e779d6d4f689640Robert Kaiser — bug 581319 - Warn people on startup if they run an old build with updates disabled, r=Neil a=me for triggering builds after buildbot upgrade on CLOSED TREE
ae82885837db62f0707a3be9e2f09a85066be641Robert Kaiser — bug 386363 - Remember zoom value on a site-specific basis, use toolkit ZoomManager, r=Neil
d96811414826b5069812e15d64d08571b9c2b287Misak Khachatryan — Bug 614220 - Port Deferred Session restore - Bug 588482. r+=Neil
444823112aefcf08d6756f3aee77bd34a25df90cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 594776 Notify when installing a lightweight theme but e.g. Modern is current which means that a restart is needed r=IanN
eb12b0a281c395a3303fe69fef2aa5303463f04bJoshua Cranmer — Bug 250141 - Introduce deletion of newsgroup messages r=bienvenu, sr=neil
70bf80ea624896bd10dc78f723f7c5ab2576b79bDiomidis Spinellis — Bug 439291 - thunderbird doesn't have the account/folder list under the Go menu. r=bwinton
e7a2fe47396a80c38343bc0f05a452d666ddfabfAustin King — Bug 613224 - Bad link for atlbase.h. r=Callek
2019ad42d504c5b6582b279cbc42c6054adf55b3Philip Chee — Bug 465303 Add Preference UI for accessibility.blockautorefresh and for Hardware Acceleration. r=Neil sr=Neil
81a19ea32c883b6625361efb1b5ed38a5c593ac9Jens Hatlak — Bug 525973 - Option "Only check for new mail after opening Mail & Newsgroups" need documentation. r=stefanh
90b039bf057543117b0692ce4daa16806692215aEdmund Wong — Bug 594744 - Ported cache preferences from bug 559942. r=IanN sr=Neil
83df2c3df9fb93a820d2c2aaef6db94a77340908Ricardo Palomares — Bug 232063 - Shortcuts for Text Viewing, Navigation, and Selection. r=stefanh.
99d6fbb8f42aa50bc7e5b90fd324446d3084f5c1Stacy Millions — fix bug 286581, allow imap auth external, r=bienvenu
846a7a2d20e14ac5a2de13db948986b719e069a7Edmund Wong — Bug 555557 - Update license blocks to use "Mozilla Foundation" instead of "Mozilla Messaging" (c-c); r=Standard8
49509fb37b10c64bedf26d6ced9760009970bb96Serge Gautherie — Bug 537219 - Port |Bug 442730 - composition security options for encrypt should only be one menu item (with checkbox) like signing| to SeaMonkey; (Av1a) Just port it.
d03e3e617f6bcb8d7d31de42320cdc50343dcce8Robert Kaiser — bug 610736 - Port a number of recent places changes, r=Neil
b746ba9b74a16213942f54980179921c12b1ef0dManuel Reimer — Bug 399310 - Add Firefox Sidebar API to SeaMonkey Sidebar. r+moa=Mnyromyr
0718c5e033e53293b02f1563ea02e57d59d4fd71stefanh — Bug 606297 - Enable full screen mode on Mac. r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil.
a28328a97d51c2b8c4f1ae9001ac6bdd51668830Jens Hatlak — Bug 610517 - Bookmarks and Address Book sidebars' search fields miss placeholder attribute. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
5ee4bc8a2043f0bd79c6651d3d90cd73a09469e8Justin Wood — Merge to tip
48a25175cda5907c7b24b8bd444a91220a97aa5bJustin Wood — Backed out changeset fab718da09fd for Bug 602188.
6fdfa150feae6af5333ae2a41eaa8a62a9833cdaJens Hatlak — Bug 79397 - Want F5 to view/reload as per browser. f=stefanh r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
98949796ce03c1164c8bc8bf9bfebd6bd5815dfersx11m — Bug 608152 - Clarify and update help for Copies & Folders Account Settings. r=stefanh.
b389ff1c742e3976dd588f4aa12aa883931ee85fPhil Ringnalda — Bug 608638 - Get rid of the Netscape 4.x profile migration, r=Standard8
1ad4cecd5e704c9406ab081b46be93c9223f95a3Ricardo Palomares — Bug 227152 - Documentation for MailNews Default Account is incomplete/wrong/not indexed. r=InvisibleSmiley
c498d179130f0545ce2dcdf69951cde506ec00ddJustin Wood — Bug 603132 - Remove Bloglines from the feed reader options. r=KaiRo
99c50866a636220b3eec8d62d26dc528d7022bc3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 6c: add support for completed and failed installation notifications r=IanN
d0ef9aa259dbc5f881c086b9f6a2bee65b2c515cIan Neal — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
bb606bbaaa6b9b7071152fa49c5be7c46b412c58Ricardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
bec6c1ed70ca8555f68e5e760b8287477ba6e313Jens Hatlak — Bug 591483 - Port |Bug 465090 - Add keyboard shortcut to open Addons Manager| to SeaMonkey. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
0ce0a718b4293b6ec63b77d287387c7de6dea1d0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 4: third time's the charm? r=IanN
bf14abbf179269d176f94541e17355b39ab97168Justin Wood — Backed out changeset 317093217f10 from Bug 595810 (see Bug 603228 for more info)
53318685bd7d94783c2312fb1a52f032e1ff8feaNeil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 4: reland geolocation doorhanger implementation r=IanN
d0f12bb04b39e3c31403f21e184c8c1674961163Ricardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
d6629e93a9f1f7f3055702df1de55735ad3c4becMark Banner — SeaMonkey is in string freeze at the moment so don't remove unused string just yet
7530baf08c42ab90833babccc64abd2c0be91216Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 79709 remove a couple of unused strings and use correct function for equals for working with both internal and external API. rs=Neil over irc
160aff9fd681cba4eb8ce6e53d0783fb6861424cNeil Rashbrook — Partial backout of changeset c55ed62b37cd due to l10n freeze
c232c85e9a79caa55e3f9e490330894b480077b0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 4: implement geolocation doorhanger r=IanN
ba26e98ba5556a74cfd9be910d05b2dff07f13baPhilip Chee — Bug 599833 Add "Paste and Go" to the context menu of the URLbar. r=Neil sr=Neil
6176a6cb52b98d50af465fe04fdace2182f133a2Robert Kaiser — bug 410613 - SeaMonkey should support "OpenSearch", r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
8d6ae5ff486c023662ba236155d70dd39ca9b51fEvan Stratford — Bug 79709 - import vcards; r=Standard8 sr=bienvenu
7e5a33837adcd5df7423d4a0cc2aef1543877cceRicardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
dd15d8ebb66a74ce9efb730cae8011cf1a88073dPhilipp Kewisch — Add a localization note for bug 350174
f128ec1c2963d02194996ef78eee11005eb134d4Serge Gautherie — Bug 594081 - "Check online presence (AOL)" should be removed from address book tools menu; (Av1) Remove outdated code from SeaMonkey and Thunderbird.
59850bdd7fd263990edcab66cc593ca08c377b8bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 595810 Part 3: support geolocation notifications from files r=IanN
1cdebff465eb47b75d4f3bcf565371d561ea33e5Ricardo Palomares — Bug 373457 - Document add-ons/extensions manager
56f481093c2817a8ec066269cb5f0cb4c0733895Robert Kaiser — bug 569341 - Implement a Data Manager unifying cookie, permission, password, and form data management, r=IanN sr=Neil
5a1cee1fec2b203ee57d3d67e25896edb04bd6d2Matthew Mecca — Fix bug 350174 - Task list doesn't support displaying and editing of occurrences of repeating tasks. r=philipp,ui-r=andreasn
3febaca6d0960a7ebf34cd73359ddd1a74dbc2eaRicardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
fcb847b7e4935cb19a0fb3f82d2f8ff6361ba6f7rsx11m — Bug 597051 - Correct typo and adjust spacing for new Firefox compatibility UI in the HTTP preference pane
f8f17b74272c0522fc8fcfc7ca945dcc7c0e8032Ricardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
cdb21f31f4762ef4f3c79d2be08dca99608136eestefanh — Bug 597172 - Update Help for the new location of the 'Check for Updates' menuitem. r=InvisibleSmiley.
19f938d8ad6d9a01f6555b94c46a4a49cb9196e0Nomis101 — Bug 590932 - [SeaMonkey] Replace "emptytext" in abCardOverlay with "placeholder". r=Neil
8e675718a3b99f9398d97bba62c90855fbec4cf6Manuel Reimer — Bug 588122 - GUI needed to toggle browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent. r=IanN, sr=Neil
ecbb1e4c9d13f98df73c08268545c5de9317adccRobert Kaiser — bug 591327 - Remove .extra UA pref, add UI for .compatMode.firefox and turn it on by default, r=IanN sr=Neil a=seamonkey-council (default setting confirmed with committee vote)
10151e898ceae16f75a91a851ae77a6c87ec64aaRobert Kaiser — bug 589601 - Provide a fast bookmarking button in the urlbar, r=Neil
11b0a90c81cb4cbf35ee755be933f7d34218cd87Magnus Melin — Bug 456167 - Add to Address Book in new header section doesn't offer choice of target address book; r=Standard8 ui-r=clarkbw
e9c37cb7b36962c136b97fb95ed0d27bcdc8b418Boying Lu — Bug 592952 - securityOverride.warningText should changed to securityOverride.warningContent; r=Standard8
f2c81a6ac18a37d60dbf3535162ccdd0bf91b256Ricardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
37c8e12e99db0c0031d5f903e040e3fe244136d5Decathlon — Fix bug 393763 - Make Today Pane toolbar button image more i18n-friendly. r=philipp
747c8c714c9f2938edbd151958409eae74e08d1eDecathlon — Fix bug 463030 - Until date of recurrence rule can set before start date of event. r=philipp
f5243910ae1de0042bd4f4baf21d00b27494949fNomis101 — Bug 551747 - Use HTML 5 'placeholder' attribute instead of 'emptyText'; r=asuth,neil
d99ad1ed1f6ed3a369459cbb2261ea837bc307d1Jim — Bug 474721 - messagereader: message header should not prefer the address book over the message headers as a source of display names; r=bwinton,sr=Standard8,ui-r=clarkbw
eeec8f5871ed721837f5375a42c2624883c509bfEdmund Wong — Bug 579470 - POP3 status message "checking %S for new messages" is incorrectly capitalized; r=bwinton ui-r=andreasn
b933428caed78921f5ecdc38c8bbcbc38fb075dfEdmund Wong — Bug 507804 - nsMsgComposeSecure.cpp: 3 strings to localize; r=kaie
ca4ded902b6b8f0f787261eb9cfda67fbdf669e4Ricardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
c9428b05d16b06a699c30219d8a0c8312c54c179Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 402376 - Custom reminder dialog is hardly localizable. r=markus
010aa0b135c001a1fd01427708d20dba52196e35Robert Kaiser — bug 589592 - [SeaMonkey 2.1, mochitest-browser-chrome] Double id='addBookmarkKb' detected in navigator.xul - remove platform-specific keys, r=Neil
d462d3f8e33329020babcf3aea4c0705b05acd55Robert Kaiser — bug 585601 - Address Neil's post-landing comments on places bookmarks - round 2: update bookmarks management UI, r=Neil
2f9e0f3affdb3caf97f2340a4bb559356892c54fJustin Wood — Bug 551733 - Port |Bug 412989 - allow per-app override of crashreporter.ini| to SeaMonkey. r=KaiRo
935eb5d4c0f8ef9fde9c104190fc5d5edcaca35dDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 66860, add account name to pop3 status messages, r=standard8, sr=neil
dbfdfb5a2565f6e49e383fb030a8c16406face03Ricardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files. Blogs & News Feeds split from mail_help.xhtml. r=IanN
4032598bc982af5e7b109706247c6b4c38e21edcEdmund Wong — Bug 561176 - Restart dialog message is confusing. Change button labels from Cancel/Restart to Restart Later/Now. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
6bdfb68aca825896f1afd6a4cbaaf4eb22147f9aRicardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
e15d64ca4f7ed829eafdba8b63586675de831558Matthew Mecca — Fix bug 500916 - Access key conflict in menu "Events and Tasks". r=philipp
eb9052a223824dc6e2600559eb97fdce7ffa3899Robert Kaiser — bug 580662 - Add management UI for places bookmarks, r=IanN
97f3ca7b00f3c9e8aa2f3a91a6393db1067bd851Robert Kaiser — bug 580660 - Switch SeaMonkey browser UI to places bookmarks, r=IanN
e1c51ca1296f68da16d65602f1b61d23aa338844Robert Kaiser — bug 580658 - Make suite glue initialize and migrate places bookmarks, r=IanN
624ebfe3abe4d0105b6b98db2e1a34637469fd5cRobert Kaiser — bug 580656 - Add new places core for bookmarks (and history) - part1: PlacesUIUtils, r=IanN,Callek
16724979929b2b07a07691c75ad4dc601b5a4753Ricardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files. Working Offline split from mail_help.xhtml. r=IanN
50d8a0eb7d78f345242a04f3847aaa4f7f43956eMatt Dudziak — Bug 573771 - Advanced->Reading & Display->Close message window on delete pref text incomplete; r=asuth ui-r=clarkbw
f533012b91b0b0c31432307a3b1ae36e5ed5bfc6Jens Hatlak — Bug 582710 - Remove references to nonexistent IDs from Help (remove left-over, unreferenced heading). r=InvisibleSmiley
19e4dff4681d8b9f375e9d6bf9300cafe9c02b26Edmund Wong — Bug 582710 - Remove references to nonexistent IDs from Help (excluding those of two follow-up bugs). r=InvisibleSmiley
73aa892244da54073b1d1acd9ceab54205c62548Jens Hatlak — Bug 574609 - Update Help for new Link Behavior preference panel. r=stefanh
63298d11ee65b3ea13cf3ec37bcc50638426ecdbRicardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
c0608cd465dfddbfc678149180a2e8dcd6e84062Edmund Wong — Bug 572389 - Remove gopher references from SeaMonkey code. r=Callek
7448d3657432dc12bca13aeec4fd7142827e0336Ricardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
c15be5760c2659fae3ff4a8d9497da0ef9527e94Thomas D. — Bug 521654 Add "Open All..." to File > Attachments Menu. r=Standard8,ui-review=clarkbw
4da5cf71f2db15742ca860a83f83f87dfa72df08Ian Neal — Bug 575956 - Customize Address Book toolbars
eb6e9094d13f87a6eb1e0aaef9f8778aff1e9a22Ben Frisch — Bug 97023 Default to Find toolbar instead of inline FAYT/Find dialog r+sr=Neil
36384303da2c070c9ea63709dcb20cc987cc296eJae-Seong Lee-Russo — Bug 520214 "remove attachment" is inconsistent and doesn't work with multi-select. r=bwinton,ui-review=clarkbw
c4865ef42a912725e0d495245637ca90337f2210Ricardo Palomares — Bug 246405 - mail_help.xhtml should be split to several files
dc2a31aa8e0f2d126238b06b0643021c5e0278cbPhilip Chee — Bug 534322 PageInfo Dialog is too short. r=Neil sr=Neil.
c902489fd21300a6995d8f3b27fa7cc9ee113f13Robert Kaiser — Bug 563261 - Make lightweight themes / personas work with SeaMonkey trunk in browser windows, r=IanN sr=Neil
2f2ad3d270e8a134f984e3c8d84cf29425636a71Philip Chee — Bug 570970 Move the Link Behaviour preferences from the tabs pane to a separate pane. r=IanN sr=Neil
b7e2293eef109bc8c2f38de67578911324de6e75Ian Neal — Bug 536257 - Document customizable toolbars / toolbar customization / customizing the Personal Toolbar - remove incorrect parts
39197ee600f4c7d79e2830b0a329b142817b7e0eIan Neal — Bug 529647 - Make Search and Go buttons widgets for Browser customizable toolbars
05e465fb702aa2e15ff53439717e8332b7f40333Simon Vaillancourt — Bug 566339 - CalDAV errors lack enough information (r=philipp)
13c00c4887fe6701edac1ae629568481a71ac45bSimon Vaillancourt — Bug 466686 - Can't create cached calendars right away (r=philipp)
7e9cca809d6f44bdd5c6e8a7dfdd0c624e81a842Mark Banner — Bug 553993 XML Parsing Error: undefined entity, netError.xhtml, cspFrameAncestorBlocked.title. r=mkmelin,ui-review=clarkbw
c738a69d0d4f8c277321a725ded5f9dc9d2dc598Edmund Wong — Bug 537221 - Duplicate access keys in mail window. r/moa=Mnyromyr
f2c838aa3f82a68c30c35df5567af0c329cfd328Edmund Wong — Bug 495937 New Smart Folder dialog doesn't use a verb for the confirm button. r=iann,Standard8,ui-review=clarkbw
c0e3b0431333b765149990f3666c5ec00c11eb3fIan Neal — Bug 521927 - Make Search, Folder Location and Views widgets for MailNews customizable toolbars
3ebcb837d20ea4dadd766cbe1e2be705e310da74Robert Kaiser — bug 423282 - Achieve "web site" vs. "website" (vs. "site"?) consistency in SeaMonkey UI, suite parts (excluding composer), r=IanN
b82cef6cc8f3f43b8384a6611a5373303d145a23Ricardo Palomares — Bug 226191 - Fix filenames for mozilla help to follow readme-style
bba5ccac433e01416518105a24b2e088b6470c09Neil Rashbrook — Bug 565514 Use access key that works with Synchronise too r=IanN
6d3b68dc6820c44604419293e64deff1beef7185rsx11m — Bug 566484 - "Replace "Download retention" with "Download history" in Browser preferences" [r=IanN sr=neil]
981f19c4d8d195c3e2525b1e65195250a8218454Justin Wood — Bug 530102 - Remove extensions.getMore* preferences. r=KaiRo, sr=Neil
fce49fd50ca59eacb8ac0650aa179ef0e48be8faIan Neal — Bug 280873 - System setting for mouse wheel not documented
e16069c9795a31b8355a070c3b45965900470a16Jens Hatlak — Bug 545110 - Add/port about:support (Troubleshooting Information page) to SeaMonkey. Add Help menu item. r+sr=Neil
985a5d45d39ef6782b8b140821f3c51f79a07915Jens Hatlak — Bug 159254 - Font help for User Defined. r=IanN
72ac68b1f5a085d576c21f23264f91d9e6c540e1Jens Hatlak — Bug 158773 - pages loaded from search results should highlight the search term. Document the Help window find bar. r=IanN
bbe84731e21126569ac2610d738864e127cb4165Jens Hatlak — Bug 566139 - Use Suite's search tips rather than toolkit's in suitehelp.rdf. r=IanN
9321f18c7084a554f8661b5f2d761cdab065694cJim — Bug 516787 Message size in the main window should format large numbers (message size). r=bienvenu,sr=Neil,ui-review=clarkbw
04363cc506a871b8fc603d40a4f78e5407e5dc79Philip Chee — Bug 539066 - port bug 151244 to seamonkey, so return receipts keep working, r=IanN sr=Neil a=blocking-sm2.1a1+ for CLOSED TREE
1b9a58b4b3339bf172422316f063f81a03d434ebstefanh — Bug 564610 - xml parsing error when trying to view folder properties. r=IanN, a2.1a1=IanN. CLOSED TREE.
