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# License, v- 2-0- If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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crash-reports-title = Crash Reports

delete-button-label = Clear All
delete-confirm-title = Are you sure?
delete-unsubmitted-description = This will delete all unsubmitted crash reports and cannot be undone.
delete-submitted-description = This will remove the list of submitted crash reports but will not delete the submitted data. This cannot be undone.

crashes-unsubmitted-label = Unsubmitted Crash Reports
id-heading = Report ID
date-crashed-heading = Date Crashed
submit-crash-button-label = Submit
# This text is used to replace the label of the crash submit button
# if the crash submission fails.
submit-crash-button-failure-label = Failed

crashes-submitted-label = Submitted Crash Reports
date-submitted-heading = Date Submitted
view-crash-button-label = View

no-reports-label = No crash reports have been submitted.
no-config-label = This application has not been configured to display crash reports. The preference <code>breakpad.reportURL</code> must be set.