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Bug 1664510 - Add localization for the WDBA r=flod,nalexander This patch adds localization to the WDBA in a somewhat unusual manner. It's very difficult to localize toast notifications because the button text tends to overflow, which the localizers won't realize. Therefore, we are making a simpler version of the toast notification that only uses "Yes" and "No" as the button text. In English, we will not use this version and will continue using the version we have been using. This means that the localized toast notifications will not have an "Ask me later" button, so the behavior will differ a bit from the English version. Specifically, there is no "followup" for the localized notification since there is no button that ought to cause it to be shown. We've considered and rejected using localizer comments to keep these button strings short. We are limited by the amount of space the text takes up, not the number of characters. We just don't have a good way to convey this information to localizers in an actionable way. Differential Revision: X-Channel-Repo: mozilla-central X-Channel-Converted-Revision: d6c9e691db15a4ed7388d0338f29b8af8907b32d X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-beta X-Channel-Revision: 3a6d3ffe5a5081e77ba47aba01a7fe9bb56b471b X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-release X-Channel-Revision: 9cc4954654f1e9362f4417c214d1f9a1d3febd27 X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-esr78 X-Channel-Revision: 34dd40076a4e0de25c2db1f619bf55367f67007b

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

addons-window =
    .title = Add-ons Manager
addons-page-title = Add-ons Manager

search-header =
    .placeholder = Search
    .searchbuttonlabel = Search

search-header-shortcut =
    .key = f

list-empty-installed =
    .value = You don’t have any add-ons of this type installed

list-empty-available-updates =
    .value = No updates found

list-empty-recent-updates =
    .value = You haven’t recently updated any add-ons

list-empty-find-updates =
    .label = Check For Updates

list-empty-button =
    .label = Learn more about add-ons

help-button = Add-ons Support
sidebar-help-button-title =
    .title = Add-ons Support

preferences =
    { PLATFORM() ->
        [windows] { -brand-short-name } Options
       *[other] { -brand-short-name } Preferences
sidebar-preferences-button-title =
    .title =
        { PLATFORM() ->
            [windows] { -brand-short-name } Options
           *[other] { -brand-short-name } Preferences

show-unsigned-extensions-button =
    .label = Some extensions could not be verified

show-all-extensions-button =
    .label = Show all extensions

cmd-show-details =
    .label = Show More Information
    .accesskey = S

cmd-find-updates =
    .label = Find Updates
    .accesskey = F

cmd-preferences =
    .label =
        { PLATFORM() ->
            [windows] Options
           *[other] Preferences
    .accesskey =
        { PLATFORM() ->
            [windows] O
           *[other] P

cmd-enable-theme =
    .label = Wear Theme
    .accesskey = W

cmd-disable-theme =
    .label = Stop Wearing Theme
    .accesskey = W

cmd-install-addon =
    .label = Install
    .accesskey = I

cmd-contribute =
    .label = Contribute
    .accesskey = C
    .tooltiptext = Contribute to the development of this add-on

detail-version =
    .label = Version

detail-last-updated =
    .label = Last Updated

detail-contributions-description = The developer of this add-on asks that you help support its continued development by making a small contribution.

detail-contributions-button = Contribute
    .title = Contribute to the development of this add-on
    .accesskey = C

detail-update-type =
    .value = Automatic Updates

detail-update-default =
    .label = Default
    .tooltiptext = Automatically install updates only if that’s the default

detail-update-automatic =
    .label = On
    .tooltiptext = Automatically install updates

detail-update-manual =
    .label = Off
    .tooltiptext = Don’t automatically install updates

# Used as a description for the option to allow or block an add-on in private windows.
detail-private-browsing-label = Run in Private Windows

# Some add-ons may elect to not run in private windows by setting incognito: not_allowed in the manifest.  This
# cannot be overridden by the user.
detail-private-disallowed-label = Not Allowed in Private Windows
detail-private-disallowed-description2 = This extension does not run while private browsing. <a data-l10n-name="learn-more">Learn more</a>