45d0fc74a0f7994687df525aa66f4ebad0e68e46Simon Vaillancourt — Fix bug 463392 - caldav calendars are not visible in the 'select calendar' dialog. r=philipp
9a9b0c164604afe85230225bc0d22f3ef13b6be3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 536209 - Update internal timezone database from version 2009p to version 2010i. r=dbo
cb4e5d68cc5e7d723e3f98b1234425f61f1f55e6Markus Adrario — Fix bug 500397 - event dialog: Renaming of File Menu to Event/Task Menu. r=philipp
fcc1f49089567f9451b4b8d21fbfdc9228eaf35bSimon Vaillancourt — Bug 561355 - Invitations window should show the Attendee for each invitation, r=philipp
d3539ed0308abf8ccf3073383c4133229841a74astefanh — Bug 564223 - Correct a couple of shortcuts in Help. r+a2.1a =IanN. CLOSED TREE.
8ecc8937f1f0e37e01c4aaa428fbdd51cc598789Decathlon — Fix bug 563813 - Localization issue for menu "Status" in "New event/New task" dialogs. r=philipp
581301374d72e7693b0f36a48bb0768e355ac50dArun Prasannan (polar) — Bug 476673 - documentation of key shortcuts doesn't correspond with reality
4b5d5e18f0b43a2120d8d996c5b6610eea8ecd6eIan Neal — Bug 251511 - "Setting Proxy Values" has outdated block of text in wrong place
0472ff22f46172228be7e03cb3c2f5f8a8ac37a6Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 391673 - Event dialog: Reminder List contains too many items. r=markus,ui-r=clarkbw
4d2daa42005c388a7697e6dbc9788369743f8099Jens Hatlak — Bug 547931 - Update Help for the additional settings in Software Installation preferences. r=stefanh
63b799016d28f8da558fb75f48d339f0464d7b54Robert Kaiser — bug 487692 - Fix context menu IDs and accesskeys and add a test for them, add tests for linked images and fix Windows failures, r=Neil
cbcb188e473eb3f78af175bbf274a7e6d9d0d6c0Stefan Sitter — Bug 444738 - Tooltip of Today buttons is inconsistent, capitalization fix only [r=sipaq]
240540745af859c459f17f053b63e67f2abb3fafAndrew Sutherland — Bug 545955 per bug 561354 - Match new tooltips to existing tooltips, losing the trailing periods. a=blocking-thunderbird3.1b2+
f9352221ed2e8d8a9912aaae690b05ffba0eb552Andrew Sutherland — Bug 545955 per bug 561354 - Match new tooltips to existing tooltips, losing the trailing periods. a=blocking-thunderbird3.1b2+
c450e013432058e110d8f016965757f663da4e92Dan Mosedale — Bug 545469 - Add a preference for to allow full-text indexing to be turned off for individual folders, ui-r=clarkbw, r=asuth, a=3.1b2 blocker
7b621f66f1af218d46ea5af39b2d6206dad559c7Andrew Sutherland — Bug 505035 - Cannot change the column list of all folders at once. r=davida, a=blocking-thunderbird3.1beta2+
255ad4e3e19fd404c38eb3db9609106122b860a8Andrew Sutherland — Bug 561489 - Fix hardcoded l10n string from bug 545955 that slipped through. rs=clarkbw, a=blocking-thunderbird3.1b2
3574ab346d4a68645113aecf87b659e5cf575fa5Phil Lacy — Bug 394687 need to import settings from Windows Mail on Vista and Windows Live Mail on XP/Vista/Windows 7. r=Neil,sr=bienvenu. r=Standard8 for the unit test. a=blocker
a316f41898cc2e96c4997922d5f302a6ca8b652cAndrew Sutherland — Bug 561059 - localization glitch on global search entity for the key follow-up. r=davida, a=blocking-tb3.1b2
ca8f098ee7c294c4c4b858b0bb189900cde7deddMark Banner — Bug 561059 Incorrect Encoding of cmd/command symbol in global search and quick filter search bars. r=asuth,a=blocker
7513eaff3984b55b76878fbbfddcc8577e98c9adRobert Kaiser — bug 487692 - Fix context menu IDs and accesskeys and add a test for them, r=Neil
d6d8f417339c9ebaa76e2240ec58f3378e2db670Robert Kaiser — bug 546936 - Adapt Help for changes from Bug 536374 - Places history changes due to async expiration, r=IanN
5ec183c69a08e64b3d1b15a54c61361c1547b73bAndrew Sutherland — Bug 545955 - The quick filter bar. This replaces the previous quick search widget. r+sr=bienvenu, ui-review=clarkbw
5ea6d1358fb6955fc92a344cb5fc68894a08e68eDan Mosedale — Bug 550487 - "Show n lines of addresses in To/CC/BCC headers". Patch by Ben Bucksch & me, ui-r=clarkbw, r=bwinton.
fd29d40d6240163017c4aa74aeb1675699b4a04bMark Banner — Bug 538335 Support Lightweight Themes in Thunderbird - ui support. r=bwinton
9ed648cfe463dd8542a11ba723425a05411592c5Ben Bucksch — [account creation] Give proper, specific error for login failures. Strings only. Bug 555448, r=bwinton, ui-r=clarkbw, ok=sipaq
68c3fc73c5fed65a7dd2c08eebf9d0be364f3c1aDecathlon — Fix bug 502435 - Recurrence summary shows only the first weekday of a monthly rule with BYDAY tag and more weekdays. r=philipp
951c8e0e014d2fa66cc225e970f043f66b67571aMisak Khachatryan — Bug 558995 - Port Bug 463387 [Add an API for getting web progress notifications for all tabs] to SeaMonkey. r=Neil, sr=Neil
ea3a05c8e67874f291a781ced8ce137128c1439fMarc Zahnlecker — Fix bug 498587 - Invite Attendees dialog: add tooltips to attendee role icons. r=philipp
687a3b5f244b84665f18d4ff4714ef857370378eEduardo Katayama — Fix bug 325137 - Should be possible to print tasks. r=philipp
297b93c4366ddf9a0f751c74979b4e3c2fa95092Ben Bucksch — Account creation autoconfig: Allow user to select POP3 or IMAP via radio. Bug 532590, patch-partially-by=rwinton, r=mkmelin, ui-r=clarkbw
9e2a7aea03c369cc5d422e94b6e2f1514336abd9Robert Kaiser — bug 472873 - Update help for history window changes after places landing, r=IanN
ffeda43c3824b96279b82673b270cf8f89ed30ceGrigory Mozhaev — Bug 269728 - When sending email automatically add emails to CC list (instead of BCC). r=Neil sr=bienvenu
e61bf3a1fefdaa9738a71a9643e400486e8b029aNehal M — Bug 525890 Missing (context) menu: Message > "Show in conversation" (to view / open message in new thread pane view). r=Standard8,ui-review=clarkbw
b18a6aff70397008f374f99a8f0c6e6a80524fefMarcel Guzman — Bug 536048 Cannot distinguish the log for "Empty Trash" from folder deletion in Activity manager. r=bwinton,sr=Standard8,ui-review=clarkbw
46449450f103d8664067edf0810e1b041e9f27dbMichiel van Leeuwen — Bug 151244 Return receipt should be processed after the message has loaded. r=bienvenu,sr=Standard8
6d698853447b2603fd054941789a97252ef74978Neil Rashbrook — Bug 467524 Rewrite broken FTP file upload dialog r=IanN
b8d28452d63691ed42c58f5e83285d6134668ce4David Bienvenu — add account name to imap alert messages, r/sr=neil, bug 66860
0324054765beddde0b2110097ab45e0284b05716Ben Bucksch — Changed and new strings need IDs never used before. Bug 555164, requestedby=sipaq, r=bienvenu, sr=standard8
7af9d8594fe89b1215947439018c627ba4f3a3f5Edmund Wong — Bug 495940 Rename Folder dialog doesn't use a verb for the confirm button. r=mkmelin,sr=Neil,ui-review=andreasn
09a4904999d9701d3e4236573a0466bd5c5c1062Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 551585 Remove copyright strings in UI. r=Standard8
6fa24beeb1767a8aba95179ce7c885201edd4e3aJens Hatlak — Bug 554901 - mailnews.messageid_browser.url is no more valid for mid-searches. r=Mnyromyr sr=bienvenu
7e6da540c77de46130f5147e7318163477138426Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 450318 - No error on duplicate calendar address, stalls. r=markus
7db38e17ae64137cb7404206044ac5866aa194e4Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 394771 - Lightning calendar view context menus use wrong entities. r=ssitter
466a5624a1874a6264733126c71e7296dbd0f4a5Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 457461 - Different keyboard shortcuts for the same actions in main window and event/task dialog. r=markus
d3c38a9376b1cbe5350def21e8d57e6eb9ab2183Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 511518 - Calendar/Task Tab title needs dedicated string. r=markus
6e401084bd420b759a993b8964a6b2c65084d12bBen Bucksch — Fix brandname in strings. Bug 534722, r=bwinton
a1514b1e3062cf8cca75385fe37f784243e1cba0Decathlon — Fix bug 525430 - Task view doesn't show the attachments for selected tasks. r=philipp
3f842835b85f094040eb6dbdfcc1faa0b09433afPhilipp Kewisch — Additional Fix for my last checkin
412cbda272bf4555ce29ee32a1cdf6bad4e52104Tobias Markus — Bug 392737: Event dialog: No 'save and close' function in the new event file menu - r=fallen
a7d157ae1666fc2d86e8d096f97de823870a356bBen Bucksch — Rewrite authentication logic (in IMAP, POP, SMTP) (more below) Bug 525238, r=bienvenu, r=bwinton (accountcreation), sr=NeilAway, ui-r=clarkbw
64136eebf2fe1e701125930496067e8a86d5486dBen Bucksch — Fetch mail server config directly from ISP. Bug 534722, r=bwinton, ui-r=clarkbw
43aede3e2547b938f425983b063764a76e2b20a8Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 551742 - Remove copyright strings in UI. r=KaiRo,IanN sr=Neil
e9a27dede749929bdbcaf63e5129a4236cd028c9Bryan W Clark — Bug 545217 rename "Smart folders" to "Unified folders", r=bwinton
93f3a64dace2d13312aef9c13fb9e69cc9295cb3Decathlon — Fix bug 534045 - Invite Attendees dialog: icons are messed up in case of participation role NON-PARTICIPANT. r=philipp
c91b1d5d6b40b388b4478c3e3f0f5c4bbf669567Mark Banner — Clarify localization comments on strings in so that localizers know to use the correct field replacement values. Part of bug 506669. r=sipaq
dab960339c66d2ed39ff64e015d89f33e44e7790Mark Banner — Bug 549580 If compose window initialisation fails, don't hide the error by throwing it to the text console. r=bienvenu
2a97f3d8c3d3394c044dc8b4337460ba73c7128cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 536739 nsMsgPrompt should use FormatString instead of hand-rolling insertion r=Standard8 sr=bienvenu
b4f652f47b61bf54b66465c44bc7f24e04de7347stefanh — Bug 550186 - HTML 5 'placeholder' attribute should be used instead of 'emptyText'. r+sr=Neil.
dc5d633499c2c9ff454081cef4deeb4d1a1059b9Magnus Melin — Check in localized values for bug 477091. r=philipp, r=philor, ui-r=clarkbw
90f3e580c72b89a921e0063959303a28fdd1e5c8Markus Adrario [:Taraman] — Fix bug 500397 - event dialog: Renaming of File Menu to Event/Task Menu.
606b90bc2b7877fb87917900dfc64befd7d7bac7Edmund Wong — Bug 495939 - New Folder dialog don't use a verb for the confirm button; Updated previous patch to include accesskey tags in the dtd files.
f310215a1169968056585d8f0c31f4b671959dffPhilip Chee — Bug 541665 Sync Suite pref-smartupdate.* with mozilla-central.
78b09c129935b98ff358fefeec195cf456a39054Paolo Amadini — Bug 484616 - Unfork contentAreaUtils.js between FF and SM; [Step 7] Finally!.
0054a3ae78645ef331e03f9bc6194c11e2839728Mark Banner — Quick follow up to bug 526733 landing change 'this' to 'the' as suggested in the ui-review but not done in original push
9f43b5e0ddfc4a9982d91aa390766524af62327cMark Banner — Bug 526733 - "Can't install application/x-xpinstall types by clicking on links in content tabs". some minor test fixes by asuth. r=asuth, ui-r=clarkbw.
9a67d533f9d723f5bc22d669f3f9cb8532a8a55fDavid Bienvenu — add pop3 activity to activity manager, r/sr=standard8, ui-review = clarkbw, bug 535437
50ebca4f357db2471d2cbe4ef67b6a2d6712365aSerge Gautherie — Bug 511884 - [SeaMonkey 2.0/2.1] (Conditionally) Remove obsolete 'Java Console' item; (Bv2) Remove it on SM 2.1.
bab06b3b13a57e16f43765c21172a04d14ef93f3Jens Hatlak — Bug 469481 - Copy image doesn't copy image (nor its location). Back out Unix-only regression fix after Bug 518249 fixed the core issue. r=Neil over IRC
ed0f68aa17147ee7cf0912ccb5c04f72189f2dbeDecathlon — Fix bug 491254 - Some languages need weekdays in plural form for some particular sentences inside Recurrence Summary. r=philipp
5163f71a87946d43f0e9de04142332b2c76faaa9Robert Kaiser — bug 536374 - Places history changes due to async expiration (Port bug 520165), r+sr=Neil
35456cdebdec313e95a4b693ccde329e67f5e0d4Markus Adrario — Fix bug 500283 - Keyset in event-edit-dialog should be localizable.
315d4b2d347fcd6d922bcbc2c15aec1643dbee91Christophe Humbert — Fix bug 543744 - Add calendar name to event tooltip information. r=philipp, and
b1fd11557c3d393d7049c4fe1e1da27301c22005Brennan Vincent — Fix bug 490169 - Should be an easily-accessible option to fire an alarm "on time". r=philipp,ui-r=clarkbw
629631e0a48e55a9dbed0621c7a4eb02a648edeaJens Hatlak — Bug 545765 - Remove last traces of Quick Launch from Help. r=IanN
552c9e823b2971ab8fc894378d7b5f89619f8405Jens Hatlak — Bug 543571 - Remove repeated "the" from language properties files. r+moa=Mnyromyr
9f7786ad759cbc7f0aa9430f91496de7700cf1afJens Hatlak — Bug 543336 - Remove repetitions (the, of) from Help. r=IanN
a51ced09b9783c975a811641d9a3580fc2b89bf5Jens Hatlak — Bug 543332 - Update Help on Popup Windows preferences. r=IanN
2b582c7b88f146e1e7d97b83286d2159ebdea058Jens Hatlak — Bug 543340 - Turning Encryption On and Off is no longer an option, remove it from Help. r=stefanh
639e2159776ca719ab2a8ba3e398e2e67698a118Markus Adrario — Fix bug 500399 - Event Dialog: Help Menu is useless and could be removed. r=mschroeder,ui-r=clarkbw
ad6a77f8ce29ed5762f1cafa1cee41273edc62e1Andreas Nilsson — Bug 516586 - Make the Account Settings dialog wider. r=Neil, ui-r=clarkbw.
8fa94880f3289e73572a03a581e551ac6ff22a45Krang — Bug 531576 - Port full screen video playback to SeaMonkey; Add full screen video v3.1.
72d03be90bf9a3cbc4f38f97302135136844cbecstefanh — Bug 537307 - Update SeaMonkey's copyright strings to 2010. r=KaiRo.
c7726b80c83674513315a8bad74d845ee6a1ef12Phil Ringnalda — Bug 536129 - Update mail/ copyright dates to 2010, r=mkmelin
f1f5c5386390c2dae0582b9e714450321209a774Serge Gautherie — (Av3) Update the urls to their current redirecting aliases, Fix some nits too.
9d2a2fe67fc1fcaf380f57bc68a2e959b988827bPhilip Chee — Bug 531645 - "My Yahoo" should be "My Yahoo!" in the list of feed handlers (Port Bug 432118).
efd9da9f429d30785bd7872613197dda5384e455Magnus Melin — Bug 58140: save multiple messages as individual files in directory. ui-r=clarkbw, r=standard8, sr=bienvenu
760f1742afcfa904c4f720fbd7e913bf8c9e4660rsx11m — Bug 528122 - Reposition Archive menuitem next to Move and Copy menus. r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil.
8d8408786c6b79d98135aaab1d0489bff71c7b58David Bienvenu — remove unused aol pfc code, r/sr=neil, 530618
9a2e612d7ff2eeb3927e80867f512498a3c6b932Phil Lacy — Bug 450861 Add a "Tools > Downloads" menu item to open the Download Manager window (download manager is completely inaccessible via UI). r=mkmelin,ui-review=clarkbw
8f5bd0b98f7d875be1ffebe7965b810cab3d41c0Ian Neal — Bug 515228 - Help button in Search Addresses dialog lacks Help icon
d213f1e7a88b0a4445c81bddc767a3d9f0df85fcCédric Corazza — Bug 521647 - "Help" item in the menu bar should be different between Windows and other platforms for some locales.
cabcd8f84c37a06bea4375338559d2a058172491rsx11m — Bug 281877 - "Thunderbird doesn't have "Copy Image" on context menu" [r=mkmelin+mozilla ui-r=clarkbw]
8cea963958c558fd083bce87da82ff3a06ca20afRicardo Palomares — Bug 232054 - Update Help content on filters. r=InvisibleSmiley
74a50efc36cb264cb75d5555aa41849c3abe2acbAdrian Kalla — Bug 522175 - remove links to "Netscape My Webpage" from help
efd1cd2e7cea916708c0c7b825e6f268abc124dfRobert Kaiser — bug 521314 - Show a different first-run page, r=Neil a=IanN
8b1bf72ec6e78e7fde97db61fc021fe62594c087Robert Kaiser — update shipped-locales for 2.0rc1
2503a4c42935c4688d2722dfad715e7686bfed59Robert Kaiser — whitespace change to trigger L10n dashboard for new locales
a9057ac7a6cf84e0d5b3769141ed6d9af8781c98Ricardo Palomares — Bug 373457 - Document add-ons/extensions manager. r=stefanh, a2.0=Kairo over IRC.
7aba126779f6099370288cdb01428ceec8b61882Frank Wein — Bug 508039 - Port |Bug 456439 - add about:rights and a "Know Your Rights" infobar to Firefox| to SeaMonkey, strings only, r=Neil, a=KaiRo
55b13ea355d67b52ee476bfd7fdbf045f4f012deJens Hatlak (:InvisibleSmiley) — Bug 506724 - outdated UI described in section Website Certified by an Unknown Authority
dde3f6b605c3a03b6abbd660bdd00cbe47f7f025Robert Kaiser — fix typo in before it creeps into too many localizations (Alexander L. Slovesnik had discovered the same in the original bug 311774), r+a=Standard8 via IRC
e70f0a2dd0ac79f19234df0b8774fa5ffe84fdf2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 490467 Play a sound when a download completes (again) r+a=IanN
1b5d9c7b383bda5be6ba89b9fa93dbd16df06cbdrsx11m — Bug 519332 - Update help for new download manager preferences
e0e39977d26510b4522a4e4bf7be357c97d253darsx11m — Bug 515523 - Help update for new time-policy IMAP autosync settings
3b36821217dfa641a482d6447bdae75abe3f1212Bryan W Clark — Bug 511924 - option to always show a reply to sender button, r=philor, a=blocker
f70d821814e34dd6b5f48d220c1e47ffa3645d7bTobias Koenig — No error and no action when clicking on zero sized attachments - bug 489406 ui-r=clarkbw, r=dmose, a=dmose
224c065b845685f8c6f3bca08718c78510e13bf4Jim — Add "mark as read/unread" to default set of actions in "other actions" menu - bug 514094; ui-r=clarkbw, r=dmose, a=dmose.
