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Tue, 08 Jan 2019 07:05:40 +0100
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Bug 1519696 - Make the AB card pane themeable. r+a=jorgk X-Channel-Repo: comm-central X-Channel-Revision: 172542e8cd4afd0cc2831b2f6a78106520963237 X-Channel-Repo: releases/comm-beta X-Channel-Converted-Revision: 1e7392826bd5be19adc18ad1d6824e45306ef7b4 X-Channel-Repo: releases/comm-release X-Channel-Revision: f2b7084210a394d8e069a0ef6a6e27d62adf9fb6

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->
<!ENTITY addons.windowTitle                   "Add-ons Manager">

<!ENTITY search.placeholder3                  "Search">
<!ENTITY search.buttonlabel                   "Search">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (search.commandkey):
     The search command key should match findOnCmd.commandkey from browser.dtd -->
<!ENTITY search.commandkey                    "f">

<!ENTITY loading.label                        "Loading…">
<!ENTITY listEmpty.installed.label            "You don’t have any add-ons of this type installed">
<!ENTITY listEmpty.availableUpdates.label     "No updates found">
<!ENTITY listEmpty.recentUpdates.label        "You haven’t recently updated any add-ons">
<!ENTITY listEmpty.findUpdates.label          "Check For Updates">
<!ENTITY listEmpty.button.label               "Learn more about add-ons">
<!ENTITY installAddonFromFile.label           "Install Add-on From File…">
<!ENTITY installAddonFromFile.accesskey       "I">
<!ENTITY toolsMenu.tooltip                    "Tools for all add-ons">

<!ENTITY showUnsignedExtensions.button.label  "Some extensions could not be verified">
<!ENTITY showAllExtensions.button.label       "Show all extensions">
<!ENTITY debugAddons.label                    "Debug Add-ons">
<!ENTITY debugAddons.accesskey                "B">

<!-- global warnings -->
<!ENTITY warning.safemode.label                    "All add-ons have been disabled by safe mode.">
<!ENTITY warning.checkcompatibility.label          "Add-on compatibility checking is disabled. You may have incompatible add-ons.">
<!ENTITY warning.checkcompatibility.enable.label   "Enable">
<!ENTITY warning.checkcompatibility.enable.tooltip "Enable add-on compatibility checking">
<!ENTITY warning.updatesecurity.label              "Add-on update security checking is disabled. You may be compromised by updates.">
<!ENTITY warning.updatesecurity.enable.label       "Enable">
<!ENTITY warning.updatesecurity.enable.tooltip     "Enable add-on update security checking">

<!-- categories / views -->
<!ENTITY                  "Get Add-ons">
<!ENTITY view.recentUpdates.label             "Recent Updates">
<!ENTITY view.availableUpdates.label          "Available Updates">

<!ENTITY helpButton.label                      "Add-ons Support">
<!ENTITY preferencesWin.label                  "&brandShortName; Options">
<!ENTITY preferencesUnix.label                 "&brandShortName; Preferences">

<!-- addon updates -->
<!ENTITY updates.checkForUpdates.label        "Check for Updates">
<!ENTITY updates.checkForUpdates.accesskey    "C">
<!ENTITY updates.viewUpdates.label            "View Recent Updates">
<!ENTITY updates.viewUpdates.accesskey        "V">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.label): This menu item
     is a checkbox that toggles the default global behavior for add-on update
     checking. -->
<!ENTITY updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.label     "Update Add-ons Automatically">
<!ENTITY updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.accesskey "A">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (updates.resetUpdatesToAutomatic.label, updates.resetUpdatesToManual.label):
     Specific addons can have custom update checking behaviors ("Manually",
     "Automatically", "Use default global behavior"). These menu items reset the
     update checking behavior for all add-ons to the default global behavior
     (which itself is either "Automatically" or "Manually", controlled by the
     updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.label menu item). -->
<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToAutomatic.label       "Reset All Add-ons to Update Automatically">
<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToAutomatic.accesskey   "R">
<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToManual.label          "Reset All Add-ons to Update Manually">
<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToManual.accesskey      "R">
<!ENTITY updates.updating.label               "Updating add-ons">
<!ENTITY updates.installed.label              "Your add-ons have been updated.">
<!ENTITY updates.downloaded.label             "Your add-on updates have been downloaded.">
<!ENTITY updates.restart.label                "Restart now to complete installation">
<!ENTITY updates.noneFound.label              "No updates found">
<!ENTITY updates.manualUpdatesFound.label     "View Available Updates">
<!ENTITY updates.updateSelected.label         "Install Updates">
<!ENTITY updates.updateSelected.tooltip       "Install available updates in this list">