# Some special add-ons are privileged, run in private windows automatically, and this permission can't be revoked
detail-private-required-label = Requires Access to Private Windows
detail-private-required-description2 = This extension has access to your online activities while private browsing. <a data-l10n-name="learn-more">Learn more</a>

detail-private-browsing-on =
    .label = Allow
    .tooltiptext = Enable in Private Browsing

detail-private-browsing-off =
    .label = Don’t Allow
    .tooltiptext = Disable in Private Browsing

detail-home =
    .label = Homepage

detail-home-value =
    .value = { detail-home.label }

detail-repository =
    .label = Add-on Profile

detail-repository-value =
    .value = { detail-repository.label }

detail-check-for-updates =
    .label = Check for Updates
    .accesskey = U
    .tooltiptext = Check for updates for this add-on

detail-show-preferences =
    .label =
        { PLATFORM() ->
            [windows] Options
           *[other] Preferences
    .accesskey =
        { PLATFORM() ->
            [windows] O
           *[other] P
    .tooltiptext =
        { PLATFORM() ->
            [windows] Change this add-on’s options
           *[other] Change this add-on’s preferences

detail-rating =
    .value = Rating

addon-restart-now =
    .label = Restart now

disabled-unsigned-heading =
    .value = Some add-ons have been disabled

disabled-unsigned-description =
    The following add-ons have not been verified for use in { -brand-short-name }. You can
    <label data-l10n-name="find-addons">find replacements</label> or ask the developer to get them verified.

disabled-unsigned-learn-more = Learn more about our efforts to help keep you safe online.

disabled-unsigned-devinfo =
    Developers interested in getting their add-ons verified can continue by reading our
    <label data-l10n-name="learn-more">manual</label>.

plugin-deprecation-description =
    Missing something? Some plugins are no longer supported by { -brand-short-name }. <label data-l10n-name="learn-more">Learn More.</label>

legacy-warning-show-legacy = Show legacy extensions

legacy-extensions =
    .value = Legacy Extensions

legacy-extensions-description =
    These extensions do not meet current { -brand-short-name } standards so they have been deactivated. <label data-l10n-name="legacy-learn-more">Learn about the changes to add-ons</label>

private-browsing-description2 =
    { -brand-short-name } is changing how extensions work in private browsing. Any new extensions you add to
    { -brand-short-name } won’t run by default in Private Windows. Unless you allow it in settings, the
    extension won’t work while private browsing, and won’t have access to your online activities
    there. We’ve made this change to keep your private browsing private.
    <label data-l10n-name="private-browsing-learn-more">Learn how to manage extension settings</label>

addon-category-discover = Recommendations
addon-category-discover-title =
    .title = Recommendations
addon-category-extension = Extensions
addon-category-extension-title =
    .title = Extensions
addon-category-theme = Themes
addon-category-theme-title =
    .title = Themes
addon-category-plugin = Plugins
addon-category-plugin-title =
    .title = Plugins
addon-category-dictionary = Dictionaries
addon-category-dictionary-title =
    .title = Dictionaries
addon-category-locale = Languages
addon-category-locale-title =
    .title = Languages
addon-category-available-updates = Available Updates
addon-category-available-updates-title =
    .title = Available Updates
addon-category-recent-updates = Recent Updates
addon-category-recent-updates-title =
    .title = Recent Updates

## These are global warnings

extensions-warning-safe-mode = All add-ons have been disabled by safe mode.
extensions-warning-check-compatibility = Add-on compatibility checking is disabled. You may have incompatible add-ons.
extensions-warning-check-compatibility-button = Enable
    .title = Enable add-on compatibility checking
extensions-warning-update-security = Add-on update security checking is disabled. You may be compromised by updates.
extensions-warning-update-security-button = Enable
    .title = Enable add-on update security checking

## Strings connected to add-on updates

addon-updates-check-for-updates = Check for Updates
    .accesskey = C
addon-updates-view-updates = View Recent Updates
    .accesskey = V

# This menu item is a checkbox that toggles the default global behavior for
# add-on update checking.

addon-updates-update-addons-automatically = Update Add-ons Automatically
    .accesskey = A

## Specific add-ons can have custom update checking behaviors ("Manually",
## "Automatically", "Use default global behavior"). These menu items reset the
## update checking behavior for all add-ons to the default global behavior
## (which itself is either "Automatically" or "Manually", controlled by the
## extensions-updates-update-addons-automatically.label menu item).