84c99f9e5bd5416575e0206f3c4946a9247591c1Dan Mosedale — New message-reader UI elements in header pane need to be customizable - bug 465138; ui-r=clarkbw, r=mkmelin, a=blocking-thunderbird3+
1999aa2cfe017b4b1fcfa1b6838fe9b170bbf1edDavid Ascher — Bug 516170 - [faceted search] need better understandability of the faceting controls, r=bienvenu, ui-r=clarkbw, a=blocker
a7112611d77aa21a65c6f6bd83e9bbf85843f3d9Bryan W Clark — Bug 456840 - messagereader: allow easy removing of contact from address book, r=Standard8, a=davida
a1ef95ec8bfe9475c141ef5b067af9beefe1d856Neil Rashbrook — Bug 461117 Implement Ctrl+Shift+O for Paste as Quotation r=IanN r+a=Standard8
a223efa170d506a913d46fea2fe2f153a62992f6rsx11m — Bug 515842 - "Make labels for IMAP autosync policies more descriptive to avoid mixup with retention settings" [r=Standard8 sr=bienvenu ui-r=clarkbw]
f0fcde0a28a0df94941fb89c1f481b4e8f0726f8Ian Neal — Bug 519228 - Add help for the anti virus and scam preferences in the MailNews Preferences UI
7fd619a639b574e5152a9d653dfe78f2602d974eJae-Seong Lee — Bug 296781 - ""delete" attachment should be "remove attachment"" [r=sipaq a=Standard8]
90117816bc38b7513ea5666b67c363a6cd7de724Bryan W Clark — Bug 519502 - "larger trash button in the multi-message view" [r+a=davida]
b15b02f4610fb86022d9718df051384aca166dcdBryan W Clark — Bug 518694 clean layout and spinner progress and Bug 515908 empty results needs some love. r=davida,a=blocking-tb3
d3ec5cfd963126ab88e4c319e0cfc30584e4d00bMark Banner — Bug 519041 Implement context menu for contentTabs - add Open In Browser and Open Link In Browser options. r=dmose,ui-review=clarkbw
2517bf2bfe849086505d0ccbc0ee450899168110Magnus Melin — Bug 506726: "No Feed Summary" warning is obnoxious for rss entries with no summaries. r=myk, sr=neil, a-tb3=standard8
5641301b27deae7b3515d78cdd2f51918f01c2afDavid Ascher — Bug 517449 - [faceted search] Suggested string changes for search. r=bienvenu, ui-r=clarkbw, a=blocking-tb3+
a9b2a58267b835dfe1a46a9195781db95381c57cSerge Gautherie — Bug 515855 - Gloda depends on chrome://messenger/ string-bundle, breaks in seamonkey; (Av2-TB) Fix 2 nits
eca1837ac46c76362d1668c4c5ffee3c97074780Joshua Cranmer — Bug 311774 - Newsgroup unread counts don't reflect filter actions; l10n note follow-up. r+a=Standard8 via irc
2026a081b057da2dcaa443f8f177021f75c19731David Ascher — Bug 516884 - High-level UI to control major feature changes between TB2 and TB3, r=philor,r=Standard8,ui-r=clarkbw,a=blocking-tb3
c6d9a1a742f2dfbea293925ef63a1315f7ea4bd8Mark Banner — Bug 505558 About dialog too narrow for localized TB3.0b3 builds. r=bienvenu,ui-review=clarkbw,a=Standard8
fe6a2b20cf760b76343c2a58b00ca61ef051a917Mark Banner — Bug 480533 "know your rights" is not findable - add about:license to the list of about options. r=bienvenu,ui-review=clarkbw,a=Standard8
6f5982ee66f5af9e7984667a7c625cd20e556252Mark Banner — Bug 519041 Implement context menu for contentTabs - add options for stop, reload, undo, cut and paste. r=mkmelin,ui-review=clarkbw,a=Standard8
1459c2279e266ec3a8eed8b8ed4e5940b8219f0cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 519377 - Follow Firefox's lead and use "About Thunderbird" instead of "About Mozilla Thunderbird" in the menu, ui-r=clarkbw, a=philor
75238bd75d264587cfc194c531414cb5fc4dc37eAndrew Sutherland — Bug 518718 - [Faceted Search] Could facet by account, r+a=davida
c453cfdb846bfeb392b4ca5ab804b75ea359ee89David Ascher — Bug 518944 - "[faceted search] remove the all / or choices from the auto-complete entry", r=asuth, ui-r=clarkbw, a=blocker
46d1e41cc072b5707cdc36fe2686b718f266fff1Blake Winton — Bug 509044 - text beside icons in default mail toolbar, ui-r=clarkbw, r=philor, a=blocker
68573dd8d631b179a41935a6e00e2ac6f5495a47Blake Winton — Bug 478989 - Show conversation in tab, r=asuth+davida, ui-r=clarkbw, a=philor
144fe70167fc58d469da9d07fd80aba43502342bBenoît — Bug 487675 - Support in suite UI
0b507021c11efc8a7b8f4d78897617be75cd7779Magnus Melin — Bug 518558: [autoconfig] Autoconfig is available ONLY in first startup. ui-r=clarkbw, r=bienvenu, sr=neil
492c9c169f5c791ac36c2981ef2cbbed31c3a1cfMagnus Melin — Bug 519118: should be able to copy newsgroup link from message header. ui-r=clarkbw, r=dmose
7b96949b6eb5b7a63c2b2f6ff61109385edade34Philip Chee — Bug 463249 - Expose anti virus and scam preferences in the MailNews Preferences UI
15904a60f5bdd11a036f56f7acfca586325f4684Kent James — Bug 518846 - search in searchbar should search by subject, from, to, cc, bcc; r=mnyromyr, sr=neil, a-sm2=kairo
e140bd8807c4f1c8e8a5f897da036ad1389b9c96Ian Neal — Bug 515227 - Help button in Message Filter dialog lacks Help icon
16a9b1e26c97b7c86da428a7d00463ac17a40519David Ascher — Bug 515998 - [faceted search] hardcoded commas in message recipients list., r=philringnalda
cc261e558da0dbe6e5ba11327f2758f48868de39Neil Rashbrook — Bug 431184 Composer badly handles XHTML documents r+a=IanN
222989e406c9e35149ecfd8a33ff70bee6a9c6c2Serge Gautherie — Bug 515855 - Gloda depends on chrome://messenger/ string-bundle, breaks in seamonkey; (Av2-SM) Copy from Thunderbird, Update it for SeaMonkey
b39d37e6752d4ad4751c8601f4fea7b7c9cd8d4bstefanh — Bug 514969 - Remove reference to toggle JS on/off in mailNews. r+a2.0=IanN.
348232c7b791a6cb1a99eba6dc6a3589d52e71a2Bryan W Clark — Bug 518946 - [faceted search] remove (or improve) the ORing of terms choice from the search results, r=asuth, a=blocker
96028423fd9e82396b4d018dc938cbd1009135daMagnus Melin — Bug 480470: Customize toolbar should have button for "Archive". ui-r=clarkbw, r=philor
a57846b31efd94c7064da2b9625371f67a64403cJens Hatlak — Bug 509404 - Restore Previous Session missing
420645a2dddba25661ead0ba2103a53ae070b3fcvdloo — Bug 492263 - Change "Restart to apply theme" dialog from OK to Restart Now/Later
776b6edb32845e0eef8e6550a9165d230bdf1198Kent James — Bug 462578 - Implement Quick Search option "Subject, Sender or Recipient" (Subject, From, To, CC or BCC) to allow filtering for full conversations with a contact easily; r=asuth, a-tb3=standard8, ui=clarkbw
3e23cc901a1ac4f80d9707a17208f64e657882a5David Ascher — Bug 518160 - [faceted search] Can't click through to messages without a subject, r=asuth ui-r=clarkbw, a=blocker
ae5e48640e6ab3f1679144c2e082325211fd7057Jens Hatlak — Bug 432700 - Update Help for Find in this page. r=IanN, a2.0=KaiRo.
808988104da6f5ee66d1f781d2e73d9cec49a506Jens Hatlak — Bug 518294 - Remove Roaming Profiles from Help. r=IanN, a2.0=KaiRo.
f9ce43252b73d32b521b1bfd8f98f996edaed318Joshua Cranmer — Bug 311774 - Newsgroup unread counts don't reflect filter actions. r=Neil sr=bienvenu a-sm=KaiRo a-tb=Standard8
a139ba3d78f3cdf842ad3a67e66af4b081ab0b4eMagnus Melin — Bug 473214: add an archive menu item to thread pane context menu. ui-r=clarkbw, r=bienvenu, a-tb3=standard8
f34b9f8a53c2b1fa93c788252f542464137cf82bAndrew Sutherland — Bug 515723 - [faceted search] should support plurals. r+a=Standard8
145020b85d5cf200bc660d5e8699b936dcb3d9c9Andrew Sutherland — Bug 515733 - [faceted search] split "Top 10 messages out of 400" differently for localization. r=Standard8, a=blocking-thunderbird3.
81e5963c0512327676d79d7270e16ef860a8c10cDavid Ascher — Bug 517489 - "Accidental opening of hundreds of tabs really hard to undo" [r=asuth a=Standard8]
32c6dbeb5fb4ebaf38f252614bd967ef52c1fd58David Ascher — Bug 515218 - "button "Open Message Folder" in search doesn't open the folder" - Part 1 - improve the button text and fix opening so it works for new tab. Part 2 will link in with prefs etc. [r=Standard8 ui-r=clarkbw a=blocking-tb3]
ed07ec10955eb75f2f49e3602698f3278090daaaJens Hatlak — Bug 469481 - Copy image doesn't copy image (nor its location)
5124932bfde6c4f44436544338acf5935d710a69Magnus Melin — Bug 442730: composition security options for encrypt should only be one menu item (with checkbox) like signing. ui-r=clarkbw, r=philringnalda, a-tb3=standard8
150c8125bf84eba65091f7d774ddde41eb9f6c3cBlake Winton — Bug 515599 - "Improve wording of insecureCleartext.description" [r=philringnalda ui-r=clarkbw a=Standard8]
bc1a6e4bbbb98e4e63f9a7351446b5860ad2c505Ian Neal — Bug 287806 - Add TCP timeout pref
828ab2abeee59a9bfd0f69152c319fe6d466d43cRobert Kaiser — bug 517596 - have broken certs and should be removed from SeaMonkey, r=Neil a=blocking
502247a19ba672ad80321dab0bc27ab2c1695162Jim — Newsgroup postings don't linkify newsgroup header (like 4.x) (bug 35689), r=dmose, ui-r=clark, a=dmose
3a1b70d5445800af22b0270555e8f1994f981b29Ian Neal — Bug 385141 - SeaMonkey lacks UI for browser.tabs.warnOnClose
2bd465901a4af1060e18b8f5c1e67d96d6f83fcdIan Neal — Bug 436942 - URL Bar history should have a separate sanitize option
95cd2334a7b68635c4cdf2a99335c632eab2ecedIan Neal — Bug 390158 - Hook up new satchel pref(s) to the preferences window
5523b67d42fb84667b6a8d8a1036f89777a53610Andrew Sutherland — Bug 515740 - "[faceted search] glodaFacetView.results.message.andNOthers lacks a localization note" [r=Standard8,a=blocking-thunderbird3]
3a37182e2c80ff7f9c6e39097d9a8299d9da7388stefanh — Last change (changeset cc8c8f77ca34) was by Ricardo Palomares <>, pushing whitespace change to correct mistake.
b530568f1b397c3e309d72a2f5f3bb464b93293bstefanh — Bug 221259 - define mailnews terms relating to security. r+a2.0=IanN.
513200a0c0524775228fa45bc6b51b0fb35214fdAndrew Sutherland — merge of add-jquery gloda-facet
62cc71583f40e28ee7466e1005dc409c7735e3e3David Ascher — merge gloda-facet
bee07af9d350184a98724a6ae21a7ed42de7cff9David Ascher — show more hits gloda-facet
18f5b67b80eab8e2a95cb8e6fb67ebcc1ec7865dAndrew Sutherland — implement the discrete facet "more" option. ugly-like. gloda-facet
93adf93dc7801bdd1a28d2c5bc307da44951c52aAndrew Sutherland — merge of add-jquery gloda-facet
feeec5ff3c1b397b303c46b54b4b358c9dbb9435David Ascher — import davida's l10n patch wherein there was some branch merge snafu and I am doing it for him. gloda-facet
8da64b8686da7d062693f4241f2a43388cc5e8f7Andrew Sutherland — merge of add-jquery gloda-facet
238d026736ecd107e4bf808200ea9b79e0be1323David Ascher — forgotten file gloda-facet
9d2b180566a38408f13d2727b686a2b46b7eec3eDavid Ascher — 1) improvements to the css in the autocomplete dialog (and remove use of gravatars) gloda-facet
b16d5fde12638c104a3f1cd35230c079edd4617fDavid Ascher — more layout tweaks, with bigger fonts for the biggest things. gloda-facet
961d77e53c2015ddc257ad833f61c7e4bcbc2c96David Ascher — fix messages with large numbers of recipients. gloda-facet
a27411611fe2236bfdfed9ce2ef3cca020258ee1David Ascher — merge of add-jquery gloda-facet
254725fd0612974ff746b63161899fff6417dc9fDavid Ascher — 1) css tweaks: gloda-facet
2205bfe837d93eea5922299cca054c09d1a1d769David Ascher — css and wording tweaks gloda-facet
8765198e133a82662ae37f142685a2a5f1f65fa2Andrew Sutherland — refactoring of discrete facets gloda-facet
e315b345c68590d75c1724af0dedd4b84867161aAndrew Sutherland — put back include/exclude header labels gloda-facet
66842c39ef1ef2a21b11866110f3053abc97681aDavid Ascher — a) a fair bit of reorg/css tweaks for the message display, to make them look closer to andreas' mockup. gloda-facet
91c6ead7b8a70bf51c8a963bbe0c3cfc8884feeeAndrew Sutherland — merge of add-jquery gloda-facet
740c3977d63360dabb5947ef60af9c446e19d8c6Andrew Sutherland — Import the gloda-facet patch with davida's quicksearch changes and CSS pulled in. gloda-facet
562c393bba416366cbbf877ce6d66063fef220a4Blake Winton — Bug 501910 - "Consider Preferences UI for cookies" [r=mkmelin ui-r=clarkbw a=blocking-thunderbird3]
f136d35b65789fdbdceb5673a7daeb63bb20e109Blake Winton — Bug 506290 - "[autoconfig] Layout changes to quick account setup." [r=philringnalda sr=bienvenu ui-r=clarkbw a=blocking-thunderbird3]
d2fc48a708ffe444ca00672764d0e6653bf16be3Kent James — Bug 511131 - "Advanced search uses constrained online search scope, but is actually searching offline" [r=mkmelin ui-review=clarkbw a=blocking-thunderbird3]
2809c14315010d66224cd6134ae10ba09c6fc5e5Magnus Melin — Bug 495846: view | folders sub-menu doesn't include smart folders. ui-r=clarkbw, r=bienvenu
4bac6b8fe0c66190623c1e4938c7cb9a675b78e4Jens Hatlak — Bug 509338 - Shortcut Ctrl+K missing. r=stefanh, a2.0=KaiRo.
de7169cb9d4646c00c24a086a4f5da34a8c35018Ricardo Palomares — Bug 514890 - Fix new 'Get messages' and 'Get all new messages' shortcut in help content. r+a2.0=IanN.
d76bb624c9bd62c214167bc168c5cae9e7886bd8Mark Banner — Bug 463155 Add video/audio controls to message context menu, since the regular controls depend on JavaScript. r=philringnalda ui-review=clarkbw
48f4e27595162106dc6a39c71772959c3bb8c83dBlake Winton — Bug 510707 - "Add prefs ui for imap autosync date constraints" [r=bugzilla sr=bienvenu ui-r=clarkbw]
c0e45c53f542a59c61deb4d9d40ffa790e5e1a55Phil Lacy — Bug 504802 - "[windows] options window (box) too narrow" [r=mkmelin+mozilla ui-review=clarkbw]
3ebee67e34fb27a10520ec43bc531a1775193f26Misak Khachatryan — Bug 514388 - No quit dialog when multiple windows are open
d15587484be2d8cdcc9b76d06651fa84854eb809Dan Mosedale — Make the "You" string used in email addresses in header lines localized separately for each specific header (bug 481966), r=philor.
46f388aa9642280e55d475bdc3b8eeca8e9ce366Magnus Melin — Bug 486955: Identity Settings dialog has shrunk. r=standard8, sr=neil
1e2b735b9953d6f3c7b56818dfc7560268c5f3f9Magnus Melin — Bug 248280: pref "javascript.allow.mailnews" is obsolete and should be removed. r=mnyromyr, sr=neil, a-sm2.0=kairo
085987c5c8ab79be47f145662743e6f9d4047c1fKent James — Bug 511131 - "Advanced search uses constrained online search scope, but is actually searching offline". r=Standard8,sr=bienvenu
f2fdd788f98a7111a28748fe4bb320b833bb779aBryan W Clark — Bug 511308 - "make autoconfig the default new account UI" [r=bienvenu]
d6452308589b344aab136c94f23fd24e8a59b69eDan Mosedale — Make message header "other actions' contain an appropriate default set of actions (bug 512375); r=mkmelin, ui-r=clarkbw
71294f43148d9f2c09bb2c48a325f06c507e1981Blake Winton — Bug 506290 - "[autoconfig] Layout changes to quick account setup" - improve the warning dialog. [r=philringnalda sr=bienvenu ui-r=clarkbw]
e25f89f250b8281c9aad524205e114bf18dc6794Blake Winton — Bug 501163 - "New attachment preference pane lacks option to remove wrong file-type associations" [r=philringnalda ui-review=clarkbw]
98e7b5676d71ce4f6883a8286a30d3a03f77dd45Blake Winton — Bug 503436 - autoconfig UI needs polish
d08aa71202f5cb0a3de54155cfd95e79d1be0e46Magnus Melin — Bug 508143: "Status Bar" and "Sort By" have redundant access keys / mnemonics in View menu. ui-r=clarkbw, r=philor
05a9d466546681bf4228757a0b5a6aaceebb94fbJosh Geenen — Bug 119459 - "Option to add a photo/image/picture to each entry of the addressbook" [r=Standard8 sr=bienvenu ui-review=clarkbw]
2881a642cc9ead0e5a850b9e42633d9812e98327Frank Wein — Bug 474709 - Subscribing to a feed does not do anything when no RSS account is present, r/sr=Standard8
e25fbcfb26f52d832cf9d1274f17fd5549d1e8a9Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 460960: premature check-in of string changes only before string freeze; a=KaiRo
cfa31cc810a8b0ab5b2ec3ce927f1fb89499122dJens Hatlak — Bug 483727 - View Video not present on video context menu;
b3080e357ba6bb6aab0edfe88e0e7cda0c14ca34stefanh — Bug 509564 - Document new shortcut Accel+J (open DM). r=IanN.
7cfbe4ba26c03597dc5d7277b81e42e713216c4estefanh — Bug 457548 - Window titles are incorrect on mac (browser part). r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil.