<!-- addon actions -->
<!ENTITY cmd.showDetails.label                "Show More Information">
<!ENTITY cmd.showDetails.accesskey            "S">
<!ENTITY cmd.findUpdates.label                "Find Updates">
<!ENTITY cmd.findUpdates.accesskey            "F">
<!ENTITY cmd.preferencesWin.label             "Options">
<!ENTITY cmd.preferencesWin.accesskey         "O">
<!ENTITY cmd.preferencesUnix.label            "Preferences">
<!ENTITY cmd.preferencesUnix.accesskey        "P">

<!-- addon actions -->
<!ENTITY cmd.enableAddon.label                "Enable">
<!ENTITY cmd.enableAddon.accesskey            "E">
<!ENTITY cmd.disableAddon.label               "Disable">
<!ENTITY cmd.disableAddon.accesskey           "D">
<!ENTITY cmd.enableTheme.label                "Wear Theme">
<!ENTITY cmd.enableTheme.accesskey            "W">
<!ENTITY cmd.disableTheme.label               "Stop Wearing Theme">
<!ENTITY cmd.disableTheme.accesskey           "W">

<!ENTITY cmd.askToActivate.label              "Ask to Activate">
<!ENTITY cmd.askToActivate.tooltip            "Ask to use this add-on each time">
<!ENTITY cmd.alwaysActivate.label             "Always Activate">
<!ENTITY cmd.alwaysActivate.tooltip           "Always use this add-on">
<!ENTITY cmd.neverActivate.label              "Never Activate">
<!ENTITY cmd.neverActivate.tooltip            "Never use this add-on">
<!ENTITY cmd.stateMenu.tooltip                "Change when this add-on runs">
<!ENTITY cmd.installAddon.label               "Install">
<!ENTITY cmd.installAddon.accesskey           "I">

<!ENTITY cmd.uninstallAddon.label             "Remove">
<!ENTITY cmd.uninstallAddon.accesskey         "R">
<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesWin.label         "Options">
<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesWin.tooltip       "Change this add-on’s options">
<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesUnix.label        "Preferences">
<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesUnix.tooltip      "Change this add-on’s preferences">
<!ENTITY cmd.contribute.label                 "Contribute">
<!ENTITY cmd.contribute.accesskey             "C">
<!ENTITY cmd.contribute.tooltip               "Contribute to the development of this add-on">

<!ENTITY cmd.showReleaseNotes.label           "Show Release Notes">
<!ENTITY cmd.showReleaseNotes.tooltip         "Show the release notes for this update">
<!ENTITY cmd.hideReleaseNotes.label           "Hide Release Notes">
<!ENTITY cmd.hideReleaseNotes.tooltip         "Hide the release notes for this update">
<!ENTITY cmd.findReplacement.label            "Find a Replacement">

<!-- discovery view -->
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (discover.title,discover.description,discover.footer):
     Displayed in the center of the Get Add-ons view, see bug 601143 for mockups. -->
<!ENTITY discover.title                       "What are Add-ons?">
<!ENTITY discover.description2                "Add-ons are applications that let you personalize &brandShortName; with
  extra functionality or style. Try a time-saving sidebar, a weather notifier, or a themed look to make &brandShortName;
  your own.">
<!ENTITY discover.footer                      "When you’re connected to the internet, this pane will feature
  some of the best and most popular add-ons for you to try out.">

<!-- detail view -->
<!ENTITY detail.version.label                 "Version">
<!ENTITY detail.lastupdated.label             "Last Updated">
<!ENTITY detail.creator.label                 "Developer">
<!ENTITY detail.homepage.label                "Homepage">

<!ENTITY detail.contributions.description     "The developer of this add-on asks that you help support its continued development by making a small contribution.">

<!ENTITY detail.updateType                    "Automatic Updates">
<!ENTITY detail.updateDefault.label           "Default">
<!ENTITY detail.updateDefault.tooltip         "Automatically install updates only if that’s the default">
<!ENTITY detail.updateAutomatic.label         "On">
<!ENTITY detail.updateAutomatic.tooltip       "Automatically install updates">
<!ENTITY detail.updateManual.label            "Off">
<!ENTITY detail.updateManual.tooltip          "Don’t automatically install updates">
<!ENTITY detail.home                          "Homepage">
<!ENTITY detail.repository                    "Add-on Profile">
<!ENTITY detail.size                          "Size">