addon-updates-reset-updates-to-automatic = Reset All Add-ons to Update Automatically
    .accesskey = R
addon-updates-reset-updates-to-manual = Reset All Add-ons to Update Manually
    .accesskey = R

## Status messages displayed when updating add-ons

addon-updates-updating = Updating add-ons
addon-updates-installed = Your add-ons have been updated.
addon-updates-none-found = No updates found
addon-updates-manual-updates-found = View Available Updates

## Add-on install/debug strings for page options menu

addon-install-from-file = Install Add-on From File…
    .accesskey = I
addon-install-from-file-dialog-title = Select add-on to install
addon-install-from-file-filter-name = Add-ons
addon-open-about-debugging = Debug Add-ons
    .accesskey = b

## Extension shortcut management

# This is displayed in the page options menu
addon-manage-extensions-shortcuts = Manage Extension Shortcuts
    .accesskey = S

shortcuts-no-addons = You don’t have any extensions enabled.
shortcuts-no-commands = The following extensions do not have shortcuts:
shortcuts-input =
  .placeholder = Type a shortcut

shortcuts-browserAction2 = Activate toolbar button
shortcuts-pageAction = Activate page action
shortcuts-sidebarAction = Toggle the sidebar

shortcuts-modifier-mac = Include Ctrl, Alt, or ⌘
shortcuts-modifier-other = Include Ctrl or Alt
shortcuts-invalid = Invalid combination
shortcuts-letter = Type a letter
shortcuts-system = Can’t override a { -brand-short-name } shortcut

# String displayed in warning label when there is a duplicate shortcut
shortcuts-duplicate = Duplicate shortcut

# String displayed when a keyboard shortcut is already assigned to more than one add-on
# Variables:
#   $shortcut (string) - Shortcut string for the add-on
shortcuts-duplicate-warning-message = { $shortcut } is being used as a shortcut in more than one case. Duplicate shortcuts may cause unexpected behavior.

# String displayed when a keyboard shortcut is already used by another add-on
# Variables:
#   $addon (string) - Name of the add-on
shortcuts-exists = Already in use by { $addon }

shortcuts-card-expand-button =
    { $numberToShow ->
        *[other] Show { $numberToShow } More

shortcuts-card-collapse-button = Show Less

header-back-button =
    .title = Go back

## Recommended add-ons page

# Explanatory introduction to the list of recommended add-ons. The action word
# ("recommends") in the final sentence is a link to external documentation.
discopane-intro =
    Extensions and themes are like apps for your browser, and they let you
    protect passwords, download videos, find deals, block annoying ads, change
    how your browser looks, and much more. These small software programs are
    often developed by a third party. Here’s a selection { -brand-product-name }
    <a data-l10n-name="learn-more-trigger">recommends</a> for exceptional
    security, performance, and functionality.

# Notice to make user aware that the recommendations are personalized.
discopane-notice-recommendations =
    Some of these recommendations are personalized. They are based on other
    extensions you’ve installed, profile preferences, and usage statistics.
discopane-notice-learn-more = Learn more

privacy-policy = Privacy Policy

# Refers to the author of an add-on, shown below the name of the add-on.
# Variables:
#   $author (string) - The name of the add-on developer.
created-by-author = by <a data-l10n-name="author">{ $author }</a>
# Shows the number of daily users of the add-on.
# Variables:
#   $dailyUsers (number) - The number of daily users.
user-count = Users: { $dailyUsers }
install-extension-button = Add to { -brand-product-name }
install-theme-button = Install Theme
# The label of the button that appears after installing an add-on. Upon click,
# the detailed add-on view is opened, from where the add-on can be managed.
manage-addon-button = Manage
find-more-addons = Find more add-ons

# This is a label for the button to open the "more options" menu, it is only
# used for screen readers.
addon-options-button =
    .aria-label = More Options