8bfeaa8e5ea8b66ff0cf6f32dc75f51a90b273ddMisak Khachatryan — Bug 510890 - Port Bug 394759 (Add undo close window feature) to SeaMonkey - Interface part, r=neil sr=neil
bc8bec00706019db9eb9df6c85f1801ee70928cdBlake Winton — Bug 452711 - "use firefox default font chooser for display" [r=mkmelin ui-review=clarkbw]
31afa2327c1cd95c251387c46b127bf76924892bAndreas Nilsson — Bug 504042 - "Return receipts button cut off when preferences first opened -> Advanced" [r=mkmelin+mozilla ui-r=clarkbw]
8f91baf7d74708bdc4d1015d3ad5267e006aa602stefanh — Bug 510773 - Help Keys [cmd+?] for mac does not work in the pageInfo window. r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil.
c98e4650238c7561f8888ee8eed618e9baef23e9Stefan Plewako — Bug 509010 - "Localize name and description for the default theme" [r=bienvenu]
46a003971df25c7861ecaf19bc52272039eedd5aKent James — Bug 198100 - "Option to change precedences (order) of junk control and normal filters" [r=Neil sr=bienvenu]
475ede65c9881a665104c7bb26544e32781bfbf9Jens Hatlak — Bug 180623 - Add Date & Time for started (or added) download, r/sr=Neil
f70b5e8db098b9d0da1d87430249b4efdd1f6fefMark Banner — Bug 486432 Can't get back to "What's New" tab. r=mkmelin,ui-review=clarkbw
0bacd0959319d9187d9cc7a1b1ebe6dbd33187a2Robert Kaiser — bug 474620 - Re-Implement "Properties" (opening Progress Dialog) in new download manager UI, r+sr=Neil
98560b09a8a92f88ea8556a4320e5f14a5f02b91Jens Hatlak — Bug 459566 - Help misnames the Certificate Manager Servers tab. r=stefanh.
ac1b5a65c05a385d213bcdf8e29343193fe5fe6fBug 333855 - Ctrl+J as a shortcut to invoke download manager; r=jag sr=neil
4d9f4af9cd7bfb754c05a9abf6a47aadb30004caNeil Rashbrook — Bug 505141 Use of Shift+Ins to open link in new tab conflicts with alternate paste key r=IanN
467b4bf03915988c0eea6e5686d280a9f6c63e64Blake Winton — Bug 490097 - "Clean up autoconfig strings and move them from content to locales" [r=bienvenu,ui-review=clarkbw]
a60d31fb63334d5f3bdc3628eab4d82abb417e66Philip Chee — Bug 16908 - "New" Msg button needs a popup menu to force html or plain text compose; r=mnyromyr sr=neil
764dc771b56468ef820d898774d76d2de7cc7d39Mark Banner — Bug 121647 POP/IMAP server passwords are inappropriately forgotten - SMTP part. r=bienvenu,sr=Neil
28826be77af41b02e8d30e711045005b55cbe661Blake Winton — Bug 498519 - "make attachment reminder an inline notification bar" - fix some localization issues [r=mkmelin+mozilla ui-r=clarkbw]
381bac383dbf546adb81f2418c4b444517e44419Magnus Melin — Remove superflous "the" - bug 356770.
5773a580db39f5c367ae2d4b5843399dae1ab117Matt Dudziak — Bug 457745 - "Filters: Auto-assign a meaningful name." [r=neil sr=bienvenu]
dc5dfcba5464a7dd341b05e5daaac4271e69b88cBlake Winton — Bug 498519 - "make attachment reminder an inline notification bar" [r=mkmelin,ui-r=clarkbw]
2dd2a0af50494054df4cd4b38909fcb53f384c97Mark Banner — Bug 121647 POP/IMAP server passwords are inappropriately forgotten - POP part. r=bienvenu,sr=Neil
ef9757ef501b7850ba5f288323c3ec2952b5c308Mark Banner — Bug 506650 Removed unused POP/Movemail strings. r=bienvenu,sr=Neil
21466cdd8254edf0069b2ca3a98031a2ee6768e9Magnus Melin — Bug 356770: Account wiz talks about 'Tools menu' where 'Edit menu' should have been used on linux. ui-r=clarkbw, r=philor, sr=neil
bf08a50cbce6796e3b8e897f5ef63e5c2dd79169Magnus Melin — Make "prefs / advanced / certificates" match "firefox / prefs / advanced / encryption" (wrt ssl client certificate UI). ui-r=clarkbw, r=bienvenu
c1de47935a70d5069aeab359c28c287cb919c31bPhilip Chee — Bug 491835 - Add entry for allow/disable/remember geolocation to Permissions tab in Page Info; r+sr=neil
8dadd04e2e85ba8e3fd413a585e215b29641d493rsx11m — Bug 464355 - "Retention policy option "Use server defaults" incorrectly described" [r=Standard sr=neil ui-r=clarkbw]
9b5c8be3e99b8821e2793477bbd219d68d564deaMark Banner — Add missing newline at end of file. Whitespace change only. No Bug.
b8c18ed65b428f76ccd9ec53479bf863992daaacJens Hatlak — bug 474622 - Enable action keys (Del, Enter, Space) and double click in new Download Manager, r+sr=Neil a-sm2.0b1=KaiRo
120614bc86b00796fc1b3eaa48ecd234ef1eeef9Blake Winton — Clean up autoconfig strings and move them from content to locales (bug 490097); ui-r=clarkbw, r/sr/a=dmose
c878aa0b81cae274fdb1f725c3f470bc2131ab8bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix part of bug 346278 - Allow building localized lightning langpacks. r=gozer
56ff0ecd83175a132a9bf51fe86801c4ae550683Neil Rashbrook — Bug 490464 Update the download pref pane for use with toolkit download manager r=mcsmurf a=KaiRo
baf01ce2c0137e826e6236722539f0121a71e3f6Neil Rashbrook — Backout bogus commit (changeset 8b921b3250e6)
589d8a413f9a24c395dcf818f205e71819587c04Neil Rashbrook — Bug 490464 Update the download pref pane for use with toolkit download manager r=mcsmurf a=KaiRo
cb3d972d1a2e3d984c64ad5df4bc10eb5b02e57bKent James — Bug 495519 - "Allow extensions to add custom search terms" [r=Neil,sr=bienvenu,a=KaiRo and dmose for late-l10n checkin]
1371dd25fd910ebcbe522f8245f9e6705cbfb4a7Philip Chee — Bug 491310 - Port changes in the new Firefox Page Info implementation since the initial port (Patch Sv1.0 Remove trailing space). r+sr=Neil.
6f1a74294d314ee7955e0008337cefb5bd6f9ff5Ricardo Palomares — Bug 286975 - Add help for RSS Accounts for mailnews. r=IanN.
63c035eec901828d07a75ce3e8cccef607ce35caBlake Winton — Bug 490106 - Tooltips for autoconfig server security quality don't wrap, r=philringnalda
8075ef79d5e4edd76122d8c0d292f9792738666aMark Banner — Bug 480533 "know your rights" is not findable - add buttons for about your rights and contributors to the about dialog. r=philringnalda,ui-review=clarkbw
69336b1f16cfffe5e465bc2a413d4e89529081efBlake Winton — Bug 499265 - "Activity manager should coalesce mail move/copy/delete events." [r=Standard8]
96c59c9427b2ffe0441483a1bb9d6b266e0f0a44Mark Banner — Bug 121647 POP/IMAP server passwords are inappropriately forgotten. r=bienvenu,sr=Neil,ui-review=clarkbw
622ac6a2bf4c9307eb1143357c17178de60f6745Mark Banner — Bug 501117 Drop redundant IMAP strings from r=Neil,sr=bienvenu
ed3dccc51b3aad84ef2ceebb7d390efaa6bc7eacMagnus Melin — Bug 446291: improved attachment preferences pane. ui-r=clarkbw, r=philor
c4040553186a1451efdf14d4e56ad98529ed2112Magnus Melin — Bug 497572: Error pop up not appearing when email address is invalid. ui-r=clarkbw, r=standard8
778e8fcf748eb3af2109a3afc4cec935c7e58effMagnus Melin — Bug 491709: "because the server has disabled login" is horribly bad error message. ui-r=clarkbw, r+sr=bienvenu
ad21113ebf96abde9414404049fd6fa2d87594c1Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 467768 -- "No way to make mail open in tabs by default". r=asuth for folder display parts and tests, bienvenu for desktop search integration and mailnews/, Mnyromyr for mailnews/ and suite/; sr=bienvenu; ui-r=clarkbw.
ab03df4ba8a75099cc2be1f225c8ab8ba1b58d92Vlado Valastiak — Bug 498889 - "Check for Updates" label and its variations need separate accesskeys, r=philor
967ba815c7ce72ef03c9f7ff71190383c396c07aAndrew Sutherland — Bug 474701 - gloda global search on toolbar, folder display refactoring mega-bug. gloda search layer v3. r+sr=bienvenu.
79ab3abe2dd5f83d780a6e86063e8ad558ef369fDecathlon — Fix bug 485912 - Recurring events with monthly rule: "every" + "day of the month", show a wrong recurrence summary and cause an error. (late-l10n) r=ssitter, a=philipp
2c7cd4276d7a44d540a4a92631d89c365d0e5a86Markus Adrario [:Taraman] — Fix bug 392021 - Event dialog: Option to delete event/task. (late-l10n) r,a=philipp
b3c0ca337ead6375f59531187e4f737cd2d78b99Philip Chee — Bug 491310 - Port changes in the new Firefox Page Info (Part 2), r+sr=Neil
b4e122325b82611df3c174554f41b1b461820a3fVlado Valastiak (wladow, — Fix bug 499588 - TB3 integration: Fix accesskeys for File -> New menu items. r=philipp
b8089a5826be7414f6fefbc0e4951b094e96c808Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 456385 - Thunderbird3: Integrate Calendar and Task mode menu items into new menu. r=mschroeder
796ef28ecb88824a5cdc72b017e6cecf6960fb05Dan Mosedale — Remove compact message header pane from the core code (bug 480623), ui-r=clarkbw, r=bienvenu. A proof-of-concept CompactHeader extension is currently available at <>.
e5f1aef2b976027e1855fb55da928929049cf887rsx11m — Bug 326584 - "Message Aging: clean up UI, remove "Always delete read messages" checkbox" [r=Standard8,sr=Neil,ui-review=clarkbw]
71ef225087e03d201bfb48897d0672427613e881Magnus Melin — Bug 492555: attachment reminder: Too common keywords, many false triggers. r=philor
0fb9ef29dd550ca583e2133caa137a4581ea3cd3Jens Hatlak — Bug 472840 - Update history and location bar pref panel help for places prefs; r=iann_bugzilla
23d6f608eb77318fbd7a24e82577202adc969262Robert Brand — Fix bug 494160 - Event dialog: Add accesskeys for menuitems in menu "Options - Status". r=philipp
fb744d5562f4671497b8017716c13384fe7feb8fStefan Sitter — Fix bug 395281 - Attendee icons in Free Busy Pane need tooltips to be understandable. r=philipp, ui-r=clarkbw
c41e54f7efe3cc2759c3ce3ffa5b61164861934dMark Banner — Bug 497066 Give about:rights a proper page title. r=philringnalda
77774b0b6a345bb1d51f552142f7dcf47cc5494dMark Banner — Back out bug 326584/changeset f1fcff5eb061 due to regression caused where keepUnreadOnly can unintentionally flip to true.
ce3d25636d8374d3090dfc32fc396b0dccbc85dfrsx11m — Bug 326584 - "Message Aging: clean up UI, remove "Always delete read messages" checkbox" [r=Standard8,sr=Neil,ui-review=clarkbw]
26bd6b73a4f51e94d1cc6cd8671099f8107d71e8Mark Banner — Bug 496647 Set content tab titles from the actual content not pre-stored values. r=philringnalda,ui-review=clarkbw
c96c5e0263be99d8a2d0248f6e7125c0aaad24b0rsx11m — Bug 474525 - Help update for Synchronization & Storage (Disk Space) settings; r=iann_bugzilla
5e75be0f0d602fa8b7efb381958329a7c9bedca2Jens Hatlak — Bug 80574: Delete should close the standalone window; r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil
e670a00b2ce0eeea55315575d2e7c18b9faaa08cBruno Escherl — Bug 207485: Message marked as delete does not change button-text; r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil
aae0ae59aa371fc29185678680e69c94c3be5c58Mark Banner — Bug 495232 Drop support for the Palm Sync Extension. suite/ part. r=mcsmurf
826285facaa95de3279ab289b0e6beb7ac30f1b1Jens Hatlak — Bug 450263 - Allow start mail check to be customized; r+sr=neil
2660219ce68914e124433d32be96be51e261063eDavid Ascher — Bug 454829 - "summary page for collapsed threads and multiple selections" [r+sr=david.ascher]
a5a210d854e10ad42d662b332c7c162325bda153Robert Kaiser — bug 483241 - Fully implement download progress dialogs, r+sr=Neil
57af1a361d488d8f2252d3893bdf1be2c6bd0a6dRobert Kaiser — bug 472001 - Tree-based UI for toolkit download manager in SeaMonkey, r+sr=Neil
e21f20d364993032b0a99a33c025ae82b7b7ccbaJustin Wood — bug 381157 - Make SeaMonkey download manager use toolkit backend, r+sr=Neil, main parts of the patch by Callek, fixes for review comments by mcsmurf
db56d014c3f0a60145cb46b0382c97c86fdf57edBlake Winton — Bug 45715 - ""Reply to List" [button/(context) menu item]" [r=mkmelin,sr=bienvenu,ui-review=clarkbw]
f1f1cd896424e3dfb88845358b101fcccab2faa7Jens Hatlak — bug 482458 - Implement UI for mail archive function, r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
ed9e404a0b0ac025f0ef041b5e94e71fdd5159a9David Ascher — Bug 454829 Summary page for collapsed threads and multiple selections. r=bienvenu
680fed5e430bbd803f06508d312a4b4f9c21dc51Mark Banner — Part of Bug 440794 Leverage Offline capabilities to make sending email appear faster - improve the activity manager UI to give split send/copy progress and associaite sent mails with identities. r/sr=bienvenu,ui-review=clarkbw
de2e7155d5017d7ceed413cc546c772005ba3ee9Philip Chee — Bug 491310 - Port changes in the new Firefox Page Info implementation, Part 1, r=MarcoZ sr=Neil
ab3ab0c49ff91b97e72f600598eace185207e339Robert Kaiser — bug 488472 - SeaMonkey integration for Network Geolocation Provider, r+sr=Neil
e1b4700a544d925113cbe078dc6773dce127f886Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 489590 - Make views more extensible. r=dbo
0d7ac47577868c9d2552701807260abdb5009288Bryan W Clark — Bug 367698 - avoid pre-populating "(no subject)" text in subject box, r=mkmelin
77b8a5551792bf3c035ec58ca2c80c0af64b598eDavid Bienvenu — include messages in collapse threads when applying command to top level message, controlled by a pref, r=standard8, sr=neil, 448288
8b6c2c5b84e0371d68034f38d56812190ec06bebEric (Sheppy) Shepherd — Bug 274628: Preference to close message window on delete instead of loading next message. r=mkmelin
1fb89878366d1d27b0bac62bd9a3b52a51235c7aSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 467116 -- Merge default client dialog and search integration dialog into an "OS Integration" dialog. r=bienvenu+humph, ui-r=clarkbw, r=Standard8 for additional changes
2a83758b8458f1e656accb3e9aee65556569eff5Myk Melez — bug 469051: show Gloda indexing progress and results in the Activity Manager window; r=asuth, sr=bienvenu
bf4ad66a3fd61cfda6367ba8a080e23d4ef8cc32Mark Banner — Back out bug 467116 / changeset 6410ed4e37b8 due to Mail Lk regressions
06816d4d825168177ab848e515c2fead81900a90Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 467116 - "Merge default client dialog and search integration dialog into an "OS Integration" dialog" [r=bienvenu r=david.humphrey ui-r=clarkbw]
9be416821e3464f0f7054aa3ac755b5a207902a4Magnus Melin — Bug 228562: shift+forward should toggle html/plain text. r+sr=bienvenu
819849fec2c2d358745b22031363a86c0a85ede2Phil Ringnalda — Bug 492274 - Remove unused enableURLs code and strings in autoconfig, r=bienvenu
b15040364cc4068ca9bfdfa6c49f077f12e780ccPhil Ringnalda — Bug 490115 - Autoconfig finding that the outgoing server exists calls for using it, not alert()ing about it, r=bienvenu
655889bf1662c1dd6928fd286e11f6db37ed48beMagnus Melin — Fix typo in attachKeywordText.label - from bug 244455.
956471da335eb8878b45e8ea32078e8fe3a24358Chinmay Patel — Bug 244455: Help prevent forgetting inclusion of attachments. ui-r=clarkbw, r=mkmelin,standard8
f93d15cd0a4ec14019df776299006f67568ed1d5Magnus Melin — Bug 296655: selection of multiple mailboxes/folders in the folders pane is possible but not usable. r=philor, ui-r=clarkbw
ccd029280e67e7637916e94f91de808193f8661astefanh — Last change (changeset 2eb93bb53c53) was by Jens Hatlak <> - pushing whitespace change to correct my mistake.
6a454fc3764579e6dfa4ef61efde6191edb97f63stefanh — Bug 406551 - Search, Index and Glossary tabs are missing (update Help and add glossary to toc). r=stefanh.
065fc19f8a97fb7776fde10e2e8c370ca1de5a75Mark Banner — Bug 480674 Formulate content policy for Audio/Video tags. r=mnyromyr,sr=dmose,ui-review=clarkbw
bb16ceebe3e8293d09493ecf98f5466177ccf6f4Giacomo Magnini — Bug 313245 - MailNews Account Settings: duplicated accesskeys and more problems... (SeaMonkey part). r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil.
a808b4aef052c402b090d0ca4422ced57880dddcRobert Kaiser — bug 475113 - Really fix compare-locales choking by renaming away from .inc, (missed file removes)
4fa360e562d841ca94a9b1be3f1aacc1f14c83e7Robert Kaiser — bug 475113 - Really fix compare-locales choking by renaming away from .inc,
92137d5ed7941df87f673a7af75f64bfad3bf198Ricardo Palomares — Bug 491030 - Not valid XHTML in mail_help.xhtml after fixing bug 489169. r=stefanh.
26f79d75dd121ee052159f944b2ff280d41a22dcMyk Melez — bug 438429: meta bug to fix several RSS Summary/Web Page bugs; r=standard8, sr=bienvenu
cba8015fc87970b4cec6edfa5e4b114e9a3b3da1Robert Kaiser — bug 475113 - make profile info easier to localize, sr=Neil
59d6fadeb40eac36778ed27cffb331279182d7c1Caio Tiago Oliveira — Bug 415372 - Implement Feed Preview. r+sr=Neil.
550b0501d554ca86b4df8306f15be90fe983585bMagnus Melin — Bug 317659: [UI] : Default width of Account Manager window/panel too small on GTK2 making buttons "Advanced" and "Browse" cropped. r=standard8, sr=neil
0088df983aa783625f5dfda933ed787a3c54ccd9Decathlon — Fix bug 482460 - Recurrence summary in Edit Event dialog can't be correctly translated when local languages have grammatical genders for weekdays, months, ordinal numbers...r=philipp
f7237ea530dfe18e64d0d1eece9882c3c28a84f8Giacomo Magnini — Bug 313245 - MailNews Account Settings: duplicated accesskeys and more problems..., r=philor
ea7940b703fb81aba1ae3afeba51d19008ddd98dDavid Bienvenu — front end for smart folders mode in folder pane, r=standard8, 305340
686a61081a27a25218eb4b069431b4eb4ea07637rsx11m — Bug 489169 - Help update for signature-related settings in Composition & Addressing. r=stefanh.
e6d4f61777a8e22cf621fc5e89dbd7533b4f1f46Phil Ringnalda — Bug 422814 - remove "more info about certs" link until and unless someone actually implements it in the right place, r=bienvenu
fdf43c621a19f13e463d110ab6c145b3e977583fPhil Ringnalda — Bug 422814 - move a stray string out of the XUL, add (what I hope will only be) a placeholder for another missing string, ui-r=clarkbw
39f65b05ea4b18f223e4b7da28699cf513c89d4ePhilip Chee — Bug 413385 - Implement Customizable Toolbars in SeaMonkey MailNews. r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil.