<!ENTITY detail.checkForUpdates.label         "Check for Updates">
<!ENTITY detail.checkForUpdates.accesskey     "F">
<!ENTITY detail.checkForUpdates.tooltip       "Check for updates for this add-on">
<!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesWin.label      "Options">
<!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesWin.accesskey  "O">
<!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesWin.tooltip    "Change this add-on’s options">
<!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesUnix.label     "Preferences">
<!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesUnix.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesUnix.tooltip   "Change this add-on’s preferences">

<!-- ratings -->
<!ENTITY rating2.label                        "Rating">

<!-- download/install progress -->
<!ENTITY progress.pause.tooltip               "Pause">

<!-- download/install progress -->
<!ENTITY progress.cancel.tooltip              "Cancel">

<!ENTITY addon.homepage                       "Homepage">

<!ENTITY addon.details.label                  "More">
<!ENTITY addon.details.tooltip                "Show more details about this add-on">
<!ENTITY addon.unknownDate                    "Unknown">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (addon.legacy.label): This appears in a badge next
     to the add-on name for extensions that are not webextensions, which
     will stop working in Firefox 57. -->
<!ENTITY addon.legacy.label                   "LEGACY">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (addon.disabled.postfix): This is used in a normal list
     to signify that an add-on is disabled, in the form
     "<Addon name> <1.0> (disabled)" -->
<!ENTITY addon.disabled.postfix               "(disabled)">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (addon.update.postfix): This is used in the available
     updates list to signify that an item is an update, in the form
     "<Addon name> <1.1> Update". It is fine to use constructs like brackets if
     necessary -->
<!ENTITY addon.update.postfix                 "Update">
<!ENTITY addon.undoAction.label               "Undo">
<!ENTITY addon.undoAction.tooltip             "Undo this action">
<!ENTITY addon.undoRemove.label               "Undo">
<!ENTITY addon.undoRemove.tooltip             "Keep this add-on installed">
<!ENTITY addon.restartNow.label               "Restart now">

<!ENTITY addon.install.label                  "Install">
<!ENTITY addon.install.tooltip                "Install this add-on">
<!ENTITY addon.updateNow.label                "Update Now">
<!ENTITY addon.updateNow.tooltip              "Install the update for this add-on">
<!ENTITY addon.includeUpdate.label            "Include in Update">
<!ENTITY addon.updateAvailable.label          "An update is available">
<!ENTITY addon.checkingForUpdates.label       "Checking for updates…">
<!ENTITY addon.releaseNotes.label             "Release Notes:">
<!ENTITY addon.loadingReleaseNotes.label      "Loading…">
<!ENTITY addon.errorLoadingReleaseNotes.label "Sorry, but there was an error loading the release notes.">

<!ENTITY addon.createdBy.label                "By ">

<!ENTITY eula.title                           "End-User License Agreement">
<!ENTITY eula.width                           "560px">
<!ENTITY eula.height                          "400px">
<!ENTITY eula.accept                          "Accept and Install…">

<!ENTITY settings.path.button.label           "Browse…">

<!ENTITY setting.learnmore "Learn More…">

<!ENTITY disabledUnsigned.heading "Some add-ons have been disabled">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (disabledUnsigned.description.start, disabledUnsigned.description.findAddonsLink, disabledUnsigned.description.end):
     These entities form a sentence, with
     disabledUnsigned.description.findAddonsLink being a link to an external site. -->
<!ENTITY disabledUnsigned.description.start "The following add-ons have not been verified for use in &brandShortName;. You can ">
<!ENTITY disabledUnsigned.description.findAddonsLink "find replacements">
<!ENTITY disabledUnsigned.description.end " or ask the developer to get them verified.">
<!ENTITY disabledUnsigned.learnMore "Learn more about our efforts to help keep you safe online.">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (disabledUnsigned.devInfo.start, disabledUnsigned.devInfo.linkToManual, disabledUnsigned.devInfo.end):
     These entities form a sentence, with disabledUnsigned.devInfo.linkToManual
     being a link to an external site. -->
<!ENTITY disabledUnsigned.devInfo.start "Developers interested in getting their add-ons verified can continue by reading our ">
<!ENTITY disabledUnsigned.devInfo.linkToManual "manual">
<!ENTITY disabledUnsigned.devInfo.end ".">

<!ENTITY pluginDeprecation.description "Missing something? Some plugins are no longer supported by &brandShortName;.">
<!ENTITY pluginDeprecation.learnMore "Learn More.">

<!ENTITY legacyWarning.showLegacy "Show legacy extensions">
<!ENTITY legacyExtensions.title "Legacy Extensions">
<!ENTITY legacyExtensions.description "These extensions do not meet current &brandShortName; standards so they have been deactivated.">
<!ENTITY legacyExtensions.learnMore "Learn about the changes to add-ons">