## Add-on actions
report-addon-button = Report
remove-addon-button = Remove
# The link will always be shown after the other text.
remove-addon-disabled-button = Can’t Be Removed <a data-l10n-name="link">Why?</a>
disable-addon-button = Disable
enable-addon-button = Enable
# This is used for the toggle on the extension card, it's a checkbox and this
# is always its label.
extension-enable-addon-button-label =
    .aria-label = Enable
preferences-addon-button =
    { PLATFORM() ->
        [windows] Options
       *[other] Preferences
details-addon-button = Details
release-notes-addon-button = Release Notes
permissions-addon-button = Permissions

extension-enabled-heading = Enabled
extension-disabled-heading = Disabled

theme-enabled-heading = Enabled
theme-disabled-heading = Disabled

plugin-enabled-heading = Enabled
plugin-disabled-heading = Disabled

dictionary-enabled-heading = Enabled
dictionary-disabled-heading = Disabled

locale-enabled-heading = Enabled
locale-disabled-heading = Disabled

ask-to-activate-button = Ask to Activate
always-activate-button = Always Activate
never-activate-button = Never Activate

addon-detail-author-label = Author
addon-detail-version-label = Version
addon-detail-last-updated-label = Last Updated
addon-detail-homepage-label = Homepage
addon-detail-rating-label = Rating

# Message for add-ons with a staged pending update.
install-postponed-message = This extension will be updated when { -brand-short-name } restarts.
install-postponed-button = Update Now

# The average rating that the add-on has received.
# Variables:
#   $rating (number) - A number between 0 and 5. The translation should show at most one digit after the comma.
five-star-rating =
  .title = Rated { NUMBER($rating, maximumFractionDigits: 1) } out of 5

# This string is used to show that an add-on is disabled.
# Variables:
#   $name (string) - The name of the add-on
addon-name-disabled = { $name } (disabled)

# The number of reviews that an add-on has received on AMO.
# Variables:
#   $numberOfReviews (number) - The number of reviews received
addon-detail-reviews-link =
    { $numberOfReviews ->
        [one] { $numberOfReviews } review
       *[other] { $numberOfReviews } reviews

## Pending uninstall message bar

# Variables:
#   $addon (string) - Name of the add-on
pending-uninstall-description = <span data-l10n-name="addon-name">{ $addon }</span> has been removed.
pending-uninstall-undo-button = Undo

addon-detail-updates-label = Allow automatic updates
addon-detail-updates-radio-default = Default
addon-detail-updates-radio-on = On
addon-detail-updates-radio-off = Off
addon-detail-update-check-label = Check for Updates
install-update-button = Update

# This is the tooltip text for the private browsing badge in about:addons. The
# badge is the private browsing icon included next to the extension's name.
addon-badge-private-browsing-allowed2 =
    .title = Allowed in private windows
    .aria-label = { addon-badge-private-browsing-allowed2.title }
addon-detail-private-browsing-help = When allowed, the extension will have access to your online activities while private browsing. <a data-l10n-name="learn-more">Learn more</a>
addon-detail-private-browsing-allow = Allow
addon-detail-private-browsing-disallow = Don’t Allow

## This is the tooltip text for the recommended badges for an extension in about:addons. The
## badge is a small icon displayed next to an extension when it is recommended on AMO.

addon-badge-recommended2 =
  .title = { -brand-product-name } only recommends extensions that meet our standards for security and performance
  .aria-label = { addon-badge-recommended2.title }

addon-badge-line =
  .title = This extension was created by the makers of { -brand-product-name }
  .aria-label = { addon-badge-line.title }
addon-badge-verified =
  .title = This extension has been code-reviewed for safety
  .aria-label = { addon-badge-verified.title }


available-updates-heading = Available Updates
recent-updates-heading = Recent Updates

release-notes-loading = Loading…
release-notes-error = Sorry, but there was an error loading the release notes.

addon-permissions-empty = This extension doesn’t require any permissions

recommended-extensions-heading = Recommended Extensions
recommended-themes-heading = Recommended Themes

# A recommendation for the Firefox Color theme shown at the bottom of the theme
# list view. The "Firefox Color" name itself should not be translated.
recommended-theme-1 = Feeling creative? <a data-l10n-name="link">Build your own theme with Firefox Color.</a>

## Page headings

extension-heading = Manage Your Extensions
theme-heading = Manage Your Themes
plugin-heading = Manage Your Plugins
dictionary-heading = Manage Your Dictionaries
locale-heading = Manage Your Languages
updates-heading = Manage Your Updates
discover-heading = Personalize Your { -brand-short-name }
shortcuts-heading = Manage Extension Shortcuts

default-heading-search-label = Find more add-ons
addons-heading-search-input =
    .placeholder = Search

addon-page-options-button =
    .title = Tools for all add-ons