17df211fdbd2cf3dc1388768806938c0f27d4beestefanh — Bug 285325 - Use css for smileys in mail_help.xhtml. r=IanN.
76cb0e9221e24cda24f10206205e2cd325e42e0cDavid Bienvenu — oops, put << before Back, per philor, 422814
9a9390fc5fcdb83af9954487de2e513ab167ac75David Bienvenu — make next and back buttons localizable, r=philor, 422814
d8129a897c7f2ab6a35c4eccd10f2322adcdae9eMagnus Melin — Bug 483011: need netError.dtd override - Thunderbird displays info with browser wording for web content problems. ui-r=clarkbw, r=philor
2e2f4970ce0c08f38edd474758e28d63d593bf9dMagnus Melin — Bug 167319: [RFE] "Don't add signature to replies and forwards" option in preferences. r=bienvenu, sr=neil, ui-r=clarkbw
49b6546e7ab2173931d86f799ba5fa52914335e5Kent James — Bug 484147 - "Allow localization-friendly reordering of search terms" [r=Standard8,sr=bienvenu]
1c5ec2dd81c736419398749cc9f5a90bbd5bac48rsx11m — Bug 324495 - "put signature editing in UI (rather than select a file)" [r=Neil,sr=bienvenu,ui-review=clarkbw]
cc7baa84a3d0f96518044e48883edd1b7d5233e3Phil Ringnalda — Bug 422814 - move the unready and unjarred autoconfig strings from locales to content, so they don't get localized until they are closer to ready
f0c593c86e1696176e6cdc0a727adf373d585c06David Bienvenu — add autoconfig to trunk, npob, 422814
971961c128a6843a9fdac40aac047ceeb5158c25Mark Banner — Final part of bug 455246 - Change address book UI to refer to Contacts rather than Cards. r=philor,sr=Neil.
6909b3ee1d54152db724a2538f74c9296f2e3ec8Jens Hatlak — Bug 410249 - Document popup notification bar / ui changes from bug 393120. r=stefanh.
a7604d542a06be4411108bdddbd4544b1886d7faTyler Downer [Triage] — Bug 480426 - "Change cancelled to canceled in about:rights" [r=mkmelin+mozilla]
62cd360c0b7b0681e33f5c242f4bab4a4cf6addcrsx11m — Bug 478605 - "Rename "Offline" tab and "Syncing" pane labels to "Synchronization" for IMAP accounts" [r=Standard8 sr=neil ui-r=clarkbw]
6d599f276c9ba2bd6c3813e766002dff44ecd079Jens Hatlak — Bug 483516 - Port changes to Stored Cookies tab (sorting, multi-delete confirmation) to Cookie Sites tab; r+sr=neil
d759fabd6e334cbe64e3fd5297578663a4edcc5bSerge Gautherie — Bug 485175 - [SeaMonkey] Some Mochitest geolocation tests fails now; (Av2) Port bug 483845 to SM; r=kairo sr=neil
2d4acf23044eed4778c0054b635918f331ce7215Kent James — Bug 483629 - Add BCC to AllAddresses term in local search; sr=bienvenu
2636e24cb25b9d93d53511411a422ab803e8a40cDan Mosedale — When binding to an LDAP server, Thunderbird should attempt GSSAPI (Kerberos) Authentication if available (bug 308118); thanks to Simon Wilkinson <>, r=Standard8,bievenu, sr=dmose.
dd16d52952ad18942384426bab14e0bb21389b64Stefan Sitter — Bug 481499 - Rename menu entry 'Address Book Card' to 'Address Book Contact' to match Thunderbird wording [r=philipp]
47771cd5fc791ee00799aa286ece2b0db37d2162Jens Hatlak — Bug 481959 - Add Select All shortcut to Cookie Manager tree; r+sr=neil
f69c926a446e56ff62490f83da9810081b95bf67Bryan W Clark — Bug 482623 - "change 'Privacy' tab to 'Security'" [r=mkmelin+mozilla]
5cfab02cb03bade54dfddeaf1f9c678ef606e45eMagnus Melin — Part 2 of Bug 461711: rebrand "RSS News & Blogs" to "Blogs & News Feeds". r=philor, sr=neil
999b6bc340395ea3d70b2bab5adb76f7caedde17Vlado Valastiak — Bug 479857 - "a" access key for Address Book conflicts with Activity Manager in Tools menu [r=philor]
e751a3c6170136a4a1d3eb8ffac1397ba24c15ffKent James — Bug 473091 - "Saved Search doesnt allow "Tags isn't empty"" [r=kent sr=bienvenu]
77d995bb628091c427037537e8bcf105e01f0c1cMagnus Melin — Bug 461711: rebrand "RSS News & Blogs" to "Blogs & News Feeds". r=philor, sr=neil
ba4d9a76238d356f856eecec73b2fcfb39d93b9cPrzemyslaw Bialik — Bug 478415 - restore keyboard shortcut for opening Addressbook window, r=mkmelin, ui-r=clarkbw
80f74cb22eaa0fe926c4337b91cd1d5ddcca0f05Magnus Melin — Bug 479602: double accesskey 'a' in menubar's Edit menu. r=philor
71284dc8ff62c8b92d6d0123ccdef87813fe42f5Magnus Melin — Bug 260744: "Opening file" dialog could use more precise instructions. r=philor
a8832a3a5e46199e0d602321f042d81f5a311f1aMagnus Melin — Bug 376089: open .eml files from the command line using relative path fails. r+sr=bienvenu
9d955c8c7aaefcac4f9c21a02c27dcc14364ef60Jens Hatlak — Bug 476175 - Add search bar to Cookie Manager (Stored Cookies tab). r+sr=Neil.
cf6ea3386525901841634abc8710a44ccf2044e0Kent James — Bug 310359 - "search all address fields capability (Bcc:s too!)" - First part, implement 'From, To or CC' for local search [r=Standard8 sr=bienvenu]
d6889e509c5d764dc38741b0a0c5775fe3d3560eMark Banner — Bug 480127 about:rights info bar should use "open source software" not "open software". r=philor
6c9340068edee96f2783eac5cf30346be1885c33Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 428538 - Startup notice for calendars of uninstalled/removed providers. r=berend
dba770f29006d498d21c662da71e26210adea475Simon Paquet — Bug 453256 - Reallocate accesskeys in prefpanes with tabs now that they're independent, r=philor & wladow
28e40eab22e4f4cab58e580d2a67e28924de9903Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 479707 - Error notification dialog: "Error number" should be "Error code". r=mschroeder
f39dbf01f46b6a9a08b174043faa86fa3a7c32c8Przemyslaw Bialik — Bug 466019 - allow switching to tabs in new tabbed interface (via ctrl+tab number); rev3.1 - missing part; r=mkmelin+mozilla
b0ca5ee4b56d8032fc336c075f90fd4439ba3ce2stefanh — Bug 460694 - Make use of emptytext attribute in search textboxes (mailNews part + some additional fixes). r=Mnyromyr+Standard8(Addressbook), sr=Neil, a=KaiRo (OK from Standard8 to land changes in files shared with TB).
819589d565dafc3620a79ee7111cf15a005dcd1cMark Banner — Backed out changeset 35537d8318a6 / bug 466019 due to checkin during string/code freeze.
723a420d150d74b6ac840580665496a2d96b2ef3Przemyslaw Bialik — Bug 466019 - allow switching to tabs in new tabbed interface (via ctrl+tab number); rev3.1 - missing part; r=mkmelin+mozilla
66b5c75226c974ae12566f189d918df92550a4a9Misak Khachatryan — Bug 459550 - Port Bug 448976 (turn the Session Restore prompt into an error page) to SeaMonkey. r+sr=Neil, a=wanted2+.
e70fa8ded55d5533c0351d5847f2b071753c9f47Misak Khachatryan — Bug 36810 - Autosave URIs of open windows and tabs for later restoration in event of crash (session restore). r/rs=ajschult, sr=Neil, ui-r=Neil, a=wanted2+.
e8fedc5982551c1c2314e2cfce26d0c7198d8778Hubert Gajewski — Bug 475385 - atEndOfSession define in should be capitalize (SeaMonkey port); r=iann_bugzilla
81cf3a2053c47c7d770508113dfe4c8f56b57893Neil Rashbrook — Bug 477150 Improve Places history window context menu r=IanN
e2f88f48dec101db3e23e12cf448028e53bb0b29Andrew Sutherland — Bug 474701 - new search entry in default mail toolbar, prelanding the strings, r=dmose
9108a79c21e15e98448c945141685c342720ab63David Ascher — Bug 469053 Autosync progress should be shown on the Activity Manager window - landing strings early. r=Standard8.
8c683bc5171b5278cda97948f3018cbd685c96d2David Ascher — Bug 469052 - "Message and Folder move/copy/delete operations should be shown on the Activity Manager window" [r=Standard8]
558ea1dac30ad28bb96653df862299d1ef1f1e36Bryan W Clark (:clarkbw) — Bug 461098: "Reply All" button missing when in message preview, gnomestripe a11y fixes. r=mkmelin
53699c306d4bd6195f9375995c9b8b45119a9602Mark Banner — Bug 476698 Activity Manager: report on 'send later' progress - part 1 basic support for send later progress. r/sr=bienvenu,ui-review=clarkbw
a3146e03a08eaa9daa22757cf3964f2566988080David Humphrey — Bug 460287 - "Growl notifications should give more info" [r=Standard8 sr=bienvenu]
73444399e6bd2603760843a884235ae90fa2ed47stefanh — Bug 476271 - Remove close key in preferences.xul. r=philor.
46b8db40b1671651c84d3b9cd687ace56233542fMark Banner — Bug 463367 Remove EULA from Thunderbird - Remove EULA from Windows installer. r=philor
041672af80d4753d1f4621d782aa906170c498efMark Banner — Bug 463367 Remove EULA from Thunderbird - Add notification bar and about:rights tab. r=philor,ui-review=clarkbw
83858dff348efb633cb8093ae70914b917f98279Mark Banner — Remove EULA from Thunderbird installer / .dmg and related bits - bug 463367 r=philringnalda for patch,r=davida for text
5b08029e466569e3ebc45db8c7d005e477c4f0afMark Banner — Follow up to bug 257942, fix some documentation and remove unneeded strings. r=philor
2bdd1e7dd1a865089b17e3c3f52c84c66310ea6cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 476555 - change "mark as junk" to "junk" in header button, and Bug 466397 - tweak entity names so that all locales pick up the removal of the ellipses in reply and forward header buttons, r=mkmelin
b0ba2ada1dc3abe09006918cec491db9aadcc34aPhil Ringnalda — Bug 476330 - Use app name instead of Software Update in updater window title, and replace InfoText with Info in updater.ini using sed in locales, r=Standard8
efb89b9cf46d9302a467c70dbda58d0caae46722Robert Strong — Bug 472796 - Updater should use brand name string and not hardcode Seamonkey. r=mcsmurf
98f4d123373d533aa9933e1a6020fa398d8d1999Robert Strong — Bug 443358 - Retention: take over user defaults during install on Win32. ur-review=clarkbw, r=standard8
acc74a6add8d123c13bc5107bc2390ef924c3852David Ascher — Bug 466019 - Fix switching to mail tab in new tabbed interface (via ctrl+tab number) [r=mkmelin]
f01120710e92a1b7818c7b23c260397579cc6de0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 473007 Restore the delete by host/domain menuitems to history manager r=IanN
927671da869b3982fcd32a850841431e28ba96c9David Ascher — First part of Bug 257942 - Interactive status bar and activity history manager. This is the backend, UI and mac theme menu option hidden until we have complete themes and users of activity manager. Patch by David Ascher and Emre Birol. r=Standard8
0232d7eff9065f5d7a3ecd203cdfefcf60b2e488Lim Yuen Hoe — Bug 471368 - strange entity-names in ("subsribe" instead of "subscribe"), r=philor
246b64ae02ff2c66c7c3b292f8471e1e16d50375stefanh — Bug 460694 - Make use of emptytext attribute in search textboxes (Password Manager part). r+sr=Neil.
4082ead9f7288faf77a85597b4c04bc5d373e2a2Daniel Boelzle [:dbo] — Fix bug 474632 - Update internal timezone database to version 2009a. r=ssitter
d3d17b91e4350a2727d4c5980d49c711c25aed17Hubert Gajewski ( — Fix bug 463273 - Error: Failed to read 'repeatDetailsOrdinal0' from chrome://calendar/locale/ r=philipp
90dfab6229792a235bcae090f90f6c7c60971e65Philipp Kewisch — Fix (part of) bug 353492 - support multiple alarms per events/task, support absolute alarms with fixed date/time - Frontend patch, r=berend
9c99858d2334ab46d29a28b60ffe349e0dabf236rsx11m — Bug 410597 - ""Disk Space" account settings ambiguous for imap and pop accounts" [r=mnyromyr sr=neil ui-r=clarkbw]
a821a0cca96539b27fedc9f3e236b21d91d339eaŽiga Sancin — Bug 261882 Import & Export to/from text files (CSV,TAB) fails to include "Screenname" field. r=Standard8,sr=dmose
81f7014de5bcdb04aca0639fd7968f6863138a2bSimon Paquet — Bug 474807 - Margin and Padding CSS rules should be independent of UI direction (LTR or RTL), r/sr=neil, r=philor, r=berend
d17e517ac581523690a308ab50ebea2dc7ee640fMagnus Melin — Bug 350314: STARTTLS is called TLS in user preferences (remaining IMAP/POP3 case). ui-r=clarkbw, r=jminta, sr=neil
0d0395f744bf3dbb22e6f82476f8b03a62e1ab2dVlado Valastiak — Bug 475323 - Fix incorrectly defined accesskey in Customisable toolbars context menu; r=neil
02f3728082fc131ddef0a2072284b7e50c04937dPhilip Chee — Bug 471372 Customisable toolbars (but not menubars) in the browser r+sr=Neil
226a01da9021f0108dc00213bc800da342431240David Bienvenu — add confirmation when deleting saved search, 468081, r=jminta
e91e81dc997301847f6a8f0c1d03669b58d6563bPhil Ringnalda — Bug 472795 - Update should use brand name string and not hardcode Thunderbird, r=rs,Standard8
07fd902faa459fb913d643a31662f8603e27be2cPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 463273 - Error: Failed to read 'repeatDetailsOrdinal0' from chrome://calendar/locale/ r=berend
bc24620b1f38f4bac5da60dbcde2f10d580de8e3Vlado Valastiak — Bug 322247 - Various accesskeys missing in the main interface and prefs; r=(mnyromyr + philringnalda) sr=neil
93b01aa5ed9d3d186fb1b78e4429cb9c46449bcastefanh — Bug 460694 - Make use of emptytext attribute in search textboxes (Helper apps prefpane part). r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil.
f7a17750175f8dc83ac764e13d025b57af8e4d6cJens Hatlak — Bug 473665 - Port |Bug 404414 - Add keyboard shortcut to open Error Console| to SeaMonkey (Help patch). r=stefanh.
4953df084e789e230284bdff8c3b49bac6c37d5bJens Hatlak — Bug 473665 - Port |Bug 404414 - Add keyboard shortcut to open Error Console| to SeaMonkey. r+sr=Neil.
b347cdde2a9ea88ac151138a5668ee9da98aa74cGary Kwong [:nth10sd] — Bug 461317: Ctrl-Shift-K is a hotkey for two functions -- Options/Check Spelling and Format/Discontinue Link (Second version). r=mkmelin, sr=neil
d22eb33aff254dc8b79b7be306f4d984d348e729Robert Kaiser — Bug 390025 - "Move to LoginManager and remove wallet from SeaMonkey" - password preferences. [r+sr=neil]
1f22ece1bc184bcf380dac93e0bd92e8db812289Robert Kaiser — Bug 390025 - "Move to LoginManager and remove wallet from SeaMonkey" - unified password manager [r=neil sr=jag]
b56597df1ff0ab9b23921dceeb4b6c6f8e611f96Robert Kaiser — Bug 390025 - "Move to LoginManager and remove wallet from SeaMonkey" - hook up new password manager [r+sr=neil]
a3f833547ba8e8a808ede48c4671816376437c9cMark Banner — Bug 239131 Thunderbird should use the new password manager (UI changes). r=philor,ui-review=clarkbw
22d410c79f80bf947dcd38e7d2062c43c151d828Mark Banner — Bug 433316 Implement backend changes for MailNews transfer from wallet to login manager. r=Neil,sr=bienvenu
f80390b5eaefaba329f560b74abba03bb989adc0Mark Banner — Bug 126491 Drop "Card for:" on address book contact preview panes and use company/organization as a fall back if no name exists r=jcranmer,Mnyromyr,ui-review=clarkbw,sr=Neil
77b27dbf28d540a7d2784cbec5e00fa62ffbfb35Gary Kwong — Bug 461317 - "Ctrl-Shift-K is a hotkey for two functions -- Options/Check Spelling and Format/Discontinue Link" [r=mkmelin+mozilla,sr=Neil]
dd99e6e244c431b1afeb68ced7b02190599d09b2Magnus Melin — Bug 324147: Retention policy should not delete flagged/starred messages. ui-r=clarkbw, r=bienvenu, sr=neil
5745ebde32f80093790671c2374b9150f93c4a01Magnus Melin — Bug 433619: Reminder flag for compact folder popup ineffective when clicking "NO". ui-r=clarkbw, r+sr=neil
adf098825db07e8d8fdcda8082d5863d8099c204David Bienvenu — add archive folder command, 451995, r=standard8, sr=neil
aaf19900d467a378705f3c1960b5c895719b5f19stefanh — Bug 473024 - spelling error in help-index1.rdf. r=IanN.
4e18ee1c3754cc9882eb0418fe7314a131f381d0Simon Vaillancourt — Fix bug 415247 - Support all free/busy time types (FBTYPE) defined in rfc2445. r=philipp, ui-r=christian
2cef8c9b70ab5048d238bf16b00ff3bbabc84984Robert Kaiser — bug 468326 - Add UI prefs for new places history functionality, r=stefanh sr=Neil
efcf78a5a0d21eea4aa3ca4f2649e5f7e8b37484Jens Hatlak — Bug 472716 - Need to mention notification bar in one more place in cs_priv_prefs_popup.xhtml. r=stefanh.
c0f512e59a54da1a2a5bb680e17a2d79ab0d8b75Jens Hatlak — Bug 467674 - Document new UI from |Bug 467174 - [RFE] Add preferences options for popup and missing plugin infobars|. r=stefanh (who thanks ajschult for grammar/wording assistance during the review).
4827dcee92a79585ceb5ce8c753f2ed8250b84eaMagnus Melin — Remove duplicate key (which was obsolete), [Bug 452890], r=philor
65ed73b5ee2b16716681c9fb5bbd010e49122a57Gary Kwong [:nth10sd] — Bug 432903 - Import wizard have "mail and address books" in the list even when choosing to import "settings"; sr=bienvenu
3e908613390ddf648c5a7a87e0c44bc33c2be5adBryan W Clark (:clarkbw) — cleanup patch for Bug 452890: move System Defaults from General to Advanced -> General. r=mkmelin
d7428cbfb1e24b034eaf8375131810345fce4dffMark Banner — Bug 472101 Drop nsIMsgIncomingServer::rememberPassword (unneeded option/preference). r/sr=bienvenu
578ce923d8ff3fa66372f8797e0cd94ff93b58c3Berend Cornelius [:berend] — Bug 457586 - Export calendar to HTML fails if task without due date exists in calendar;patch=Decathlon;r=berend
d9762a121e0390069e8b30e85f439225250bd86fPhil Ringnalda — Bug 471445 - Remove bogus unused strings for error conditions in, r+sr=bienvenu
94fe8dfbb8575dbce7ca0b7b59c6bf8c595e55dePhil Ringnalda — Bug 471501 - Remove unused strings, r+sr=bienvenu
641ca63c14bf97eab6b66fb2047e6e5ec2ee5019Jens Hatlak — Bug 471742 - Update SeaMonkey's copyright strings to 2009; Trunk patch; r=kairo
92be4c7d1d1d2ab59f99215f4acf9605dfd4dba2Vlado Valastiak — Bug 322240 - Various pref panel items missing accesskeys; r+sr=neil
e4f950437df5799954c2558f8fb30395f511b1d0Phil Ringnalda — Bug 471363 - localization notes in pointing to the wrong entities, r+sr=Standard8
ae2d50476d9bbea47c51aeb843b2999255b8a1dcVlado ValaÅ¡tiak — Bug 322246 - Missing accesskeys in the account wizard; r=philor sr=neil
5f459e2ba73eba62ec2aa603fb600df0ec0c888ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 470185 - Update mail/ copyright dates to 2009, r=mkmelin
d9042d3d967d55d843c528316f6cbb9139f2ca58Christian Schmidt — Bug 319037 - Provide default value for mailnews.localizedRe; r=bienvenu sr=dmose
c47ce333c310af003ea88caab17bf08e883c15f3Jens Hatlak — Bug 470683 - Broken/missing icons in Help. r=stefanh.
b1f0ee58b594025efd32420b340a7867b4e72485Phil Ringnalda — Bug 471014 - Remove useless unmoving throbbers in compose and addressbook windows, r=Standard8
c2ed2c8d7d034054d8189ccaf3960c559c4ba110Robert Strong — Bug 470392 - Update installer for Unicode support and locale verification (locale fixes). r=philringnalda
07643a9429d9ccbee21b3fa174c7f864293ae87eVlado Valastiak — Fix bug 469554 - Use pluralForm in Task tree - Due In column. r=philipp
d1a5997c18a64b91846e631410d9209164cb5b4eMark Banner — Bug 466530 Create new/correct string for what's new tab. r=mkmelin
79a652d65b8aa3f00bd6d7047629586c2dc6e516Robert Strong — Bug 470452 - Update installer for Unicode support and locale verification (locale patch). r=mcsmurf
7839b8af35fd3c5ccb188f2ee805def4103e05fcMark Banner — Bug 455246 Change address book UI to refer to Contacts rather than Cards, second part, most of SM only changes. r=Mynromyr,sr=Neil
8fcb1b1c170913626a30c1373779af6e8d80ea0bPhilipp Kewisch — Additional fix for bug 456379, remove unused entity
42019d54286b961c24a0a022dd6318f4b6afea3dNeil Rashbrook — Remove entities made obsolete by bug 468809 rs=KaiRo
452288a6db0a6ee396a00a2037cc42d112be6210Neil Rashbrook — Bug 468809 Reimplement grouping in the main history window r=IanN sr=jag
15a1dbb5107d14833f655ac7c8dc072da2d4d5b3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 456379 - Thunderbird3: Remove lightning calendar/task toolbars. r=philringnalda,berend ui-r=christian,clarkbw
65f146fe76616e394bc7ff51d97f9a465982b7d3Berend Cornelius [:berend] — Bug 465551 - Additional localization comments needed in;patch=bas van den Bosch;r=Berend
770dc415aba78667959925337a8512ab5a4e3748Vlado Valastiak — Bug 469724 - Duplicate accesskey in migration wizard, r=philor
f5b0faa15bd94c658460cb10b7f093dd49bf3d15Mark Banner — Bug 462147 Allow Thunderbird to migrate from SeaMonkey 2.x profiles. r=bienvenu
b86531b6fdebdaaa0b3bfc52a1ff079462467282stefanh — Bug 469346 - Plugin notification pref needs to get out of the Enable Plugins fot MailNews groupbox. r+sr=Neil.
e7f180628ffe484ff973c165dd916c5cb08c1ea9Atsushi Sakai — Bug 465668 - Composition Toolbar menuitem has wrong accesskey, r=mkmelin
9bee6244aa57e470219a2b9f5683d192674e87deMark Banner — Bug 455246 Change address book UI to refer to Contacts rather than Cards, first part, TB-only changes. r=philringnalda,ui-review=clarkbw
a0494a4661fd0303ce1c8722d78eb800ec382bebAtsushi Sakai — Bug 465701 - Birthday field has l12y issue; sr=bienvenu
8d296d4f11a3201ea06d48bca49f9f95a8b7ee19Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 463050 - Slight improvements to calIAlarm, l12y issues. r=dbo
c0f4505027c84461b41209ee72bfe5808d5345b6Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 463050 - Slight improvements to calIAlarm. r=dbo
dea34e918e7612b0ee26bb1ec3970478f472cb3bSimon 'sipaq' Paquet — Bug 461112 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in Thunderbird string files; More strings to kill; r=philringnalda
7df390f54d766263772c3e3fc3e4b8b35905d138Dawn Endico — 249684, return receipt prompt should not use OK/Cancel, r=bienvenu, sr=neil
c083724e3235a664342bc5d2bf5510ff9cd381eeNick Kreeger — Fixing bug 65775 - unable to "Mark All Read". r=bienvenu/sr=neil.
c395fadca583a35a33a10093d67f93b7a109ee9aMagnus Melin — Land remaining string parts for bug 466519 - remove mail.showFolderPaneColumns prefs (since expanded columns is no longer supported). r=jminta
db3919db023eb689bae5852ad08dcad03182e6dfMagnus Melin — Bug 455310: Unfork Account Manager Security Preferences (am-smime.*) (thunderbird-part). r=philringnalda
6998561c37f2f626904d29dee8daf25bd9d40f5eRobert Kaiser — bug 468330 - Clean up and correct strings from bug 382187 landing, r=Neil
f371a00c1f3451f3d7dcf5cb5e40406c4d5b1578Magnus Melin — Bug 455310: Unfork Account Manager Security Preferences (am-smime.*) - seamonkey/shared part. r+sr=neil
5bc6480e139c3c17b2885bd9744703698cb47e79Magnus Melin — Bug 463096: make NNTP use socket type, and msgIncomingServer.isSecure readonly. r=Pidgeot18, sr=neil
4ba2d20a2af6fe89038b679474196d238b4c96cdRobert Kaiser — bug 382187 - use places for SeaMonkey history, enable it and switch the UI, r+sr=Neil
3dd9c9c970860e785333f82ba524310a209ee616Phil Ringnalda — Bug 335044 - cmd+w doesn't close About window and Preferences window on OS X, r=Standard8
458359c3a61c21d93ff8067b44f585b3347213b1Berend Cornelius [:berend] — Bug 467330 - shortcalendarweek and shortCalendarWeek used in the same file;patch=Hubert Gajewski;r=berend
91c6b4f5126f9deb0fd07710b55b3134d13b51d1Jens Hatlak — Bug 467174 - Add preferences options for popup and missing plugin infobars; r+sr=neil
0de358af4e697a7b00bfd09b3f8dd7b95918504bFrank Wein — Followup to Bug 453797, forgot to rename the var
a7159720384b773a1bd67b6ffaea87a394038c37Berend Cornelius [:berend] — Bug 353696 - View/Number-of-weeks is not updated/synced with Option weeks-to-show;patch=gekacheka;r=berend;
b981a6c6664688afc8c7502864ee6e70a10afa25Frank Wein — Bug 453797 - Port Bug 392303 (Simplify installer changes) to SeaMonkey installer, r=Neil, blocking2.0a2=IanN
4ced80bceb8a4c2470bccb84136ca088ea57e1d7Misak Khachatryan — bug 463504 - Port new cert error page from Firefox to SeaMonkey, r+sr=Neil a=KaiRo for 2.0a2
b05aaf9ab4d5fdd9e2a810a51c571fd0e9696ec3Vlado Valastiak — Bug 466996 - Implement single / plural form in alarmWindowTitle. r=philipp
cde65269fef9ede640b6974d87175e17a74670e1David Ascher — Bug 456818 - "messagereader: Collapsed view should show "to" information" - early landing of string addition [r=Standard8]
71784748f210d0ba91bbe8448983b3d62f086f5dDavid Ascher — Bug 456818 - "messagereader: Collapsed view should show "to" information" - early landing of string addition [r=Standard8,ui-review=clarkbw]
2f5ecbfb59fb9b64d4af68f087f24e0fb18dc8c8Daniel Boelzle [:dbo] — Fix bug 355927 - Make description in install.rdf localizable. r=philipp
8d882d8c70cc8ec25385d3bf44125937e3cc2bb9Vlado Valastiak — bug 463886 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in suite string files, one more (addressbook) string, r+sr=Neil
dfb83e287a1f8170c5a99acde719bf663efc1a3eBerend Cornelius [:berend] — Bug 454933 - [calendar integration] move month, day, week mode buttons into calendar view;r=philipp;ui-r=Christian
833cceaa5e450b8b82511aeb7f9d96f0066adc53clarkbw — fix 455978, status and emergency break for gloda, r=me
c476594081cc541baae424a4ba2c5ee876edf294Vlado Valastiak — bug 463886 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in suite string files, mailnews properties part, r+sr=Neil
37273ef976db477dfe0c7c38667e9fa2cb677f1dPhilip Chee — Bug 428216: toolbarbutton iconsize/mode control; r/sr=neil
5088b22f45c550ce91709eca90b73c64f4b8621dRobert Kaiser — bug 464774 - remove fuzzed option from SeaMonkey geolocation prompt, r+sr=Neil
daba574f7e7f11ccaa7f57611016d331050792e7David Bienvenu — new js folder pane, w/o rdf, original work by jminta, with additional work by me, r=standard8, with some review by neil, 414038
1d869cb0582daf90d325adc9980034836374f89cSimon Paquet — Merge commit
142c4779256047ca171558d2eb2302600b781c83Simon Paquet — Bug 463869 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in Editor string files - properties part, r/sr=neil
cefcbd444c68210f7d0647dec1442ae38269e537Przemyslaw Bialik — Bug 352668: (lightning part) remove File | Quit from new event/task window. r=philipp
a48bd3e8c1b1bc925131f216be9df42e4004979dPrzemyslaw Bialik — Bug 352668: remove File | Quit menu item from compose, AB, and standalone msg window. r=mkmelin
d9915f35ca26ea51f3fb8701e3ecdfdb511e2eafVlado Valastiak — bug 463886 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in suite string files, r+sr=Neil
764f40f3534b48bce3f45437f0614cf5291642d0Martin Schroeder — Bug 453138 - Display Last day of the month recurrence rule as clear text (missing bits and pieces from bug 388418). r=berend
31a1e15c607724a315173f514bc47cf10f5aed06Phil Ringnalda — Bug 463971 - Results pane of import wizard is blank due to missing strings, r+sr=Standard8
711774c3d41905e25d0eb64776561534045a166bSimon Paquet — Bug 463869 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in Editor string files - dtd part, r/sr=neil
d5ff000a23e159e72c30e7bb7d2fcae479b47659Vlado Valastiak — bug 463886 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in suite string files, common part, r+sr=Neil
8de40df13fb6d2e0bf181dd3419d88080e6875aestefanh — Bug 461000 - Remove Form Manager documentation from Help. r=IanN.
15062abcf525b9b8f216b08acf35add5ec12db0fRobert Kaiser — bug 463255 - Display website for feed message in headers, step 3: add context menu with "copy link location", r=IanN sr=Neil
fc5761e12546916ed4c6dba86b3d46472f406a86Vlado Valastiak — bug 463886 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in suite string files, browser part, r+sr=Neil
6d8e01e4a8a46d495210df7e8d47558f651886fbDaniel Boelzle [:dbo] — Fix bug 455752 - Update internal timezone database to version 2008i. r=mschroeder
3418e958102aa808542612fcc4384f7e4ecd06f5Friedrich Beckmann : Fritz — Follow up to Bug 63941, move birthday section in dtd to the section where it now belongs on the ui. r=Standard8
0d67ea173a99f143054bed91470121b29707d953Daniel Boelzle [:dbo] — Fix bug 457203 - iTIP overhaul. r=mschroeder
c34a2e7306c683d78c812400d01f9524820f6e98Kent James — Bug 419356 - "Allow extensions to add custom filter actions" [r=Neil,sr=bienvenu]
c9a973dd402b2f4b41a58ef8c123018650bed643Friedrich Beckmann : Fritz — Bug 63941 - "New Card layout shouldn't assume high screen resolution" [r=Standard8,sr=Neil,ui-review=clarkbw
bbb501bc3a6c8404e7d474cb652e237400c2e4e7Daniel Boelzle [:dbo] — Fix bug 446172 - add tentative invites to invites-counter. r=philipp
016d2894812544aa28bc2869b3dac6f95acd47afDaniel Boelzle [:dbo] — Bug 457203 - iTIP overhaul. r=philipp
1257c648ce177fe6df72fc07fc4d51742ecfd658Ian Neal — Bug 255834 - port Thunderbird RSS/Atom reader to SeaMonkey
2e8dc3d745c716822a839ee7efc054589f87bb64Phil Ringnalda — Bug 461112 bustage fix, prefPanel-smime wasn't actually unused
ed86890fcc65467ba2d0c1a14bf9c827605cb0a0Simon Paquet — Bug 461112 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in Thunderbird string files, .properties part, r=philor
27b6e12966207fc0bd3f51cb965eb5f0f4fb51edstefanh — Bug 427380 - A few references to the Navigator name in Help. r=IanN.
d26ea37b099307814dbd6b0c1b49aa364a0e3a74Jens Hatlak — Bug 461667 - Add a shortcut for Rewrap; r=mnyromyr sr=neil
e5af367c3f5af71bf101ad86cfe1cdceb8c45b2aPhil Ringnalda — Bug 335534 (rather late) followup to remove the l10n note that incorrectly said things shouldn't be translated for Thunderbird, when in fact they should be translated for both Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
dccbec795fa4be53593ff34078024586143fd0e6Neuos — Bug 461136 - <video> context menu for SeaMonkey; r+sr=neil
8eac115367c8cbe800030f5b5ccd354356868e5bRobert Kaiser — bug 462200 - wrong names for access keys introduced by Bug 459413, r=Neil
f34dfb63cdce614c92d1e2a1f8688fe7f8f40958Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 456377 - Thunderbird3: Integrate New Event, New Task into Write Button. r=berend,ui-r=clarkbw,christian
4744c7fac4f16290b5f83662bdeb16270b537903Vlado Valastiak — Bug 461112 followup, remove a couple of obsolete comments, r=philor
3b88de8862c8e1e32727d98f23ae581f239304d9Simon Paquet — Bug 461112 - Remove obsolete/unused entities in Thunderbird string files, r=philor
064c626611c2a5f9646178b5e694fafa340647d3Phil Ringnalda — Bug 453841 - Remove unused strings in installer's, r=rob_strong+Standard8
07899b13d1d74e0632d3e8cbe3c3b083998a53a3Magnus Melin — Bug 364987: creating second RSS ("News & Blogs") account fails. At this point, the effect is that it fixes bug 313525, the serverName value/object confusion, and cleans up AccountExists(). r=philringnalda, sr=neil
650b44718062da65b859203e016734f744897daestefanh — Bug 461600 - XML parsing error due to missing </li> in customize_help.xhtml. r=Neil.
1bc3c176ce15578ab32394ee624aecc4a73d39deRobert Kaiser — bug 459413 - Geolocation prompt for SeaMonkey, r+sr=Neil
3c4be5de3745fdb232e71cc684810956f36fb0a3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 456364 - Thunderbird3: Remove Find Events, Delete, Print, Reload from Toolbar. r=berend
16251344e33dc3acf5b37edcf2cb351c803b5ecePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 461121 - Thunderbird3: Move Invitations link into status bar. r=dbo
81aad32a3355a4365d4941b46b6e19a26eda6941stefanh — Bug 459607 - P3P privacy settings are described in Help. r=IanN.
c61a8e12f6eaae403d82b83f350b3fd611b5600fstefanh — Bug 424705 - Bookmarks Help needs an update. r=IanN.
450bc8b83530c852eac6a6e0a2bd4398fa0e4718stefanh — Bug 424864 - Languages section in nav_help.xhtml needs an update. r=IanN.
c07b580b41432f281895d8975c46f63f751bf9castefanh — Bug 459589 - Dead link to CA listings at r=IanN.
1ad836dd32d9a783b5539f478f4f2d613ec1704eJeff Beckley — Bug 460929 - "Eudora migration doesn't show items being imported" [r+sr=bienvenu]
bf10ce78fb50b33ddc6f508029afbcf209257583Philipp Kewisch — Fix step 2 of bug 290747 - use sunbird.jar for sunbird specific files. r=berend,mschroeder
64b686cbee280b495e5bb5dd1df09b5f655b9c7ePrzemyslaw Bialik — Fix bug 451018 - Change "Send attendees invitations via email". r=dbo
d0065942c3a5fc56a3177b9ad7f70f15219559e3Phil Ringnalda — Bug 345386 - remove optional component bits from installer, since there aren't any optional components, r=rob_strong
ee591e38789002a3df03418efc150730a928be27Phil Ringnalda — Bug 422723 - Fix odd wrapping of buttons on Certificates tab of prefs, and remove the redundant label listing the titles of the buttons, r=mkmelin, ui-r=clarkbw
451398a6e78d6480bf69b1d3d2fcec5db51f9504Phil Ringnalda — Bug 217348 - use the same accesskeys for add and delete buttons in both HTML and text tabs in the send options dialog, and remove some unused strings, r=mkmelin
565a4da6b612ea98903bfd5dacf78eadc36f501cMagnus Melin — Bug 185940: "Move" on "Message" menu should be "Move To" to match context menu. r=philor, ui-r=clarkbw, sr=neil
0ccef728482d959b3a65a695650651707aa6d382rsx11m — Bug 448706 - Remove "Wrap plain text messages at..." from prefs, r=philor, ui-r=clarkbw
0b94d87d7b8112a2cc3d7277a4ab7fb0eeba16baSerge Gautherie — Bug 459693 - Eliminate nsFileSpec and nsIFileSpec (references) from MailNews; (Cv2) <amUtils.js>; r+sr=neil
e84f9ccbf5b1b856dd14dcec3920400d64c71015stefanh — Bug 459610 - Help describes Select Automatically as the default setting in certificate preferences. r=IanN.
722d72bd289fc442d73380d9a6121b52def19b7fstefanh — Bug 459560 - Composer help file anchors and wordings errors. r=IanN.
be51259387fc2c46d03a6e3594467d2fd3cd6344Martin Schroeder — Bug 458368 - Move and integrate calendar/prototypes to calendar/base. r=dbo r=philipp
39954b8b9478d28b682ccbe234453a415d78d494Bryan W Clark — Bug 275871 - View->Sort By->Grouped by Sort keyboard shortcut goes against interface guidelines (back out bug 263919); r=philringnalda
dd9d292c2678757e0449f9c6c5ed5a908beefcb9Magnus Melin — Bug 309371: clean up setting help url. r=standard8
eaa2d2111b3e7e7cd1484a6a24811b188bc90357David Humphrey — Bug 308552 Growl Integration for Mail Alerts on Mac OS X. Patch by David Humphrey, bitrot updates by Standard8. r=Mnyromyr,sr=bienvenu
c24b87283af8ce7d76dcb826141707a3b1f3773dPhil Ringnalda — Bug 458859 - Remove "You have removed header from" string from the tree, r=mkmelin, sr=neil"
22d75008c4d55c6dbe2a445ee58121d6e61ea53bBryan W Clark (:clarkbw) — Bug 456872: create Advanced -> Display preference tab; move all relevant preferences to it. r=mkmelin
457d2bc9a00d029bf5f9f26adf4db9d588f81580Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 456362 - Thunderbird3: Move Today Pane Button into Status Bar. r=berend
d0b0e7b484629af412c4b49ebb0de49173f18311Andrew Sutherland — Bug 402365 - Tabs break calendar mode view (Remove unused strings). r=sipaq
d4c8fe585b6dffa57b3d5f7c595c110c8a129b0aTon — Bug 429687 - Additional string change. r=sipaq ui-r=christian
ef967b519246d43350731e9431ec01e535a7d110Magnus Melin — Bug 458601: port the full zoom UI to thunderbird. r=philringnalda, ui-r=clarkbw
c31e57c23a7a02843f40153ae6e5c5e250806fb8Martin Schroeder — Fix bug 458808 - Remove some unused entities from calendar.dtd. r=sipaq
d0475928b7e6af5848e2ca5e7ef7303cfcb1e48cVlado Valastiak — Bug 455743 - Big /composer l10n cleanup, r=philor,neil
15c9fb8019c6d16923964aeda5f5cf893c644b87Daniel Boelzle [:dbo] — Fix bug 419007 - Invalid ics files don\'t trigger INVALID_TIMEZONE error, times are assumed as floating. r=philipp
dd03a201830a65ddf6fae379a66a5e085d767cb7Magnus Melin — Bug 192330: keyboard shortcut (accel+Shift+V) for "paste without formatting". r=philor, sr=neil
a6237b9caaca4fb5ae2abf3e1b87ea17c1086cbdMartin Schroeder — Fix bug 450391 - Remove workaround for Task context menu. r=philipp
69f4b40aa3b029b0d9a3e7b65f0c86cab3c822e5Magnus Melin — Bug 448694: Remove UI for "Remember the last selected message" (mailnews.remember_selected_message); r=philringnalda
4adcc1dd8b4530f17cd8de018eb9da021d4f82a6Bryan W Clark — Bug 451599 - "Add preferences UI for disk cache size and clearing the cache" [r=mkmelin+mozilla]
f93f7186adf7af5efe5d9cc41f864176d156c3aaVlado Valastiak — Bug 329438 - EdInputProps.xul cleanups for l10n, r+sr=neil
0bfeb7402a61ab0b7020bfcc2a618553a928fda5Vlado Valastiak — Bug 329439 - EdTableProps.xul l10n split sentence, r+sr=neil
31a6c81b4bef48d4565c498115475c5dec46af48Vlado Valastiak — Bug 329444 - messenger.xul l10n fixes, r=mkmelin, sr=neil
ffd971438d2576ea6fd1ead2986bd2b3bdfe0a25Phil Ringnalda — Bug 329451 - Make editor.xul accesskey names match their respective labels, r+sr=neil
5335765c00c8c5427d0a69c090bb3826a6c85e4dBryan W Clark — Bug 456869 - "port the firefox add-ons preference to thunderbird preferences" [r=mkmelin+mozilla]
61aed01f547a8426a29f2b08ae24afb29035f18cBryan W Clark — Bug 451620 - "remove the Advanced Preference for Connection timeout" [r=mkmelin+mozilla sr=dmose]
5b82a31484eec46499d0e80563778b115795e47dVlado Valastiak — Bug 322242 - Privacy & Security preference items missing accesskeys; r+sr=neil
0a3e47b063e5ab27f6d536240fbd612e5a3f066bKarsten Düsterloh — Bug 456301: bustage fix: actual renaming (patch doesn't understand hg rename...)
7882d4676e9c64bd2f41ad299aa7ecb29f7e7e0bRobert Kaiser — merge release changes back to tip, also change SeaMonkey version to 2.0a2pre
11ea23bb66c8426364404df282422b9198ba5bb6Justin Wood — bug 450205 - Hide feed discovery UI for SeaMonkey 2.0a1 (release only)
68b53f50e05d5a7927b829d00402e82c792cedf1Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 427817: remove files obsoleted by pref panel migration; r=iann, sr=neil
8536715632a36ae84d56795b13ef2ac3f7c27b76Emre Birol — Bug 455812 nsAutoSyncManager should expose a scriptable XPCOM interface to allow monitor background download operations. r=bienvenu,sr=dmose
cf6ae12f743f4106b97a9d604720baddaefe7da7Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 438807 - Introduce "Meeting" category. r=philipp,p=archaeopteryx
de758a70c5fd29353eb1b578a914aae4a8cf384cPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 451035 - Remove the strings time.1 - time.23. r=philipp,
bb935cbedd63b813cc45f118acb64c7d305a19adPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 450147 - Some locales need to add of to the yearly-period-absolute-controls in Edit Recurrence window. r=philipp,
5b9dd7027ecc748694b8cfeaeb7e4730aa4884e9David Ascher — Bug 455801 Polish changes to message reader for b1 - Mac theme improvements and start of Linux/Window improvements. r=Standard8,ui-review=clarkbw
0218551d53e82af0926adaf42ec0d0f50b52fee0hg — bug 455727 - import calendar/ into comm-central, initial import of code from CVS tag HG_COMM_INITIAL_IMPORT at 2008-09-18 07:11:38 PST, imported and tagged modules: mozilla/calendar mozilla/other-licenses/branding/sunbird/
3d7fe83ecbb85aef5f775c56e458c6df3285d108Dan Mosedale — Message reader view overhaul, part I (bug 449691), ui-r=clarkbw, r=Standard8
7becc9f4f7da6bcfc81fe10bd41b6e7f77d9a46dDavid Bienvenu — land davida's patch for new imap offline account settings, sr=bienvenu 436615
e8f829960261159a936b83c4aaac014be7cc6cb7David Bienvenu — add birthday field to abook ui, patch by pi, r=standard8, sr=bienvenu, 13595
43c7f737be924c02c5437fa3cf8991bdf439d1eaIan Neal — Bug 444411 - Migrate SeaMonkey's "Browser > Languages" preferences to new pref window
166194e1d8a24bf8de4fca95409a65f37a4ddc7fMark Banner — Part of bug 450038 "Help | Shredder Help" doesn't redirect to a help site of the applications locale - point en-US help to redirects. r=dmose
7e8ea90b3a7730abb4a72912e8408c935d1e295dDavid Bienvenu — land Magnus' fix for 231654, make delete only apply to folder if no message selected, and put folder name in delete confirmation prompt, r/sr=bienvenu
f50689a7082ea333b00812956f3ed4e2d51a127cMagnus Melin — Bug 234665: Delete button should re-text to "Undelete" when a deleted message is selected. r=philringnalda
342898dee0010288d5a6a75347b437eb9d1baec2Mark Banner — Part of Bug 450724 Implement New/Edit Card inline features for message header display - make add to address book add the card straight away. r=philor,ui-review=clarkbw
1bc8a5282a56f7c1029bbb0007bea7c4daad671bMark Banner — Part of Bug 450724 Implement New/Edit Card inline features for message header display - implement the inline edit contact popup. r=philor,ui-review=clarkbw
3db48e419406b7c39a1a3f9fa765cc254d950c44Žiga Sancin — Bug 297236 - unable to dismiss about:config (Config Editor) window via keyboard, r=philor
456ea971cfcd5ec5bc881995fef6bec6aa468bc3Magnus Melin — Bug 328586 - msg body context menu "Save Image" should be "Save Image As..." and "Save Link Location" "Save Link As..." link in firefox. r=philringnalda
a2513d134042bb2ec869041d33d667ffec69409eMark Banner — Bug 451381 Re-use the new address book popup widget on Thunderbird's preference pane. r=mkmelin
035d52fbd34d49205674b3a0c758b000fb52fb51Mark Banner — Supplemental patch to Bug 408613, put back the 'None' options on the LDAP address book selection menulists. r/sr=Neil
a0a9bc9de4c860ac456b5915f522b1d9ebff9123Manuel Reimer — Bug 444169 - Migrate SeaMonkey's Password preferences to new pref window
39480367451324edbcb04c6b1599e2de9d5dd07eLionel Elie Mamane — Bug 259914: quicksearch toolbar no longer displays "recipient" when focused on "Sent". r=mkmelin
f35e1cb2d98972535bc69d4f745a47cbbf3748eeIan Neal — Bug 445009 - Migrate MailNews preference Send Format to the new prefwindow
e2c5a34e5b048ab79eab9cc0f4456324999bfca2Ian Neal — Bug 444161 - Migrate SeaMonkey's Cache preferences to new pref window
d9fcae397d3da578214ee29004a92d07c81db91aIan Neal — Bug 441403 - Migrate SeaMonkey's popup preferences to new pref window
3b921495ce8b561a1a4cd34d14184f4a20c2ddfbRobert Kaiser — one more patch for bug 364168, also kill pref-winhooks, which hadn't be seen by users for some time now, r=Standard8 sr=Neil
8a6fa6f31a67c9a57e4f55a264832be6afcd1992Robert Kaiser — remove overzealous string added with bug 450257, r+sr=Neil via IRC
b1d924a6da6489917f57e951ad459d637c7ce7e4Mark Banner — First part of bug 450724 Implement New/Edit Card inline features for message header display - add option to view/eidit existing contacts and also update the header display when the address book changes. r/sr=bienvenu,ui-review=clarkbw
f4244121abdeb3d800c65bbfb56ff87a2f8b3f5eFrank Wein — Bug 441050 - Kill winhooks UI, create something better, r=Neil
1083f853c6a35a9f6dca7593f74077db13f25a59Robert Kaiser — bug 450257 - Move SeaMonkey-specific files in manager/ to comm-central/suite, r=kaie sr=Neil
50a8f6fc1118dc07d5ec1667169634599d12e39dMark Banner — Bug 445146 Move editor/ui from mozilla-central to comm-central, build changes r=KaiRo, move r/sr=Neil
904519d3d86a34a2d260a3327dc363f8301ada28Robert Kaiser — bug 451601 - kill MOZILLA_LOCALE_VERSION, comm-central part, r=Standard8
7874de89c9613b237ae8a2d8586042e8d92652f5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 452415 Switch from <textbox type="timed"> to type="search" r=KaiRo,Mnyromyr,Standard8
3a87c26a1ab58ecd96648fcaee0f033d67d60300Ian Neal — Bug 444157 - [Proxy] Migrate SeaMonkey's Proxies preferences to new pref window
39a737046223fe477d95014181d2573f0c8566c6Rimas Kudelis — bug 451065 - Replace ugly comments in messenger.dtd with more beautiful ones, r=Mnyromyr
af89b0e9220ccbad36edb9bf6437eea77cad5a14Žiga Sancin — Bug 249620 Inconsistent labeling: folder context menu for account node is named properties but goes to account settings. r=mkmelin (TB parts) r=mnyromyr (SM parts).
91a8d7729239c62d60e0e0cb02b96f304e4bb6d7Matt Dudziak — Bug 451438 - "Filters: Option NOT to warn on delete" [r+sr=bienvenu ui-r=clarkbw]
f4e63f7534b251f2a867aedba391ee20ffa701d1Serge Gautherie — Bug 309057 - Port |Bug 240138 – Show just the name and not the email address in the message pane| to SeaMonkey
37d3720a44a41095b68f82cb3bd1e57c4ec1edebRSX11M — Bug 441659 - Implement UI for mail.reply_quote_inline pref
dfe268f6a75a3a9d0a711fb0c7421eee215ad9adMagnus Melin — Bug 422757: mark all read Keyboard shortcuts are different on Linux and Windows even though they don't need to anymore. r=philor, sr=neil
f06fdf876b78cf28cfeb578d4b9b944e7777c0c7Magnus Melin — Bug 320884: search/filter by size doesn't mention unit of Size (which is KB). r=philor, sr=neil
00f0d5351630541fda51d3e3fbf47833276968e2Manuel Reimer — Bug 444146, Migrate SeaMonkey's Keyboard Navigation preferences to new pref window
9f90aeb0f8b25bfbee7512dd64def22327164060Ian Neal — Bug 339151 – Folder Properties Retention Policy tab dialog needs to be re-worded (grammar)
755748e61a59411a9847b1f518377398f798f986Jeff Beckley — Bug 444209 Filter only selected messages in a folder. r=Mnyromyr,sr=Neil
f8d122788c8550edc3301a238ce1c1f0cc317fa0Magnus Melin — Bug 387656: Rename 'Unsent' folder to 'Outbox'
0e38031dc289a40be42bd82caf4e28e005d5bdfaBruno Escherl — Bug 428705 Migrate notifications prefpane r=IanN sr=Neil
471e251d485d10ffff277da7d2ab973946eb1620rsx11m pub — Bug 448702 Remove "For messages that contain 8-bit..." r=philor,ui-review=clarkbw
ad404f1f4337320d6e16eb87912b19bd9ed94098Jeff Beckley — Bug 440635 Need a separate manual filter context. ui-review=clarkbw,r=mnyromyr,sr=Neil
1ac615fd578f064eb55aae017ef70f7d3212aa15Robert Strong — Bug 404609 - Update Thunderbird installer with changes made to the Firefox installer. r=standard8
e6cb497a0d16cf5cc0a840c87133d5272447e89dMats Palmgren — Empty trash should have confirmation dialog. b=179891 r+sr=bienvenu
01ba596bf393ab1eb2a90f1741a3cc9dbfcc0739Boying Lu — bug 416274 - Add UI for System Proxy Settings and use the system proxy by default, patch for seamonkey, r=Neil
d13baecd298150aaca43816c883b23e1732a36f3Joshua Cranmer — Bug 16913 - Filter on any header, for news. r=bienvenu,Standard8 sr=Neil
80021f5d48594a428b1d5ed18ac75c6e775492ffVlado Valastiak (wladow, — Bug 447833 - Port bug 428371 - Use separate accesskey for 'Search Web for <text>' menu-item. r+sr=Neil.
5da863fc3b70b2cbe5261670c24dea3c416df34fBug 441663 - use :nth-child for even table row background in Help files. r=IanN.
f389d7a6580e4daa4019dfefcaffb1c007b88b78hg — bug 437643 - Build Thunderbird and SeaMonkey from comm-central, initial import of code from CVS tag HG_COMM_INITIAL_IMPORT at 2008-07-22 05:18:47 PST, imported and tagged modules: mozilla/directory/xpcom/ mozilla/mailnews/ mozilla/mail/ mozilla/suite/ mozilla/other-licenses/branding/thunderbird/
600a3bc43ccfbea128ab5fb3a21e0f9d019263d6Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
50bc5a837cfe2a880ada438cf2f70b9096c817b1Kris Maglione — Bug 1356334: Part 6 - Allow completely terminating a slow content script sandbox. r=billm
884deff5ae26ea83f1909394677655d2da698e0bKris Maglione — Bug 1356334: Part 5 - Add add-on name to slow script messages. r=billm
5928f509c6bcc9d75942121101de98e975e2a34eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1382145 - update customize mode header to be clearer, r=abenson
4b852d618ea9986d6ab4a9651e6a9b54ef00673eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 8 changesets (bug 1356334) for frequent test_ext_contentscript_async_loading.html failures on Android debug on a CLOSED TREE.
93526a93cb65b9ec605480ad2f4825a8fc66fd6cGabriel Luong — Bug 1390721 - Add a message when no fonts are found for the currently selected element. r=bgrins
e457b53838c738d7dac55fec7a2fdbdb3019d3cfKris Maglione — Bug 1356334: Follow-up: Fix quote styles in locale strings.
31834b1f41ed79d1a9a28fde92095f9d0fa63932Kris Maglione — Bug 1356334: Part 6 - Allow completely terminating a slow content script sandbox. r=billm
4fe0b883cb78b372a04e00d32cfe3ce8d0e11f4eKris Maglione — Bug 1356334: Part 5 - Add add-on name to slow script messages. r=billm
d33d2ce12194240744ca2869f91cfc92ddd12929Nevin Chen — Bug 1366664 - Update brand name string r=walkingice
21a46101a0c7069c271755d1bbcc7e731ecf2accNevin Chen — Bug 1366664 - Update UI for onboarding after phonton 57. r=walkingice
6fadecbcc2766d78ca65142dbd4b15953d47581bHenry Chang — Bug 1388233 - Use &brandShortName; instead of hard-coded 'Firefox'. r=flod,francois
dec6d7d8036e46162f078113a36725e9be8fee0fflyingrub — Bug 1385350 - Add a Search on the home of about:telemetry r=chutten
2792875aa77d3d683f3d7e27ee609d731d1fd072Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
e0f7ffadf30f05eba14638a1dff86529c2f463c3Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset b23df13c1e57 (bug 1385350) for eslint failure in toolkit/content/aboutTelemetry.js (strings must use doublequotes). r=backout
7b70af63e8de2b988a29fe6b6d62da6578a89a4aflyingrub — Bug 1385350 - Add a Search on the home of about:telemetry r=chutten
b608db2de4dff8634c5cff85750cea52c93b7a3dYura Zenevich — Bug 1377298 - improve semantics and keyboard accessibility of tour tabs UI in onboarding overlay. r=mossop, gasolin
d0fe0d5e23a3e144bb78af994b9ae5ef5c137a35Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 7476ca517e2b (bug 1377298) for failing browser-chrome's browser/extensions/onboarding/test/browser/browser_onboarding_keyboard.js. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
95c80d4482587cadea58f8b607eefc0b52da9daaYura Zenevich — Bug 1377298 - improve semantics and keyboard accessibility of tour tabs UI in onboarding overlay. r=mossop, gasolin
ff9ec90815d572d39a3f65547d05a9da49b29160Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
153f760bd1004f22937c1112dd709a69a0825687Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ec85030ef283 (bug 1377298) for conflict with m-i to m-c merge
4a2a1f35bbb1577bd9ca7b3f6e38a3d7abfd267dYura Zenevich — Bug 1377298 - improve semantics and keyboard accessibility of tour tabs UI in onboarding overlay. r=mossop, gasolin
c1fe6b252dcf4e27c26606e82a51d62224ff8583Wes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge
23720be7ecfbb309ecd5f59764e15c58754ee278gasolin — Bug 1366056 - showing v57 tourset for new user tour and update user tour;r=Fischer,mossop,rexboy
6e67fd4cc2b38923bb3984c29c778287be193cfeRicky Chien — Bug 1361952 - Update Firefox Account to match the spec r=jaws
199985d705dadf34c8d66774ee4190d9175cfdf1Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset bf581c606046 (bug 1361952) for browser_parsable_css.js failures
66333f67d0d73f966a77469d51157cfd34a77b7eRicky Chien — Bug 1361952 - Update Firefox Account to match the spec r=jaws
51a3e361a0d19f76fbc203e49ab5d2bdfaa26810Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
5d4d8c0ff7ed10e8a596a12d87d95bb50050d266Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1388170 - Page Action Menu > Pocket needs to read "Save to Pocket". r=Gijs
3538a0c2ab6eaee2fe4250d88fe9b78f7e840b29Prathiksha — Bug 1382566 - Ctrl+F should focus the preferences search input. r=jaws
c3195eefe02abb9c187b489638a378d551cd2f78Shane Caraveo — Bug 1388902 remove socialapi share, r=florian
e75976daff0c29505b8f677c9224be0d915ce091Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c570f065e0ad (bug 1361952) because it removed the preprocessing rule from privacy.css and so failed mochitest browser_parsable_css.js. r=backout
850000e5c80b1f74f894144698f92700557ffcd2Ricky Chien — Bug 1361952 - Update Firefox Account to match the spec r=jaws
dd8ebf1d68fe9ef664fe8df662772512db95a228Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f25c91cca4c3 (bug 1366056) for failing browser_all_files_referenced.js. r=backout
41b9e644e788d747a6b9cf0b11619b1c8d792321Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
37878b7958780733fe16da7b80074c9990d37bd0Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 16c102a1cc39 (bug 1361952) for conflicting with m-c merge
1219cd0501e9f4e79b5fa2c10c922387b1ce33degasolin — Bug 1366056 - showing v57 tourset for new user tour and update user tour;r=Fischer,mossop,rexboy
f7f025ccfbe867ed890970f33b0e1553832717bbRicky Chien — Bug 1361952 - Update Firefox Account to match the spec r=jaws
a6d3e8cd7e76a17c03854fd82d809c8e70e008d9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1366664) for landing non-localizable strings.
d00a56211f413f78e7c5883286fee00c67a6cd98Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
aaf11167bb48ad2b04e0248ef734767f871d9299Michael Layzell — Bug 1380081 - Part 2: Remove ThreadHangStats from about:telemetry, r=chutten
261a70b121216ca0799ca59fb73748fa48939d43Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
8bf6518f43dba9e5092095ce9249580a75e3f31dSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0ae3b8deb294 (bug 1361952) so bug 1377174 can be backed out. r=backout
c76a141cedb1e5ce0a3b7b36ead3d0c677b17f4eRex Lee — Bug 1389541 - Wrap speech bubble of onboarding icon correctly. r=gasolin,Pike
f59569807b30b399bd3fd1feac959232f4e73992Ricky Chien — Bug 1361952 - Update Firefox Account to match the spec r=jaws
6a964dc64ed729e148d9f7a5f9cddc8444357b1fHenry Chang — Bug 1388494 - Fix 'undefined' text issue after you clicked "Ignore this warning". r=francois
4ea149c505bd49894bd96061f77637f4a8ce8a30Mike de Boer — Bug 1377968 - Add a tools section and subview to the Bookmarks subview inside the Library widget. r=Gijs
b8ea1271dda9b7ce7b6221f5597e625e25276090Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
5986e6f50e7c6729399600c20701a51d498d6a8eEvan Tseng — Bug 1388348 - Set width of search input as 250px to match Photon visual spec. r=rickychien,timdream
fe9379c069079f33f2c2993ad72b1684cd27cf59Nevin Chen — Bug 1366664 - Update UI for onboarding after phonton 57. r=walkingice
9183983991a13eb57c38d8392ab42a678c9c4287Mason Chang — Bug 1389338 - Show Off Main Thread Status in about:support. r=rhunt
d3017ff7d3d05b38d7ad73a441fb8ff1bae0b26dflyingrub — Bug 1389940 - Remove "firefox" from the string in about:telemetry r=chutten
aecd3646aa0495c042ba859aba438009fa2a919aPrathiksha — Bug 1390049 - Fix the Settings button string under Permissions in about:preferences#privacy by appending ellipses. r=rickychien
5235e21095826da8c27595c3e7934c88ef91e1a5Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1344519 - Add web extension events for containers onUpdated, onCreated and onRemoved r=aswan,baku
6742d9654779c376c2ab6f35c172f55ddacfb0deflyingrub — Bug 1388695 - Show the payload for non main ping in about:telemetry r=gfritzsche
abddb7a30664574925cc9df26773f67677e44767Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland a=merge
6a34e53eefc46091a6d9254acea152af5b6f0294Prathiksha — Bug 1385222 - Add the search functionality in the sitePermissions.xul dialog. r=johannh
6f5c399648269290ec28d08d15efb5936a8085ddPrathiksha — Bug 1381401 - Add location, camera and microphone permissions along with their settings under the 'Permissions' heading in Firefox Preferences. r=johannh
b9215ba5af084e7995013b81498be5764a29ffecWes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
7e92757d5ce0775c2d5c0c4304e0804014a44e08Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset b1fdf3c9f074 (bug 1380081)
34e56b030987a6f5814f61be8000d70697a7a79bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1128959 - Implement the WHATWG Streams spec - part 16 - report stream errors during consumption r=bkelly
14542378163810dfba7319060837e7e084e151dbEitan Isaacson — Bug 1384672 - Add accessibility instantiator to about:support. r=jimm
61e0660c684e60171bfdae56d73a786e3025cb6aMichael Layzell — Bug 1380081 - Part 2: Remove ThreadHangStats from about:telemetry, r=chutten
dafc591181f02122023a594e28bcd375e7accc12Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 865664 - Remove deprecated nsIDOMWindowUtils.getOuterWindowWithId. r=bz
fbbfcd4dba1cdf1755f75e95b3174b3f4fb322b8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1387788 - Remove [deprecated] methods from nsIJSON. r=Ehsan
19a50cc589397031bfa884de5f7e79367518eec4Tom Tromey — Bug 1387477 - report source map errors due to missing sources; r=jdescottes
d564ea47338cb7055c0abd5ad4343a15dce3d2deMichael Kohler — Bug 1366555 - Remove MOZ_PHOTON_THEME ifdefs and non-MOZ_PHOTON_THEME code. r=dao
8d98ade8c6e17fa7edb3124984461ab4c34ba743Evan Tseng — Bug 1382135 - Remove all colon signs on sub-dialogs because we already removed them all on each category pane and we should make same thing for sub-dialogs. r=jaws
ce1fa284dc9c26067e5e9b206f4221580562228dSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1384021 - Enable Activity Stream for all users and remove experiment/setting. r=mcomella
659a92e11944751b675db0f3857b1b56378fbec1Henry Chang — Bug 1375277 - New safebrowsing threat type "POTENTIALLY_HARMFUL_APPLICATION" introduced by v4. r=francois
649fe5489401d6e0fd5e786a85bdae64afae8152Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
5298ce7a7989e9e5a654a26c69ac745305856b11Matt Howell — Bug 1369255 - Part 1: Add a prompt in the stub installer for running profile cleanup. r=rstrong
d5c51e3e8e3223a455035c2ae1dcb1a836b2f319Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
50d6aeb202a8ea96b69b647a66bbf2f0c0c58de9Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 952b32c08bc7 (bug 1377298) for failing browser_onboarding_notification_2.js on Windows 8 debug after asserting. r=backout
be0f4f8675abaac224af207f719c2eb787d85b65Yura Zenevich — Bug 1377298 - improve semantics and keyboard accessibility of tour tabs UI in onboarding overlay. r=mossop, gasolin
74820da01ea6f6866ed7c1d2eb63315e8e020188Tom Tromey — Bug 1345533 - report source map errors to the web console; r=bgrins
e43c6a2e54c5e42a1f36bd992696421cef4c78a4Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
b383e71b08008137e3e9c56b2063f6095703a17eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d0c848b96019 (bug 1377298)
9239d7c96f4eb027fc054ca4defb6728d807feb5Yura Zenevich — Bug 1377298 - improve semantics and keyboard accessibility of tour tabs UI in onboarding overlay. r=mossop, gasolin
2d9d0fdb5044be917c41aca91248f4c748016de5Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1366671 - Part 2: Support empty screen in private tabs panel. r=walkingice
115199544331228a15f56ae1babda0869baffa96Prathiksha — Bug 1373206 - Create a new dialog for notification settings under Firefox Preferences to match the new spec. r=johannh
7bb5fac430055a422e6c8265433b479f14c03cdaMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1375123 - Remove nsIDOMWindowInternal. r=Ehsan
1932b3be9877b97719c070d668adc210df69b4f4Michael Kohler — Bug 1366363 - Rename Compact Dark and Compact Light themes to just 'Dark' and 'Light' r=dao
2e8772e4b77f70db30005b50e28668a75a0b23e2Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 3f96fc2c078c (bug 1366363) for failures in browser_ext_browserAction_contextMenu.js and browser_page_action_menu.js a=backout
5feab98baa7e1844a2ad2243fb84720f18f5c133Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1387003 - Adding container icons from test pilot experiment. r=jaws
957e9a6262a641862084a99ac1568c6e65a3d0f2Michael Kohler — Bug 1366363 - Rename Compact Dark and Compact Light themes to just 'Dark' and 'Light' r=dao
6c4d1a6e6201c16722795df0068c52167ba0f62cUK992 — Bug 1363485 - Move the Back, Forward, Reload and Stop buttons outside of the location bar container to the start of the toolbar along with the Home button r=Gijs
e0a764abf277300db6b0a74c8a75d01817453a3eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1e6aea26ec16 (bug 1363485) for failing browser_urlbar_search_reflows.js on OSX debug with e10s and Windows. r=backout
40e20bd8468be4bf994b4fdcb913212a935ce8e2UK992 — Bug 1363485 - Move the Back, Forward, Reload and Stop buttons outside of the location bar container to the start of the toolbar along with the Home button r=Gijs
b39708d65b358083a29535d72931a307a7cdc1ddSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
dda2c4149c637e916b484e32beb1ed9c4c456ebcJames Willcox — Bug 1381916 - Remove frontend support for plugins in Fennec r=nechen
5b5acd9bece52db6b4df911a8a5625eb9fa07f41Jared Wein — Bug 1375883 - Replace 'sites' with 'websites' in strings for preferences since the Mozilla language guide prefers the full 'websites' term. r=mconley
b0e7eceff24de93ead4c868ba2f1cc8edf9766e9Rex Lee — Bug 1384045 - Show different contents in sync tour of onboarding for signed-in user.r=flod,mossop
3141139b5f95733758aec20310bb0b1ee87e09f2Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1374477 - Remove page actions from browser.xul. r=Gijs
fab272dac5d1acc210289d2ab7665b00c942d15fPrathiksha — Bug 1354297 - Certificate expiry date is displayed in the page info dialog. r=johannh
ddf1eb161f7f156cba8466e2c63e529e2bd660fdgasolin — Bug 1382510 - update Private Browsing overlay and notification description;r=Ehsan,flod,mossop
78e61a96a68ed0e59df6ac96e06ef8f7629594c2Fischer.json — Bug 1381366 - The onboarding tour notifications and tour dialog close buttons should have a tooltip, r=mossop
c18804479439a932681749795be98bec08d10ae5Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1366384 - Add Google attribution on Safe Browsing warning pages r=francois,johannh,maliu
236450bb2f042493cab3b57978c01bbe88893accRicky Chien — Bug 1384576 - Ellipsis are misses on some buttons on Preferences r=jaws
4c25ae1be337999b0929d5b7e7223c025443e61dRicky Chien — Bug 1384087 - Address bar's first option should be Browsing history r=jaws
a49e05a974825adb911a95454bb24ea09a9c155cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
81d72b5744457d1e27c1d9091dfc2835c501c066Peter Van der Beken — Bug 1372969 - Use a different string ID for Window_ControllersWarning in to reflect new content.
5cb2fc7c7006f847b57e26b3fcf9407649d3a032Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1197045 - part3: Add audio devices information to about:support; r=Felipe
a49ca1cee7758124e97494eb892eee37dce4b59eEvan Tseng — Bug 1384470 - The w letter of "web" string should be lowercase. r=mconley
951e3f3837062a95423f551e32b54adbfb64e7a1Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1353656 - Remove WebIDE build step for local apps. r=jryans
2246f310a82e351d3d573dce090d226340853978Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1381345 - Remove unused string boxmodel.position from file r=pbro
e3bbfc1c11b70257901c4eff7bdbba4c0244ef9aflyingrub — Bug 1382193 - Avoid l10n issue in about:telemetry r=chutten,flod
1977f3cf73078864ee622541f85e55974576acf3flyingrub — Bug 1382193 - Fix hardcoded quote in about:telemetry r=flod
2e96999e3d82a41a342bdac078826662c289309cflyingrub — Bug 1382193 - Fix Strings issue in about:telemetry r=flod
807a97a26e3651a123399bcd10a99a2c98c46320Evan Tseng — Bug 1383719 - Update and add strings for the Updates section. r=jaws
19a8d6ba2ebaad88b21030682a939f603ab9e321Evan Tseng — Bug 1383792 - Change the "Manage Account" to "Manage account". r=jaws
8c492d3033a7d155dab4ca1ecdf631ea823d7e97Blake Winton — Bug 1354097 - Style and add a customize button to the overflow panel. r=Gijs, ui-r=shorlander.
5f2c89740ed81228f594eb7baca0a9dd6e71199aMike de Boer — Bug 1354533 - Update the History panelview when it's shown inside the new Library panel. r=mak
8a853c7a71548a2d7dc26ed535019e62f415a69aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
4bc6124027768fbd74431c918a7857c17aaccaaeChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1331351: Block toplevel window data: URI navigations. r=smaug,francois
1265514ff1c25f707cb680bd15598f86d349ba61gasolin — Bug 1381650 - Update bottom tag line on the stub installer;r=mhowell
4bef254ebb7dc9725b22a1bcb6f8f1671c761a9bAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1359855 - Prevent loading any DevTools module until users interact with any devtool entrypoint. r=jdescottes
c317d4ad03f43a35a8bc7e0ceafa31d85fdfae70Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset fd48cc71efef (bug 1197045)
53e363df6161b2acd2a285ca63fd594a7a75b08bjwu — Bug 1380983 - Show title as "Edit Folder" when editing a bookmark folder. r=Grisha
765a9149e2ef3c61afdeee846f6e423576365bf1Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1197045 - part3: Add audio devices information to about:support; r=Felipe
20b39733703d9b16079abe4dcf9b80f59e080cb7Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset a46ee323e1e7 (bug 1359855) for test failures in browser_ext_devtools_inspectedWindow.js
c825747a0899a119e1fd85a1712400524e6867a1Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1359855 - Prevent loading any DevTools module until users interact with any devtool entrypoint. r=jdescottes
1bb6c0caf0cd4c0f3ce7122f8176a07d58db13b3Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
9d2014b273b29b1c1ef551bd9184a612cc71b1d8Jason Laster — Bug 1382432 - Update debugger frontend (v0.8.0). r=jdescottes
aa01934e0404538a821e4f2cfe80baccce041036Dão Gottwald — Bug 1383031 - Rename customization-uidensity-menu-button* classes and ids since these are menuitems. r=johannh
781790abc397167d5662f46bc8211370b4d2aae7Jan Odvarko — Bug 1326937 - Provide HTML page when running new console frontend; r=bgrins
cda582a71b1e08573eb7f66393efaf3b45ceb5a0Julian Descottes — Bug 1383014 - remove UI for option to enable old debugger worker debugging;r=bgrins,sole
35cfbf5922d88eade075c31fc74a9bfc23920599Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 2edde0aaa0f6 (bug 1366671)
ba37da8b3c5d8db01d80fe62de232445d385f075Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
ffd03dff5248d9f82715fbab05af65d0fbd43990Mark Hammond — Bug 1361285 - add new addresses and credit-cards engines to about:preferences. r=eoger
f1af72ef0dae506a793b9c8ba88c73d794d3adf0Rex Lee — Bug 1380963 - Display different welcome messages for update or new users on the overlay tour icon.r=flod,gasolin,mossop
d969c8c456ea6ce2f4ece1864112cbac5a7072f2Rex Lee — Bug 1381407 - Add Fast&Mordern tour in onboarding overlay. r=flod,gasolin,mossop
359c971dd948ba06e61aaa85a6b29fd872ba28feRex Lee — Bug 1371531 - Add single search tour and notification to onboarding. r=flod,mossop
6dde2143eba69426903e6eb37687aeaa2ab6bb37Swapnesh Kumar Sahoo — Bug 1349561 - Add UI for disabling browser cache in Net panel; r=gasolin,Honza
bd48701bfea7b81dfe5e4bb9a40210894bf944ffgasolin — Bug 1371540 - Should add the Library tour in the onBoarding overlay;r=flod,mossop,rexboy
736eba024a3f1e6ca7436748da27de00b0ed1de2jwu — Bug 1366671 - Part 2: Support empty screen in private tabs panel. r=walkingice
59b424971fb48e313aaa208886d56b8de4570735Wes Kocher — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1197045) for failures in browser_Troubleshoot.js a=backout CLOSED TREE
814df50d7205e9f15099cd8821abd37f6f818e4aChun-Min Chang — Bug 1197045 - part3: Add audio devices information to about:support; r=Felipe
995fccd6e2537f95c44270b361e95296d3fadd21Patrick McManus — Bug 772589 - Implement the secureConnectionStart property for the PerformanceTiming interface r=bkelly,dragana,francois,Honza
80056544dc7afa99c01a1a354a053261c69a3233Rex Lee — Bug 1357017 - Display a welcome message on the overlay tour icon. r=flod,mossop
6259275a7a316c6bdbe29834986019bb5ea22d44Edouard Oger — Bug 1359894 - Show Send Tab to all users. r=markh
027df363b5c97d9c962f1c8681434ec40f0317baRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
5fda29ecbad45a73134ffd93c7b6fea44bc9ecfcgasolin — Bug 1381364 - Update Overlay heading string;r=mossop
e9c66dc53c50ccd41944cc717e49fb20ff66673aGabriel Luong — Bug 1381692 - Reorder and rename the Grid display settings checkboxes. r=micah
94e99a641ea10b5ad32bfa46073efd0357c70678Evan Tseng — Bug 1365133 - Reorganize Preferences sections and regroup <xul:groupbox> elements by new categories - Part 1. r=jaws
659ffda1dd8560c20c2d18fb34751e42bc5ba476Felipe Gomes — Bug 1381175 - Display count of web content processes in about:support. r=mrbkap
07a3c8dc73a5849fd6ac7a0eeeb61f92355be3ffflyingrub — Bug 1378759 - Add a search input to each section r=chutten
7f0ad3317cd12d9fc73f5bf8d2d559f1b1452844Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 227ff88b9848 (bug 1326937) for timing out in browser_ext_devtools_inspectedWindow_eval_bindings.js. r=backout on A CLOSED TREE
15cb2c23c07076de1bbc13ef1b0892965e6f953fAndy McKay — bug 1380818 show the add-on id on about:debugging r=jdescottes
9f249a44b6d84e06a23f5b7afff1bc8a558fd308Mark Striemer — Bug 1376941 - Retry install add-on button on error in about:debugging r=jdescottes
691efcafde4a275555e3ec2c9f416cbbda5361f8Brian Grinstead — Bug 1326937 - Provide HTML page when running new console frontend; r=bgrins
ab52d32fa41bc54acb96e751ea790ce4246f647cgasolin — Bug 1374717 - show alternative message when firefox already the default browser;r=flod,mossop
235dc62f2198e04f1ecac41aeab8aa166e7a076fdw-dev — Bug 1269300 Patch 5;r=mixedpuppy
f25bac1348f82d940cd1496c0a9fadcba9463622Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 19d1e9dccdbb (bug 1365133) for frequently failing modified browser/components/preferences/in-content-new/tests/browser_change_app_handler.js. r=backout
0eea90dfce2e6aa55cff8b57529f2ed16868fe26Evan Tseng — Bug 1365133 - Reorganize Preferences sections and regroup <xul:groupbox> elements by new categories - Part 1. r=jaws